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Contents [ show ]. Custom Mount Roulette Apologies if this has been posted before, but a cursory search of the forums yielded nothing. Not really an accomplishment per se but I Monked Kefka without Monking Feel free to proceed to the Bard Leveling Guide. Melding requires the appropriate materia as well as appropriate grade of carbonized matter, by a crafter of the appropriate class and level. Players lacking the necessary crafting skill can "Request Meld" from another player, provided they possess the required items. Jinzuku , May 18,

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Use it on large packs, or on fat guys. These spawn every 5 levels up until 50, and can give you notable rewards besides, you NEED to do them to become a Bard. L6 Skill Unlocked — Venomous Bite: Your first Damage over Time DoT skill! Always open with this or refresh it if the enemy is going to survive for more than a few attacks. Slots for role actions are unlocked at 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 for base classes. Technically you unlock more at 32 onward, but you should advance to Bard by then.

For a glimpse into the future: L8 Trait Unlocked — Heavier Shot: This is easily indicated by your Straight Shot icon blinking. It would be good practice to have this very obvious in your HUD. A self-heal is always welcome, and every little bit of downtime reduced, or death prevented, is value. Are guildhests worth it while leveling?

Note that you get a large bonus EXP for the first time you complete a guildhest with that class. This is pretty worth it! I mention this now at level 10 since we have a special guildhest — Under the Armor. The roulette is so-so. I like it very early on when the hests are limited to the extremely easy ones. L12 Skill Unlocked — Bloodletter: Pretty terrible for soloing. Has a niche use to bind enemies so they cant attack you while you interact.

Grand Company seal gear is more than enough during this phase of the leveling period. Not too bad for soloing tougher mobs, but admittedly quite poor overall. The Challenge log is a great way to gain EXP on the side. Not all entries are equally good — check the General Leveling Guide for tips.

L18 Skill Unlocked — Quick Nock: Your first Area of Effect AoE skill. It does good damage on packs larger than 3. Be wary of its hefty TP cost. Sickeningly good for dungeons where spamming Quick Nock happens alot , Invigorate is part of many DPS classes repertoire in the endgame.

L30 Class quest unlocks — Windbite , and the prereq for Bard:. Open with both DoTs and refresh them if the enemy will live for more than a few hits.

Completing this quest marks your final class quest as Archer. You now have the right to become a Bard! Soul of the Bard is your job soul crystal. Equipping the soul crystal is a tiny bit of a hassle since you have to rebind your skills, and reconfigure your equipment set. Feel free to proceed to the Bard Leveling Guide. Hopefully our Archer Leveling Guide helped you out. May your arrows always find their mark! Follow us on Facebook!

I plan to add all job leveling guides after 3. I am new to this game and i chose Archer as my first character. The basics in this game are very easy at least for a beginner. I wish there was more difficulty that could been explained in this guide. The guide is itself is great for leveling Thanks! Do you have also another guide for Archer at high level, tips and trick best gear in slot etc..? Your email address will not be published. Unlocking, and other basics. I sat in the corner doing anything the whole fight an didn't die while I took my blood pressure and meds although healer was on her A game is why I didn't die but still!!!

Lucius Tinger , Apr 6, Caimie Tsukino likes this. Beating T11 with just me and Kumiko! Caimie Tsukino , May 16, Choochoobo and Jinzuku like this. Blessed Fieldkeep's Hatchet from collecting unique botanist items! Full score of from a mini game at the saucer Wat cha gonna do to meh??? Got Bard, White Mage and Goldsmith to Jinzuku , May 17, Choochoobo , GeekMatt and Caimie Tsukino like this. Carbonyl , May 17, Ran a race naked from Limsa to Mor Dhona with some friends. Now I have bragging rights woot!!

Lucius Tinger , May 18, Races sounds like fun. Jinzuku , May 18, Caimie Tsukino , May 27, GeekMatt , Jinzuku and Carbonyl like this. Caimie Tsukino , Jun 8, GeekMatt and Carbonyl like this. I have successfully gave Kurenai enough "Satisfaction" to undress her in this hentai game!

Considering this an achievement! Caimie Tsukino , Jun 12, Carbonyl , Jun 13, Got all crafting classes to level Jinzuku , Jun 25, Carbonyl , Caimie Tsukino and GeekMatt like this. It's been 6 years since I made this thread.

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