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Also survived by several great nieces and nephews. Our approach has made a real difference to daily life throughout the estates, and will continue to do so. When it became evident that his beloved wife was very ill, they moved back to Calgary to be close to their family. Bridgman began a long newspaper career, first as an advertising salesman and later the advertising manager for the St. Jessie Tuttle, Director of Business Development - ext. Bill was born on June 12, in Calgary and grew up in the Victoria Park district. He was a hockey dad and involved and respected in the community of Parkallen at the south edge of town.

By investing into improved efficiency, conservation initiatives and changes in behaviour, offset purchasers take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions they are unable to reduce by taking immediate action. No-till provides measurable improvements over traditional tillage, by reducing carbon emissions CO2 or greenhouse gases.

While no-till practice has increased over the years, farmers may not be familiar with or have the time to administer their own carbon credit process. To participate, farmers can register online at http: Registration will take approximately minutes and once approved, will be confirmed by email. Verification of emission reductions will be performed by an accredited third-party.

NorAg will disclose a full accounting of costs and return proceeds to participating farmers. Participants also have the choice to donate proceeds to the Canadian Food Grains Bank for a tax receipt.

Customers want to do business with environmentally-minded organizations and they are willing to a pay a premium to do so. A single carbon credit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases.

Dan Fraleigh Carbonzero dan. This involves hedging positions and trading in these commodities. In , Profit magazine ranked NorAg as on its fastest growing companies in Canada. Active in the carbon market since , L2I Solutions is recognized as a major player in the carbon market in Quebec and the rest of Canada. Already active and known on the Quebec and Ontario markets for several years, L2i is also a market intermediary.

In this capacity, the firm acts on a contract basis, in the carbon sales cycle, as a supplier of several national and world-class brokers, market makers and financial institutions. Carbonzero is happy to be working with the Nabob Coffee Company on their Nabob Coffee Truck Tour, and assist in their efforts to measure, manage and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with travel of the Nabob Coffee Truck across Ontario.

For upcoming events where you can find the Nabob Coffee Truck, visit http: Visit Nabob Coffee Company at www. From the intelligent and practical to the ridiculous and paranoid, there are several arguments for and against a company or individual to purchase carbon offsets. Across the industry, sustainability professionals appear to stand on either side of this issue.

Peter and Katie will introduce the topic based on their day-to-day experiences hearing both sides of the debate. Participants will then be encouraged to weigh-in and agree or disagree with what is presented. Toronto, Canada — June 13, — Carbonzero is very pleased to announce that they will partner with boundbysound, to help measure, manage and mitigate the emissions generated as a result of all artist air travel for all boundbysound music events in This is very much in keeping with the current mind frame of the company and is a collaboration that boundbysound is proud to be a part of.

With several upcoming events throughout the summer season boundbysound and Carbonzero are excited to embark on this new relationship. Established in , boundbysound is an event management company situated in the Greater Toronto Area. Visit boundbysound here on Facebook, at boundbysound. Carbon Economy Summit drives cost savings for business Energy management, sustainable supply chains and social media on deck at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, June 6, Sessions will cover top strategies for controlling emissions and costs from manufacturing, transportation, facilities, infrastructure and supply chain.

The agenda also includes a dynamic panel on the highs and lows of using social media to communicate sustainability. Energy management and incentives; Sustainable supply chains and transportation; Carbon and cost control; Social media and green; Carbon policy.

A must-attend event for:. Business Information Group is Canada's largest publisher of trade and specialty magazines, directories and lists. Lisa Wichmann, editorial director; Tel: Toronto, Canada — April 10, — Carbonzero is very pleased to announce that they will partner with the Green Living Show for the fourth year in a row, to help measure, manage and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions generated as a result of the event.

This year Carbonzero has increased their sponsorship value in an effort to bring The Green Living Show one step closer to becoming a carbon neutral event. Carbonzero will contribute by offsetting all non-electric greenhouse gas emissions.

To gain a more accurate quantification in , Carbonzero will monitor real time emissions for the venue for the duration of the event. These numbers will be taken from a survey that was done in This survey has served as a baseline for the previous three events held in Toronto. On top of those new initiatives, Carbonzero will also be leading a team of on-site volunteers who will conduct vendor travel surveys.

These numbers will be included in the final carbon footprint of the Green Living Show. Jessie Tuttle Director of Business Development ext.

Dan Fraleigh Director of Operations ext. These will help Carbonzero to provide CARAS with an accurate quantification of the emissions associated with attendee travel. CARAS has chosen to partner with Carbonzero reflecting their on-going commitment to produce more environmentally aware and sustainable events. Through this program, Guests will be able to offset their flight through their investments in verified projects that make real and measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Guests booking air travel on westjet. The site will provide a variety of calculation tools and educational material to assist WestJet Guests in making an informed decision to offset their flight. WestJet Guests who decide to offset their flight will be provided with a digital certificate, fully auditable through the newly launched Carbonzero Registry.

The Carbonzero Registry, located at www. Carbonzero will provide WestJet Guests a variety of carbon offsets of different standards and geographic locations. Starting with a Niagara, Ontario-based landfill gas to energy project and a Montreal, Quebec-based social housing energy efficiency project, Carbonzero will introduce new and exciting high-quality projects to WestJet Guests on a regular basis.

With future confirmed deliveries for an additional 38 aircraft through , WestJet strives to be one of the five most successful international airlines in the world. Connect with WestJet on Facebook at www. WestJet Investor Relations Email: Focused on Canadian-based offset projects, Carbonzero is committed to providing the highest quality carbon offsets, sourced through the most stringent verification practices, based on a principle of transparency and open audit trail.

