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Taylor invites you to view her animation below: I miss all of them already. Live Music with Jony James! Live music, contests, free prizes, great food and cold beers. The bizarre layout of Pittsburgh — divided by the confluence of two rivers to form the Ohio River and split into a selection of neighborhoods that squash in between the water — makes for an interesting and diverse playground, with more distinct districts than you might expect to find in a typical city. He continues to serve on the Leota Braun Foundation as the executive director and is a board member of the Mercer County Soil and Water Conservation District and he was the Dublin Township fiscal officer for 6 years. Batavia, Genesee County, New York

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Louis is now most noted for that iconic archway, an ultra-modern metallic curve next to the Mississippi River that stretches to ft. You can even ride to the top and stare out over the city and across the Mississippi River into Illinois from the hair-raising tramway, before sampling the Museum of Westward Expansion at the base and taking in a quick film about it all.

The town bearing the name Wisconsin Dells takes advantage of this natural beauty, and adds some major family-friendly tourist destinations to go with it. You can take a tour on the Wisconsin Ducks, to see both the land and water scenery of the area. Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and is located in the southeast portion of the state along the Mississippi River. It owes its location and historical importance to its site upon Istrouma Bluff, the first bluff upriver from the Mississippi delta.

In addition to the natural protection, the city has a levee system stretching from the bluff southward to protect the riverfront and the southern agricultural areas. When people think of the state of Mississippi, their first thought is not of the water so Biloxi is a surprise for many people. Biloxi is right on the Gulf Coast and its way of life revolves to a large extent around the water. In the last few years Biloxi has had to overcome some significant obstacles such as Hurricane Katrina and the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, but it has bounced back and is still open for business.

El Paso is a city in Texas with a population of more than half a million. It is one of the most important border cities in the world due to the Ciudad Juarez-El Paso crossing everyday. It forms a huge metropolitan area with Ciudad Juarez, and the Rio Grande is their separation point. If two cities were ever more opposite it would be Fort Worth and Dallas, however together they provide the perfect combination of style and arts to please everyone.

Here you will almost always find live music downtown in Sundance Square, and artists from all over the south come to set up a stand and sell their creations. The laid back culture and fairly small downtown area allows you to walk from bar to bar and sometimes you will see more people standing around outside the bars listening to the music in the streets.

The city of Galveston on Galveston island, is only about an hour drive south of Houston and is a great place for a quick getaway. Houston, we have a problem… overpopulation, namely, which is forcing the city out of its boundaries and across the surrounding countryside at an ever increasing rate.

That does make for multiple interesting districts, though, as well as a true, full-on big city vibe and absolutely no shortage of things to do, from watching the impressive local soccer team to exploring the ample galleries.

Known as the Horse Capital of the World, Lexington has traditionally been dominated by the horse industry and is also heavily influenced by the University of Kentucky, the flagship state university and largest employer in the city. The university sits immediately south of downtown Lexington. The horse industry has given Lexington an international reputation, a scenic countryside, and Keeneland Racecourse.

UK has given it a college town atmosphere with a richer and more diverse culture than some might expect from its size and location. Little Rock is the right size town with its share of entertainment and activities. Little Rock has the River Market downtown and plenty of parks surrounding. Little Rock is the Capital of the state for which you can visit the capital building.

Louisville is situated in north-central Kentucky on the Kentucky-Indiana border at the only natural obstacle in the Ohio River, the Falls of the Ohio. Because it includes counties in Southern Indiana, the Louisville metropolitan area is regularly referred to as Kentuckiana. A resident of Louisville is referred to as a Louisvillian. Although situated in a Southern state, Louisville is influenced by both Midwestern and Southern culture, and is commonly referred to as either the northernmost Southern city or the southernmost Northern city in the United States.

It can easily become a city of sin, lively and liberal with plenty in the way of off-the-wall, raucous parties and gaudy, cocktail-infused, fast-paced lifestyles. After all, few cities revel in the good times quite as much as New Orleans. Pick your poison, as the saying goes.

You can visit the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and explore the cultural side of things, or you can head over to the seven stories of botanical wonders at the Myriad Gardens. There is also the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, not to mention a Six Flags amusement park if the local color starts to wear a little thin.

In addition, Oklahoma City is one of those places where steakhouses exist nearly within spitting distance of each other, and it could be said that there is no place in U. The city of San Antonio, Texas, is so heavily Hispanic that you could almost have drifted across the Mexican border already.

In fact, had you come here a few hundred years ago, you would have been the other side of the border, and with this hefty heritage comes plenty to see, and ample, endless streams of tourists. Here you can rodeo, fiesta and explore the enchanting old Mexican buildings, all without ever leaving American soil.

FDi Magazine in ranked the city no. The Palace Theatre and The Egg provide mid-sized forums for music, theater and spoken word performances. Maryland is one of the most diverse states in the U. The state is broken down into five regions that are distinctly different from one another, and depending on the Maryland you want to experience, depends on where you head for your vacation or exploration trip.

Having found itself at the heart of a number of cultural revolutions over the years, and a centre of anything from religious freedom to philosophy, Boston is nevertheless an averaged sized and unassuming city. While in Buffalo, enjoy the cities vast displays of art galleries, theaters, and street festivals. Sample the cuisine that puts Buffalo on the map more then just a rust belt city and enjoy the splendid summer weather in one of its many parks.

Buffalo is also home to two national sporting teams the Sabres and Bills of hockey and football respectively. One of the most well-known cities in the United States, long considered to be the first American boomtown in the heart of the country, Cincinnati has a history as one of the first major inland cities in the country.

Many individuals consider this to be the first true American city, due to the fact that it lacked the European influences of the East Coast with its continual influx of immigrants. These days it is home to several major sports teams, with a rich American history that has been colored over the years by a large number of events.

Cleveland is located in the northeast corner of Ohio on the banks of Lake Erie. This is one of the largest cities in the state. Sports fans have much to cheer with three major league teams: Educational opportunities abound at a magnificent art museum, a science museum on the lakeshore, and a large zoological park.

Columbus is a melding of several unique aspects of American cultural and geographical convergences, and could be considered a literal fusion of ideas. The Plains, the Appalachia, the Bible Belt, and the Rust Belt all meet here, centered on a city that sits on the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers, and everything combined gives Columbus a unique approach on life that has it designated as one of the major centers for the surrounding area, with a focus on a wide variety of economies ranging from education, retail, technology, energy, logistics, and more.

If there is one city in the world that could be described as the pinnacle of achievement, showcasing the highs and lows of one of the greatest nations on Earth while at the same time epitomizing the American way of life, it is perhaps New York City.

