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However, gambling online in Finland is more complicated than usual. Yle examines Russian businessman behind Turku firm suspected of money laundering Thursday, September 27, New data will be collected in Still, Finnish players are well-accepted in foreign websites.

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There are no exact figures of the amounts spent on games operated by foreign gaming operators, but according to different evaluations Finnish losses in these games are around million euro.

There are no exact data of the revenue of the gambling industry. Nevertheless, the revenue is multiple compared to losses of the players or the profits of the gaming operators. Finnish gambling has been summarized twice: The Finnish gaming system and gaming policy, the frequency and surveillance of gambling, returns and statistics as well as the changes between years and is described in the most recent Yearbook of Finnish Gambling Suomalaisen rahapelaamisen vuosikirja In Finland a wide population survey concerning Finns gambling is conducted every four years.

The most recent one was published in data collected in New data will be collected in Men start to gamble at a younger age then women. Women play more games of pure chance like slot machines and roulette. Skip to main content. The gaming profits are used for utilitarian purposes, in accordance with the Lotteries Act.

The gaming profits are used for funding of: Statistics of gambling by Finnish people Finns are active gamblers. According to the report: The exact total consumption on gambling is not known, because Finns do also gamble on foreign gaming websites and through own illegal betting.

How do we feel about gambling? According to the survey: According to a report in a Finnish newspaper, Finns spend 50 million euros annually on foreign online poker sites. The EU has been reviewing the Finland gambling monopoly with regard to its compatibility with EU law.

At the present time, in all of Finland, there are only two legal land-based casinos, only one of which, the Grand Casino Helsinki, can be considered a major casino.

There appears to be little growth in that area for the season. The casino has slots, 32 table games, and 6 poker tables. Various poker tournaments are held there, including the Finnish championship tournaments. Casinos are far from the only places Finns can gamble. Finland currently has at least 76 gaming arcades, over restaurants with casino table games, and over 30, slots machines.

Additionally online gambling is available to Finnish players. In fact it is a well known fact that the government will not prosecute those who choose to play on sites outside of the Finnish borders. In Finland, the legal gambling age is only While the current spending on gambling per person is only 14 euros per week, the figure jumps to 52 euros for problem gamblers.

The game, equipped with an instructional video, provides a convenient means for inexperienced players to play with others at their own level.

Gambling has been a part of the human make-up since for as long as there has been any recorded history. Where there is the opportunity for either physical or online gambling there is the potential for problem gambling. Fortunately, the vast majority of gamblers in Finland have not found themselves in the category of problem gambler. For many decades the Finnish government has been actively involved in putting revenues from legalized gambling into social programs to address the issue.

The Finnish population is not much different from other countries as it seems to be predominately a male problem. However, males were affected more than females.

A high frequency of intent gambling was one of the variables that had a significant correlation with a severe level of problem gambling. Recent studies show that younger men were more apt to be affected than older men, while the reverse was true among women.

Another important finding was that men who engaged in both land-based and online gambling, or exclusively in online gambling and exhibited psychological distress, were significantly more likely to have a gambling problem. Women who engaged in both land-based and online gambling and had a drinking problem were also significantly more likely to have a gambling problem. Betting, whether online gambling or playing at land based casinos, seems to be a regular pastime for many Finnish citizens.

Finland like the rest of the world is a part of the casino craze.

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