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Join more than , active members on our forum. I saw part of Aussie Millions where Phil Ivey raises with rags very often and reraises very frequently. Its all about making the proper adjustments. You have effectively reminded me why I quit playing cards that, and being broke. I'd love feedback, but I also thought people might want to chime in with their own "idiots. Idiots of the Poker Room Bravo. Trivia is that he thinks his behavior is a sly means to inclusion with his fellow idiots.

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Five minutes ago he was asserting that Obama is a Secret Muslim. Who helped fix the Super Bowl. This Wandering Man just makes me sad. The more common Wandering Man is someone so thoroughly deranged that he actually enjoys being in the casino and just wants to prolong the experience. In Vegas, as a tourist, I guess this might be… not understandable, but at least comprehensible. However, Wandering Man is actually more common in places like Los Angeles, where the card rooms are about as glamorous as a K-Mart in a bad neighborhood.

He is also usually a Regular. He prolongs his stay by posting, playing a round and disappearing until his chips amounting to whatever the minimum buy-in is, minus the blinds he has posted are about to be picked up, then returning, playing another round and repeating, essentially transforming a nine-handed game to an eight-handed game.

Naturally, the floorman will not intervene because Wandering Man is technically within his rights. Why on earth should such trifles as customer satisfaction and casino profitability trouble the floorman?

Most card rooms offer very few activities, other than playing cards, so nobody can say for sure what Wandering Man is doing during his session, in which he will typically spend something like six of eight hours away from the table. Being a Regular, he is certainly hobnobbing with other idiots, but can that really fill so much time?

I think he just literally wanders around the casino. He fancies himself a poker player, perhaps even imagining that, if not for the bad luck in the 20 hands he actually plays, he would be a winning player.

But it occurred to me that Ruthless has never been a place for fairness or decency, so why begin now? Like really, products of special education and horrible accidents. Because of this, I will tip them whenever the chance arises. We can simplify this though. Any drink that is still very cold or very hot—not trash. Hot drink, cold drink, barely touched food—not trash.

Write it on your hand if you have to, champ. Last edited by RR; at The hyper-negativity is kind of an affectation. More feedback would be much appreciated. Going to do at least more of these. I was prepared to be annoyed but this was actually pretty funny. Originally Posted by JasonInDallas. Yeah, I think to really get how perfect this is you have to have spent a TON of time in casinos.

If you've only played live 50 times, you probably don't understand how gut-wrenchingly annoying auxiliary floorman guy is. Originally Posted by Tryptamean. Last edited by ErichS; at Parts one and two are like 2 years old I took a break in between and it took returning to regular play to remind me how much I hate everybody. Part 1 Asian Trickster Something about the culture of the Orient engenders a penchant for flair and benign deception.

I love having one of these fools to my right. I look at my hand. After all, this might be the perfect time to start scanning the room for a cocktail waitress. So I lay my plans and it gets to Asian Trickser, who counts out a raise, pushes his hand forward to the rim of accountability, then folds.

The Lobotomized Donkey Yes, he he has helped pay my rent, but I still want to smack him across his expressionless face. Watching this guy play poker is like watching a fly bounce repeatedly off a window. Always the same motion, and that vacant face. Even when he rivers his two outer, he turns his cards up with the blank stare of a rainforest primitive.

Blue Chip Phil is impossible to read. He is dressed in intimidating black, from head to toe. Unfortunately, while he concentrates on maintaining an expressionless yet imposing stare, his adversary has taken a break from the hand to order a some noodle soup. Their parentage is loserdom, wed to the hope that by imitating the cool looking guys who play poker on TV, they can become cool as well.

Suicide gets a bad rap. Did you ever get around to reading it? Allow me to regroup. If you want a classic from before the era of televised poker, and consequent PR, go to the rec. They whine without consequence and they preen for the men who have nothing else to look at.

Part Deux Winning Loser The strongest homosexual impulses of my life have come with surging desires to rape winning loser just to put him in his place. Online, Gus Hanson Sucks Guys congregate in great numbers at poker message boards and newsgroups. Now, he operates on the assumption that nobody else in a poker room has ever read a book about poker or has any knowledge about the history or traditions of the game. He has taken it upon himself to enlighten us.

After all, Doyle Brunson won two world championships with it! Trivia is that he thinks his behavior is a sly means to inclusion with his fellow idiots. We know, please shut up. Chuck Liddell with a Safety Net Arguably the most loathsome of our vile denizens is this tough talker.

Even your typical Amish realizes that a casino is one of the most secure places you can possibly be. This is the environment in which Safety Net chooses to threaten his adversaries and perhaps ask them to step outside.

Step to where, moron? You will seldom find a more barren realm, in terms of arable pussy, than the poker room. So imagine my shock when I looked one table over and saw one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life playing in a ridiculously raked satellite.

You could be dining in Paris, tagging goddesses, or making a snowman out of cocaine. How did you even get so old? Because if I was you, I would have died at 45, weighing pounds, carrying 12 STDs, having lethal amounts of four different drugs in my system and my last thought would have been a mental chuckle about impossible puzzle I was leaving the coroner.

Find More Posts by Scott R. Find Threads Started by Scott R. You've been here nearly five years and made only thirty posts. I think we can put you squarely in the "quality over quantity" camp. Feel free to jump in more often. Say maybe, once a month? Originally Posted by Riverman. Baked Find More Posts by I. Baked Find Threads Started by I. Originally Posted by Bumbaclat. I didn't read them all, it got boring after a bit. While exteremely well written and funny, I am really glad, I am not the OP.