We are all familiar with their names from various movies, media, and popular culture: Niagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States; more specifically, between the province of Ontario and the state of New York. It is has a two mile long boardwalk to enjoy the various shops and food eateries.

Assateague Island is nearby as well as all of the Delmarva Peninsula. Very popular May to September. Franklin even lends his name to the Science Institute in the city too, which is looked over by a 30ft statue of the great man, and is home to its own huge planetarium.

The bizarre layout of Pittsburgh — divided by the confluence of two rivers to form the Ohio River and split into a selection of neighborhoods that squash in between the water — makes for an interesting and diverse playground, with more distinct districts than you might expect to find in a typical city. It is difficult to conceive that Portland is the biggest city in Maine with its meager population of perhaps 65, Worse yet, its number one population status does not even merit it being the state capital that would be Augusta.

However, Portland is truly the economic and cultural capital of this beautiful state and it is way too easy to fall in love with this special place, replete with old buildings and history and a continuing reliance upon the sea for much of its productivity.

After its industries left for the South in the s, it sprang back as a cultural center with a thriving arts community. Brown University anchors the East Side, and the commercial streets nearby are peppered with restaurants and shops that cater to the college crowd.

Richmond was the capitol of the American Confederate States, but since that time has been a remarkable place in the history of America as a Union of States.

That history is worth exploring all over Virginia. From the days of early settlements to the Civil War to the formation of a Union, Virginia has been at the center of things.

Richmond remains a place to experience that history. Modern, with North and South ways, and an avenue of monuments from Robert E. Sandusky, Ohio is probably best known for the amusement park Cedar Point, which boasts 17 roller coasters, the most of any one amusement park in the world.

While Cedar Point is probably the biggest draw to Sandusky, this town has much more to offer as well! An independent city nestled in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of Virginia along the Atlantic Ocean near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is the most populated city in Virginia, and is considered one of the most classic beach destinations in the United States, with a reputation for being one of the few family-friendly ocean-front destinations catering specifically to the family.

With a mild climate year-round, a resort theme, and surrounding countryside full of state parks, national wildlife refuges, and plenty of outdoor adventures to experience if the beach proves to be something you only want to spend half your time enjoying, Virginia Beach is easily one of the best places to choose when it comes to enjoying a mild and relaxing coastal holiday. Washington—more commonly known as Washington DC or the District of Columbia—is a city of possibilities.

Williamsburg, Virginia USA is a major tourist destination because of the historical significance of the area. Also, is offers state-of-the-art theme parks, outdoor fun, spas and golf.

The town itself is filled with culture. As you walk from gallery to gallery, you will pass amazing specialty shops and eateries each with their own style and feel. Lets not forget to mention the great coffee shops and music venues for locals as well as national artists; something for everyone. Augusta is the second largest city in the state of Georgia. Birmingham is home to numerous cultural festivals showcasing music, films, and regional heritage.

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival brings filmmakers from all over the world to Birmingham to have their films viewed and judged. This festival usually is scheduled in late August at eight venues around downtown.

Screenings are concentrated at the Alabama Theatre. Boasting a historic downtown district sitting on a peninsula formed by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers as they flow on down to the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston is home to some of the oldest buildings in the United States, and lacks almost any skyscrapers dominating the skyline due to the height restrictions in place.

Downtown Charlotte, affectionately called Uptown by the locals, is the home of many bars, restaurants, and attractions, and is one of the cleanest and prettiest major city downtowns you will ever find. There were barns and buildings, a milk house, pond and stands of trees. Click on smaller thumbnail pictures below to enlarge.

At the time, the couple, in their early fifties, and working at factory jobs he a tool and die maker and she a sewing machine operator , took on a whole new life with the purchase.

They bought a truck, back hoe, bulldozer, a pan and other earth moving equipment. The late Roy Thompson served as their surveyor and more home building lots have opened for sale with the Blacks taking ownership of the Golf Course. The first tee, fairway, and green were mapped-out, and by they had succeeded in building 3 holes, one at a time. Jerry laughs about the payment system of a coffee can nailed to a picnic table, but just like in the film Field of Dreams , he built a golf course, and golfers came to play.

They built holes 4 and 9 next. During this time they had razed several buildings, including an old farmhouse, which they lived in for 6 years. The old milkhouse was a useful piece of property and stands today as the club house with a cart shed attached.

There were many deer that came onto the property or passed through, and eventually, the name Deerfield was selected as an appropriate name for the Golf Course. The barnyard became a cement parking lot. They bought a few carts and advertised golf outings which quickly became popular.

By , they had 9 holes completed 5,6,7,8 were last and all located in the back green. Phyllis laughs about coming home from work and immediately going to work at physical labor on the golf course until sundown stopped them.

Jerry was able to retire in , and the golf course soon became his full-time job. Kris and Chuck today invite the public out to see the remodeled club house, join a league and try the new simulator room for your next party.

Call for more information. Congratulations to Jerry and Phyllis on a happy retirement. Jerry and Phyllis buy the dairy farm. They became the Fraternal Order of Eagles, and Rockford men decided to form their own club. The men met upstairs and 68 names were on the original charter.

According to Tom Myers, Eagles member and historian, the club remained in that location until when they bought the current brick structure on the south side of Main Street from Charlie Andrews. They moved the club. Today the club has members, with the oldest living continuous member being Earl Brodbeck of Willshire with 56 service membership years.

Members, auxiliary members and families alike have called The Eagles their club, their place to socialize with one another, and generate money to return to the community. It turned out to be a 4 brick thick wall, and the bricks were likely fired right there in Rockford at the old round oven down by Fremont Canning Company. Then he laid the Shelter House wall and pillars, repurposing the brick. Couts, along with Tolan, set the stone in place at a dedication ceremony in the park.

The Shelter House is used year round with a fireplace for cooking, electricity, and picnic tables. There are other benevolent donations as the need arises. The Eagles opened their doors to another organization in An organization as old as the Eagles had met for years above the old Pontius Hardware. The Eagles, as well as the Masonic Lodge in Rockford, invite potential members to check out their facilities in downtown Rockford, or contact Tom Myers at In memory and honor of Rockford native, the late Jane Avery, Ft.

She had been their long-time Executive Director. Jane, a Parkway High School graduate of , passed last July after a battle with stage 4 brain cancer. She had proven herself as a compassionate leader and in , Ft. She was also awarded the Sagamore of the Wabash Award, presented by Governor Mike Pence for distinguished service. Her enthusiastic personality and warming smile are missed each and every day. This dedication is a tribute to an individual who treated everyone with dignity and respect.

