Tom Hall Reveals Intimate Details of Macau's High-Stakes Poker Cash Games

When professional players got wind of this, they showed up and cleaned house against the wild, terrible players who frequented this game and were not afraid of chasing their losses. If you like the look and feel of a Hard Rock Cafe, this is a great spot for playing poker in Macau. On the PokerNews Podcast , Greg Merson said that only one white player was allowed to sit at a table at a time. With ten players left on the last two tables, Yang Li was the first to go when he shoved his pocket kings on the turn and was called by Gao. Show more posts Loading Bad username or password Sign in. Top 10 Stories of

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Preston Lee won his maiden WSOP bracelet this summer and started the day short and ran ace-queen into the pocket nines of his opponent. Another new WSOP bracelet winner was Michael Addamo who busted both bullets he fired today before even really being able to build up a stack. Other well-known players that failed to cash today include Phachara Wongwichit who held ace-jack when he shoved but was called by Ogura who had pocket sixes. Yang was also responsible for busting James Chen with pocket kings when Chen had jack-ten.

Yang ended up being the bubble boy in the end when he first doubled up Lee on the bubble and was left behind with less than one big blind. He then tripled up again, mainly through Lee, and then lost it all with nine-eight in a three-way pot against Yoshinaga and He Chang with Chang scooping the pot.

With ten players left on the last two tables, Yang Li was the first to go when he shoved his pocket kings on the turn and was called by Gao. Gao needed the river to make it a full house to take Li out of the running. The final table was now set with Yoshinaga in the chip lead that he never gave away again. Wang Zhi Li shoved king-ten into the queen-jack of Gao and she managed to hit a queen on the river to bust Li. Disaster struck Lee when he doubled up Ogura, leaving himself behind with just over 3 big blinds.

Ogura held ten-nine and Lee had pocket jacks. Ogura managed to flop a straight and that was enough for now. Even though Lee went up and down with his stack, Gao was the next to be axed when she ran her pocket fives into the aces of Yoshinaga. The only female to have entered the High Roller is no stranger to these tournaments but was disappointed in failing to finally conquer her first High Roller title after coming close again.

Only ten minutes later, Lee doubled up again, taking some chips back from Zhao. Zhao then lost the rest of his stack to William Fasano who had quietly been collecting pay jumps up till then. Yoshinaga and Ogura quickly took a break and discussed an ICM-deal. Poker is not the longstanding pastime in Macau that it is in Las Vegas.

Since then, several new poker rooms have opened up, and there are now five casinos offering live-dealer cash games, along with the occasional tournament or two. See, when the game was new, many rich Chinese patrons gave the game a try, and were willing to play at very high limits. When professional players got wind of this, they showed up and cleaned house against the wild, terrible players who frequented this game and were not afraid of chasing their losses.

Sadly, those days are gone…sort of. While there are still games at limits that will make your head spin — some of which dwarf even the biggest cash games Las Vegas has to offer — the play has improved significantly.

Here are our picks for the best and currently, the only places to play poker in Macau! Poker in Macau is viewed by the casinos as something of a novelty, and I guess most would rather not have any poker at all. On my last visit in December there were only 3 poker rooms still operating in Macau. They prefer to play baccarat, sic bo and the other table games that are on offer in the casinos.

The player seated beside the dealer cannot smoke, but everywhere else at the table is ok, so be prepared to be playing in a very smoky environment. Occasionally we play handed but that's rare not enough space due to all the chips on the table.

Along those lines, are there any rules outside the norm for those who participate in the big game? I wouldn't quite describe them as rules, but there are some nuances of the game that sometimes take pros or newcomers by surprise when they first play. This calls for a slight adjustment of strategy from the pros but bearing in mind they are still significant favorites they comply pretty quickly and it's all done in good humor.

This is a throwback to the early days when, for the first year we played, everybody had to show every winning hand. It helped people learn faster in the beginning and also removed some collusion concerns guys had in the very beginning. Also when players are all in, the game can slow down as a side group offers "insurance" bets.

Yes, there is vig charged but with the size of the pots involved, most people take it to reduce variance. I can't remember anybody ever calling time on anybody.

If somebody is tanking, the other players will watch TV, play on their phones, walk off and chat, etc. Slow rolling is also not frowned upon either and is sometimes the cause of great amusement. One of the funniest I remember was when one player was all in, and the other tanks for ages, then gets up and goes to the toilet and is gone a good five minutes and then comes back to call with the stone cold nuts.

This was all taken in good humor. What's the most anyone has ever won in a sessions in the Big Game? What's the most someone has lost? What I will say is that without a doubt the single biggest winner in live table poker of all time is one of the big game players who plays the Macau game regularly and some of the other big private games around the Region. This is not one of the established pros but any of the pros that play regularly will know whom it is.

Not going to get into quantum or specifics but the Macau game formed the base for some pretty phenomenal winnings and obviously losses. All of the local regulars usually play their own funds whereas most of the pros are either staked or pieced out to a certain degree.

This is probably pretty smart taking into consideration the size of the games and the swings. That's a very difficult question to answer. I always say I think they've plateaued but then I hear about new higher stakes.

Paul [Phua] and Richard [Yong] are probably the hub of the game and were there from the very beginning and Winfred Yu and his team do a fantastic job providing the best possible environment for the game and its players at the Poker King Club.

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