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Três Pontas na palma da mão

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Of course she hasn't! This is a professional environment! Ashley presses her, but Jayden stands firm. She's never hooked up in the library, and for that matter, Ashley should probably put her shawl back on. Saying that she thinks Jayden should ease up a bit, Ashley lowers the straps of her dress. Jayden is hesitant, worried that she'll get fired, but her eyes keep darting down towards Ashley's chest. Sliding her dress a little further down, but with her tits still covered, Ashley asks Jayden if this makes her uncomfortable.

Jayden says that it does. Laughing that her tits aren't even out yet, she jumps up onto the couch and gets even closer to Jayden. Jayden is more and more concerned that her supervisor could walk in at any moment. Ashley's got just the thing for her, and finally peels her dress away from her tits, revealing them in all their glory. Jayden is freaking out, saying that it's not worth losing her job over. But she can't look away from those mammoth mammaries and who can blame her?

Ashley soothes her, telling her that she'll be quiet, and slips her dress all the way off. Jayden definitely likes what she sees, but she's still worried and asks Ashley to put her clothes back on. Ashley has other ideas and proposes a deal to Jayden. If she touches her tits, she'll put her clothes back on. Jayden reluctantly agrees and goes in for a sweet little squeeze.

Ashley jumps on top of her, straddling her, her fine little pussy barely visible. Jayden is still reluctant, but Ashley calms her down, and Jayden kisses her and feels her tits. She says that this is crazy, but she can't resist, making Ashley promise that she won't get her in trouble. They start a heavy makeout session as Jayden squeezes Ashley's ass, grinding on her hard. Before long, Jayden's naked too and things get even crazier.

One thing's for sure: Ashley gonna show Jayden just how loud and wet you can get in the library! It's all fun and games between the girlfriends, although a truce is called once they're worn out. As they settle, Riley suggests that they play a game of Truth Or Dare since that's always a party classic. The three friends warm each other up by giving each other simpler truths and dares centered around their crushes on boys. Judy admits to liking a guy named Alan while Scarlett is dared to actually send a text to her crush named Michael.

Then Judy ups the ante by taking a topless picture of herself and posting it to her social media, thanks to a dare by Riley! Given how sexy their truths and dares are getting, Riley and Scarlett are both surprised when Judy simply dares Riley to give her a massage. Bambus Spieleverlag GbR, Albertstr. V5T 2C4, Kanada questions columbiagames. Czech Board Games info czechboardgames. Eggert-Spiele, Dahlenkehre 1d, Hamburg Tel.: Face to Face Game Co. Heidelberger Spieleverlag, Katzentaler Str.

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