Family shown left to right: Daughter Maureen "Mo" Jeffrey was unable to attend. Jane Avery was known as a compassionate woman who respected all individuals. Jane worked on national programs and disaster relief efforts and became a trusted advisor to leaders on the Farm Bill. Thank you to Tom and Judy Avery for the pictures.

Click Here to see the announcement. The two found a contest in which to enter her film, which had impressed them. They created the award especially for Taylor. Goldman expressed that she hoped more female high school students will enter in the future.

Kuhn formally presented Andrews with the award and treated the crowd of peers, parents, and grandparents to a showing of the short film and honored her as a gifted artist who is passionate about learning her trade.

According to Taylor, was always an artist, even doing advanced work in pre-school. According to Taylor, though, she really began to love art and develop her talents when she entered high school at Parkway and became a student of Ed Kuhn. I could always do whatever I wanted, and Mr. Kuhn would help me if I needed something. Throughout high school, I took every art class I could: Art 1; Ceramics; Painting: Drawing; and then became a student in Interactive Media with Mr.

I learned to use the MicroSoft Anime Studio Pro and learned to combine the different types of art with animation and sound. Of the animation, The Dream, she based it on a popular Picasso oil painting called The Dream, of a sleeping woman. Taylor favors cubism, and fell in love with his work. Her idea of having the woman awake was her interpretation of the theme of the short film Rising Star award: I am so proud of this award and what it means: And, I am so proud to be the first recipient.

Taylor has been accepted at the University of St. Wayne in the fall, where she plans to major in animation, with a minor in art education. Taylor invites you to view her animation below: Stacey Baer, Certified Public Accountant, has been promoted to principal with the firm.

Baer joined the firm in and is experienced in assisting large and small businesses in a variety of industries with individual and business tax preparation and software consulting, evaluation and implementation. She resides with her family in Van Wert. Steve Samples, Certified Public Accountant, has been promoted to principal with the firm. Samples joined the firm in and provides accounting and tax services to businesses in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, agriculture and franchise operations.

He resides in the Rockford area with his wife, Teri, and their family. Offices are located in Archbold, Bryan, Defiance, St. Marys, and Van Wert. Andrew recently replaced the old batting cage and added soft toss hitting stations at Shanes Park.

This was a project he completed to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. Mindy Kremer, Senior Director of Development, Marketing and Community Relations recently explained the reasons and needs for this expansion, the history of health care in our community, and the timeline in place for the estimated ground-breaking ceremony and construction commencement. Lisa Klenke, CEO and George Boyles, Senior Vice President and CFO, recently announced the three story addition which will be directly connected to the existing west entrance of the current hospital, adding nearly 54, square feet will feature a new state-of-the-art surgical suite, all private inpatient rooms and increased space for outpatient services.

Parking will move west in front of the former Briarwood faciality now owned by the hospital. The expansion will meet the needs of the surgical volume growth by providing adequate space and improved functioning. Private rooms in all inpatient spaces have been a long-time request from the community and is the gold standard in new hospital construction. In addition to privacy, private rooms allow for better infection control and can reduce noise disturbances thereby improving patient sleep.

Currently many of the outpatient services are decentralized, including injections and infusions, chemotherapy, pain management, central line and implanted port care. The expansion will meet the needs of outpatient growth while allowing for increased accessibility for patients and visitors. A Telestroke System using iPads to tele-dock with a neurologist in seconds will save precious time for stroke patients. The current administration of Mercer Health looks back to the vision of the founding fathers of Our Lady of Mercer Hospital.

Joseph Oppenheim and other leaders promised in to provide quality, local healthcare. The community has always rallied around every project. In , Kremer mentioned that the Sisters of Mercer could not longer operate the hospital, and concerned board members worked together with seven townships in Mercer County to form the joint township hospital district in Today it is still successfully governed through the Ohio Revised Code, by local township government, one of only a handful in the state to claim that status.

The townships involvement meant a new Emergency Room, 24 hours a day, became a reality. The pictures below tell a story of community pride and caring, and the new addition is being welcomed in that same sense of generosity and excitement for the future.

Learn about all areas of Mercer Health, and how you can suppor the future of healthcare in your own community. Mike Fox has tickets for sale and can be reached at Presenting the check to Mike Fox, left is Blair Shaffer right.

The event will be held on Saturday, June 18, , during Rockford Community Days with biker registration from First bike out is 10; last bike out is Five Mercer County stops include: A hog roast meal hogs donated by Kuhn Farms Rockford is included for the motorcyclists. Presale Dinner Tickets are available for purchase at 4 locations: Alex has used an iTaalk iPad since the age of 6. According to Mike and Nikki Fox of Rockford, the success of the ride last year for the eleven Parkway Autistic children, prompted the family to spread the money to other Mercer County schools in order to help them, too.

The Rockford Eagles photo: The Go Fish bicycle ride for children and adults will meet at the Community Building and register at 2: The route will not cross over St Rt 33 so it will be safer. A Go Fish card will be picked up at each stop, and the riders with the most matches will be put in a drawing for a new bicycle.

Click here to visit their Facebook Page. Please use this link to make your own donation to this event: Autism is properly classified as an epidemic, and a recent study revealed 1 in 56 children have some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD. Clearly this is a tremendous additional cost on families and on communities The iTaalk Autism Foundation is a c3 non-profit that works to introduce and educate on cost effective and appropriate interactive technology for individuals with autism and related disorders.

We continue to endorse traditional therapy programs such as a hour per week Applied Behavioral Analysis program are the most effective treatment for children, but seek to bring attention to how much more progress could be made if the child also had access to an interactive device with educational apps, for which they were trained to use by their teachers and therapists. Become a sponsor for the Fox Family Ride for Autism.

The donations can be monetary or material in nature. Donations made will be utilized in an auction to raise funds. Money raised from the auction goes directly to iTaalk and will be used to fund the purchase of devices, educational applications, and a full-day iPad training for local parents, teachers and autism caregivers!

We hope you will consider this opportunity to partner with the Fox Family and iTaalk! Any questions regarding our organization and fund management policies are gladly answered, contact Tammy at tammy itaalk. His knowledge and expertise will be sadly missed as he has much experience since the days when officers did all library fiscal work in handwritten ledgers when he started back in September of He says that the biggest change he has seen since that time is the advances in technology.

Rozann Maurer, Library Director, applied for a grant to automate the library card catalog system back then, and with it came the program called Uniform Accounting Network UAN.

