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Archived from the original on 10 January Retrieved December 31, Mark Donovan General manager: Brett Veach Head coach: Andy Reid Offensive coordinator: Eric Bieniemy Defensive coordinator: Bob Sutton Special teams coach: Roe Bartle Warpaint K. Wolf Marty Ball Cheerleaders. National Football League —present Conference: American Football Conference Division: American Football League — Links to related articles. Articles related to Arrowhead Stadium v t e.

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Confetti cannon Bigs shots launch Gold confetti for Scientology Grand Opening of their Flagship Building, and other grand opening we did with our gear. We have custom loads. With professional-grade FX machines that are crafted using quality materials and the most current technology plus with a wide select and large inventory of robust confetti - streamer cannons for entertainment industry and corporate convention industrial shows.

We treat a confetti shoot just like a pyrotechnic or propane flame shoot, with all the safety protocols. Keeping your audience safe. We have professional level equipment for those who demand the best gear and the best service and specialist technicians. Allow our professional FX technicians plan, set up and execute a confetti display at your event with Big Shots confetti Cannons.

We Do Confetti Right with a wide ranges of confetti equipment options and confetti effects. Confetti blowers in a ballroom fill the room and makes an Excitement that you can get any other way. No body has Bigger cannons. We service all of Florida with Tampa - Orlando our home base.

We have worked in 40 states. We have traveled to 18 countries in the concert touring industry, we have produced Las Vegas style Illusion show in Reno Nevada, have performed shows in China, we have toured the USA with theatrical touring shows. We have supported Broadway road tours, Concert tours and have done hundreds of corporate industrial and trade shows job.

We are fully insured with million dollar public liability insurance policy. The Stadium Shot 2 Confetti Cannon is perfect for a summer festival or sporting event because they create a dramatic confetti or streamer explosion. Effect Specialist will design and produce a Confetti Event using the 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry doing confetti displays, along with a large collection and huge inventory all the many different style and types of confetti cannons.

This allows us to offer the best in service and design for confetti displays for your event. Because trying to force a certain brand gear for an event is not good for the design or execution of the event. We will select the right brand confetti cannon for your show, event and venue.

We have special effect confetti - streamers to fit any venue type such as; at a stadium, a convention center, in an arena and within a hotel's ballroom choosing from our large assortment of confetti cannon equipment. We offer a full line of special effects not just confetti, be sure that the special effects company you hire is has fully experience and certified technicians.

So many companies are limited in their offerings and will force their brand for every event. What confetti adds to a production, concert or event is a visual thrill. It fills the air with excitement. It is airborne emotion. It heightens the experience, making it more enjoyable and more memorable. Ask anyone who's been to a confetti-filled sports championship or rock concert. It instantly turns the ordinary extraordinary. It says there is something to celebrate.

It turns serious adults into awestruck children and sends children into giddy glee. It is very hard to duplicate that feeling with anything other than confetti.

Streamers also add a completely different looking visual element. When there are multiple cues in a production and a variety of different looks is critical, streamers are the solution. When combined with confetti, streamers can be especially dramatic. First a "wall of confetti" is fired into the air, then streamers burst though the wall, creating an effect guaranteed to produce a chorus of oohs and aahs!

We can provide a aerial streamer display with the layering of streamers and confetti at different highs up to foot. The streamer cannon are prefect for political rallies, grand openings, ground breaking events, theatrical venues, Corporate conventions, sports events opening day or championship win, starting lines, graduations, finish line trophy presentations or anytime your celebrating with a big WOW Factor.

We have more options of confetti streamer cannons rentals that any other company in the Southeast. From large events to small parties we will do a professional job. We rent most of our line of confetti streamer cannons. Rentals of confetti cannons are shipped to you and you operate or you can have a technician travel to your event. We have streamer and confetti cannons from 1" to a 4" models, we carry all brands which allows us to select the right cannon for your event, not trying to fit a certain brand of a company for your event.

