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It does use the rawhide-thong vocal chords of people like Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors. Morrison floats to the microphone, hangs limply on it, looking aside and down. Then his butterfly hand raises the microphone up, his body goes taught, his eyes look wildly in a personal darkness, and he forces his wild voice into the mike.

It emerges from the amplifiers turning the room blue with hot, electric thunder. Then quietly, one hand cupped over his right ear, he begins to sing. The Doors are packing every place they play. The "young lion" photos are appearing everywhere and Jim's layout in Vogue omes out in the middle of the month. Both Time and Newsweek run articles on The Doors. The Doors are now mainstream news. Jim is becoming masterful on stage turning concerts into seances evoking cathartic experiences with his calculating moves and control of the audience.

The Doors are playing at or near their best. Jim is treating each show as if it's his last giving all out performances.

So simple that they might mislead you into thinking that the young man whose picture you see on this page is- well, a lot like a lot of other young men. His full real name is James Douglas Morrison. He was born on December 8, , in Melbourne, Fla. Jim is six feet tall and has brown hair and haunting blue-grey eyes. Fortunately, he was side-tracked into the world of music which had always held great interest for him and he soon found himself the lead singer of a group called the Doors. After almost two years of hard work, the Doors Jim, Robby Krieger, John Densmore and Ray Manzarek finally did what every group has to do in order to start their climb to the top- they cut a hit single record.

Oddly enough, the hit had been sitting on record store shelves in the Doors Elektra LP for quite a while. One single was lifted from the LP and didn't make it. Then someone came up with the bright idea of releasing the vocal part of Light My Fire as a single record if you have the LP, you know that the whole Light My Fire band is eight minutes long.

Anyway, as they say, the rest is history. Except it really isn't- for Jim Morrison is not like any other pop singer to appear on the scene: One word that can describe him is "total". He is so whole, so complete, so all himself and nobody or nothing else that just meeting him is an unforgettable experience. Hearing him sing and watching him perform- well, that's really magic! I've been lucky enough to have this experience, and I'll try mind you, try to describe just a little bit of what it's like to you.

So close your eyes, open your mind and take my hand while I try to lead you through "Jim Morrison's magic land". It begins like this: At first, everything is serene- blue and green. The lights are low and the stage is empty. Slowly, the boys come out and in the dark ness they start to "set up". You can hardly distinguish which is which. After a minimum amount of tuning up, the house lights suddenly go on. Just as they do, there is a fabulous blast of sound.

It's the Doors- and they are on and it's unmistakably their music that you hear. Then, seemingly from nowhere, a figure leaps onto the stage. It's him- Jim Morrison! And you feel something you have never felt before. It's like an electric shock that goes all through you. Jim is singing and you realize that it's a combination of him, the way he looks and moves, and his sound that has completely turned you on.

His voice is like spirals of flame, and beautiful red and yellow colors seem to fly out of his fingertips. Come on, baby, light my fire He is singing it to you and all at once the room around you seems to glow.

At first it's warm, then it's hot- like something burning, but it doesn't hurt. It's the fire- the fire that Jim is singing about. The fire that he knows all about and now- suddenly- you do too! You are consumed by his vibrant presence and his sensational singing. He is all afire. And everything that he is, he is giving to you freely and totally! Then he is gone. The music continues for a while- echoing through your mind- and the room around you, which you think must have been consumed in the blaze that Jim created in you and all about you, slowly comes back into focus.

Soon, all is serene again. But the gigantic talent of Jim Morrison has changed you- and you will never be the same again. Eagles Auditorium - Seattle, WA. Gill Coliseum - Oregon State Univ. Bushnell Auditorium - Hartford, CT. The band is not accepted well and the crowd doesn't want an encore. Jim is depressed and doesn't return to NYC on the plane but opts to take the limo miles back alone.

A police officer interrupts them and orders them out of the stall. Jim defies the cop, who thinks Jim is a hippie who snuck backstage, and eventually gets maced in the face. Jim screams in pain running towards the dressing room. Bill Siddons arrives and explains everything to the cop.