A software written by the Auditor of the State of Ohio, it was designed for public entities to use, and currently do, including libraries. The library got rid of the old paper card catalog and went to electronic searching, check-ins and check-outs.

Bob also was selected in to beta-test a new version of the UAN and also assist with the training of others on the software. The computer system was free-standing, but can be used online now.

Multiple users can work in the same library on the UAN doing additional things besides the accounting, things like payroll, yearend reports and online direct deposit. In addition, Bob re-wrote the accounting handbook twice over the years with the latest in electronic format. While at Rockford Carnegie, he was hired from to as the fiscal officer for the St.

Bob was honored in May of when his fellow fiscal officers elected him president of the Ohio Library Fiscal Officers Association, a position he held for three years. Once he retires, he will continue to be a visiting clerk for the UAN, anywhere the State needs him to travel and help out.

Wayne; marrying Rozann and raising a family with her. They had twin daughters and now have 4 grandchildren.

Bob also, farmed and continues to help with that, on the Palmer Family Sesquicentennial Farm near Mercer where they still live. They have a grain farm, but also some cattle. Seven generations have lived in the Palmer Family Home Great Great Grandma built the house , which his daughter Megan lives in with her family. He continues to serve on the Leota Braun Foundation as the executive director and is a board member of the Mercer County Soil and Water Conservation District and he was the Dublin Township fiscal officer for 6 years.

He enjoys riding his motorcycle and intends to take more trips after retirement. And he annual participates in the American Legion Riders Charitable Wing Legacy Run to raise money for the Legacy Scholarship for children of American military servicemen and women who were killed in service to our country. When asked about the history of the library, he recognized the board members he has worked with over the years including the current members: Each has a board of directors.

Bob explained that in State Funding was drastically cut to all the libraries. It meant lay-offs or reduction in hours of service to the public. Community levies saved the libraries in the area and hours were restored as well as the ability to purchase. The year old brick was repaired on the old part in Bob Maurer, a Viet Nam Veteran, is still serving his fellow military comrades. On August 22, , he will be heading out on his motorcycle for his 8 th ride in the American Legion Riders Legacy Run to raise Scholarship Funds for the children of men and women who have lost their lives in military service to the USA.

It is always a great time and can get emotional for those who have been helped by our fund raising efforts and share their stories. Students were able to demonstrate the buffering solution found in your blood, connecting chemistry to the human body.

For the biology classes, Jason began a discussion idea based on an article about bananas and how they are being struck by a disease that is incurable and pretty much wipes out banana plantations within a matter of years. The bananas we eat now are clones of a single genetic strand, so if this disease strikes, the banana may be gone from all grocery shelves.

Ford discussed differences between genetic engineering and genetically modified foods. His study in chemistry links to proteins that could play roles in genetics. Morton's physics classes, Jason began a discussion about bio mechanics and why you should lift things a certain way to minimize torque on certain parts of the body. Students related their study of rational motion to the body and the amount of torque sustained by joints like the elbow and knee.

Jon Sell and his mom, Connie Sell of Rockford, have become baristas and co-partners and bought their own coffee franchise to open Tuesday, March 22, in the Shop at St. Marys Shopping Center in St.

The Biggby Sign is hung! Exciting new careers have opened up for them as Jon switches gears after 15 years as an Environmental Consultant for a Civil Engineering Firm in Atlanta, Georgia Biology Graduate of Taylor University , and Connie recently retired after 36 years doing medical accounting for Rockford Medical Associates in Rockford.

And, they are hiring employees to help them with their new venture! Jon and Connie trained with their parent company, Biggby Coffee in East Lansing, Michigan and learned to make all of those delicious coffee drinks that Biggby is known for across the Midwest, the closest one being in Lima, OH, until now.

Then the two mentored at the Lima shop with the great crew and owner Peggy Rector. Jon and Connie Sell are excited to be working in the St. Marys and surrounding communities to fully be a part of upcoming activities and events. They are looking forward to welcoming new customers and getting to know them personally. Fair Trade Coffees include: Filtered water is used and coffee beans are roasted twice a week in Michigan.

Jerry, Jon and Connie work on remodeling the coffee shop space in St. Flavor additions thick include: Thin syrups come in these flavorings: Plain Espressos and plain coffee are another option for those who like their coffee simple.

Teas, served hot or cold include Chai, green teas, tisane, peppermint, cinnamon, and others with velvetized milk if desired. Hot chocolate is another favorite served hot, iced or frozen.

Cider drinks return in the Fall, and new drinks roll-out each season. Complimenting their drinks are fresh baked muffins and a brunch bagel called a Bragel. Dine in their spacious coffee shop or take-out. They are mostly a take-out business and will run it Green. Paper cups are biodegradable and all packaging will be recycled. Get a Biggby Card at their store and after the 12 th coffee bought, get the 13 th free. Connie trains in Lima above. Free WIFI for all customers! Visit the Parkway Independent and are newspapers for coupons, too.

Our great new employees worked very hard and are getting faster and faster every day. We just love the new friends we are making and enjoy being a place for friends to gather to share fun and delicious hot, cold and frozen coffee, tea, and steamers. This event is just one of the ongoing efforts to implement STEM programs in both counties. It is a rather simple story about simpler times and individuals, who were far less complex, than are found in the 21st century.

Thank you, Rockford Police, for all you do in keeping our community a great place to live and raise a family. Refills are available through Bob or at Office Depot. The designs are fun and include a rifle, with bolt action, a patriotic flag, teacher pens with red on one end and black on the other for grading papers, and a pen with a car shifter. He also has regular pens and mechanical pencils, 7 mm. The corners are removed and shaped into a round wood shaft on a band saw. A lathe creates the unique design by hand shaping with a wood gouge tool.

Hand sanding finishes the wood shafts for placement on a Pen Pal drill used to open a shaft down the middle of the wood. This takes some extra skill to get the pen right. Superglue added in 5 coats gives the wood shafts their shine. The metal finishes available are gun metal, brass, copper, and antique gold. Monograms engraved for personalization are available; special gift bags can be purchased for storage; and cards explaining the authenticity of some of the imported woods are available.

Bob works part-time at Ace hardware in Van Wert and locally learned of the pen crafting from Ray Volk, who makes them as a hobby. Bob also does custom picture framing with non-glare glass, and creates signage from old barn wood.

Give Bob a call at or email him at mkranny bright. Contact him before Christmas as they make great gifts. Click on the smaller thumbnail pictures below to enlarge them. The fellowship will be for 3 years as Jason pursues his degree. He is the son of Steve and Stacie Ford of Rockford. Click here to read the full article and look him up on the awardee's list for The dates of my service in Vietnam were — May 31, through April 26, As a combat trucker, I saw much of the beautiful, but worn-torn, nation of Vietnam.

