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Epiphone Casino Coupe Electric Guitar. Posted 04 June - The American pickups sound notably different to those on the standard Casino, letting the natural acoustic and percussive resonance shine through, bolstering the character and charm of the hollow design. Community Forum Software by IP. Both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of tone. By they could have had any guitars they wanted, no limits. Posted 03 June -

Skin and Language

Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar

The Casino sports premium electronics—two U. Like the ES, it has a throaty, articulate midrange and more than a little warmth. The Casino also has a versatile voice. With the volume lowered and the neck pickup selected, I was able to coax from the guitar a thick and silky tone similar to that associated with jazz guitarist Grant Green and his ES It sounds as good as a year-old original but feels and plays a bit better, exactly as a modern guitar should.

Contemporary players such as Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher have also become synonymous with Epiphone semis but, as we know, their inspiration draws directly from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The upgraded fittings include two Gibson USA P pickups with dog-ear, nickel-plated covers and a Switchcraft-made three-way toggle switch and output jack. In keeping with the original, the fret neck joins the body at the 16th fret, which is three further back than a centre-blocked ES and one further than our Chinese-made standard Casino.

We also see the inclusion of parallelogram-shaped block inlays placed neatly into the rosewood fretboard, as seen on original Casinos of that period. The slim-taper neck, with its medium gauge fretwire and a mm inch radius makes for a very comfortable feel and low-playing action.

A nickel-covered trapeze-style tailpiece, as seen on the ES, and a twin-pillar-mounted tune-o-matic bridge complete the hardware. The American pickups sound notably different to those on the standard Casino, letting the natural acoustic and percussive resonance shine through, bolstering the character and charm of the hollow design.

Nickel strings will add warmth, too. Of course, that costs about the same as changing the pickups and electronics, but the Epi Ps aren't bad overall. Do you have other guitars with Ps? Humbuckers will usually have less clean treble than Ps, which have less clean treble than Fender single coils. I know several players who can't get behind anything but strats because they don't like the mid-rangy tones other guitars are built around.

You should easily be able to dial out most of the mud this way, especially if you're willing to live with some volume imbalance between the high and low E strings. You're pretty vague, as to what you're after. Also, is this your first guitar, or first "hollowbody" with P's?

Why did you purchase it, in the first place? What other amps, have you used, or used with your Casino, at least? What are you used to, or what did you play before, that you DID like?

It's nearly impossible, for any of us, to tell you A Casino, has a darker tone, than say But, it's more midrange, at the full open positions on volume and tone, than Humbuckers. Being full hollow body, limits it use as a high volume, shredding maching.

But, it's excellent "clean," and for "Jazz" and "Blues" tone, as well as some Classic Rock, or even progressive rock. Not trying to be "difficult" here Can you give us some more input, examples, of what you're after, tone wise? I didn't spend too much because I actually think the Epi P90's are great , and it sounds fantastic. I made a video in case you're interested: We pull it all off with our strategically placed, coast-to-coast warehouses. Buy it, try it, like it, or return it to us for a full refund.

A guarantee so solid, you never have to worry about price when shopping at zZounds. You'll still get the trustworthy service you've come to expect from zZounds, without paying more for your gear! With a pair of dog-ear Ps, this hollowbody electric is a truly versatile guitar.

In Stock Will Ship Sep Seen It For Less? Call a guitar expert now! Own this item for. What's special about this product? What it does for you: Alnico PT and PR dog-ear pickups High-output single-coils; biting treble response Fully hollow body Single tone chamber, resonant and alive sound Set-neck construction Solid joinery for great sustain and feel Pau Ferro fretboard Delivers strong midrange presence and punch.

Conjure the Jangle of the British Invasion! Famous ever since the Fab Four started using it in the '60s, the Epiphone Casino's fully-hollow, laminated maple body brings a familiar jangle to rhythm playing, while its P pickups give it plenty of bite for leads. The basis on which Gibson built their ES Series of guitars -- some of the most enduring instruments in the development of rock'n'roll -- the Epiphone Casino Archtop is truly a guitarist's guitar, rich in tradition, tone, and history.

Two P pickups allow you to dial in a huge range of tasty tones with one versatile axe. And at this price, it's the only Casino you can really ever trust not to break the bank. Classic Construction, Classic Tone The Epiphone Casino's combination of a laminated spruce arched top and hollow maple body offers the discerning tone junkie a veritable smorgasbord of complex tones, rich harmonics and pleasing overtones.

Unlike the ES or other semi-hollow instruments of this shape, the Epiphone Casino is a fully hollow instrument. Though slightly more prone to high-gain feedback, an all-hollow guitar is offers richer resonance -- true tone aficionados gladly make the tradeoff. The Epiphone Casino's set mahogany neck and array of dual P dog-ear pickups deliver everything from singing sustain to chimey rhythm jangle, all at the flip of a switch or the stomp of a box.

The combination of a pau ferro fretboard with the rest of these carefully selected tonewoods make the Epiphone Casino a wonderfully balanced instrument, both in sound and feel. The four top-mounted control knobs volume and tone for each of the rhythm and lead pickups allows for even further tweaking and tonal exploration, presenting a palette rich enough for even the most demanding six-string Centurion. The Casino's neck profile is at once substantial and quick, capable of digging in for some open position chording or slithering around for snakey runs, double-stops, and pull-offs.

The bound fretboard edges only add to the Epiphone Casino's comfort, especially for all of you thumb-over-the-top players out there. Finishes Fit for a Prince The Epiphone Casino has enough looks to keep up with whatever number of costume changes you happen to throw into your set. Alternately, you can take the John Lennon approach by pulling off the pickguard and sanding off the finish down to the bare wood -- heck, if it helps you write a song half as good as one of his, it would be well worth the effort.

Tasteful appointments on the Epiphone Casino Archtop include a classic trapeze style bridge tailpiece, bound pau ferro fretboard with handsome parallelogram inlays, bound body, chrome hardware, and oversized "open book" Epiphone headstock. The Casino Archtop is not an instrument that screams garish pomp; instead, it gently exudes a sense of refined class and taste. Get an overview of the Casino in this video from Epiphone: Set - Neck Material: Laminated Maple - Top: Laminated Spruce - Tailpiece: The scale is It has a set neck joint and neck material made of mahogany.

Conjure the Jangle of the British Invasion!