The officer apologizes and Jim soon recovers taking the police lined stage. During the last song of the evening, "Back Door Man", Jim tells the story of the backstage episode and starts taunting the police and baiting the crowd. The auditorium lights are switched on. Soon policemen surround Jim and drag him off the stage brutally arresting him. The crowd riots leaving the venue in disarray and many are arrested. Jim is the first rock star to be arrested on stage. Jim is charged with "breach of peace, resisting arrest and indecent or immoral exhibition.

Jim is released around 2: Trial is set for January. The Doors make headlines across the country with the press siding with Jim finding no justification for the arrest. A few weeks later the charges are dropped. Otis Redding dies just 2 days after recording his only major hit "Dock of the Bay". Jim tells the crowd of 7, that they are going to take a break to fix the problem but never return! Strange Days ends the year in the third spot nationally. The Doors jam tonight for the grand opening of Gazzarri's new location on the Strip just down from the Whisky.

The Doors sign on for 7 more shows ending on March 2nd. Jim is both drunk and on acid most of this week giving poor overall performances. It is during this engagement that Tom Baker, a friend of Pam's, first meets Jim. Tom is a struggling actor with an interest in all of the arts including writing, directing, and producing. He, like Jim, also loves hard drinking and fast living. Tom and Jim will become good drinking buddies regardless of the short lived affair he and Pam had while in New York.

Pam kept telling me I was seeing him at far from his best. I replied that he was a good guy, but he should keep his day job. They call their music 'primitive and personal' and find it hard to work without audience reaction.

Their numbers change constantly at live shows and new ones are written as they perform. The words build with the music into an accelerating crescendo of frenzied sound. Trying to avoid the 'hard straight sound' of many rock groups, the Doors aim for 'dramatic impact' in their music. Gazzarri's crowded dance floor proves that the Doors' lyrical freedom hasn't hurt their strong rock 'n' roll dance tempo.

The film was to be in places where The Doors couldn't appear to promote themselves. Primarily, it was for television. But it was getting their name out that was important then. It was our first really large crowd. He looked like a Greek god gone wrong, with masses of dark brown curls and a face that sweaty dreams are made of.

It was really mind-boggling. There was no modern sexy American icon at that time and he instantly became that for me and all the girls I knew and we never missed them. I saw The Doors play a hundred times. I graduated from high school in and then went to Cal State Long Beach. After Rich started helping with the Doors equipment, he started telling me about them, but I wasn't very interested.

I didn't know who the Doors were, 'cause they hadn't had a hit yet. These photos are not positively accurate to this time frame. A wild strobe of Instamatic flash bulbs silhouettes frantically waving hands in a lightning sky.

Girls press forward against the stage. Morrison grunts, begins squirming, singing, and there's another barrage of flash bulbs and press towards the stage. The music weaves and screams into one climax after another. Morrison is literally raping the microphone between his quivering thighs, advancing toward the hungry girls pressing against the stage.

And then he trips on the microphone and falls. It happens along with a musical peak and the girls scream, thining this is the way it should be. Morrison picks himself off the floor. He shouts the lyrics. Picks up the microphone stand and throws it hard. The girls can't believe it. Few are frightened, most of them have eyes that mirror an erotic spell. And Morrison jumps hard among the fallen stand. Picks it up again and throws it hard once more.

You look at the girls and you swear they're having orgasm. Morrison destroys the mike and the stand. This is the first time The Doors receive top billing here! It was wild sounds and wild colors, sky-divers and side shows, bizarre hippies from the Haight Ashbury and T-shirted fraternity boys from Cal. Tam," San Francisco Chronicle, June 12, June 19th - Sat. I expected hordes of stoned and angry street freaks or a small army of cops to come charging down. After one final glass and scream, Jim turned and was gone.

I felt frustrated that he had left for I wanted to tell him that, finally, I had met someone who was truly possessed. He even pointed out his order to the waitress. He was acting like a six year old, making everyone feel uncomfortable.

There was another night at Max's when we were sittingaround the table and he was too stoned to go to the bathroom so he took an empty wine bottle and pissed into it.