A Bronze Star Medal. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a rainy day and we were near TamKy in South Vietnam. I was coming upon a curve in the road, to the right, and off to my left was an overturned truck on its top.

It was a terrible, unbelievable sight. Pinned underneath along one side of that truck bed were six or more soldiers that were passengers on that truck. The full weight of the truck had them trapped, crushing legs, hips, and abdomens of those men.

Screams filled the air from the injured and from the soldiers trying to rescue them by digging with their hands and futility trying to lift the 13, lb truck off of them.

Additionally, this was an area where I had had the road shot up in front of me, twice. I knew something had to be done by someone, and done fast.

I surveyed the situation, did some quick thinking, and with no regard of my military rank, I took command. Someone had to do this!

The overturned truck was down an embankment just off the road in a rice paddy. All the trapped soldiers were on the far side of the truck from me. This was a good thing figuring into my plan. If I could use my truck and my tow-chain anchored to the undercarriage of the wrecked truck, I may be able to rock the truck up enough to pull the injured out from under the truck. I explained my plan and got people into place. I hitched up both ends of the chain and got into my truck and slowly pulled forward tightening the tow chain.

I could smell my clutch getting hot, but it was working! The truck rocked up on that side and they got everyone out from under it. When we were clear, I was able to pull the truck all the way back over onto its wheels. I saw a cloud of green smoke and a cloud of red smoke and two Huey gunships came in and landed in the rice paddy.

They radioed in, and soon several medi-vac helicopters landed. David, the driver, un unconscious. As I held him in my arms…. They gave me a Bronze Star Medal. I just did my job. It was made using a grenade, pin pulled, mud pack. I organized a small fire brigade when I witnessed a loaded munitions truck with one of his trailer axles on fire enter the ammo dump ammunitions depot where I was picking up a load with my truck. The diver did not know he had a fire on board.

Several of us drivers fought the fire with the extinguishers from our vehicles while four forklifts off-loaded the flatbed trailer. We all remained safe with no explosions. During a night-run with two trucks to make a pick up at an ammo dump in Quang Tri, we became the target of enemy sniper fire and got pinned down inside the ammo dump. The forklift driver was able to flee and got all the floodlights turned off.

An ammo dump is no place to engage in a fire fight, so I devised a plan to get us safely out of there , or at least I hoped so. The four of us: It was pitch dark and we could not use the lights on our trucks and be targets. We drivers started our engines, put the trucks in gear and crouched on the running boards, door open and reached up to the steering wheels.

The shotguns walked along side and told us right or left and we steered the trucks as they directed us. It was too dark, and with the doors in our faces, our shotguns were our navigators. We slowly inched our way out of the kill-zone. Just as soon as we felt it was safe enough, we hopped into our trucks, partially loaded, got out of there and called it a night.! Click Here for a collage of pictures from Paul Thompson.

Paul is a Graduate of Parkway High School. His parents are the late Ernie and Gertrude Thompson form Rockford. Ernie taught school at Rockford High and then Parkway High. He had been on the volunteer force since and credits former Rockford Fire Chief Ralph Rhoades who passed away in recent years for kindling his interest in two of the greatest volunteer positions a person can give to their community.

Ron also retired from his job as an Emergency Medical Technician for Rockford after 20 years back in January of Below is a picture of Ron and Lisa Searight when he retired from the squad in If you would like to send Ron a card, his address is N.

His email address is rseaight woh. He started for the post office as a clerk in Lima Ohio on February 2, He became a postmaster and served at Bluffton and Celina before coming to Rockford on December 2, Mike says the biggest change in his 30 years has been by far the automation of sorting the mail. When he started as a clerk in Lima, they were still sorting all mail by hand except for a few big city offices.

Over time, all post offices have been automated and machines do all the sorting. Mail comes in fully in order for placing in mailboxes on a route or into postal boxes. Sadly, this means fewer employees. I could always depend on my employees to cheerfully do more than I expected.

And I always found the customers to be friendly and gracious. I miss all of them already. His best memory was the time he turned 50 years old and walked into the post office back room to find it filled with black and multi-colored balloons and decorations on the walls. Over the years Mike has seen Willshire, Ohio City and Mendon Post Offices reduce in force with clerks covering the duties, the routes coming to Rockford, and Mike handling the postmaster work a couple days a week.

He thanks the communities for bringing their business to the post office. Soon the United States Post Office will name a permanent replacement for Mike, who looking forward to some warm weather soon and other camping and traveling trips with his wife, Karen. He then entered the Columbus Police Academy in July as a member of the th Recruit Class and graduated in a ceremony with 31 classmates on January 15, A pinning ceremony was held on January 14 with his mother pinning on the new badge while his father and sister, Stephanie Pabis, looked on.

Attending the graduation were: A party at a local restaurant was hosted by Paul and Holly in his honor following the event.

Jonathan has been hired as a police officer by the Columbus Police Department, which is celebrating its th Anniversary in The Hall of Fame inducts one retired Ohio High School or Middle School band director in recognition of outstanding work in the field of instrumental music education.

To date there have been Each year, the Ohio Band Directors Conference welcomes outstanding middle school and high school concert bands and directors to campus for performances, workshops, and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony during the final OBDC High School Honor Band concert. Sherrick held the Parkway music teacher position from until his retirement in Refreshments will be served!

Meet the team and tour the studio! Click on pictures to enlarge them. Top priority is given to WWII survivors along with other veterans who are terminally ill. All flights are free of charge for veterans.

The day started early with breakfast at 6: A box lunch and a great supper was furnished before flying them back home the same evening where more than 2, family and friends greeted them at the F.

International Airport with gifts, a live band and the Junior Honours Core saluting them upon sight! What a sight, from the moment they stepped off the plane until they reached the parking lot! American flags and people greeting them home at every turn. I liked The Arlington National Cemetery the best because of the way it was laid out.

You could drive by and see nothing but crosses. To others it may not mean as much… but to me it made me feel like I was walking on top of the world. I just loved that! The whole trip was wonderful but that was the most outstanding! Joey Brandt, a former wrestler at Versailles and graduate of has found himself at the top of his field in wrestling at Ashland University. A three-time All-American, Brandt returns to mat after a redshirt season. In , he finished a career-best fifth place at nationals.

Brandt also is the No. Ashland begins the campaign on Sunday, Nov. The Historical Society had been considering tearing out the herb garden because care taker, Bill Now, had passed away. She has done an exceptional job, not only taking care of the gardens, but also has put together a pamphlet explaining what herbs are planted in each bed and what the plants usage would be. She has planted 4 main beds and a center bed. We hope that you will enjoy the herb garden!