Our 9 shot computer operator stadium 85 FT high cannon unit loaded with - 2" x 40" Streamer for a simulated Fireworks look. We rent and service events with Confetti - Steamers cannons for black tie awards presentation, see example here with for Ernest Young. Shoots like a Howitzer cannon, the biggest cannon made today. These cannons best at outdoors at political event productions, championship sporting events. These are the most powerful Air Cannon available anywhere with a higher force output as it discharges 5.

This is a 28 gallon tank we also have a 40 gallon tank. You would will not find this cannon with other companies. These have a 4 inch valve mega cannons with a 12 inch dia mortars barrels for our High Altitude Stadium Streamer Cannon which is the largest scale streamer delivery system available. This cannon are capable of the Biggest Blast to launch colossal streamer which are 2. The available array of removable mortar tubes allow for easy loading and reloading and can accommodate many types and configurations of streamer products.

As seen at The Superbowl and Orange bowl. Zigmont Magic FX, like many other companies that uses well-known brand names that are innovative products, has been targeted by obscure and unscrupulous foreign manufacturers that are attempting to produce aftermarket versions of products.

With apparent similar visual and functional characteristics at bargain pricing but not of the same design, tanks, valves, workings, ir is not the same invention or has the quality and performance of our geuine Product. With the biggest load and most reliable cannon and most reliable wireless firing. We offer the right confetti - Streamer cannon for the environment.

Whether your event is large or small we have confetti and streamer cannons to create a spectacular effect. The capacity of each barrel is 1. The Air Cannon is equipped with an Air Gauge. It will launch Profetti or Cut Paper up to 50 ft. Confetti Streamers firing for Disney characters at a corporate event.

You will create a stunning visual effect with colorful streamers filling the air. Confetti Streamer Big Shot Cannons for a Corporate Event, we use 4 - 6 - 8 cannons for across the stage into the audience effect.

We can stack 3 cannons together in a pack and shoot the streamers cannons placed on each side of the stage with different colors for a effect cue. The streamers can travel feet depending on placement. The big shot allows less units used and more confetti - streamers in the air than other brand models.

These can be wireless controlled and battery operated confetti cannons. Totally wireless remote control confetti cannons- Remote control confetti cannons are self-contained, These confetti cannons operate on batteries. You can use these confetti cannons anywhere!

Each remote control confetti cannon is controlled by a receiver and The handheld transmitter controls the receivers with the push of a button. Load the confetti cannon and attach the receiver and your ready to go. Quote from a Client; "I looked for you and Lisa but guess you had already packed up and gone. I wanted to thank you so much for a great show! It was fabulous and so appreciate all your hard work! Great timing and just wonderful effects throughout. Thank you so much for helping us make the event the success that it was and hope we can work together again.

They are the biggest load up to 1. They are the best selection of industrial shows. This is in a different class that the 16 gram C02 Cartridge models on the markets, Shoot a bigger load of confetti.

Ideal for award ceremonies, finish line and product launches, they produce an instantaneous effect for a real surprise factor. They can be positioned in remote areas like a stage set or lighting truss and triggered from a central control point, firing the confetti with a built in charge of compressed air that throws the confetti.

We use pressure caps and lift cups for all cannons. We sell pressure caps for 1", 2" and 3" barrels. After confetti or streamers are loaded into a barrel, a pressure cap is taped to the end of the barrel using our black tape. The cap and tape create an airtight seal. When the cannon is fired, the pressure inside the barrel builds until the cap or tape bursts, releasing the confetti or streamers.

The use of the pressure caps prevents the gas from blowing by the confetti or streamers and helps the load to be expelled completely and compactly. Pressure Caps will help improve the effectiveness of any cannon system. We also sell lifting cups for 2" and 3" barrels. Lifting cups are small paper devices that fully block the circumference of a barrel. They aid in transferring the energy from the escaping gas into the confetti, helping the confetti gain additional height or distance from the cannon.

If your objective is to maximize the height or distance the confetti is shot, then we recommend you use lifting cups. These units are great for use within line-of-sight firing as they allow for quick and effortless set-up, strike and eliminate the power source consideration as the units are powered via an integrated battery pack. It will launch confetti up to 50 ft and Streamers up to 80ft. For various effects this machine can be mounted to truss or used at stage level; the barrels can be positioned accordingly.

