25th Annual Key West Poker Run

Come to the Friday night street party to meet and greet racers and their boats prior to the final races on Sunday. Or maybe try a Key West fishing charter and experience what all the fuss is about in the world of Key West fishing. The ride down to Key West from Miami is one of the country's most beautiful and unique rides. Definitely try to stay at one of the historic Key West bed and breakfast properties, most of which are year old Victorian mansions that have been fully renovated into Key West guesthouses and provide guests with comfortable and conveniently located accommodations. Where You Can Find Us: The person with the best hand gets a reward. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Phil Petersons Poker Run General Info

The weather is also another issue for me. It is brutally hot in Key West in September 93 degrees currently as of 11 a. Another issue for me is the cost. Hotels double and triple their price and require a 2 or 3 night minimum. For whatever reason, bicycles are also parked in-between the bikes with the same result. If you are one of those not riding around in sandals, t-shirt and shorts at least wear sneakers , and decide you are better off in a taxi, I hope your hotel is nearby.

Throughout the years, it seems the numbers have dwindled for the Poker Run. My first Poker Run was in and I believed it when they said 30, bikes went. Now, after the first stop, the bars seem empty of motorcycles. My guess, the costs involved are to blame. Key West at some point was very affordable. Besides the costs, my biggest issue with the Poker Run is that there is no riding. I enjoy other bike rallies and events because of riding in the surrounding area.

Fact is, I think the Poker Run is better suited for those that wish to party and enjoy doing the Duval Crawl. You buy a tiny overpriced lobster tail to eat sitting on the sidewalk with a plastic fork and a Styrofoam plate. Maybe it is just me, but I feel I am being taken advantage of. To those heading down south this weekend, have fun, take lots of pics, and more importantly, ride smart. Update- Whether the Poker Run is on for is unknown at this time. There has been a break out of fights the last couple of years.

For additional motorcycle blogs on rallies and events, click here. Too expensive, too packed, too many clubs looking for trouble. At the end of the run, each person has at least one hand of cards.

The person with the best hand gets a reward. On Saturday, the top ten bikers with the best hands get to go at it at a game of Texas Hold 'Em. The ride down to Key West from Miami is one of the country's most beautiful and unique rides. Going over dozens of bridges as you traverse the Florida Keys, there is nothing like riding on a highway in the middle of the ocean. Most of the bridges you go over these days were built pretty recently, but just next to them you can see the old train bridge built in Taking a step back to the history of Florida starts well before you reach the historic island of Key West Florida.

Along the ride, participants of Poker Run make four stops in different keys including Islamorada. To register now, head to one of the Peterson's Harley-Davidson locations locations can be found on the run's main website. The fun begins at 8PM at Betty's. The official start of Poker Run is on Friday the 18th. Participants can start off at one of the two Peterson's Harley-Davidsons locations in Miami.

At registration, they will be given a list of the stops along the way in which to collect your Poker Run hand. The following day, the Poker Run fun continues with registration starting at 8AM again.

While Poker Run will surely have you going to all kinds of bars and fun events during your stay in Key West, there is always time to go and experience the famous Key West tours and activities that keep vacationers flocking to Key West Florida year round.

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