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I disagree with some of what Pollock had to say and I disagree with some. Base camps were used by the 32 national squads to stay and train before and during the World Cup tournament. Turning to the conditions of today, the year Note yield has dropped to just under 2. In Europe there are already hundreds of thousands of well integrated, well educated muslims. Their will always be a need for goods and services with an ever growing population, or are my entrepreneurial dreams simply impossible in this totalitarian system? It has also avowed to sell off two trillion dollars' worth of debt off its balance sheet--while the rest of the world's central banks are far behind in this monetary tightening course.

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I would like to add the observation that if only ONE person votes, the election is valid. There are other futures that are very grim, indeed, with no recovery even years out from now.

We are still very much in the process of the collapse, and since there are at least 12 different outcomes that will emerge from this one shared reality, what one can personally expect depends on which timeline they are on and when they will exit altogether. And when it does it will be the end of the dollar.

The CIPS system is scheduled to go on line any day now and it will be used for all international trade with China. Final documentation is being sent to all participating Banks now. Scribd website indicates that Pollock article is no longer available. Is there another way to obtain it? Dennis, It worked for me. He talks about remnants of ancient civilisations scattered around the globe.

We all know of the famous Greeks who brought Mathematics to the world. Little is known that in fact Pythagoras was taught by the Elders of Egypt. History in terms of humans and their evolution is what we are taught through the rudimentary education system.

We are not entitled to know the truth of our existence and evolution. One thing that is clear in his writing is that the Earth has been home to a number of superior races. Mysteriously they have vanished ……only for another to be established over the course of millennia. Great discussion, the control of the monetary system is how they stole our future, this is what enabled them to develop the infamous military industrial complex which was employed to steal the planets resources, natrual weather and to create endless geonocidal wars.

I concur having seen this from the inside: THe research coming out of these institutions is being used for the elite agenda which is total subjugation of all life, not just human. Could somebody please comment on his prediction that China, through either soft or hard power, will come to dominate Korea?

Present trends toward authoritarianism in the U. Have thus far made me reluctant to encourage them to come here. I will give it a shot Scott. When there is no world currency, Respect for property will be gone. China can easily take japan, and North Korea. The South depends on what is left of America when Russian troops enter our soil. First strike will be the winner of ww3. China will have a free hand of dominance without the American threat of retaliation. God is the greatest protection in WW3.

South Korea might Bend to China in which case it will stay intact. To destroy it would be to hobble the US.

Warren if the grid of the USA is down China will take every opportunity to advance there 1. I see China as one country that will always be a world power. What a shame that too many people in the USA are choosing to ignore or are really ignorant of the reality of what the USA empire does around the world. The same pattern has been done from one country to the next including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, now Syria….

You are doing people a disservice to allow such lies to be perpetuated! I disagree with some of what Pollock had to say and I disagree with some. No personal attack that I can see. Merely a strongly voiced differing opinion. Galaxy, let people who disagree with you speak. Please re-read the last two paragraphs. But then, perhaps you are one of the readers he speaks of. Truth about these events which led to the current ME mess is the only way to go.

For some reason that seems to threaten you enormously. Can you tell us why? SeekingTheTruth, I doubt there is regular viewer of USA WatchDog, who would argue with you, that Western intervention in the Middle East has been the reason for the mass migration of civilians fleeing the region.

All one has to do to know the heart of moslems is to read the Koran. The Bible says love your neighbor as thyself, prohibits pedophilia, and murder. There is also taqiyya, the policy And practice on the Koran to lie about moslem motives until you can kill our convert them.

And these are the people. Greg please cancel my last comment which by mistake was posted too early. Seeking The Truth, I too think Pollock was totally brilliant re economy in many ways. Personally I wholeheartedly agree with you that the infrastructure in eg Iraq, Syria, and now Libya was set up to unravel. But that was never the purpose, was it.

Anybody with the slightest knowledge of Iraq knew it would lead to civil war to topple Saddam Hussein. Of course now IS has got a hold of all the military equipment. How convenient if your intention is total chaos. Wether Gaddafi was deliberately drugged to publicly say the things that made it unavoidable for the international community NATO to react, is another question.

It certainly is convenient that it looks like the primary leader of an oil- rich country is completely losing his marbles, because then one has to act to protect the people there, and the rest of the world, right? In Europe there are already hundreds of thousands of well integrated, well educated muslims.