Confetti Streamer for Events at Busch Gardens. On the photo to the right a 1" barrel which is our X-6 which is a narrower spread and less streamers but can shoot 2" X 40' long Metallic Streamers ' into the air. They are fired with the push of a button. Multiple units can be connected to a control box to allow single or multiple cues. When placed on the floor level or stage deck, they create a fountain effect. When rigged higher up-on a truss, rooftop or balcony they create a waterfall or cascade effect.

How many cannon and how much confetti? We will be happy to supply a quote based on your specific needs. We want to create a unique special effect for your special event or production. With a few details we need before we talk to you, like the size of your venue, whether it is indoors or outdoors, etc. Supplying us this information before we speak with you, saves time and helps us create an accurate quote.

Continuous - For convention centers theaters, ballrooms, nightclubs, sound stages, TV studios, etc, we recommend the continuous blowers. Powerful enough to launch confetti feet in the air or outward. Six in the Truss and Six on the floor.

Having the confetti cannons in the truss allows for the whole room to experience the confetti. We can shoot streamers of all sizes up to 80 feet and Confetti Height ft. It will launch confetti or Cut Paper up to 50 ft and Streamers up to 80ft. For various effects this machine can be mounted to truss or used at stage level; the barrels can be positioned accordingly These are comparable to the Big Shot.

High-Powered Directional Fans to help keep one shot confetti cannons in the air for a longer hang time. A must for Indoor political events with serious filming going on as these fans will keep the confetti in the air for an extended period, d. Fun Fact; Confetti was first introduced in France in In the years since, it has become the hallmark of celebrations throughout the world. Few other festive effects will ever deliver the memories that confetti can provide.

It was there at the end of wars, as we honored heroes and as we passed from one era to the next. No you can provide those same lasting memories for your small group of guests or large crowd of revelers. The word Confetti comes from the Italian word for confectionery. It was an Italian tradition to throw almonds over a couple that had just married as they left the ceremony. This was done in the belief that it would bring fertility and prosperity to their lives. It is also believed that Pagans had a similar ritual where they would use rice to promote prosperity Paper started being used as a substitute for other materials due to the pain inflicted by rice or almonds.

This practice quickly caught on as it was being sold internationally by the s. These days, confetti has become so widespread it is ubiquitous with any celebration. It comes in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials. From paper, plastic or metallic, we can find these bits of joy floating at places like sporting events, concerts, conventions, rallies and birthday parties. With its special rectangular, aerodynamic shape, it virtually defies gravity as it floats, flutters, and flies slowly toward earth.

The Confetti cannon gear; 1" - 2" Hand Held Confetti cannons 1" - 2" -3 " dia. The different aspects of confetti cannons- You have the barrel size for 1 inch to 12 inches and that is the confetti or streamer is loaded. They you have the type of compressed air from a c02 8 gram cartridge, gals of compressed air in the shape of air tanks to high pressure tanks.

The cannons needs to have the air dump out quickly and the heavier the load the further the confetti - streamer will travel. In some cases you have a lift cap and a compression cap to help the confetti pop and travel further.

FACT; confetti is projected via a "cannon" a small pressure vessel using compressed air or carbon dioxide. For larger venues or volumes of confetti, a venturi air mover powered by carbon dioxide is used to propel significantly larger volumes of confetti greater distances. He also invented the world's first Streamer Effects Cannons as an alternative for fireworks. We have professional level equipment for those who demand the best gear and the best service and technicians. We can use the combined forces of all this gear to make a statement at your event.

We have been doing confetti cannons for over 20 years. Zigmont has fired at all these major events. It's amazing what a wow effect confetti or streamers has on an audience and what it can add to an event.

Our Aerotechincs Stadium Streamers looks like Simulated Firework adding a spectacle element to any event. Our new never seen before system is latest in High Power FX effects. For situations where you are concerned about the environmental impact of using confetti, Such as outdoors where clean up can be a concern. We offer an environmentally friendly confetti product, This confetti completely disappears and dissolves.

