The Buffet at Valley View Casino & Hotel, Valley Center

BUT, this cake was utterly good. I cannot say enough how fantastic our server was. Larry Ellisons deal for Sinatras casino is revived The. Prime Rib Our buffet offers a complete carving station with tender and delicious prime rib roasted to perfection. Also is there macarons in the desert section?

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Do you usually finish everything on your plate? With me, I think I overestimate my stomach a lot of the times. That is hilarious that the first thing your family asks your friends is if they have been to the Valley View Casino. What if they say yes? They will become new BFFs and start going there together regularly?

Yeah I notice I take a buttload of photos for buffets. But yeah, the shortcake guy was super nice. But we both got a laugh outta it. I try to finish everything on my plate — esp if my mom is there. Like in Commerce or something? My best friends know how quirky my family is.

They also know how crazy they are about this lobster buffet but I find it kinda endearing. I might have to take my friends on a field trip here with my mom and uncle. Hmmm, an all you can eat dumpling buffet in SGV…good question. That was hilarious how the person got sick from the prime rib in the purse! Thanks for the awesome photos. Now I want to go there and stuff myself.

I can still taste the delicious tempura shrimp on a stick like an adult lollipop. Or the combination of that AND a bloody prime rib sitting in her purse for few hours in a casino? The lobster I can understand hahaha! My aunt says her nephew who was visiting from Taiwan was here for few months.

Um… I guess I can say this since nobody here knows me in real life. This one time I went to Valley View I was acting suspicious with my backpack full of magazines to read during the 2 hour wait in line and 2 minutes later security, the manager and a server surrounded me and demanded to search my bag or else. It was so impressive how the staff apprehended a dangerous criminal that people actually stopped eating to watch.

I knew the gig was up so I gave up my backpack. The whole restaurant gaped in revolt as my entire stash of computer magazines was spread out on the table. Red -faced I explained how stuffing my face with their food my belly was causing my pants to expand uncomfortably and I decided to place my cell phone in my backpack with those tawdry computer magazines.

Since they were unable to find even a crumb in my backpack they let me go with a warning never to put their food anywhere but in my mouth or else. Oh they gave me a free buffet voucher and said please come back again. It was so embarrassing being the victim of profiling. Can I help it tech vendors keep supplying me with t-shirts with cisco or ibm in huge letters on the front and I want to learn about the latest cpu advances while waiting in their 2 hour line?

The shame… It took over a month for me to gather the courage to return and stuff my face again for free…. I just updated the blog post.

Jake and I have gone to Valley View and gotten cards and restaurant vouchers. We were supposed to go to go to the buffet but we never managed it. I wonder if we could still get the free buffet though… hmm, I have no idea! Was her purse plastic lined or something?! I totally thought of you with their dessert bar — but I bet you woulda been sad too about not having stuff to dip in the chocolate fountain. Yeah, thanks for giving me Red Velvet phobia now. Yeah man, prime rib in purse — WTF.

I really enjoyed your blog it helped me a lot since my family and I are going next Sunday! I was wondering if they allow kids in the buffet? My brother is 9 and I am Also is there macarons in the desert section? Lol I love them!

So I was curious. Thanks, I hope you can answer this soon! You can try Choices Buffet at Pala Casino. So perhaps you can look into Choices Buffet as an option.

I wanted to try this but I am not sure if I can take my kids, you think I can take my kids in the buffet? The Buffet Just a precursor: All my friends, and I mean the close handful that have gotten to know my family, the FIRST question my uncle or mom will ask said Friend is the following: Alright, that was the first round of photos I took before I finally got a plate to eat.

Not sure why he got a chocolate mousse dessert and orange juice too. She liked everything on her plate but she loved that fried cod for some reason. Skip the Asian short rib though. It was dry and not pleasant to eat. Not sure why my mom got these items on her plate. She said the chicken skin was tasty. This portion of the post is dedicated to a ridiculous amount of dessert photos: Tinged playing has made an indelible imprint on the world of folk music.

This blackjack sarna place apparently has newer ownership, but the restaurant has been. August 6, 7: Ed Sheeran announced a Ed Sheeran with fans outside. Debut of Shape of You, which has topped the chart for. Valley View Casino Center.

Use the Terrace 19 interactive seat map and read reviews to find the best seats. Check out one of the biggest tanks ATM has ever built! For more Tanked, visit http: Subscribe to Animal Planet! Watch full episodes of Tanked! Check out Tanked Aftershows with Wayde and Brett! Join us on Facebook: Make sure to check out Animalist! Check out the Animalist App! Valley view casino kid friendlyBig 6 and Big 8. Superstar Ed Sheeran defies his many haters as tour returns to San Diego.. Reviewed 1 week ago.

Reviewed 2 weeks ago. Very impressive buffet with endless lobster. Reviewed August 6, Reviewed July 18, Reviewed July 15, via mobile. Reviewed June 18, via mobile.

Reviewed June 8, Reviewed May 18, Reviewed January 30, Thank Ed Sandi M. Previous Next 1 2 3 4 5 6 … Restaurant Menu Sorry, we were unable to load the menu data. Harrah's Resort Southern California. Harrah's Resort Southern California and Casino. What is the best time to go to avoid the crowds? Response from Susanna Gary B Reviewed this property.

Can u use your free buffet coupons on weekends? Response from LSQroberts Reviewed this property. Can kiss come eat the buffet? Response from Dastrandhb Reviewed this property. You have to be 21 to enter the building. Unlike Harrahs Rincon that is family oriented. It is down the road about 6 miles. Valley View is for the adults. It is a great place so please utilize them for your groups of adults. Previous Next 1 2. Come hungry and ready to indulge at San Diego's Best Buffet!

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