He kept doing it all night. At the end of the evening Jim was smiling and in good spirits. The waitress was cleaning the table and he told her that since he couldn't finish the wine, she could take it home and enjoy it. The waitress was so thankful - Jim Morrison gave her something! We actually got together in LA. Wagner enlisted several of her americana contemporaries to lend a musical hand, including lead guitarist Will Sexton, Rod Picott and Terry Klein on vocals, Jan Flemming, keys, Grant Himmler , bass and Chris Hausler , drums.

Haunting and sparse, "The Last Time" addresses the finality of love having given up the ghost or perhaps having never even been in the room at all. Stay tuned for tour announcements and updates. Thetrack album is a cornucopia of taste, charm, melody, and nostalgia. A must-have if there ever was one. RISE AGAIN is a textured reflection of a mature, evolving artist who has enjoyed the rare sight from the summit of showbiz, and knows all too well the struggle that invariably comes with it.

Shorrock has tapped into this struggle and found new energy. Currently touring through until December, with shows across NSW, as well as Melbourne and Geelong in September, Shorrock always looks forward, although his live performances always pay respect to the past. His typical set list features a wealth of classic tracks from across his year-plus career, woven in with material from his latest album.

But I wanted it to be a very dynamic record. With a career spanning over 50 years, Glenn Shorrock is one of the elder statesmen of Australian contemporary show business. Kaj Backman has played with Kee Marcello and is now focusing on his songwriting covering music in all genres. Two purveyors of musical sunshine have teamed up for their first collaborative album and it delivers on its implied promise of sun, surf, and tropical breezes. Singer-songwriter Jeff Larson has joined with his longtime collaborator, Jeffrey Foskett of The Beach Boys , for Elua Aloha, an upbeat and inviting celebration of the California sound in all its many colors Larson has written all but two of the songs on this release, and produced or co-produced nearly every track, while both artists whose voices mesh beautifully share vocal duties on leads and backgrounds.

There s a fresh, crisp sound in the air on the happily romantic opening track. Larson bottles the perfect antidote for a rainy day on Need a Little Summer with its catchy melody and gorgeous bridge.

He takes the lead on the uptempo track while Foskett supplies his trademark Beach Boys falsetto backgrounds You Remind Me of the Sun, a new recording of the Larson favorite with a Foskett lead vocal, continues to keep the blues at bay, as does the bright, jangle-pop of The Word Go. The impressionistic yet vividly clear lyric of Windblown Mind adds up to an ode to the Golden State music that has clearly enchanted both Larson and Foskett and likely anyone who would consider picking up this release.

Even more specific is the atmospheric Shadows of the Canyon, written for The Accidental Photographer, the documentary about Henry Diltz. Diltz's calligraphy actually adorns this album. Elua Aloha deftly blends uptempo material with softer sounds, and electric with acoustic moods. John Blakeley The Sandals plays the titular instrument on the delicate, tropically-flavored ode to a Girl with Uke. A shimmering Gerry Beckley ballad with his trademark melodic sensibility, All Bets Are Off, features Larson in the lead supported by both the songwriter and Foskett.

Beckley plays piano, acoustic, and electric guitars on the track, while Jason Scheff takes on bass and Chris Tedesco on trumpet. Hazy Sunshine , also previously recorded in a solo version by Larson , has a beautifully wistful quality; Beckley joins lead vocalist Foskett on the harmonies. One of the album s most moving tracks is also in a ballad mode. Frontier Village is a pretty, low-key remembrance of the San Jose western-themed amusement park that existed between and A warmth recalling David Gates finest songs infuses the track.

The closer, the World I'm In serves as a soft grace note for the album.. Alternately invigorating and relaxing, the altogether refreshing Elua Aloha is a fine addition to the California musical landscape from two practitioners who have earned their own place in the storied musical tradition.

This track album offers up a versatile mix of retro, soul and funk as it tells a story and takes us on an eclectic, soulful ride, which Jaki herself is proud to call upgraded old-skool. The solid foundations on which this has been produced is honest and authentic and almost leaves you with a sense of familiarity, as it takes you back to a time where music truly was music, came from the heart and was there for all to be enjoyed.

Freedonia is the first release of this band based in Austin Texas. Cheryl Bentyne joined the group in after Laurel Masse left. Tower of Power - the most dynamic and distinctive band of survivors in Soul Music — is roaring into its unprecedented 50th anniversary with a dynamic album of all new material.