When you call us we will ask Is the event indoors or outdoors? Are you looking for a camera shot or a crowd pleaser or both?

How long of an effect are you looking for? These questions will help us determine what equipment to use. An amazing, dissolvable rice paper confetti that disappears in water. Perfect for outdoor events near water or when clean up is too expensive or difficult - such as on a golf course.

Just turn on the sprinklers and watch the confetti disappear. In most cases, this is not an issue as the product is best suited for outdoor use. We off internationally again doing a confetti display for Church of Scientology in The Netherlands Antilles at Curacao, for the new cruise ship Freewinds.

Confetti and streamers were a vital part of the Christening of the Freewinds Cruise Ship, our expertise and professional work on getting this event to a success was very appreciated by Scientology in Curacao Netherlands Antilles. Our Professional FX Specialist will Shower Your Event with celebration confetti or streamers with 3- 4 different confetti delivery systems with 3- 4 different looks for camera or audience and always focused on close up TV view.

This package has never been offered by any company as we use an wide assortment combination of manufactured gear that turns Confetti and streamers into a simulated firework look. Now Magic FX has a 9 shot computerized firing confetti system that makes confetti and streamers look like simulated fireworks. Makes a huge statement! Great for stadium streamers.

Be one of the first to use our services for this amazing spectacle of a confetti display. The streamers appears as pyrotechnical mines and airbursts and crossettes, with different colors with each cue. Indoors high ceilings or outdoors the High Altitude is 85 ft with larger metallic streamers, indoors low ceilings they can shoot tissue streamers 45' to 50' into the air or confetti can go approximately 30' to 35' high into the air.

Our Programmable on board micro processor to fire off all the barrels at once or in a staggered firing configuration. We can fire both large streamer and confetti in a time delay to make it appears as fireworks. Shooting from up to to 90' high into the air. Stadium Streamer cannon with 9- 36" barrels and control unit can shoot each barrel less than a second apart to 4. Our services includes load-in, perform the effect on cue and load out.

Needing less manpower to operate, so it's cost effective. If the venue is contained clean-up not really an issue, our 9 barrel PC fired streamer cannon and our 3" continuous effects grouped together is awesome effect, but if it's an open space and clean-up is a serious consideration, then our 2" X 40" streamers. Launcher Confetti Accessories Required for Use: Two Continuous flow confetti 3 inch barrels, for pounds of confetti showering up 70 ft high and for a wide area.

One 6 inch continuous flow cannon One mega Cannon either a 4" , 8" or 12 inch barrels canno ns streamer 2 Confetti Specialist Technicians. Out 9 shot cannon and continuous confetti gear on the side of a stage for a hotel opening street event. We will always ask What are the dimensions of your room? What are your ceiling heights? What is your desired coverage area and purpose? Are you attempting to create an eye-catching stage effect or an interactive blast over the entire audience?

View custom confetti shapes. Effect Specialist has more cannon selection than any other company, more rentals. These cannons works outdoors at political event productions, championship sporting events. We can use these units at arena and stadiums for a huge look at end of game.

We use 16 gram co2 cartridges that will Shoot the 2" X 40' long Metallic Streamers ' into the air. Shoots 2" X 30' Tissue Streamers 80' into the air. Also great for outdoor shoots for a huge look. We recommend loading the 2 barrels with confetti products that will accommodate the distance you want it to fire.

This confetti launcher will shoot the large products listed approximately 90' - ' high into the air. If you use the smaller products listed it will fire the products 40' into the air. Less confetti spread and in amount than the Big Shot, but shoots streamers further and in a narrower path.

The co2 cartridge is at a high pressure PSI but with limited gas 16 gram which is great if you can shoot with in an hour of loading the gas. First, a bit of background about CO2: CO2 can exist in three states: Solid, liquid, and a gas. Under normal atmospheric temperatures and pressures, CO2, or Carbon Dioxide, is a gas.

It makes up a small portion of the normal air we breathe, and plants use it like we use oxygen.

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