But they are rarely mentioned in the news. Because who reads cute happy stories in the news? Rotchilde owns the media, and with scheming and intriguing the aim is chaos and hatred, in order to control. There is no where on earth that moslems live in peace with Christians. Have Thu been to Europe or are you just this from some one? I made the mistake of walking into one about seven years ago.

They decided that us being sober meant we were to much trouble. Obviously, you have never read the Koran. Europe is being invaded for the second time.

So is the US. No, I am not a Muslim. I am from Europe, blond, and I have been to several Muslim aras in Europe, and I never had a problem. Paris has a large Muslim community, and I always feel very safe there walking alone as well.

No, I have not read the Koran. The problems with the Ghetto in Munich is another story. Here is a group of those fine moslems saying they be the masters soon. G , I am very aware of some of their views. I am also aware of that one can demonize by picking out certain stories. I have also worked many years with people who say we are invaded by Muslims. I know all the arguments. I also know the attitudes by many Muslim men against women. I am not blind. But they are not all like that.

No, I am not married to a Muslim. The only way to handle it is to work on the bad attitudes that are there sometimes. There are hundred of thousands of well integrated and hard working people with Muslim background in Europe. Well , he is definately correct about the very volatile situation re the Shia-Sunni-relations.

I am sure European countries are painfully aware about the enormous challenge it will be to assimilate the muslims in this migration into the democratic European way of thinking. One of the biggest challenges will be to avoid that non-assimilated young Muslims create terrorist cells under the radar once they have settled down. I however probably have rose colored glasses when it comes to believing in our democracic ways in Europe, and that Muslims and Christians can work and live peacefully side by side.

There are alot of highly educated people who just simply want a better life and a future for their families among the migrants. True , there may be a problem with Trojan Horse etc, but one cannot simply deny the migrants entrance.

That problem will have to be dealt with when the time comes. Where I differ is in that I believe it could turn out ok with the migrants in Europe. I have worked all my life with so many Muslim women, and seen them become integrated and educated.

They can truly be a great asset , and they make great co-workers. One of my favorite breakfast places in Boston is run by two Muslim women. They serve tyrkey beacon with the eggs.: They are some of the friendliest people I have met. I just wish so much that the papers could start writing about these well-functioning and hard working integrated Muslims. Always focusing on the negative with Muslims and never anything positive will get us nowhere, IMO. When this confidence is lost the entire house of cards comes crashing down around us.

Hopefully this thinking by your guests further converges into how us little guys can protect ourselves — before we reach the cliff edge. I think it would be interesting to look at the aftermath of LTCM crisis in Asia back in , or maybe the fall of the Soviet Union in , as to how society re-configures itself.

Yes, I do believe that we are watching if we are the few actually paying attention the collapse of the Western world, and I too believe that total war is coming, but I still own my home free-and-clear AND I still stack silver. That and storable foods. It is strange to know instinctively to behave as if I have less than I do, but that was the way I was brought up.

Like my mother RIP said to me more than once: I agree with you, Mr. I bought a plain house in a neighborhood surrounded by nicer houses that are bigger and newer. My house is smaller. I also have been stacking silver. Gold is more portable. But silver is divisible. Most folks are not going to take a one-ounce gold coin or bar and chop it into quarters or 10ths. Thus, silver is useful and something I think that the guest did not understand, or understand clearly.

One wall of my garage is filled with MREs. And yes, I am armed. I grew up shooting, fired Expert in the Army, and do have a gun I hope I never have to use. In the mean time, I plan on going out for the fall turkey hunt and will be looking for a small shack or cabin to buy.

The plainer it is, the better. Wow, what a no-nonsense intelligent person Mr. He has a great way of relating macro-economic concepts to what is sadly happening in this country and the world.

I also appreciated the insights from your other guest this week, Mr. Again, I passed his interview to everyone I know. Mohammad Al-Yaqoubi Aug Muslims keep saying the US is causing the trouble, Israel is causing the trouble, Wahabbism is causing the trouble, or that Islam has been subverted. If you go to Europe and look around, you see that they are molesting our women and strutting about the place as if they already own it.

They are not nice people. Every single one I have met has been a complete bastard who sooner or later starts talking about killing people who insult Islam. What about their insults towards us? They should all leave right now. Europe will probably stay white, but lose half her population resolving this problem.