Sheila Baltzell and sons Chris, Scott and Tom Baltzell donated a small hand —operated printing press belonging to her late husband and their dad, Larry. Kinder who enjoyed the child-size press and later handed it down to his son George Jr.

George, Jr, then handed it down to his step-grandson, Larry Baltzell, when he was a child. Larry, who worked at and later co-owned the Rockford Press Printing Company, played with it, printing fun things like calling cards, invitations and flyers. The family is pleased to donate this letter-press printing press to the museum in memory of Larry Baltzell and the Baltzell and Kinder Families.

By Sheila Baltzell Lots for Soldiers is a c 3 non profit organization formed to honor and thank those that have served in the United States armed forces. The goal is to donate residential lots and then act as a conduit for others to say thanks in a tangible way by offering affordable housing to our current and former military service members.

To date they have purchased inexpensively or had donated 3 lots in the city of Celina. Two homes are now built and a third one will break ground in the Spring. A website is available for veterans and enlisted military personnel for applying for the free lot. Printed applications can be picked up in several locations in Rockford including the Village of Rockford office, The Eagles and the American Legion.

There are some rules. The person chosen must want to reside in Rockford, be honorably discharged, and agree they will take out a VA or other loan to build their house. This part of the deal helps instill pride in the home, as they have contributed to it themselves. It is not needs-based. It is a Thank You! The wonderful thing about this is that volunteers help build the house and donate much of the materials.

The lot is located on Holly Street and borders Shanes Park. Donations can also be mailed to Lots For Soldiers, Inc. Just a 15 year old hometown girl going after one of my goals. From taking on the Miss Ohio stage this past June with a previous title I had won at the Miami University all the way to winning another title at the Celina Lake Festival Pageant, my summer has been very busy.

My experience at Miss Ohio was very little before this past June! From just going to watch the teen competition, I had no idea what the whole week really consisted of. The preparation before the state pageant and the preparation before the local really made me feel ready for the competition.

I wanted to make sure I was ready to take the crown to my hometown. Well I was able to take the crown home. Tap dancing to Megan Trainor's hit song "Dear Future Husband", I was able to get the audience clapping throughout my performance.

Clean out your garage and get some cash! May , - "Jamestown Harley Demo Ride Event" It is that time again where we will have the Demo truck on-sight with all model motorcycles for licensed riders to ride. Don't miss out on two days filled with riding any Harley Davidson motorcycle. Help us support our Beneficiaries S. Niagara and National Hose Company!

Dice Run registration begins at 8: Ride 80 miles with stops along the way including one at Goat Island. Join us at Knights of Columbus Erie Ave. NT for food, live music by Steelhorse and basket raffle. Bike and car show begin at 11am at KOC. Last year was great, come on out and help us make this year even better.

For more info contact Jim or Lew or Amy It is the start of the riding season and a large group of riders on the highways helps people to start watching out for us.

Please feel free to invite friends. Dunkirk, New York Reserve your spot today! Macedon, New York Phone Ron or Brian Proceeds benefit Church outreaches. Food, vendors, basket raffles and more! Rain Date June 9th. All Bikes are welcome! Bond with fellow riders while still being able to obtain your motorcycle license in the process! The Motorcycle Industry Council survey found that women account for 14 percent of all U. S motorcycle owners, which is a dramatic increase from the 8 percent reported in In fact, the number of female owners better than double!

We are thrilled to offer an environment for new women riders to feel encourage and comfortable, which will ultimately prepare them to hit the road safely and with confidence. This isn't your average 3 piece but a Power Trio! Stop out an hear the southern tier's best kept secret! Off of East, top of the Hill, left hand side. We are a fun group of adult riders that do dice runs, camping, Seasonal Sunday Breakfasts and more!

Club can rented for private events. Blessing courtesy of CMA. This is important to all bikers! Ride with us from Buffalo to The Capitol and fight for your rights! It is critical that we peacefully demonstrate our determination to protect our freedoms both as citizens and as motorcyclists. It is also necessary to impress upon Albany in numbers that we ride and we VOTE, and we care about what happens with our government.

The impact we can make on the state politicians is of great importance to our organization and to all motorcyclists across the state and nation.

For times and details go to Cyberspokes. We need to keep this movement alive so the politicians will continue to acknowledge us as an increasingly influential voice within their voting districts. This is your opportunity to speak directly with the politicians who have the power to make decisions that affect our rights. Ride to Albany, and make a statement. Call for exact times and more details at Rain, snow or shine!

Biker Church' is just what it sounds like - church for bikers. Dress is regular riding clothes. All people are welcome, all makes of bikes are welcome. The service is non-denominational. For more info contact Pastor Don Mohr Strikers is a clean and recently renovated bowling center that operates 24 lanes. We also have a great restaurant and game room. West Seneca, NY If you haven't ever been, it's definitely something to check out!

Everyone has a great time and looks forward to it every Friday through the summer! Do you have someone on the Wall? The Wall of those we Love and Miss. A Weekend get-together to Hang! Rainman will be there blasting tunes all weekend.

For the Bikers, By the Bikers. It's a Place to be Free! It's on Top of the World. A Campgrounds with trails, plenty of shade, and two beautiful spring-fed Ponds, one to Swim in and one to Fish! Two Great Destinations in one place! Only 3 miles from down town Springville, NY. Registration begins at Cost includes coffee and donuts in the morning and all you can eat Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Italian Sausage upon return to the Post in the afternoon.

Also included in price are salad and one beverage. Entertainment by Americana band 'Alibi Pass'. More information at Cyberspokes. The American Legion Post Legion Riders along with the Post family is sponsoring this event for the 12th year to raise money and awareness for Veterans in Need in our community. This is a great way during Memorial Day weekend to help out veterans who have sacrificed so much for us to enjoy the holiday and to thank them for their service to our great country.

Please come out and support our Veterans! Contact Ron Kelly at Buffalo Harley-Davidson exists to fulfill the needs of the motorcycling community. For the past 84 years the goal of the dealership has been to provide a total destination point for the motorcyclist.

Our parts and service departments provide the experience and products with an extensive selection of all Harley-Davidson Motor Parts and Accessories. Whether it be custom work for show or for go both departments work hand in hand to provide the results the customer desires. Buffalo Harley-Davidson also provides an extensive retail clothing and collectable department at the dealership.