November 24, - As the official offset provider, Carbonzero will provide carbon offsets for the emissions associated with the electricity and natural gas consumption at the venue for the Greening Government Conference taking place in Ottawa from November Carbonzero will also provide carbon offsets for the staff and VIP travel to and from the event. During the Greening Government Conference, participants will have an opportunity to take part in organized and informal discussions of how greening procedures and policies can be implemented efficiently and how these practices can be disseminated into the public and private sector.

The video includes tips to maximize the online banking experience, as well as ways to take advantage of online services that make saving and managing finances extremely easy.

Individuals who have successfully viewed the video will be entered into a random draw to win the grand prize of an all-expense paid cruise for two, of the Hawaiian Islands.

However, many Canadians do not take advantage of online banking services that help make saving and managing finances even easier. It also saves money on late fees and interest and helps maintain a credit rating. The free EasyWeb tour is an effective way for customers to learn about many of these services from the comfort of their home or the convenience of their laptop. Employees, agents and representatives of The Toronto-Dominion Bank or its subsidiaries and affiliates, or of its advertising and promotion agencies or their subsidiaries and affiliates, are not eligible to win, nor is any person with whom any such employee, agent or representative is domiciled.

For full information and contest rules, please visit www. The deadline for entries is 5 p. Winners will be selected on December 2, Carbon credits have been purchased to offset carbon emissions resulting from this trip. TD Bank Group is a proud partner of Carbonzero, supporting emissions reduction projects and the fight against climate change. TORONTO, September 8, - Carbonzero released an online tool today giving Ontario Provincial election candidates from all parties, the ability to make their individual campaigns carbon-neutral.

Carbonzero's Advisory Services Team calculated the average greenhouse gas emissions of a candidate's campaign, by calculating the reasonable use of fossil fuels for electrical, heating and air conditioning for the campaign headquarters, and vehicle use for the candidates, volunteers and staff.

The candidate offset purchase is equivalent to 5. Projects available for selection by candidates for Election offsets all meet or exceed Carbonzero's high standards for quality accountability and transparency.

Carbonzero provides our clients with carbon offsets of different standards and varieties to assist in meeting their carbon neutrality goals. Our preference is to support Canadian based projects that create jobs, and support the local communities in which they are originated.

Carbon-neutral candidates will receive a personalized digital carbon offset certificate to promote their investment in our environment, to voters. To offset or learn more, candidates may visit: Carbonzero helps organizations, governments, project developers and individuals prepare for the low carbon economy by aiding them in assessing, reporting, monetizing and reducing their emissions and emission reductions.

For more information or for media enquiries, please contact Jessie Tuttle, Director of Business Development at ext. Toronto, Canada — May 24, — Carbonzero is pleased to announce they have been selected as the official carbon offset provider for The Lowe Martin Group, assisting in the reduction of their fiscal operational emissions.

This partnership will enable The Lowe Martin Group to offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the operations at their Mississauga office and printing facilities. The Lowe Martin Group has chosen to partner with Carbonzero reflecting their commitment to lead the way towards the implementation of sustainable print production. This partnership will produce measurable, verified emissions reductions that will provide the host communities of Niagara, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec with clear environmental, economic and social benefits.

Carbonzero assists organizations, governments and individuals prepare for the low carbon economy by aiding them in assessing, reporting, and reducing their emissions. Founded in , the Lowe-Martin Group provides progressive print and communications solutions including offset, digital and security printing; extensive in-house pre-press and bindery services; e-business solutions; as well as warehousing and logistics.

Lowe-Martin operates full-service production and sales operations in Toronto and Ottawa. Patrick Coyne, Director Sales at: Canada Day was carbon neutral. The NCC implemented several greening initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint.

By switching to online media sources to distribute information about Canada Day events, the NCC avoided the production of over 60, paper programs and saved the equivalent of 18 mature trees.

The NCC also installed seven water stations on site and encouraged visitors to bring their own reusable plastic water bottles. In one day, the water stations filled the equivalent of 32, plastic water bottles. To achieve carbon neutrality, the NCC worked with Carbonzero, a renowned Canadian carbon offset vendor.

To offset the tones of carbon emissions produced by the Canada Day event, the NCC decided to invest in a variety of Canada-based carbon offset projects, such as energy efficiency, methane gas recovery and tree planting projects. All offset projects achieved high quality standards and represent real and permanent carbon reductions. TORONTO, April 5, - Carbonzero released an online tool today giving Canadian federal election candidates from all parties, the ability to make their individual campaigns carbon-neutral.

Jessie Tuttle, Director of Business Development - ext. March 26, - Visit http: CARAS has chosen to partner with Carbonzero reflecting their commitment to produce more sustainable events.

This partnership will produce measurable verified emissions reductions solutions that will provide the host community of Toronto, Ontario with clear environmental, economic and social benefits.

Carbonzero was founded in and has rapidly risen to become a leader in the design and implementation of corporate carbon reduction strategies and solutions in the emerging low carbon economy.

A top performer in the recent "David Suzuki Foundation and Pembina Institute report on Carbon Offsetting", Carbonzero has led the way in setting the leading industry standards for measurable, verified emissions reduction offsets in Canada. Carbonzero helps transform organizations by aiding them in assessing, reporting, and reducing their carbon footprint. The show features only genuine environmentally responsible products and services from Green Screened companies.

Products featured meet strict environmental performance standards and are Green Living approved. For more information visit www. The Ottawa Green Expo is the first of it's kind in Ottawa! This exciting, 2 day event features hundreds of exhibitors, all dedicated to providing information, products and services that can help you live a greener lifestyle! With everything from home and garden ideas, eco-friendly food and clothing, transportation options, organic food and cooking, to guest speakers and interactive displays the Ottawa Green Expo offers many simple ways of going green and helping our environment!