Meanwhile the pressure keeps building. Invasion by immigration is an old plan. Its actually about the US purposefully making life unpleasant for Syrians and Libyans etc and then paying to have them transplanted to Europe for the purposes of genociding the white race in Europe. Proof the US is behind this is right here: Watch this video of Syrians arriving in Germany and Austria: According to the hardcore genocide promoter at the 2: Angela Merkel actually won the Coudenhouve-Kalergi award a few years ago.

These people do not hide. What they do hide is their real intent. This is the big issue in the world right now Greg; not money, not the Dow index, not nukes, not cops shooting blacks. You can tell its the big issue because its too hot to talk about. Obviously they want to destroy Europe, but how do they justify it to themselves?

How to they think? He explains how much they hate Christians too. THIS is the biggest issue on the planet, and it is sad that so many pretend not to know, and censor every mention of it. They will use Islam to cleanse the Christians from Europe which they have admitted and gloated about even recently , and then they will implement a weakened Islam. The West will win, but it might be a Pyhrric victory. All of the millions of Muslims are walking into a trap. The desirability of a non-white Europe has been spoken about by the likes of Albert Einstein and his buddies Richard Coudenhouve-Kalergi and Ludwig von Mises.

Yes, the great libertarian hero had close ties to powerful people who spoke approvingly about or planned genocide on a continental scale. One wonders about Ron Paul then…. Without a corresponding lecture and explanation, it makes no sense. It simply comes across as his personal reminder notes for your interview. Much of which he was unable to cover due to time restraints.

I would be glad to answer questions on the slides assuming you have put some time into thinking about them. For example, on one slide I talk about Silicon Valley, most people and consumers think Silicon Valley is great. I was also confused about some statements in the 80 page presentation. This is a quote from the free part of the article: It could be a quote from Dr.

FOTH, I would suggest that this is an analogy that tells us that communism sucks the life blood and bodily fluids out of all that it touches and when we look at the communist manifesto and look at our world today… turn and template the manifesto on the world around us… the Perestroika Deception has been very successful.

The quote alludes to propaganda infiltrating and polluting your thought processes. How about the truth- they are destroying Europe and its people. They are finishing what they started in WW2. Very nasty people trick our politicians into doing very nasty things. A father and son were attempting to reach the ocean on foot in a country that was ashes everywhere, hoping to find something different from what was in the interior of the country.

The book never said what calamity took place. The only food was what they could find in abandoned homes that were for the most part already ransacked. That will have to be okay. I just turned Medicare age on Labor Day.

I do feel that I had my fair share out of life and then some. No air-conditioning in the apartment could not afford to run it or my car none installed for the first 2 years. I became a superb scratch cook, a designer-grade seamstress.

Growing up, everyone had a Victory garden, a holdover from the Depression and WWII, so gardening was second nature to me.

I know that the good life is not all about the money. When the bottom fell out in Russia, a good portion of the population had little gardens. The potato was king and easy to grow. I just looked at my bank statement. First time in a couple months that I am not running a negative balance, and when I was in negative territory, I just went back to work knowing all would work out okay. A woman asked for my help in the store a few days back. I found her the materials, the proper tools, and the best starter book to help remove any frustration factor she might have.

Hope that when we have all this new-found time on our hands that we can share whatever strengths and skills we each have. Greg, and all WDoggers… People ask what will it look like… what does the man on the street do to protect… we are in the 11th hour and well past I keep saying this…but….

WP is the man!! I agree with a lot of what he has to say. A missing piece of the puzzle…which seems to be overlooked in the bigger picture. Why do they refugees choose EUR as opposed to residing with their countrymen in neighboring countries? They do indeed have ulterior motives.

What does Israel want… or more importantly what do they have to do to create their Empire at the centre of the Arab world….. A bit disappointed with the purchase of the report though. The whole thing is actually covered in the interview. Hi Greg, thank you very much for your very good work! It is a longer time that I did wrote something here, but I did allways read or listen to your interviews.

I do think the next week will be a very important week, we will see. Hope you are all prepered otherwise use the weekend for shoping foods, etc. My attempt to purchase your paper was futile. Error backend read error. Greg, I hope you read this. This is the snowflake moment. The Central Banks are at the end of their tether.

Documents are being finalized as I write. CLS said that will be the trigger for the US devaluation. She is simply trying to stop the downward slog lately of her beloved Wall Street after she found out that W. Yellen is talking out of both sides of her mouth and its just stupid and she needs to stop it, were not all that dumb.

