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Which teams will get to points? We even got a feature story aired on 60 Minutes , widely considered the pinnacle of mass media exposure. Whether you believe Tiger will win again or not, public backing has removed all value in betting on him. Future of sports betting series homepage. Select an option to place a bet quickly when the odds change.

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We went to Le Mans car races. We even met Donald Trump. We held jam-packed press conferences in New York, announcing the signings of new poker ambassadors. We made the cover of Cigar Aficionado. We did a press event in Dallas with a poker game for celebrities, and half the Dallas Mavericks team showed up. We had a private box at a Mavericks game and owner Mark Cuban came up to see us, eager to meet the new world poker champion, Greg Raymer, who had just signed a major deal with us.

We even got a feature story aired on 60 Minutes , widely considered the pinnacle of mass media exposure. The show was watched by an estimated 16 million viewers, making it very likely the single most viewed poker-related television broadcast of all time.

CBS legend Dan Rather was still working as one of the correspondents. Supposedly sick of interviewing presidents and prime ministers, Rather specifically asked for the assignment I would find out later when I spoke with him in the CBS studio and flew back from another story he had been working on in Japan just to interview Chris Moneymaker and do the voiceover for the feature. I love my life. Ignited by Isai and Mark, and kindled by Dan, the spark of a new idea was always welcome in any discussion.

We held phone calls and exchanged e-mails constantly. No idea was off the table. Nothing was too crazy. The Sporting News story can be read here. It was a culture. It was a mindset. While it will sound arrogant and probably piss off rivals who worked at the time for other sites, PokerStars had the superior product. We had the best game interface. We had exemplary customer support. For instance, one strictly-enforced rule at PokerStars was — all customer inquiries, including detailed complaints, were to be addressed within one hour.

Similarly, the people who specialized in online security, some who I knew quite well long before we were all working together at PokerStars, truly were the anonymous champions of the company. It was a glamor job. I might as well have been head of PR for Lexus or Apple — highly-respected companies widely acknowledged to produce superior products.

Selling PokerStars to the booming online gambling market was like doing marketing for Guinness beer in Ireland on St. We were about to sign two more superstars — Daniel Negreanu and Barry Greenstein.

We were also carpet bombing the airwaves with television commercials just about everywhere. The EPT was underway. Sometimes, a believer in a cause can be made into an even stronger believer and when that happens, he becomes a diehard activist.

I became a diehard online poker activist in mid following a goodwill tour of Washington, D. More background is needed here: Although just about anyone could play online poker in the U. All the major online gambling-related sites, including poker companies, circumvented federal intervention by basing servers and day-to-day operations outside the U. I was a consultant. Some poker sites were located on Caribbean Islands. Others were based in Central America. Malta, an island-nation in the Mediterranean, became a haven for online gambling business startups.

Some shortsighted companies, many with shady ownership, wanted to remain in the dark and quietly go about their business.

So, this was a natural calling. This was familiar territory. This time I wore the silk suit. Our poker delegation was a motley crew. By mid, poker was plastered all over TV, especially sports channels. Those who appeared on poker shows became the latest mavens of pop culture, with Andy Warhol holding a stopwatch.

With his distinctive cowboy hat and Jesus-like appearance, Ferguson stood out on the steps of the U. Capitol like John Wayne riding into town on a horse. Everywhere we walked, Ferguson and Raymer to a lesser extent was recognized and approached for an autograph. Autograph requests became so common, they began carrying Sharpies whenever they went out in public. This I know, because I used to be one.

How they pulled off that feat remains a mystery to this day. The turnout was a shocker. The room was packed with perhaps press people, congressional staffers and even a few congressmen, such as co-sponsors of some bills to make online poker legal. The poker players were greeted like celebrities. The great irony and tragedy of this story is the hypocrisy. On the clock, they were dutiful cavalrymen who muscled the bloody raid to stamp out online poker.

Off the clock, many of these staffers were playing online poker on their home computers next to framed pictures of themselves with poker champions. This was no surprise to us since military life comes with lots of downtime and poker has been a tradition with soldiers since the Civil War.

Nothing could have prepared me for the interactions I was about to witness. Many residents and long-term patients of the facilities were combat veterans who had suffered indescribable physical deformities and mental anguish. Some were unable to live and function in society, at large. They needed physical and emotional support.

Arms and legs were missing and in some cases, their faces were blown off during battles in frightening, faraway places like Afghanistan and Iraq, two wars which had begun three years earlier and were still going full throttle.

These were proud men who may have been confined to wheelchairs but who still stood tall. Without exception, they wanted to live their lives with some resemblance of normalcy.

On the outside, they may have looked broken. We had a moment last night and that song just really spoke to us, ya know how it is. I can honestly say that it was the best slow dance I have ever had, she really took the lead and I just fell into her arms.

I would have to say loyalty and honesty are two huge ones, followed closely by sense of humor. Definetely someone who can hold their own in a conversation, isn't afraid to disagree with me but not too much , quick-witted banter is a plus, and physical attraction is a must.

Who do you think is the hottest guy in poker? He doesn't take himself too seriously and that's super hot to me. But really though, he could stand to gain a couple of pounds. Nothing a cheeseburger won't fix. Those tofu burgers just don't get it done. Yeah, I love their stuff. Although I can think of a couple of bra burners and organizations of the like who wouldn't take too well to their obvious exploitation of the female form on their site and their sexist comments which totally scream underlying misogynistic tendencies.

I loved seeing my name, a woman, on their coverage of the main event last year. Don't you think those guys are total pigs? I tell them all the time no one likes their shit talking and gossip doesn't really sell well. Well they put up with you telling them that cuz you're hot, it actually might turn them on to hear a hot girl calling them pigs. You should ask them about that. You might be sending them a reverse tell. TrackBack URL for this entry: Because you can only talk about poker so much.

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