In addition to all this, Buffalo Harley-Davidson also has on site an antique motorcycle museum with over 35 bikes and many rare collectible antique photos and memorabilia open free to the public. Sunday May 27, - "9th. Each year since, his friends and family have held a memorial motorcycle ride to honor his memory and raise funds for charitable organizations.

The is an escorted 90 mile ride throughout Western New York. There will be multiple stops for food and refreshments along the way, with the last stop at St. Vincent's Cemetery to introduce Mike to his new friends that have joined us for the ride in his memory. There will be a short riders meeting with kickstands up and blessing at The registration fee includes a Chicken barbecue dinner and a commemorative pin. Pre-registration is available at a discounted rate.

Live music, Chinese Auction, vendors, live auction, chicken barbecue, and beer and wine tent. This run has consistently been one of the largest attended runs in the area, and also has the distinction of being designated as the "safest run" in Western New York.

All experienced and novice riders are welcomed! For questions, contact P. East Aurora, NY They are hosting a chicken barbecue in the afternoon.

Eat in or Take out. This event is open to everyone. Police Escorted Free Ride. You do not need to have been or need to be an active member in our Armed Forces to ride. This ride is open to everyone who wishes to take part in honoring the memory of those who have not returned from military duty and to celebrate the freedom we all share because of it. Please feel free to invite your friends and family. Then join us at 1pm for the after-party at The Varysburg Hotel. If you haven't been to this event yet, you don't know what you are missing.

Buffalo Blues is a music campaign serving veterans 'at-risk' of homelessness and building an educated community to support the cause. The band feautures top performing Blues artists from the Buffalo area! Hosted by 97 Rock's Carl Russo! Get some friends together and come grab a craft beer paired with some delicious food all summer long, with our wide selection of beers and all new menu there will be some something that everyone will want to indulge in.

Live music by bands like: Come on down and enjoy another Beautiful day! Pop, water and plenty of tasty food options! Hot dogs, burgers, fresh curly fries, and also broasters chicken and pizza from Herons landing! Great low prices everyday on fuel, cigarettes and tobacco products. Everyday grocery items, Buffalo Sports Memorabilia, native jewelry, artwork and pottery, as well as auto parts, ATV parts and seasonal items, and much more!

Weekly prizes for Hottest Bike and Coolest Car! Beer Specials and Tastings! Corner of Sweethome Amherst, NY Plenty of great food, drink, live band and friendly people too! To benefit the restoration to the Hollywood Theater. If you are attending on anything more than 3 wheels park out front.

There will be a number posted to call and receive a ride down the entrance road. Room at the club house for bikes and trikes only.

The clubhouse is located at North Ridge road rt. We would like the opportunity to leverage our forum to also honor your loved-one with their name and picture that will be featured throughout the benefit and we will provide two 2 complimentary tickets to the benefit for you to join us on this special day. Proceeds from this event go to Wings Flights Of Hope. The bike run is free and there are plenty of prizes given away throughout the day. There's a huge Chinese auction, along with many other raffles and give aways.

Contact Jim or Michele Pembrook for food and beverages! The Volunteer Riders Group endeavors to promote, support, and provide assistance to the Members and families of our Community the United States Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, First Responders, and Patriots We also support and provide assistants to the elderly, disabled and other charitable organizations that provide a service and or benefit our Nation, our State and the WNY Community.

Ride is for a hero and a great cause! Will not be escorted, but is a Dice Run. Award for "Best Represented Club". End of run will be Food and Adult Beverages. Contact Bill Paton Kickstands Up at Noon! Join in at any location along the ride!

For more information call Laurianne, Executive Director at We would love to see as many officers as possible. Please join us in remembering and honoring all officers lost in the line of duty. Each year, between and officers are killed in the line of duty and their families and co-workers are left to cope with the tragic loss. Join us after the ride for live music, food, drinks, raffles and fun! Phone Marve Ohlson Live music rain or shine with Dave Constantino!

Open Mic with Michael Hund, full backup line provided. Entertainment in two rooms! The guys from Still Kickin Cycles will be in the house! Our commitment to excellent food means that every dish we prepare is made with only the freshest ingredients, cooked exactly to your order. Doors open at 4pm, bands start at 7pm.

Live music with Union Blues! Plaques for all winners! Vehicles must be parked by 6: Awards presented at 8: Alex was a junior fire fighter with the Harris Hill Fire Department whose life was taken too soon. We are combining his love of motorcycles and firefighting to help his name live on! Registration for the bike run at Bowmansville Fire 36 Main St. Begins at Noon and ends?? Live music at noon by Wild Bill followed by the Buddy Hinds band after the run! Bounce house and sandboxes for kids.

Food and drinks available. Come out and support the future of firefighting. All bikes AND autos welcome! Bring a NEW stuffed animal or teddy bear.

We'll be stopping at OGH to roll dice and drop off toys. Music, food, beverages and more! Phone Brett Marvin First bike out at 11 a.

Light lunch will be provided. Run begins and ends at Gerry Rodeo Grounds Rt. Approximately 80 miles with 3 to 5 stops. Come ride the beautiful scenic countryside of Chautauqua County! Phone Arlene Connelly Kickstands up at Noon! This is the Rain Date from May 19th. Plaques for Motorcycle Clubs! Come on in and check it out! Live Music with Jony James! Food, drinks, vendors, prizes, sales and more! So in honor of him Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue will be on hand.

We will also have Fix-a-Bull there! A program that is geared toward responsible owners who just need help getting their bully breed dog altered. Ride ends when kickstands are down at Live Edge Brewing. Live music by Plant Mangers! Motorcycles and Classic Cars! Raffles, Chicken BBQ, music and more!

Do you like to meet people, have fun AND help out a great cause? Are you looking for some riding buddies? Be part of history! No event planning experience necessary! Reliability, commitment and honesty are more important.

Whatever you can do. The more we give, the happier we feel. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity! Please join us 5: For more details contact Kevin Matteson at Our mission is to provide a friendly handicap-accessible camp environment and therapeutic outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

LEEK believes in encouraging our wounded heroes to focus on their abilities, without compromising their current physical limitations. Parade proceeds go to the disabled American veterans.

Music at the town park by Underground Stampede , beer tent, food, crafts and business vendors, bounce houses and more. Contact Wayne Flading of O. F Organization Of Friends at Call or Saturday June 16, - "Louis J.

Vendors, raffles and more are included. Bike Run is 8: Run ends at the Raffle Party at Chef's Restaurant. Motorcycle will be on display in Chef's Restaurant lobby and tickets can be purchased at Chef's or by calling Empire Animal Rescue Society receives dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, bunnies and other furry friends in need of homes. All motorcycles and autos welcome! Bring a donation of food or litter and you will be entered into a special drawing! Kickstands up at 11 am.

