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VB - World Grand Prix. Reputations don't get much bigger. Champions League - Group D. Germany - Regional Northeast. Uz online kladenje se mozete kladiti u udobnosti svog doma, sto znaci da niste ograniceni radnim vremenom lokalnih kladionica. Sweden 4 - South S.

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Uz online kladenje se mozete kladiti u udobnosti svog doma, sto znaci da niste ograniceni radnim vremenom lokalnih kladionica. Police or military interrogators sometimes use undercover agents called "plants" to assist with the interrogation of an individual or suspect.

The plant can pose as a fellow inmate or internee, build a rapport and earn the confidence of the interviewee. The plant may subtly suggest that telling the interrogators what they want to know is the sensible or right thing to do.

Even if no outright confessions are obtained, minor details and discrepancies that come out in supposedly innocent conversation can be used to chip away at the interviewee.

Some plants are in reality inmates or prisoners of war who have been promised better treatment and conditions in return for helping with the interrogation; the character played by William Hurt in the film Kiss of the Spider Woman is an example of this. One notorious UK case is that of Colin Stagg, a man who was falsely accused of the murder of Rachel Nickell , in which a female police officer posed as a potential love interest to try to tempt Stagg to implicate himself.

Puppet , vassal , quisling , or satellite states have been routinely used in exercises of foreign policy to give weight to the arguments of the country that controls them. These states are used to give the impression of legitimacy to domestic policies that are ultimately harmful to the population they control, while beneficial to the government that controls them.

Even outside the spectrum of sovereign powers many multiparty democratic systems give foreign powers the capacity to influence political discourse through shills and pseudo sock-puppets. Thanks to the reliance of many political parties on external sources of revenue for campaigns it can be easy for a government or business to either choose which party it funds or to outright create one. This way they can either choose to support existing minority voices that echo their views or form their own, using their funds and usually semi-covert influence to make them a more prominent voice.

Another concept in foreign policy is seen in sovereign alliances. In these instances, an allied country acts on behalf of another's interests so that it appears that the original power does not want to get involved. This is useful in situations where there is little public support in the original country for the actions. This type of collusion is typically practiced between countries that share common goals and are capable of returning favours.

An example of this may be Cuba's role during the Cold War, in sending active combat troops to wars in Africa when it was unpalatable for the USSR to do so. During covert operations or police investigations agents may routinely claim to be of political views or a part of an organization in order to gain the confidence of the people they wish to surveil. Sometimes this goes further with the agents participating in acts on behalf of the organizations they infiltrate or falsely represent as was the case during the Operations like Gladio and Chaos.

Often the end goal is not just to gain information about the organization but to discredit them in the eyes of the public. However, these kinds of actions are more similar to false flag operations than typical undercover operations. In other examples, operatives may act in a manner they deem positive to assist an organization to which they cannot have overt ties. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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