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You may receive emails, depending on your notification preferences. Image Analyst Image Analyst view profile. So use cumsum on the first column of probForMember. Sign in to answer this question. I am making a program that will run a roulette style program times.

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You also need to add some checks in the code to ensure that the players do not bet more money than they have. Suppose the player has only 50 dollars, but attempts to bet You will need to guard against this.

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This happens because array indexing is used. To fix excalibur roulette problem just follow the note roulette. There is code bug here, you can multiply the inputs by if you want. Hi, I think there is dmp roulette bug in this. It occasionally produced an empty array instead of an index. I have put a roulette version here: Please make sure that the inputs are matlab numbers that are greater code ZERO.

If there is a possibility that the input might be zero or even 0. So from this population, we wish to choose a certain number of parents, which corresponds to the output parameter parents. According to the above link, you need to calculate the probability of each member of the population being selected as a parent, with the idea being that the fitter members will more likely be selected as parents.

The first is easy to calculate. Just sum the inverse of each score value from the second column of the input vector pop. You will need an array for the second value which will have the probabilities for each member of the population. The array size will correspond to the number of members of the population.

You then want to sort the probForMember in ascending order keeping in mind which probability corresponds to which member. You may in fact want to store this data within probForMember. You could initialize this matrix as. According to the link, we now need the cumulative probability distribution. So use cumsum on the first column of probForMember. Finally, for each parent that you need to select, generate a random number see rand which will correspond to the ball in the roulette wheel analogy, and wherever that ball drops, that is your parent to choose.

Try writing the above code. I think that you have all that is needed to get you started on this. Can you please explain by giving example that how r gonna select the parent. As we are minimizing, then clearly the first member index 1 is the fittest, and the last member is the weakest index 5.

We then compute the probabilities for each according to the above as observe. We sort so that we can construct the cumulative distribution function for thee data. So sort in ascending order to get. Now look at the differences between each interval. For any random number generated between 0 and 0. For any random number generated between 0. Note how the interval size increases as the fitness for the member increases, so that for the most fit member index 1 its interval slot on the roulette wheel is the largest, from 0.

When you generate a random number which will be between 0 and 1 to determine which parent to select, use the find function to return the index of the first CDF value that is greater than the random number. This index can then be used to get the member index from the second column. Thank You again Geoff, i have been able to select parents. I am posting another question for crossover of parents..

Please have a look.

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