Pre-Flop Betting 3-Point Mental Checklist

Chance Kornuth on Preserving Tournament Equity 1. However, I've started playing regularly on an ipoker skin mainly PLO so I may invest in some software. Make sure whichever poker site you are considering playing at offers the type of poker variant you are looking to play and will also let you play for stake levels of your own choose. I didn't create that graphic, somebody else did. Gavin Blakeway 19 October. They come in small bottles and can be applied to parts of your body or just inhaled.

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1. Where am I seated?

Most are physical objects you can carry inside a small bag or backpack, but toward the end of the list I've also included some "attitudinal" things to bring.

I compiled the list after communicating with many veterans of the WSOP. If you're wondering why you need to bring anything to a poker game, just realize that any time away from the table to address needs that develop as you are there is time you risk being blinded off.

Better to be prepared and bring what you need or might need while playing. Sure, there are snack bars and even a pretty good cafeteria set up for tournament players. But that means walking over, standing in line, and risking the possibility that you won't return in time. Better to have at least some basic food with you.

These should be things you can easily eat with your hands. Some popular items are energy bars, nuts, dried fruit, bananas, apple slices, and beef jerky. True, waitresses constantly make the rounds. Even so, it's cheaper and faster to bring your own water or other beverage. You need not bring lots of bottles. A refillable bottle does fine.

You can also make this juice, smart water, or some energy drink. But be mindful of the fact that the more you drink the more you'll be needing to make a run to the bathroom. And that involves a walk and during the breaks a possible wait in line. Poker players get headaches, neck pain, and backaches while they play. Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, and other pain killers might help relieve these or some other unexpected pain. You might also gain a great deal of affection and soft play from grateful opponents if you help them relieve their headaches.

The dry air of the heavily air conditioned room creates many minor and annoying health problems, things like a dry mouth or sore throat. You might want something to help with that.

Whether you want it to protect your hole cards from being mistakenly gathered up by the dealer, to serve as a talisman or good luck charm, to provide you a way to keep your A. The large payment was for your tournament seat.

But for tips, for food, for tipping the waitress, for settling side bets, for another tournament or a cash game if you bust out, you'll want your cash. Do you have any drugs that you have to take during the day or at night? Tournaments frequently last for many hours, sometimes into the wee hours of the night. Make sure you have with you any medication you might need to take. A phone is nearly an appendage like an arm or leg. They also mentioned loading it with the right type of music and apps, especially poker related apps like shove-fold tables.

Long sessions mean that your battery will almost surely need to be recharged or, at least temporarily replaced. There may not be a charging station nearby. Better to have an extra battery with you in case you can't keep your phone charged.

Many players swear by their music. Others just want to block out the inane and sometimes distracting jabbering of other players.

On the other hand, many players prefer to avoid anything that interferes with their ability to listen to and engage others at the table. If you're of the former category, make sure to bring the right equipment.

Though Las Vegas can be degrees outside during the WSOP, the air conditioning inside can often be uncomfortably cool. A zip-up jacket makes it easy to quickly adjust to the temperature in the room as it fluctuates as it will. If you're eating, it's nice to have something with which to clean off your hands especially since you'll be handling chips and cards.

But even if you wouldn't think of eating at the table, it is often refreshing to wipe your face and hands with a cool, moist towel. It can also wake you up at the end of a long session. Some people swear by the emotional and mental benefits of different aromatics. Some are said to wake you up, while others are supposed to help your mental acuity. Still others are reported to help you relax. They come in small bottles and can be applied to parts of your body or just inhaled.

This is a discussion on Leak Analysis Checklist within the online poker forums, in the Cash Games section; I'm creating a post game checklist and I want to get the most out of my leak analysis to optimize my review and study time.

October 5th, , 5: I'm creating a post game checklist and I want to get the most out of my leak analysis to optimize my review and study time. A few ideas that would be awesome and greatly appreciated. I'm creating one for heads up micros and 6 Max microstakes. I'm turning pro within the next few months and I'm need to get all my ducks in order. October 5th, , 9: I use HM2 and Leakbuster for fullest coverage.

I'm looking to make sure all my stats are in the optimal ranges for TAG play.. I assume as you are looking to turn Pro you know the stat ranges you are looking for. If you're not sure then I'd thoroughly recommend Leakbuster it is the ultimate leak finding tool.

It will analyse 6 max and or full ring. Not sure about HU. I start my reviews with pre flop opening hand selection by position. Excellent preflop play makes the whole game simpler and avoids getting you into too many marginal spots. I pay particular attention to what I'm doing preflop from the blinds. Mastering playing oop from the blinds and mastering playing the button are two massive keys.

We lose most from the blinds and win most from the button so do well in these areas and you should do well overall, so review here is important.

You may want to review common leaks, things like; cold calling especially oop, calling 3bets, especially with small pairs, calling raises with marginal holdings post flop, triple barrelling, check calling all 3 streets, 3betting versus flatting small pairs from the blinds.

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