Ottawa Green Expo Use of CSA Z is a natural extension of these efforts. The sustainability strategy undertaken for the JUNO Awards and 40th Anniversary events involve engaging and encouraging all JUNO partners to minimize and manage waste, decrease the consumption of water and energy, reduce the carbon footprint, and purchase environmentally and socially responsible goods and services.

Venues, accommodations, production companies, caterers, printers, and transport providers are all on board and playing a key part in facilitating the achievement of sustainability objectives. Following this year's events, feedback will be provided to the CSA Standards Technical Committee responsible for the standard.

The goal of this process is to promote the widespread use and uptake of the CSA Z standard in the Canadian market and to help ensure that it is as user-friendly as possible. By investing in this project, the WNOTL are able to support a homegrown environmental initiative that enhances their own sustainability measures. Carbon offsetting is an innovative way to take positive action on climate change. Carbon Offsets are verified reductions of GHG emissions, designed to help minimize climate change by compensating or off-setting an emissions-producing activity.

By investing in improved efficiency, improved environmental controls, conservation initiatives and changes in behaviour, offset purchasers like WNOTL, take responsibility for the emissions they are unable to reduce by investing in GHG reductions elsewhere. Each Touring Pass entitles the holder to a VQA wine and food pairing at each of the member wineries and is valid for one of the featured weekends.

For information about Taste the Season and a full list of wine and food pairings, visit www. A top performer in the David Suzuki Foundation and Pembina Institute report on Carbon Offsetting, Carbonzero has led the way in setting the leading industry standards for measurable, verified emissions reduction offsets in Canada. Carbonzero helps transform individuals, governments and organizations by aiding them in assessing, reporting, and reducing their carbon footprint.

For more information, visit www. IMS , a full-service, landfill gas utilization company. IGRS offers complete design, build, own and operate solutions for landfill gas utilization, methane control and emission reduction projects across Canada. GEO's purpose is to help businesses to green up every aspect of their enterprise from the office to the factory floor, and help consumers make better choices and find the greenest products and services on the market.

For more information please visit: Carbonzero will offset all non-electric greenhouse gas emissions in order to efficiently neutralize the carbon footprint of the entire event. The Green Living Show April , is Toronto's largest green consumer show dedicated to educating the public about easy and workable solutions for leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Carbonzero For further information: Dan Fraleigh, Director of Operations, Carbonzero, ext. This partnership will produce measurable verified emissions reductions solutions that will provide the host community of St. News Carbonzero News Climate News. April 19, http: There are still changes to be made. The carbon offsets acquired by Santa Margherita to compensate for non-eliminable carbon dioxide emissions, which means essentially transport and distribution, focus on the quality of life and the reduction of emissions in Canada through three strategic interventions: Click on the santamargherita.

Italy's number one selling wine in Canada is now Carbonzero Certified! For further information please contact: Come to Vancouver and be part of the action! Carbonzero Announces their Renewed Sponsorship of The Green Living Show Toronto, Canada — April 9, — Carbonzero is very pleased to announce that they will partner with the Green Living Show for the fifth year in a row, to help measure, manage and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions generated as a result of the event.

Carbonzero Please visit our website at: Carbonzero Visit Nabob Coffee Company at www. To Offset or Not to Offset? S Session topics include: A must-attend event for: June 6, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Carbonzero is very pleased to announce our renewed partnership with NCM GovEvents for November 24, - As the official offset provider, Carbonzero will provide carbon offsets for the emissions associated with the electricity and natural gas consumption at the venue for the Greening Government Conference taking place in Ottawa from November Key topics to be addressed include: In the pre-registration package, Cutting Convention Carbon shows how delegates can reduce their impact on the environment.

All drinking water at convention is publicly-supplied municipal water. There is no bottled water being distributed on the convention floor. The convention kit contents have been reduced to only essential convention documents. Howard was predeceased by his parents, John and Catherine, and brother, Ronald. Catharines, Ontario at Memorial donations to Hospice Niagara would be greatly appreciated. Dick will be lovingly remembered by his wife, Shirley, to whom he was married for 39 years, his son; Bruce Ruth Godbehere of Comox, B.

Dick completed his basic education in Montreal and furthered his education with University extension courses and computer courses while located in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Vernon. Dick had a passion for golf in his retirement years and always thought he should be better than he scored! He enjoyed spending time at the casino and volunteering with the hospital auxiliary. He always looked forward to dressing up as Santa during the holiday season. Through his whole life he enjoyed fishing, camping, time with his brother Denny, crossword puzzles and reading the Times Colonist.

He was an avid animal lover having had many pets. In his later years he especially loved his morning coffee at the pub with his friends. With Dad his family always came first.

Ray leaves behind daughter Janet, son Grant Louise , grandson Dan, granddaughter Lauren Jason and much loved great-granddaughter Ayla Rae, extended family and friends.

Sadly missed by all. Predeceased by his wife Leah, son Bruce, son-in-law Chuck and brother Denny. Twilight and evening bell, And after that the dark. Pat was born and raised in Vic West. He is survived and will be sadly missed by his wife Hope, of almost 70 years, sister Grace, his daughters, Patricia Cam , Lynda Glenn , Kathleen Terry , Maureen Brian , Colleen Bob and Jacqueline; 13 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews.

Predeceased by son Michael and grandsons Adam and Richard. When he returned from overseas he had his own concrete business for over 20 years. After moving to the mainland, numerous visits were made to the Island to see family and friends.

Pat and Hope ultimately moved back to Victoria in Throughout the years Pat enjoyed many outdoor activities. Pat loved to tell a joke, walks along the breakwater with his family, have a nice cold beer at the old Gorge Pub. He loved his "duff " especially ice cream.

