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This is a pre-order item. Gambling becomes the focal point of their lives, just as the lives of alcohol and drug abusers revolve around obtaining and consuming alcohol or drugs. The problem gambler becomes obsessed with getting money to gamble so that he or she can pay off past gambling debts. Like alcohol and drug abuse, problem gambling feeds upon itself. When problem gamblers lose at gambling, they "chase their losses. It's also important to note that they have a higher rate of suicide than other addictions.

Eventually problem gamblers ask relatives and friends to "bail them out. It is at that point that a problem gambler sees self-destruction as the only way out. The Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling has compiled a list of behaviors that may signal someone is a problem gambler and needs help.

Expanding gaming in the state may be a simple matter of asking the governor to make it so. Wisconsin gives its governor a lot of room to make new laws related to tribal gaming contracts. So, in other words, a typical Midwestern wishy-washy response that manages to fall on both sides of the issue at the same time. So what would expanded gaming in the state look like? Two existing proposals exist to give us some idea of the basic outline.

Those bills tried to accomplish too much with too little weight behind them. If the governor would lift his pen and change the existing law, as the state code allows him to, we could see a budget windfall that would rival the massive shortfall currently causing stress in Madison.

This way of thinking can be extended to numerous human endeavors, and that includes learning more about statewide gambling laws. While some prefer to jump in with both feet and absorb these statutes as they go, there are plenty of cautious individuals who would rather do their studying in the early stages.

This is known as Chapter of the state legal statutes, and it covers topics such as commercial gambling, bribery of participants, commercial printing, and interstate transportation of gambling devices. The State Law Library was established in by the same congressional act that made Wisconsin a territory. The section on gambling is broken into the following categories: All of the tribal compacts are explained in depth, and there are even details on how a patron can lodge a complaint against a tribal casino.

The links are especially helpful and wide-ranging, including a number that detail the gambling industry across the United States. This is another of those mythical state gambling law things that pop up because of confusion in the law. In Wisconsin, the original gaming contracts between tribal groups and the state specifically excluded video poker, mostly on moral grounds.

It was thought that allowing video poker would pave the way for the expansion of card rooms and head to head poker play in the state. Not if you want to stay on the right side of the law. Most US states include an exception for games of chance and skill played at home or in some sort of private environment. The goal of these laws is to honor the practice of placing small bets on the outcome of sporting events or friendly poker games. Technically, that means that placing a penny wager on a friendly game of bridge is just as illegal as playing a round or two of dice in a back alley somewhere.

All machine-style gaming in Wisconsin must take place on tribal land. Wisconsin law states that operating any number of illegal gaming machines is enough to warrant a criminal charge. In fact, operating more than five of these machines is supposed to be a serious felony. The operation of these games, while illegal, seems to be met mostly with apathy by local law enforcement. While the state was strongly against games of chance in its early years, residents have changed over the generations to become more accepting of the hobby.

Despite this newfound love of legal gambling, the laws against the illegal version of the hobby are still on the books.