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H1B Cap Count 2013 – Regular Quota Graph

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I have a H1B already for 1. Do you know how long it would take to process this? John, They would have to file new LCA for the new position which would take around weeks. Then they need to file H-1 amendment which will take around months. In case of denial, you can continue to work on previous H-1 petition.

Do you think visas will be exhausted by then? Do you know when they usually release the cap count update? Vi, IMO, the cap would still be open 2 weeks from now. LCA has already been filed, I will be filed on June 5.

Am in US on H1. My fiancee is planning to come to US on H4 around August. But the rate at which H1B cap getting consumed this year is alarming. I checked with few consultants here, everybody saying that they can sponsor only around September bcoz employers cannot wait more than 2 weeks.

If we miss this year, then she has to find a job only next year, which is again not certain. What is the way out…are there any consultants who can sponsor H1 and wait for 3 months. SundarSiva, There must be employers who are willing to file 6 months in advance. That is why so many petitions have been filed not all of them are in consulting industry and not all of them result in approval.

My wife will be traveling to USA on H4 visa by this month end and we are hoping with in a week time some company will sponsor H1 for my wife. Could you please clarify me below things. How long does LCA and other process to take though quota? Do you expect cap count will be available one more month? LCA can take around 10 days for certification. Once approved, employer will have to post it on internal boards for another 10 days 2.

Is there any law or is there any alternative for this. Could you please through light on this. Shaan, It is not a law but a guideline. When a person enters US on H-4, the person tells the government agencies that they plan to not work in US.

In other words the person lied when the person entered US on H-4 visa. It is minimal after 90 days. Hello, My employer says a certified LCA is what the cap count is and not the actual petition with LCA, i, fees and rest reaching the concerned Service Center which is what i believe.

HR says LCA is certified and dont worry about cap count. I mostly believe they are wrong. Can you either point me to USCIS website which makes it clear as to what is cap-counted stage or a different way to make them understand this. Please help me as early as possible. Hari, They are wrong. If you go to the cap count article, you will see lot of posts where petition reached USCIS office on Nov 23 and was returned back as quota was considered over on Nov All those people would have got their LCA certified prior to Nov Your employer seems ignorant and so does your HR.

Do they take services of an attorney? If yes, may be they can show the employer the light. Saurabh, Trust me, i got less than 5 mins to talk to the employer and i argued with the same point that you showed below about last year Nov 22nd petitions. You can talk to an attorney to see if he can provide a legal text. Hari, Just thought of another argument. The cap starts from April 1. If a person is considered to have made through the cap on the basis of LCA filing, then all these people would have made through the cap even prior to April 1, which would be contradicting to cap start date of April 1.

They are two different agencies. I have 2 questions. How much time does it normally take to file a petition. And when am I considered under the cap?. When LCA is filed or when the petition is filed. Raghuvir, LCA certification can take days, and then it needs to be posted on internal boards for 10 days. Were you working with same company before? Do you have end client? Whats the name of your end client?

Mentioned Salary as per petition VO: Whats your work location? Are you aware of your rights in USA? Thanks your visa has been issued. While i was in the queue i heard at few other windows H1B Extensions were getting questioned as below. These were not asked to me , hence adding them here seperately VO: Kindly explain in brief your job duties? Did you get raise in your salary, and how much All the H1B extension i saw were approved. Thanks for the help and good luck! My interview date was Aug 20 My case approved.

This is my first extension with same employer and client. VO asked regular questions and no documents were asked. VO are you working for xxxx company? Yes VO so you have end client? Yes VO who is your end client? Xxxx VO do you know rights is Usa? Yes VO what is your highest level of education?

I asked VO to repeat the question. VO what is your salary? Interview location- Hyderabad Date- aug 20 Questions: No g or any other document given.

I came out and checked my status in ceac website. Status went into Administrative Processing. Be cool and confident. Confidence and fluency is the key. This is My first H1B stamping.. Have you been in US on F1 Previously..? XXX Location of Client..? XXX city Have you ever been out of status..? Gave g and said it may take 7more additional days for review and took passport. Any one on similar situation and how many days doest take any idea..?

My wife has separate H1 and my daughter is under her H1.

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