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The ultimate baseball betting event is, undoubtedly, The World Series. And with an industry this lucrative, there are lots of scammers out there trying to make a quick buck. Limited interest in Western World currently, where mixed martial arts and Boxing are more popular. Mexico, Canada Fringe sport in: Africa, Indonesia, Poland, Kenya. While some countries have clearly defined laws and regulations concerning this hobby, others leave their citizens in a real gray area. This transpires to the sports betting market as well, with the unpredictable and fast-paced nature of the sport seen as a major attraction for gamblers who want to try their luck.

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The final chapter of this story is yet to be written. Will the investigation continue to reveal a pattern of similar activities across sponsors, teams, and sports? One thing is clear—this will still be top of mind when the Big Dance tips off this year. A year ago, the sports industry witnessed a resurgence of prominent athletes staging demonstrations to raise awareness of various social issues. Player activism has now become commonplace, partly due to the politicization of their efforts.

Athletes may finally have drawn attention, but their message has been lost. Rather than sparking a conversation about racial inequality or police brutality, these protests have become political, something to cheer or reject depending on your perspective. Athlete activism may also be impacting the bottom line of the league. TV viewership is down, 10 and while it could just be cord cutters, sponsors are anxious about associating their brands with an uncertain product.

Soon, leagues and players alike will likely have to make a decision about what is most important: The bottom line or social activism. Some leagues are supporting their players. And that is the problem: The issue of social activism in sports is hindered by a hyper-politicized environment where picking sides becomes greater than picking a cause. While the activist issues of today might not mirror the issues of tomorrow, we expect both leagues and player unions to make the governance of, and response to, social causes a key topic in the next round of collective bargaining negotiations.

The stakes are higher than ever before, particularly for the bottom line. Trends expected to disrupt and dominate We believe these topics are going to impact the business of sports, both on and off the field, over the next 12 months. But invariably new stories, trends, and themes will emerge that further disrupt the industry, derail the game plan for executives, and delight us as sports fans.

Please tweet DeloitteSports to share the sports trends or opportunities that are on your mind in Please enable JavaScript to view the site. Add to my bookmarks. Still not a member? Explore content Game on: The story continues Let's talk sports industry trends Get in touch Join the conversation Related topics. What are the most significant sports industry trends? As sports franchises build state of the art stadiums, fan safety will remain top of mind. Innovative ticket packages will compete with the couch for fan attention.

Advertising spend will shift to digital and social channels to reach millennials. Blockchain 's capabilities offer potential emerging solutions to challenges the industry is striving to improve.

The road to professional sports is changing as federal investigations shed light on the business, and corruption, of college sports. Social activism in sports is here to stay, and the clock is ticking on brands, leagues, and teams to decide where they stand. Take a look back at previous years' reports: Protecting the real MVP As demonstrated by the bombing at a Paris soccer stadium and other recent incidents at large entertainment-oriented gatherings, sports venues can be vulnerable targets.

Letting the fan calls the plays Sports teams increasingly are competing with the couch and other entertainment offerings for consumer attention. The digital coin taking over the world Consider a sports gambling platform that provides full transparency in the establishment of odds and the resolution of bets.

Ticket traceability and data capture: Tracking tickets sold in the secondary market and gathering accurate information about each fan who actually attends a game is a significant challenge for many sports franchises. Engagement throughout the fan journey: Teams continue to look for ways to engage and reward fans for behaviors beyond attending the game.

New mediums for predicting the outcomes of seasons, games, and even individual plays continue to arise. Blockchain is a crowd-enabled technology, which can create new markets where fans can make wagers in a more transparent marketplace.

Rethinking the student-athlete March Madness, with its dramatic upsets and Cinderella stories, captivates sports fans across the country and thrusts the National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA into the national spotlight every year. The very first race at Churchill Downs was run in , giving "The Run for the Roses" plenty of history and tradition.

The World Cup of Cricket is televised in more than countries, which adds to the betting factor. The sport even endured its very own betting scandal back in when South African captain Hansie Cronje confessed to taking money from bookmakers. Since it's a month long tournament, the World Cup may be the most heavily bet event as far as number of dollars wagered. It's held once every four years and draws millions of passionate fans and is watched by billions of people across the globe.

By , it encompassed 45 tournaments and nearly 9, entrants. The popularity of the event has also helped poker become a true TV spectator sport.

Sports book managers in Las Vegas agree that the first four days of the NCAA college basketball tournament are the busiest of the entire year. That figure, of course, doesn't count the pools played across the country that are typically won by a non-basketball fan that picks the games based on the coolest team mascots.

It has become a national holiday in America and, like the NCAA tournament, much of the Super Bowl's popularity is fueled by gambling, except the brackets are replaced with square pools. A chat with a proud Phil Hellmuth Sr. A surging Daniel Negreanu claims bracelet No. From the Park Dept. Send to a Friend. Gary serves as Casino City's managing editor and has more than 20 years experience as a writer and editor.

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2. UEFA Euro Cup