She did after all have an inside glimpse of what is happening behind the curtain. Probe her for the reason on why interest rates will NOT go up and why the FED is maintaining the extend and pretend for so long and hoping to extend it further.

Condifence cannot surely remain with the FED and the financial system for too much longer. David Stockman believes they have to raise rates to retain any credibility at all. Greg, as you may have guessed this is not exactly a comment as much as reaching out for help in pointing me in the right direction. That said, as always great guests and I not only listen but take theirs and your advice to get out of paper. I am getting nowhere and I am concerned that this delay could result in a loss of capital should a devaluation of the dollar occur before I am able to get out of paper assets.

I am at my wits end working on this for the past month and have searched for contact information for Mr Turk without success. Is there any way I can reach him by email? Turk is a great guy, but you say you are not talking about a lot of money.

Just buy the real thing, and hold it yourself. I think Pollards alliance projections are not just possible, but likely. Obama et al does not want us Nationalistic heathen Americans to know until we are too broke to do anything about it and he has the action deeply embedded in the future.

I actually do not know why we are against Russia so much anyway. They do not threaten us. All the fury in the Ukraine was started by us anyway. So maybe the problem has gotten too big and Russia has volunteered to take the job. As long as he is in charge he hates Americans worse than anyone else anyway. But I bet there enough morons in this country to re-elect the traitor and chief again. I could not agree with him more. In fact I realized this 5 years ago. Got out of stocks at a paper lose.

Bought land and now I am able to disappear. Your vote does not get counted. This has been proven to congress, and nothing was done to change anything. Oh I stand corrected the moved companies to Spain to count the vote.

Clinton Eugene Curtis created the program. They kicked him out of the convention by changing the rules. It is all a big scam. In my mind only uninformed people think the have a vote. If either of you ran for president and had 50 million voters supporting you. If the Oligarchy said no the main stream media, and the RNC would erase your name.

You would become unelectable over night. They only operate in darkness. Jim I have never been to Europe but I believe what you are saying except I did not know who is funding the illegal immigration there. Since all of Eurpope is basically unarmed, you better be ready to fight the sharpened edge of an auto leaf spring. The worldwide number one accepted all purpose tool. That is why Americans will never give up their guns.

Our Navy had been pretty much destroyed and they thought they could seize San Diego…this was rejected by the highest ranking official. There will be a loaded gun behind ever other window to mow down our ground troops. Armed citizens are more important now than ever. Hi Greg, At the No, our value is determined by the price which God Himself, in the Person of His Son was willing to pay through the once for all shedding of His spotless-sinless blood that we may be redeemed i.

In the world you have affliction, but take courage; I have overcome the world. Most of you Watchdoggers know these tips…but here are some good ideas. I bought it, and its a collage of highly random thoughts, with tons of gaps, a lot left to the imagination, and an endless series of inferences.

Not at all a coherent work, or co-gent writing that will make sense. How about get your butt out there, and create a job, do it for free if you have to, until someone finds value in what you do, to the point where they are willing to pay you? I had 30 years of corp jobs, as an employee, up until earlier this year, I simply resigned, without a job. I decided to start my own two businesses.

My own website and my own services. None of what is going on around the world, that is mentioned in the 80 pages, is something that you have control over.

Its neither right, nor wrong. They are not even words on a page, because there is not a cogent written, or well thought out and presented context surrounding any of it. In the end, I feel like a chump, a sucker, for having paid my money for the collage. But it was my decision, and mine only. I was lead to believe something of value would be within. Yep, they got duped too. What a powerful intellectual interview. He is also correct that there will be no revolution because their are no revolutionaries.

My comments on 5 things people should do: Do Not Donate to Political Parties: Agree-They are coming for you your assets. Agree-Do not bring attention to yourself — they are coming for you. We are at the point where the swell of the economic reset tsunami wave is just starting to grow much larger than the normal large wave and it is just a matter of time before it reaches maximum height and crashes.

That is a good thing. Many of the slides are bleak and dark that is for sure! Most of the ideas are not like anything anyone is saying. It defines Facade, the outward appearance that is maintenance to conceal a less pleasant or credible reality. Then it said; from Funding to story an then to face. Greg interesting read — http: China moved substantial military assets and personnel to their shared border with Viet Nam back in There are so so many Greg, who accurately see a collapse coming, but dont have the solutions.

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