His final years were spent at Broadmead Lodge where he was looked after by the caring staff of Westcoast B3. He touched many lives with love and laughter! Pat had requested no formal service. The Times Colonist 01 May He is buried in the veteran's cemetery in Montreal. Douglas Wayne Grover September 15, - March 9, Forever loved, Forever missed, Majorie, Ben, Aimee and family. Ian was quietly taken to serve God while surrounded by family at Ian will be remembered most for his eagerness to help those around him who needed something fixed or built.

Ian had a gift for working with his hands and could fix or build anything. Many of the things he built will be used and enjoyed by others for many years yet to come. A special thank you goes out to Dr. Please support the Movember fundraising campaign this month in memory of Ian by making a donation to the Prostate Cancer Society of Canada. He survived all his brothers and sisters, Roy, Ruth, Stanley, and Grace.

He attended Victoria and McCauley High Schools in Edmonton and was active in all sports, including baseball, hockey, football, and pole vaulting.

His passion was baseball and he played for a "semi- pro" team at what was then Renfrew Park in the Edmonton river valley. He became legendary in the Edmonton Journal for stealing second base with the bases loaded and driving in 2 runs on throwing errors!

Jack joined the Canadian Navy in and served his country until He was stationed on the west coast and was an able seaman first class on HMCS Quatsino, patrolling the west coast of Canada for enemy ships and submarines. Jack worked for many years at various wholesale sales jobs and in the early years he travelled extensively through rural Alberta. He always remained an avid baseball fan and was well known for many baseball stories and corny jokes.

He was a hockey dad and involved and respected in the community of Parkallen at the south edge of town. He taught all his kids how to golf. He loved golfing and did so into his 80's.

Jack very much enjoyed his grandchildren, Jill and Jonathan, and Matthew, Nolan and Kevin, and even got to know his two great grandsons, Andreas and Jack Henry.

He is sadly missed and will be always remembered. The Edmonton Journal 08 Mar A true gentleman, wonderful brother, great uncle and special friend to so many. Born August 31, in Calgary, Alberta. He will be greatly missed by all.

A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, February 7, at 2: In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the BC Cancer Society. The Vancouver Sun 05 Feb His locksmith and sporting goods business flourished along with his business partner Emile Hermary gunsmith.

He also enjoyed a good game of curling. He learned the fine art of fly fishing from Bill Brown, and shared this passion to his family and friends. He enjoyed countless hours fly fishing in Prairie Creek and area. After retirement he moved to Courtney, BC and had a small salmon fishing charter business.

It was in Courtney where he built two beautiful wood model ships. Upon return to Alberta, he built a home in Bearspaw Village and spent his time with building projects for family and friends and really took pride in everything he touched. He finished his basement in Silver Springs and Scenic Acres as well. He formed many special friendships with members of the congregation and leaders of the Alliance Church in Calgary.

An accomplished locksmith, carpenter, craftsman, fly fisherman, golfer, a loving father and husband, his love and generosity to family and friends shall not be forgotten. Cec was predeceased by Helen December 30, Cec married the love of his life and celebrated 64 years together with Helen. Condolences may be forwarded through www. If friends so desire, memorial tributes may be made directly to The Gideons International in Canada, P.

The Calgary Herald, 30 Mar Born in Verdun, P. Hogan was retired from C. He was a member of St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church and the C. Hogan of Pierrefonds, P. Respecting his wishes, there will be no visiting hours. A memorial mass will be celebrated at St. Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, New Brunswick Lung Association or the memorial of the donor's choice would be appreciated by family. Dear husband of his beloved wife of 62 years, Margaret Jean nee Spence, predeceased , father of Janice and her husband Kelley, Robert and his wife Linda and David and his wife Judith.

Jack will be fondly remembered by his sister Muriel Eleanor Bowes and his many nieces, nephews and cousins in Windsor, London, Whitby, Toronto and Michigan. He will also be remembered by his many friends at the Masarypark condo community. Service in the chapel on Wednesday, January 23rd at 11 a. Cremation has taken place under the direction of Sweeny's Funeral Home, Bridgewater.

Burial will be at a later date in Brookside Cemetery, Bridgewater. The Halifax Mail Star, 24 Nov Left to cherish his memory are his devoted wife of 54 years, Donna; children Norma Don , Sharon Grant , Alan Shelley and nine grandchildren. He was a loving and affectionate husband, father and grandpa.

Dad was born in Winnipeg on June 30, , the eldest of three children born to Roy and Violet Johnstone. He was predeceased by his parents; brother Roy Harvey sister Glennis; and loyal companion "Scooter". Raised on William Ave. During his time in the service, he formed many lasting friendships. Dad was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion for 57 years. Mom and Dad met in at the Grace Hospital where he was a patient and Mom was a nursing student. They were married in Lenore, MB on July 9, Dad worked for Molson Brewery for 34 years, retiring in They lived in Clandeboye for a time, returning to Winnipeg in Mom and Dad enjoyed traveling and took many memorable trips.

Dad was a special man of many talents. He was an impressive artist and gifted woodworker, leaving his legacy in the numerous carvings and pieces of furniture he created. He spent countless hours at his craft and pursued his love of model railroading in more recent years. Dad was happiest when surrounded by his family and close friends. He was the life of every party and known for his great sense of humour and storytelling. He always brought smiles and chuckles to everyone, including the many hospital staff who were so kind and attentive to him.

The family would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the exceptional team of N2E at Concordia Hospital for their supportive, compassionate care during Dads stay. He appreciated your dedication and TLC more than words can say. In keeping with his wishes, a private celebration of Dads life has been planned. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his memory to the Manitoba Lung Association or a charity of choice.