Originally Posted by steamboatin. Originally Posted by mr Last edited by steamboatin; at Oh, I sure do miss the old Phil Hendrie show. Be careful if you ever challenge citizen's auxiliary floorman. He might use the two-step take down on you. You have effectively reminded me why I quit playing cards that, and being broke. I have met every one of those characters.

Find More Posts by Richard K. Find Threads Started by Richard K. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Thank you very much for this information. I guess changing styles can be effective. I'll try this tomorrow in daily dollar. So far, I've been playing through one style, which was tight-aggressive with little gambling feel inside of me.

But now, I'll try changing styles. August 9th, , 8: Glad I could help. Thats why I registered. Mainly to GET help, but also pass on what I already know. I think that by you switching it up, just as youve detailed, it will probably make a Really big difference. Anyways, again, Good Luck, and post back with what youve discovered after switching gears mid-stream. Seems to me that if you cant beat them join them LOL GL with that hope it works out for you!!

I built it up to Kept doing the same thing, and then later, when I got monster hand, I flopped set of 7s. Kept doing same thing but opponent had pocket Kings and hit his King on the river. Since I figured I would be going on tilt from this bad beat, I didn't bother re-buying.

I'm wondering if that guy would've laid down his overpair pocket Kings if I played tight-aggressive and pushed all-in like I normally played. I think downfall to this strategy is, you run into many bad beats compared to if you played tight-aggressive. August 9th, , 9: Its gonna be hard for him to lay down Pocket K's no matter what. So regardless of the style you were playing at the time it comes down to the cards. This time it went his way. You wont really get a good feel for how well this is working for you from one Tourney anyways.

It will take some time. Just practice proper BR management and youll be coolio. August 9th, , August 11th, , 6: I am going to try to help you by being a series of fortune cookies. I play more cash It is fairly hard to sustain wins with this style. But it is extremely simple to exploit. Anything this far out of balance means chips are gonna start flowing to fill the vacuum it creates.

You need to be a savant at post flop play for this to work well. To play it well is more like walking a tightrope than driving a tank. To play against it is like taking a nap and waking up with a hand now and then.

I am sure many of the same problems exisit at the tournament tables. Good luck with it. Let us know how it works out for you. And thanks for the action. August 12th, , 3: Having gained many chips and mucho bucks from people who like this style, be aware that once the shock of your play wears off, most savvy players will basically take turns grabbing at your chips.

You are up against maybe 8 people, each of whom will wait patiently for a nice hand to go up against you.

Yes, you may win some hands, but soon you will start bleeding chips. This style is extremely high variance and you need a lot more bankroll to sustain this sort of play, as well as extremely careful BR management to avoid going busto. You also need very very good emotional control, even as you try to instill tilt in others.

You need to have a gambler's temperament, and ice running in your veins. And be prepared for people getting very angry with you -- probably best to play with chat muted. It can be a very effective style, if intermixed with tighter play, and mostly utilized against the table weak links.

Ivey and others do not always play with crap, you know. The important part is aggression, controlled in a hidden way, and used to strike terror. August 12th, , 4: I was doing well earlier today. I was chip leader upto 20k while everyone starts with I fell in love with my image so much, I was cracking up when I was inducing bluffs and run of luck.

There was a pot where I raised with 35o and then when flop came out AA9. I check-raised all-in and everybody folded. I induced my bluff and was laughing so hard behind my screen.

I raised with Jack 5 offsuit and flopped two pairs, I was doing same thing and I built my chips. I fell in love with this image so much, later, I was going wreckless and lost control, and got eliminated easily. I need very good discipline and have to know when to slow down and play tight.

I knew exactly when to stop when I was chip leader over 20k while average chipstack was 3k. But I fell in love with bluffs and being jackass so much, I just couldn't stop.

I need to work on lot of things for playing loose-aggressive. Originally Posted by doops. August 20th, , Originally Posted by goborage. August 20th, , 1: Originally Posted by nevadanick. As mentioned, TV shows give a very distorted view of real-life poker. You do NOT see the non-action hands, folded hand after hand. Yep, these are the majority of players that we see disappear from the player list in the first hour of large field MTT's.

You might want to consider limiting those 'changes of style' to more of a 'range of hands' change. Switching from jackass mode to super-nit puts you all over the board and still means your sessions of 'jackass' mode need to survive with nothing more than luck.

Good players pickup on this quickly and will still adjust to you and the chip bleeding will continue for you. Look at your own stats on OPR. Are your MTT results anywhere near what you would like to see? If you want a good comparison, check out the following for yourself. It will take some time to do it, but you might find the comparisons interesting.

Your style MUST be very loose overall I have never deposited on ANY poker site. I'm not a poker genius What I've played online is more 'experimental' and for the fun of it, but I still maintain a tight-agg nit style. I'm a losing player like you as far as ROI, but that's equally deceiving since I've never deposited on any site. Freeroll and ring game winnings If you think 'jackass' works for you, please continue.

We love your chips, even with all the blood on them You can read all about it in this thread. Oh, and sometimes, I join daily dollar for free since I use those stupid ftp points to enter daily dollar satellite, donk it out to 2nd or 1st place and get free entry to daily dollars.

August 20th, , 6: Then based on what you wrote above, the 'jackass strategy' is not profitable. You did ask in your OP for advice on playing that kind of strategy. Tight-agg with a few well placed bolder moves based on stack and position works well and can be profitable. Not sure what you're trying to accomplish with this thread. You start out with it being good strategy, learning to control it, then not controlling it, then losing with it, then winning with it, then not winning with it at all August 21st, , 1: The comments were soooooooo bad.

August 21st, , 3: Originally Posted by LizzyJ. August 21st, , 4: When are you playing next? Can you please pm so I can reg. Originally Posted by pdutty.

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