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It is not intended to cover every eventuality and it is not intended to create new principles. We have detailed guidance on the principles behind the rules which we are applying to the scenarios below so if you want to understand why we are giving specific advice please click on the hyperlinks for more information.

This practical guide is a non-exhaustive list of scenarios with practical advice on how the rules apply. However, if the vlog is similar to the vlogger's usual content, but the content is controlled by the brand and the vlogger has been paid not necessarily with money , and the vlogger publishes it within their own space, the vlog is an advertorial see scenario 2.

In this instance, the whole video is in the usual style of the vlogger but the content is controlled by the brand and the vlogger has been paid not necessarily with money. Because there is payment and control by the brand, this is an advertorial and needs to be labelled upfront so that viewers are aware and understand that it is an advertorial before engaging.

The brand is responsible for claims made about the product. The label needs to be visible regardless of the device used so including an appropriate label early in the title of the vlog or using an appropriate label in the thumbnail are likely to be ways of ensuring that viewers know that the vlog is an advertorial before engaging with it.

For more information see the guidance on Video blogs: In this scenario most of the vlog is editorial material that contains independent, non-paid for opinion, with a specific section dedicated to the promotion of a product.

Including a label or statement in the title of the vlog is unnecessary; we would advise against labelling the whole vlog as an ad when the surrounding material is independent editorial. However, it needs to be clear when watching the vlog when the advertisement starts. This could potentially be done in a variety of ways, for example: In this scenario the independent editorial content also features a commercial message. For example a vlogger might create:.

Everything that is said regarding the game is editorial but the comments regarding the laptop are not, or. Although not an advertorial, this is still a marketing communication so the vlogger will need to ensure that their viewers are aware of this before selecting it. The vlogger is responsible for claims made about the product. This is unlikely to need any form of labelling if the fact it is a marketing communication will be clear within the context.

A brand sponsors a vlogger to create a video but has no control of the content. Sponsorship is not covered by the CAP Code, and because there is no control by the brand, the CAP Code would not require the vlog to be labelled as an advertorial. From a practical perspective, these videos are likely to have a nod to the sponsorship so viewers know who the sponsor is! A brand sends a vlogger items for free without any control of the content or any conditions attached and the vlogger may or may not choose to include the item s in a vlog.

This situation is due to a US Supreme Court decision. After the decision, any state could potentially offer sports betting to its inhabitants. So far, six states are either actively allowing sports betting, or have legalized it and are hammering out the final details.

New Jersey is the most prominent state to offer sports betting right now. Currently, there are eight sportsbooks and eight online betting apps up and running in the state:. West Virginia became the fifth state to offer sports betting on Aug. Hollywood Casino Charles Town soft-launched its sportsbook in the Mountain State, and officially opened two days later. Since then, one other in-state location has fired up its sports betting operation. West Virginia also has three other casinos in-state.

Online sports betting will be available in West Virginia soon. By law, all five properties can create online sports betting apps or sites for patrons. So, an online site could happen at any time in the state.

However, it is unclear if one will show up in Technically, wagering on sports has been legal since , although nothing could proceed with PASPA in place.

Other than that, none of the other casinos have applications on file. All are eligible to do so, however. There will also be a 13th casino in the state fairly soon. The Stadium Casino is under construction in the south part of Philadelphia.

The Keystone State also permits two other types of gambling facilities besides its casinos. The first of these types is the off-track parlors. However, they could potentially offer sports betting.

The First State lived up to its nickname by accepting the first wager on June 5, None of the casinos in Delaware can offer mobile wagering at this time. However, legislators have expressed interest in the concept for future betting. Mississippi became the fourth state to offer sports betting on Aug.

As it happens, Mississippi is the third-largest gambling market in the country. There are roughly 30 casinos operating in the state. Many of them now offer sports betting, including these popular locations:. Additionally, as of Aug. Mississippi does not have a provision in its gaming laws to allow online wagering at this time. However, the law does permit mobile wagering onsite. However, there is nothing firm on that front, at least in the legislative sense.

The state contains two casinos. Both properties are owned and operated by the same company, Twin River Holdings. Rhode Island law does not permit online or mobile sports betting. However, Ocean State lawmakers have expressed an interest in pursuing it in the future.

Nevada is the birthplace of legal sports betting in the United States. Beginning in , the Silver State began accepting wagers on sports events, live horseraces and off-track horseracing bets. One oddity of the sports betting industry in Nevada is its stance on online sports betting. Casinos are allowed to create mobile applications, but there are no standalone sports betting websites.

Virtually every Nevada casino offers a sportsbook. Here are some of the more prominent books in the state:. The commission recently rejected a settlement agreement for numerous violations against the company. At this time, it is unclear whether CG will be allowed to keep its license much longer. You can play online poker with players in other states, with New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware all allowing some poker sites to offer games in all three jurisdictions.

New Jersey was the most recent addition to multistate poker pooling starting in New Jersey authorized online gaming licensees to launch online poker and online casinos when the market opened up in PokerStars NJ was a late entry into the market, launching in the Spring of However, it has become the market leader.

Pala Poker is the latest entry into the New Jersey online poker market, launching in June However, online poker remains a relatively small percentage of that. That will change soon though. In the fall of , the state agreed to pool online poker players with both Nevada and Delaware. Online poker is the only licensed and regulated form of online gambling in the state of Nevada.

Real Gaming has since launched a competing online poker room affiliated with the South Point Casino. Ultimate Poker shut down in November , leaving just two online poker sites operating in Nevada. Delaware and Nevada began sharing online poker traffic in March However, the Delaware online poker market remains small, posting one of the lowest player participation rates in the world since its inception.

In October of , Pennsylvania passed a massive gambling expansion bill into law. As part of the expansion, the state can now legally offer regulated online poker within the state. The language of the law also sets up the possibility for the state to easily enter into interstate compacts like the one between Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. In July of , the state received nine applications from PA casinos to offer comprehensive online gambling in the state, including online poker.

So far, two casinos have taken advantage of this option, leaving only seven individual licenses up for grabs. The Georgia Lottery Corporation allows residents to play online from anywhere in Georgia. Players can buy tickets for draw games, including Fantasy 5 , Mega Millions , Powerball. These are essentially social games and electronic scratch-off hybrids including crosswords and bingo games.

Online lottery sale went live in the state in November The launch coincided with the release of a lottery debit card players can use online called the iHOPE. It allows players to preload funds, buy tickets and download winnings. Illinois launched a pilot program offering online sales of Lotto and Mega Millions tickets in March This made Illinois the first state to offer online lottery ticket sales.

It has since expanded to include Daily Lottery Games and Instant Games , the online equivalent of instant ticket scratch-offs. The Michigan Lottery officially launched online lottery sales in the Fall of Michigan residents were then allowed to buy tickets for Instant Keno and electronic scratch-off game equivalents from a computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

In January , the Michigan Lottery began draw game ticket sales online. This allowed Michigan residents to buy tickets online for the most popular draw games, including Powerball , Mega Millions , Lotto 47 , and Fantasy 5. Players have to be Michigan residents over the age of Plus, they must sign up for an account on the Michigan Lottery website to make purchases. Learn more about Michigan online lottery here.

Kentucky became the latest state to offer online lottery ticket sales in The state offers online sales of jackpot and daily draw games as well as instant play games. Online ticket sales were actually approved in However, it took the state three years to develop its complex online ticketing and security system.

Players have to set up an account and deposit money to buy tickets. Deposits cannot be withdrawn in accordance with money-laundering laws. In June of , New Hampshire became the fifth state to pass laws allowing for online lottery sales.

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