Dad, you are so loved. You fought the good fight with dignity and courage and have earned your rest. Well miss you dearly, but treasured memories and your indomitable spirit will continue to live in our hearts till we meet again The Winnipeg Free Press 24 May Harry was employed at Saskatchewan Wheat Pool for 37 years as an electrician.

He retired in as a Electrical Superintendent. After retiring Harry enjoyed traveling, gardening and his family. The Chronicle Journal 18 Dec John's High School and St. He lived his entire life in Winnipeg except during the Second World War years.

On February 2, he married Mom in Halifax on leave and almost immediately returned to duty and participated in the D-Day Invasion, for which HMCS Thunder was assigned to sweep mines in the earliest stages of the invasion. After the war he returned to Winnipeg, where he began a career with Moffatt Communications' CKY Radio where he enjoyed many good years and developed lifelong friends.

Mom and Dad were devotedly married 58 years and in their retirement travelled frequently with family and friends. He loved his family and was always there for them in difficult times and in good times. Dad's quiet demeanour was often punctuated by his dry sense of humour that will be fondly remembered and missed by all who spent time with him. We all loved the very special person that he was. In keeping with Dad's wishes, cremation and interment with Mom have already taken place.

The Winnipeg Free Press 16 Jul Loved and loving husband of Beverley nee Cowan. Brother of Albert and son-in-law of Blanche Cowan late Richard. Predeceased by two brothers, Bill Maude , and Harold Helen. Also survived by his nieces, nephews and many close friends. A celebration of David's life will be held in the Chapel on Thursday, December 28th at 2: As an expression of sympathy, memorial contributions to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation or the Elisabeth Bruyere Health Centre would be appreciated by the family.

The Ottawa Citizen 23 Dec Brother-in-law of Irene Lee, Ridgetown. Also survived by several great nieces and nephews. John Crosby Lee was born at home on the family farm one mile west of the village of Highgate. The first son of locally celebrated agriculturalist, H. Both John and Herb showed at the Chicago International Livestock Exposition and the Lee family showed sheep at the Royal Winter Fair every year since its inception until the sheep were sold after the last showing in November of That year John capped his career by winning Grand Champion Ram over all breeds.

A photograph appeared in several papers showing John in a ten minute conversation with Princess Anne of the Royal House of Windsor. Day, June 6th, , at 2 a. After the war, John C. Lee returned to farm the family farm with his father, Herb and brother, George. Herb passed away in , and his brother George died in March of An avid reader with a broad range of interests, Lee was a fascinating man. He could hold forth at length on a wide range of topics.

He was a favourite amongst his nieces and nephews who would spend entertaining hours with their uncle in the den on the farm. He concealed invisible chipmunks in his cupped hands; made paper birds appear, disappear, and reappear at will; and teased their young minds with a wealth of word and number puzzles. There is a photograph taken on the farm of John as a boy. This little boy grew into a man, admired for his knowledge of the world, and for his articulate and persuasive way of presenting what he knew for the sake of consideration by others.

My brother and myself have continued to show at the Royal since the death of my father…How much better is the country for the dedication and special kind of love that inspires hundreds of men and women who produce and show? The Family of John Lee would like to express their gratitude to Dr. Liabotis London , Dr. Prins Ridgetown and the wonderful staff at the Village, Ridgetown for their exceptional care. Leskiw loved husband of the late Dolores Marie Leskiw Dearly loved father of Dr.

He is predeceased by his brothers in law, Walter Miller and Jack Hogg. Several nieces and nephews also survive. Resting at the funeral chapel of Hetherington and Dean , Victoria Ave. Rite of Committal and Interment will take place in Fairview Cemetery. In Lieu of flowers contributions to the charity of one's choice would be appreciated by the family. On Thursday afternoon family and friends will meet in the chapel for the Prayer Vigil at 2: Bill was born and raised in Saskatchewan and a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan holding multiple degrees.

These ventures opened the door for his career long interest in sea ice and marine and arctic climate. In the late s, serving in the Royal Canadian Navy on the ice breaker HMCS Labrador, Bill was the meteorologist forecasting weather and ice flow through the Arctic Ocean enabling the ship's safe passage.

Leaving the Navy in , he re-joined the Canadian Meteorological Service where he established and managed the Office of Ice Central spending 15 years in Halifax and six years in Ottawa.

Following this time, he became the Chief of Ice Climatology and Applications. In , he was transferred to Toronto, spending the next five years as the Director of the Ice Branch.

After his retirement in , Bill continued to consult on sea ice reconnaissance and full time ice climatology studies which led to the use of satellite imagery for arctic ice intensity, age, and movement including predictions for use by shipping concerns.

During his career, Bill was the Canadian delegate to the World Meteorological Organization and under his chairmanship the internationally accepted terminology and symbols for arctic ice was created and accepted by all member nations. It is known as the "Egg Code", and is still used today. The Province 11 Jul Predeceased by his beloved wife Eunice.

Dad was born in Glasgow, Scotland where he trained as a Naval Architect. In he accepted an appointment with the RCN to contribute to Canada's post war ship building program. He married Eunice that year and together they set sail for Canada where their adventures began. After retirement from the RCN he joined the public service in the Department of Fisheries and subsequently transferred to the Canadian Coast Guard where he was responsible for maintaining and supplying their fleet of ships.

Before retiring he also served as a consultant for the Ocean Ranger Inquiry. Mom and Dad built their retirement home in the Thousand Islands, a base from which they enjoyed boating, world travels, socializing with their many friends and the idyllic nature of the Islands.

After almost 20 years of rural life, they returned to Ottawa to be closer to family. Dad was an avid golfer throughout his life. Interment of cremated remains will be held at Beechwood Cemetery in the spring. The Ottawa Citizen 04 Feb Doug leaves 14 grandchildren and two great-granddaughters.