The run starts with 9: Noon departure, 4pm last bike in. Picnic, awards and meet The Jackals! Post at Deer St. Sons Of Liberty Riding Club.

Great food and drink specials. Pool table, horseshoes, 3 large screen TV's, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, ATV'ing and more. Show off his bike, car, truck or whatever he's got! DJ spinning the tunes! They also serve fingers, tacos, subs, a great line up of sandwiches, wraps, salads and sides - something tasty and satisfying for everyone and all at great prices.

Bring the whole family down for a satisfying treat! Monday June 18, - "Annual Ride To Work Day" This day originated in the 's to encourage more people to ride their motorcycle daily, and has expanded internationally into countries such as Brazil, Germany, and Russia to name a few.

Motorcycle Safety School is offering a free MSF Introductory Motorcycle Experience course to any interested publication that would like to experience motorcycling first-hand. This will be a Family friendly event with kids games, horseshoe tournament, video games, vendors, food, drinks, door prizes, basket raffles and more! Kids under 12 free! American Legion George F. Open to all makes and models. If you have a passion for cars and bikes, come on out!! Updates will be posted on Cyberspokes.

Pizza by Daddios and Urban City Grill desert truck! A portion of the proceeds to benefit Juvenile Diabetes. Phone Cody or Brian Ride 22 Starts at 8am. There is a Meaning behind the Victory for Veterans - Ride More soldiers are lost at home then all of our current combat missions abroad.

Ride 22 is project to bring awareness to this statistic and stop it from growing. The number 22 is going to take on a new meaning. It will be a call for change, a symbol for support and an invitation to help and raise awareness. Beer, Raffles and food catered by J's White Elephant! Listen to their great music and order your favorite dinner special, cooked on our outside barbeque grill! Beer and drink specials!! Registration starts at Enjoy a scenic ride through Niagara County.

To benefit Veteran Charities. Rain date July 1st Phone Vendors, door prizes, Ox Roast and biker games! Free primitive camping Saturday night. Portion of the proceeds to benefit St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. All you Few Festers and Wellsvillians, come on out, stuff your face, rock the night away, party your Ass off and pass out safe and sound. He was many things to many people, but most importantly he was an amazing father to his 14 year old daughter, Alivia.

The true light of his life! Please join us in securing that Alivia has a wonderful future. One that Todd would be proud of and can rest in peace knowing she will have endless opportunities!

Still join us for the post ride event to enjoy raffles, food and live music from Rocket 88 from pm! Hope to see you at Kodiak Jacks! East Aurora, New York This is a judged show with awards! Vendors, swap, arts and crafts and more! Portion of proceeds to benefit Children's Charities. Phone Sal or Dennis Best Show Bike Contest! Live music with We Three Kings at 6: Purchase any 2 drinks get 1 free Hors d'oeuvres.

Locally owned and operated by Gary and Jennifer Ballowe. Large 2 tier deck over looking wonderful beach with beautiful sunsets! Bikes and Bikinis not your normal parking lot bike night. Live music by Jeremy Keyes Band! Food, drink, raffles, live music with Blues Daddios on the patio! Vist the American Harley Davidson table and checkout the new models! We are honored to host the pre-party for the second time.

We will be giving away all the raffle items for their generous sponsors. All proceeds from the raffle are donated to local charities. This year is Buffalo C. S and Friends of the Night People. Revelry Tintype is coming to town from NC so be sure to get on the list for a tin type photo. As always, we will have beer and wine. Please respect all of our neighbors on Hertel when you pull up on your bikes. If you missed last year, you missed a hell of a party.

For the uninitiated, VBR is an art and motorcycle show. We also feature some amazing hot rods and kick ass live rockabilly! This year we will be featuring new builders and artists that pull from the subculture that builds our Buffalo Motorcycle Community. To keep each event unique, we have some great plans for this year including new vendors, Tin Type Photography, and a Biltwell Helmet Art show with a twist, a tiny little twist.

Be prepared to feast on good eats from Essex Street Pub, enjoy some Sailor Jerry Cocktails, see great bikes and meet new friends. Music will be provided by our home town pals the Blue Ribbon Bastards! Get some great swag and maybe even pick up some ink from their neighbors 5 Venoms Tattoo. Saturday July 7, - "Raiders M. Dedicated in Memory of Jeanie L. Kickstands up after Blessing.

Jewett, Limestone, Allegany, and Hinsdale. This is fund raising event to help support St. Judes and other charities. Route 16 Hinsdale, New York. Phone Kevin Deibler This Traveling Memorial stands as a reminder of the great sacrifices made during the Vietnam War. It was made for the purpose of helping heal and rekindle friendships and to allow people the opportunity to visit loved ones in their home town who otherwise may not be able to make the trip to Washington.

Summit Park Mall at Williams Rd. This is the anticipated time. Dependent on wall arrival More info at Cyberspokes. Volunteers - Hrs. The Wall will be on display through Monday the 16th. Saturday July 14, - "10th Annual Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway of Valor Tribute Ride" The mile ride is free and open to the public, motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes and helicopters welcome!

Ride will Begin at Register to ride between 8: Breakfast is available and you can get your bike blessed too!. All proceeds benefit Hospice of Buffalo. Contact Sammi or Rev. Food, drink and merchandise vendors will be present throughout the grounds. Attendees can bring a chair or rent a chair on site. Gates open at noon; music begins at 1: Food and refreshments available for purchase.

Taco Truck on site! Noon-6pm, Rain or Shine! Come check out the stunt shows, music, food and fun. Check out special sales in the store! Jason Britton is the only athlete experienced enough to say he was doing stunting before he was cool. He's still grinding away at the pegs, leaving his mark on the asphalt and reminding everybody that he was here first.

Last years event attracted almost bikers from all over western New York, Ontario and surrounding states. For all Military Riders: Reserved parking for Military Vets.

Judging for show bike start around 7: During the Band break. Phone for more info. The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association CVMA is a group of combat veterans who joined together to form a brotherhood of men of and women who have in common the trials of serving in defense of our country and the love of riding.

Airbrush tattoos, raffles, food, crafts, games, bounce houses, music and more! Phone Laurie Syms We welcome all makes and models! Please contact Jackdaleth or Troy at Phone Doug or Elvis Ride with Santa and Mrs.

Claus in a Motorcycle Motorcade. Secure one or more of the toys provided to your cycle for the ride to Cradle Beach Camp for Kids. Phone Gary Hubert

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