A labor of love, definitively titled Soul Side of Town, this package is charged with 14 filler-free songs. Along with the legendary rhythm section drums and bass lock of David Garibaldi and Francis Rocco Prestia , respectively, T. Soul Side of Town is also blessed with not one but two lead singers: The piece Tower of Power band is prepared to throw down with a celebratory tour that will include sweet spots around the globe. Highlights include the super cool "BeBop Headshop," the intimate "Bluebird Blue," the profoundly beautiful "Waterfall" and more - all written by Michael Franks and destined to join his distinguished list of classic songs.

In the early '90s, melodic rock had more or less left the mainstream and become an underground affair championed by a group of small indie labels in Europe. Years have passed since my last solo effort, but the truth is, I am, at the heart of things, a journeyman songwriter, and producer for others, and still am. But I have had an awesome time stepping out and putting together this record.

I contacted a couple of long time collaborators of mine, Mark Mueller, Jennifer Grais and Brock Walsh to write some new songs. I also included a new writer named Sherrie Adams. During the writing process, I contacted the esteemed vocalist Robin Beck. I think kicking off an album with a barn burner is important.

I literally had a mixer and two tape recorders in my bedroom when I was thirteen. That is to say that my studio is now at my home where I write, produce, engineer and perform all of the instruments and mix. Whenever I can, I ask Josh Freese to perform the drum tracks. But who is Clif Magness? Well, he certainly needs no introduction for music fanatics who have devoted much of their time over the years to reading the credits in album liners.

Clif was also instrumental in developing perhaps the biggest breakout artist of , Avril Lavigne. Frontiers Music Srl is truly honored and excited to welcome such a huge talent to the label and firmly believes this will continue their unapproachable track record of bringing AOR fans music they are more than happy to hear.

Guest musicians on the album: Out of the Blues also features four songs written or co-written by Scaggs' longtime friend and kindred musical spirit Jack Walrot h, a left-of-center bluesman who Scaggs met in the '60s, when both lived in Madison, Wisconsin, and who relocated to San Francisco at around the same time as Scaggs. The duo harmoniously blends modern adult rock with traditional world pop. Credited as one of the most innovative acoustic guitar players on the scene today, Flav Martin blends beautiful melodies with intricate technique, voicing, and a percussive style that leaves people saying "How does he do that?

All but 2 of the songs on this album were written by Flav. His rhythmic drumming and world music inspired percussion complement the acoustic flavor of Flav's guitar. My singing has been there, all the way. My first solo performance was at the Rosenfreds school scene. I'll never forget it. I was terribly nervous until I started playing. His father, a fisherman for generations, who had realized that the fishing industry was facing a hard time, did not try to persuade Calle to take on this task.

At the same time, interest in cars, motorcycles and music grew. The music took more more and more of his time. Suddenly, he received requests to attend corporate celebrations, weddings, birthdays and association meetings.

The business took a new focus as Calle developed increasingly. Over the years he has become an appreciated entertainer, but music has always been the foundation. An opportunity to meet Amy Holland for a video interview I am pleased to share with you. It was ten years prior that she came to Los Angeles as a teenager to exploit her singer-songwriter skills. Fortuitously, she met then piano accompanist Michael McDonald , who was later to become producer of the hit LP alongside Patrick Henderson , making her a household name — and a few years after that, his wife.

It highlights her fluid and melodic style which will please country, jazz, blues and pop fans alike. On the heels of her recording success that brought her fame globally, came her second album, On Your Every Word, also on Capitol Records.

Although caught in the corporate crossfires there at the time, it was re-released by EMI in By this time, Amy and Michael were married and had two children. Amy planned on a short hiatus to be a full-time mom and wife.

As fate would have it, her lifelong dream career was brought to a screeching halt by a long and difficult battle with breast cancer -- that she gratefully won! In the interim, when she was in Maui at their vacation home and had no performances and nothing she had to do, she started collecting museum quality buttons, antique charms and old jewelry that she repurposed into one-of-a-kind pieces — each named after a song!

Amy came to music organically.