Predeceased by brother Joseph and sister Marion, he is survived by his sister Madeline Knot of Calgary. He was with the Royal Canadian Navy until he retired in Pat and Doug relocated to Vancouver in The Province 26 Sep He would tell stories of learning Morse code, knitting and drinking rum. In , he went on to become a ticket auditor for Air Canada and continued with them for thirty-five years.

Dad was forever changed by the loss of his youngest son, Trevor, in , which left a hole in the hearts of his whole family and those around him. Dad's love of music transcended throughout his life and to his future generations. He was ever involved in bands and choirs. He will be so missed by his family and friends.

Deep gratitude goes to the wonderful nurses of 5N at the Grace Hospital for their care. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Children's Hospital Foundation. For those who wish to sign the online Guest Book please visit our website.

The Winnipeg Free Press 12 Oct He finished his service on the Minesweeper H. Thunder, under the command of Captain Hermon McKay. Charles passed away Nov. Lovingly remembered by his family. The Windsor Star 11 Nov Much beloved husband of Aileen Pittman.

Ted will be remembered fondly by his family, friends and neighbours. Cremation took place privately. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Montreal Association for the Blind or the Heart and Stroke Foundation would be appreciated. The Montreal Gazette on 05 Sep McCumber, loving husband of 56 years to the late Bernice Louise Wentzell occurred on February 5, at the Ridgewood Veterans Wing, his home for the past 4 years where he received excellent care.

He was one of the original crew members of the Minesweeper H. On January 12, he participated in the rescue of the survivors of the S. Cyclops, the first victim of the German U-boats off the east coast.

Lloyd was a Member and served on the Vestry and sang in the Choir of St. Lloyd was a member of the Carleton Union Lodge No. Lloyd will be lovingly remembered by his daughter, Sylvia D. Hoyt and son- in-law, Donald M. Besides his parents, Lloyd was predeceased by his sister, Kathleen Sidney Smith. Visitation will be held on Thursday, February 8 from 2: The funeral service will be held from Fallsview Chapel, on Friday, February 9 at 2: He moved to Toronto as a teenager, graduating from Central Tech.

Bob also spent time ashore at HMCS Shearwater as an ice forecaster before leaving the navy to rejoin the world of insurance. He met and married his first wife while living in Toronto; together they had three children Wade, Craig and Paul.

Relocating to Oakville, Bob took many active roles in the community, including football coach and organizer of the Little Brothers Airlift at Burlington Airpark. In , he met Olita, whom he married in After a time, they settled in Cambridge, which he called home for the rest of his life. To all, Bob will be remembered for his generous spirit, unrelenting energy and a belief in the goodness of people.

John is also survived by his sisters-in-law, his cousin Terry and many nieces and nephews. Born, raised and educated in Montreal, John served with distinction aboard the H. As part of his later business and consulting endeavours, John traveled extensively in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America. He gained a valuable perspective on international issues, in which he took a keen interest right up until his passing.

John faced challenges with optimism and determination and imparted lasting values to his children. Amongst his favourite words to live by are that tomorrow is another day and that each new day brings its promise of hope and achievement. John was, in the words of one who knew him well, "a character and a gentleman". He had a charming and charismatic presence and he will be missed greatly. The family would like to acknowledge the wonderful care John received from the dedicated doctors, nurses and staff of the Perth hospital.

Perth, Ontario K7H 2K1 would be appreciated. Boniface Hospital at the age of 88 years. Jack is predeceased by his loving wife Kay in , his parents Herbert and Violet Nordquist and his very dear friend Ed Campbell in Jack was a Second World War veteran and joined the Navy at the age of Jack was employed at C.

R for 43 years. He obtained the position as an Accounts Control Budgeting Manager and was responsible for the Lakehead region throughout British Columbia. He was a very dedicated and conscientious employee. Jack enjoyed his cars especially his Lincolns. Every two to three years you would see him driving a shiny, brand new Lincoln.

Jack was a very private man and enjoyed his personal life with his close friends. He will be deeply missed. Cremation has taken place and a memorial service will be held on Thursday, July 3, at 2: Luke's Anglican Church, Nassau St. Following the memorial service there will be a private family interment at St. Jack's family and friends would like to thank the staff on 5C ward at the St. Boniface Hospital for providing Jack with such excellent, compassionate care. We would also like to thank Alice and the staff at Riverview Daycare Hospital for their support and care.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, Tache Ave. The Winnipeg Free Press 28 Jun Beloved husband of Audrey nee McCaffrey.

Proud and loving father of Joe Jr. Joe was a retiree of International Harvester with 34 years service, a veteran of W. II serving on H. Swansee, and an active member of the Hamilton Naval Veterans Association. Predeceased by his wife Rita. He will be greatly missed by his sister Audrey; children Paula, Rob, Lynn and Jean; and his 6 grandchildren.

He also served in the Mediterranean and later the Far East. He retired from the navy in , moved his family to North Vancouver, and worked as an Engineering Technician in the U. Department of Zoology until Colin loved spending time with his family, taking long walks in the forest near his home, golfing with his friends, and all things connected to the sea. A private family gathering to celebrate his life is planned for a later date.

The Vancouver Sun 24 Sep Parsons, in his 94th year. Loving husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, friend and gentleman. Automobile Dealers Association and the St. He also worked with the Executive Council of the Government of Nfld. He took great pride in his long associations with many volunteer and charitable organizations. Visitation Thursday, October 11, , from p. A private family memorial will follow later. No flowers by request. People wishing to honour his memory may do so by donating to the SPCA or a charity of their choice.

