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You could say the parks are grandfathered, in a sense. The legal gambling age in Arkansas is 21, and this is typically the minimum gambling age you will have to contend with through most of the sites offering Arkansas Gambling. Most states like to rely on the United States federal laws to govern the online gambling industry and that includes Arkansas. In the case of casinos, poker rooms, and bingo sites, joining multiple sites can give you a greater variety of games. Arkansas residents can join Bovada Poker , one of the leading online poker rooms.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Arkansas?

Arkansas Gambling Laws

When it comes to gambling entertainment, you're not going to find a very favorable landscape in Arkansas. There are very few state regulated options available to residents, which is why our guide will be very beneficial to those seeking additional gambling opportunities that are legally sanctioned and open to residents of The Natural State. Just about the only options that gamblers in Arkansas have include pari-mutuel wagering, the lottery and charitable bingo and raffles. This is why there are not any land based casinos in the state.

In fact, the only real money gambling destinations you will find in AR include one horse racing track and one dog racing track.

Despite the rather cold disposition that the state has towards gambling in general, Arkansas gambling laws do not take away all of the opportunities that players living here have access to. As long as you have a basic understanding of the nuances of the industry and the legalities surrounding it, as well as how to navigate to the legally licensed destinations, then you are well on your way to enjoying just about any type of mainstream gambling venue you are interested in.

This guide will provide helpful information so that you can make informed decisions regarding which types of gambling platforms are the best option for you and your specific preferences and situation. We will provide insight into Arkansas gambling laws, how federal laws interact with state laws , and what legal gambling sites are available to players from Arkansas.

At this time, it is not legal for anyone living in Arkansas to own or operate and any type of online gambling business within state lines. In , the Department of Justice declared that each state has the freedom to determine their own destiny when it comes to online gambling.

At any time that the state decides they want to pursue an online gambling initiative that is licensed and regulated by the state, they are free to do so.

Personally, I am not holding my breath for online gambling to become legal anytime soon in Arkansas given the overall not so favorable stance that the state has always taken with gambling. Since Arkansas doesn't offer any state regulated online gambling options as of early , your best bet is to align yourself with the most reputable offshore gambling site that accepts Arkansas players. And that is exactly what Bovada is, a trusted and secure legally licensed offshore site that is open to most US players including AR.

Bovada is part of a company that has been offering legitimate online gambling for over a decade. They are truly one of the most trusted names in the industry and always pay players when they win.

Our team of industry professionals here at legal betting online are sorry to say that neither online or offline state regulated casino gambling is legal in Arkansas. For a brief time there were multiple Internet cafes present in the state, however, in , the state took action to close these types of establishments down. Unfortunately, this initial negative experience with online gambling has soured some people against online casino gambling, likely extending the timetable by which Arkansas may embrace any type of online gambling.

Though you cannot open up and operate an online casino inside of The Natural State, there are no laws preventing you from engaging in legal online casino gambling at offshore sites that accept players from Arkansas. What this means is that residents of the state are free to enjoy online casino gambling as long as they do so at a destination that is licensed, regulated and located outside of the US.

The online casinos you see listed on this page fall into this category and have each been vetted by our team of industry professionals. Playing casino games for money at these sites does not violate any state or federal laws.

When discussing legal online sports betting in the US , you will find that it is prohibited across the nation. There are four states that are able to legally offer sports betting options at land based destinations, including Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. Only in those four regions can you legally bet on sports through a state regulated, land based destination.

The issue has become quite controversial with the emergence of fantasy sports betting , so there may be changes coming down the pipe in the future. For now, there is very little access to sports betting for US players in general. There is a sliver lining here however. None of the state or federal laws that prohibit US based sportsbook gambling make it illegal for you to enjoy online sports betting at legally licensed offshore sportsbook sites.

As long as you restrict your betting to only licensed and regulated bookmakers that are located outside of the United States, you are not breaking any laws. The state and federal laws that govern sportsbook gambling in the US are not applicable beyond our borders, hence they do not affect the services offered to sports fans in Arkansas or most other states. You can visit any of the sportsbooks you see listed below and not be in violation of the law.

Legalized casino gambling may be coming to Arkansas in the near future but for now, residents of Arkansas have more than enough ways to get their gambling fix through Legal USA online casinos.

Some gamblers have found that online gambling is a lot less restricted and can be just as entertaining as a live casino. It has become a popular for of entertainment and is growing in popularity every year. Here at USA Gambling Laws we examine the regulations involved with gambling in Arkansas, and offer advice on the best websites for you to really enjoy your game with. Residents of Arkansas have turned to the inernet to cater to their online gambling needs and wants.

With our list of reputable USA online casinos, Arkansas residents do not have to look far to find the best entertainment online gambling has to offer. Whether you are a seasoned player or trying out online gambling for the first time, our recommended sites are above average and as close to a real live casino technology will allow.

Our reviews of USA online casinos cover all the basics players will want to know about an online casino. Sports betting has become an american tradition when it comes to cheering on your favorite team.

Luckily for residents of Arkansas, some of the top online sportsbooks are welcoming of USA sports bettors and offer some of the best USA casino bonuses and sports betting bonuses available.

Sports betting is one of the many ways to make watching your favorite sporting event a little more exciting. Showing your team spirit with a small wager through a legal sports betting site is a good way to cheer on your team and possibly earn a little profit at the same time.

Online poker is quickly becoming the most preferred form of online entertainment. For centuries, poker players have been enjoying the challenging game of poker and all that comes with it. Now players are upping the anny with a friendly wager through legal USA online sportsbooks. Although there are dozens of online sportsbooks available, very few cater to the needs of USA players. Reporting on legitimacy of gambling is a continual method. Although we strive to provide the most current information on state gambling laws, it is almost impossible to keep up with the changes made to gambling laws in each state that you may reside.

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Is Gambling Legal in Arkansas?