Proud grandfather of Robert Jr. Sister-in-law Iris Brown and James Owner of Mike Peters Ltd. Mechanic extraordinaire for 70 yrs. Mike was also known as the Mayor of Crawford Ave. Prayers Thursday at 4: Funeral service on Friday October 21, at Heartfelt thanks to HDGH 7 west staff for their compassion, care and kindness. Frank DeMarco for his excellent care. The Windsor Star 19 Oct Piers, 86, with his loving wife at his side, passed away peacefully at The Veterans Health Centre on Saturday, October 15, Jim joined the Moncton Fire Department in and worked himself up through the ranks until appointed Fire Chief in He retired after 34 years of service in During a long retirement, Jim spent many days lobster fishing with his friend Buster while enjoying his summers at the cottage at Parlee Beach.

He loved outdoor sports and was an avid curler, representing his province in several national competitions. Reception in the Funeral Home Reception Centre following the service. Interment, Fair Haven Memorial Gardens. He was predeceased by four brothers, Paul, Raymond, Hector and Guy. A funeral service will be held from St. Interment will take place in St. Remembrances may be made to a charity of the donor's choice. Earl had been unwell for a number of years. Earl travelled to many countries in the world, and enjoyed his work very much.

There will be no visitation, cremation has taken place under the direction of Patten Funeral Home 71 Union Street. Internment will take place at Greenwood Cemetery at a later date. Donation in Earl memory may be made to a charity of one's choice. Kevin McNeil and Dr. Harry Pollett for the special care they gave to Earl through the years. Petersburg Formally of Seminole. He joined his father and grandfather after the war in their prominent building business.

He became associated with Colen Construction in He was instrumental in the supervision and development of Kenneth City, Clearview Oaks, the first condo built in modern times and Top of The World, Clearwater.

Dunstan's Espiscopal Church, th Ave N. He will be dearly missed by his wife, Karen, his daughters, Megan and Tanya James , his extended family and all those who knew him. After marriage, Bob joined the BC Ferries where he remained until his retirement in Bob has also served the Chase River community starting as an on call firefighter in and was appointed District Chief of Station 4 in , a role that he held until his passing.

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Joined the RCN in Jan He saw service on D-Day. Once of his duties was to write the ships daily reports now archived at the Library and Archives of Canada.

Jim died in Nov Ray passed away at home surrounded by those he loved on January 18, Ray was born on October 15, to Roy and Mable Sampson. Ray is survived by his loving wife of 61 years Marjorie, his sons Tommy Beatrice , Donald, and daughter Nancy.

Ray was a proud and devoted papa to his 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Ray was a sports lover, watching almost any sport. He loved to go and watch his grandchildren at their various sporting events and cheer them on.

Ray was someone you could always count on for support or just to lend an ear. He was a thoughtful and quiet man who went out of his way to do kind things for others. Ray will be sadly missed but fondly remembered by his family and everyone who knew him. No service by request. The Vancouver Sun 21 Jan Shortly after his release in , he met Cecile who later became his wife of 64 years. In after years of owning his own flooring business, Richard and Cecile moved to Kamloops.

Several years later they moved to Barriere where they built two homes. Richard worked at Fadear Creek Sawmill and after retiring returned to Kamloops where he and Cecile enjoyed the gardens of their Dallas home. Richard worked hard and played hard, motocross racing, hunting, traveling, enjoying life to it's fullest. After a valiant battle with cancer, Richard passed away peacefully at Royal Inland Hospital with his loving family by his side. He was a kind, generous and loving man and will be sadly missed by us all.

There will be no service by request. In lieu of flowers, please feel free to make a donation, in Richard's memory, to a charity of your choice. He served in the Royal Canadian Navy from He was a member of the Canadian Marine Officers Union and was employed as an engineer by various shipping companies sailing on the eastern coast of Canada, the Caribbean and the Great Lakes until While in the Royal Canadian Navy, he made two six-month trips to the Arctic in and on the ice breaker, HMCS Labrador, this being the first ship to circumnavigate North America in a single voyage.

He loved animals, especially his cat, Gemma. He was predeceased by a brother, Robert. Visitation was held from p. Wednesday, October 13, with a Royal Canadian Legion service held at 6: Burial took place in the Berwick Cemetery. Donations in memory may be made to the charity of your choice. Ron was father to Michael, Lee, Doris, and Natasha; he will be profoundly missed by his family.

During his career, he spent time as an electrician for the Department of National Defence, counsellor at the Nova Scotia School for Girls, security guard with Commissionaires, and mail supervisor at Parkwood Hospital.

He retired 10 years ago to the Wilson Mercer William Centre. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge No. Beloved husband of Edna Blanche and dear father of Jane Mrs.

Michael Semenuk , Beverley and Scott, all of London. Dear son of Mrs. Alice Shipman of London; dear brother of George of Toronto. Friends will be received at the Geo. Funeral service will be held in the chapel on Monday at 1: Fox of Westmount Presbyterian Church officiating.

Interment in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Friends who wish may make donations to the Ontario Heart Foundation. We rejoice in the confirmation of Gordon's decision to accept Jesus as his Personal Saviour. Dad had a brief time to share his decision with others, which brought us all great joy. The family has peace in knowing we will see him again in heaven. Gordon grew up in Elmwood, and there he met the dream girl of his life, Eileen, who he married in Gordon is also survived by many nieces and nephews.

He was predeceased by his four brothers and one sister. Dad had a great sense of humour, and he always treated his three children equally and with great love and respect. Dad retired from C. Symington Yard in He loved to read, and you could always find him sitting in his La-Z-Boy, surrounded by books.

He loved his cabin that he built 52 years ago at Willard Lake, Ontario. Mom and Dad had many great years there, and the family continues to enjoy it. Every time we go swimming, fishing, or blueberry picking, we will think of Dad. Dad was able to stay in the home he built, thanks to the great staff of Homecare.

They became good friends with Mom and Dad. The family has many people to thank for their kindness and care. We especially thank Sheila and Joan for their support, as Mom's best friends.

We would like to thank Bernie for also being there for Mom and Dad. Dad loved his nurses at Seven Oaks and Concordia Hospitals. Please know that we truly think you are angels.

As per Gordon's wishes, there will be no funeral service held. The Winnipeg Free Press 30 Jul Terri had worked at various occupations during her life leaving her position with the Municipality of Lunenburg to pursue a career in the Canadian Forces Navy in At the time of her death she was a member of the ships company HMCS Preserver, in which she served with pride, often expressing that it was the happiest time of her life.

Terri was a happy and caring individual who loved life and lived it to the fullest whether it be performing feats of wonder on and with computers, traveling, camping, dancing she was an exceptional line dancer collecting frog figures and memorabilia, working on her property by the lake or spending time with family and friends, she was a team player, always willing to lend a hand and she will be missed by all who knew or worked with her.

We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks for the phone calls, cards, flowers, fruit baskets, food, memorial donations, hugs and expressions of condolences which were very comforting to Terri during her illness and to the family during this time of sorrow.

Visitation , p. Funeral service 11 a. Donations may be made to an animal shelter or charity of choice. Born in Ottawa, April 18, Jimmy loved to tell stories of his youth in Ottawa through the roaring Twenties and the great Depression. His favourite story was about buying his mom a box of coffee creams for Mother's Day and sharing them with every pal he met on the way home. There was only one left for his mom but she loved the story even more than coffee creams.

It was while serving overseas as an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War that he began his lifelong love of broadcasting and a career that spanned five decades. Jimmy hosted a closed-circuit radio show, spinning discs on board the HMCS Wasaga, and when the war was over, he studied radio broadcasting at Northwestern University in Chicago.

During a training session at NBC, he met the lovely Mary Agnes Moroney, and after a whirlwind day courtship, married her in November, Jimmy and his new bride moved to Montreal, where he became a CBC announcer, and had many successes as a radio executive. As his little sister, Shirley, said in his eulogy, Jimmy was born with a microphone in one hand and a business card in the other, but his real passion was performing. His talents were ideally suited to an emerging new technology that was in its infancy: Those early days of TV were exciting, with only a channel or two; if you were watching in Montreal, you were probably watching Jimmy Tapp.

The stars often commented on how much they enjoyed working with him and how well he had done his homework. Although he hosted a number of successful TV and radio shows, he is probably best known for being the voice of Hercules in the original hit cartoon, The Mighty Hercules. Over the years "Herc" delighted his five children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren with cheers of "Olympiaaaah! To his family, and others who knew him, Jimmy was larger than life.

Although in very poor health in the months before he died, he was still "hosting" from his hospital bed, entertaining his audience and regaling his family with old memories. In his last days he talked with increasing clarity about his career and his life, how he was blown away to have participated in that inaugural CBC broadcast, and how it was through his family that he really made his mark in this world.

It was profoundly moving to watch him muster up all his energy to sign a 58th anniversary card for Mary despite being barely able to lift his hand or speak by then. He managed to eat a little for her sake and enjoy a little party with the family in his hospital room; he died peacefully a few days later.

Ten days after his death, Jimmy was inducted in to the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame and received a tribute he would have loved. At his grave, where we said our goodbyes for the last time to the man who was, in his four-year-old grandson's words, a "real live superhero," Mom quietly sang an Irish song and we saluted our beloved Dad with one last "Olympiaaah!

The Globe and Mail 11 Jan Poppa-Great will be sadly missed by 17 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Fred will also be greatly missed by his brother Bill Shirley , brother-in-law Ken Ruth and eight nieces and nephews. Fred is predeceased by his son Robbie, first wife Billie, sister Ivy, grandson Daniel, great-granddaughter Avery and his beloved dogs Tucker, Wolfer and Sprite. Frederick grew up in Norwood in St. Upon returning home he worked for CN. He enjoyed dancing and travelling with his wife.

Grandpa was also very involved with his grandchildren. The family would like to thank the staff of the fifth floor of Poseidon Care Home for their care of Fred. Memorial gifts may be given in Fred's name to the Canadian Diabetes Association. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. His sister Margaret McDougall predeceased him.

If desired, memorial donations may be made by cheque to the charity of your choice. Beloved and loving husband of the late Mildred Jean Thomas. Spirited and loving grandfather to nine. Predeceased by sisters Aileen Fowler and Vernice Fazekas. At Bill's request, there will be no visitation or funeral service.

A celebration of Bill's life for family and Friends will follow on Sunday, June 22, from 1 to 5 p. He deeply missed his wife, Norma, who predeceased him in June, and will be so lovingly remembered by his children: Also surviving their devoted Grandpa are 17 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild. His family was all important to him and he responded to their every need; physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

He will be profoundly missed. When Len was four, the family moved to Hoosier, SK and it was there he resided until when he moved to Red Deer to play hockey. In Len joined the Navy and during the war years of — he worked as a stoker on the mine sweeper, H. Comox in Halifax Harbour, NS. Not long after his discharge, he spent the better part of two years in the Baker Sanitarium in Calgary with tuberculosis of the spine. Len was in real estate and insurance for a time with Robertson-Wiseman Agencies in Red Deer and from until retirement in was employed with the Alberta Government at Michener Centre, Department of Public Works as office manager and bookkeeper.

Norman Ina Muir of Edmonton. He also leaves behind numerous nieces and nephews. His work on earth is done. Funeral arrangements are entrusted to Parkland Funeral Home and Crematorium. Beloved husband of Elsie Trafford. Memorial Service will be held at St.

If desired, donations to St. After returning home, he worked as a millwright for Halliday Craftsmen from until