Gutsy poker player wins 162 million chips with the most crazy-stupid bluff ever

Why gamble for k when you can gradually beat the snot out of a guy. Find the best poker sites to start your online poker quest. How to Beat the Poker Bully Part 1: Faak I know exactly what i speak.. Many would argue that to bluff with "outs" isn't a true bluff. Aug 11th, , In this case his bet is not classified as a semi-bluff even though his bet may force opponents to fold hands with better current strength.

What is a Bluff Catcher?

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This is a position bet, intended to finish the pot, regardless of your hand. The first player checks, followed by the second player betting three-quarters of the pot. In this situation raising would be a semi-bluff as technically you have nothing; you're behind anyone with as little as a pair. The fact that you have a flush draw and the best overcards though means you have many legitimate ways to win this pot by showdown. Your hand does have some value, making this only a semi-bluff.

Ideally your opponent will fold and you will take the pot. But if you do get called there's the chance that you'll make the nuts on the turn. Semi-bluffs are a crucial part of poker, but be warned: Possibly the greatest stone-cold bluff ever to be caught on tape is Brad Booth's bluff against Phil Ivey in the third season of High Stakes Poker.

Brad was drawing dead to a five or a runner-runner two pair. Because his hand had almost no value whatsoever this is a textbook example of a stone-cold bluff. These are the type of bluffs you see in Hollywood movies and these are the types of bluffs people seem to think poker is made of. In reality, it's almost never a good idea to make a bluff like this.

To expect these sorts of bluffs to be profitable, you need to understand everything going on in the hand, including your opponent's thoughts and plans. It's a high-level play left only to the very best in the world. Sure, you can make these bluffs and have them work, but without being a truly high-level player, you're just rolling the dice on not getting called. Dan Harrington describes these bluffs as "dark tunnel bluffs.

You have no idea what's actually going on around you. To not suck at poker, you need to stop making stone-cold bluffs, and limit the number of quick and semi bluffs you're making. The best way for a beginner to make money at poker is by playing straight-forward, ABC poker.

The longer you play this game the more you'll come to find out that most of your poker profits comes from other players making exactly this kind of mistake. Why be that player?

Until your game advances -- and you really understand how to execute a complicated bluff -- save your money and focus on getting big value out of your big hands. You want to be the one who has it when the biggest money is on the line - not the player holding his breath and desperately trying to will someone to fold.

Check out the video below for more detail! Our Hero has been at the table for a couple of hours and has been splashing around, raising a lot, and showing down dubious hands. The player to her left calls and so does the player to the right of the Hero. The next player, a half-senile old man, calls and so does one more. The hero again just calls, as does the old man. The lady checks as does the guy on the right of the Hero.

The lady insta-calls and the guy on the right of the Hero folds. The Hero checks behind. As you can see, about everything that could have gone wrong in that hand did. Chances are the queens would have folded. But after the Hero ships it all in, the lady would call. You call on the button and head to the flop heads up. Your opponent checks and you check behind. You also left yourself wide open to get rocked by a straight or flush. Your opponent flopped a monster hand. Most likely he was making the same assumptions you were, that it was highly unlikely you could have flopped the straight.

He puts you on an overpair, or a flush draw. By pumping the flop which ABC poker would dictate , you will create a much larger pot, and help eliminate the possibility of your opponent drawing out on you in case he does have the flush draw.

By slow-playing your hand, you kept the pot small in a scenario where you had heaps of equity, and let the board get too dangerous to value bet. Both examples show you how getting fancy and playing your hand incorrectly for the situation can end up costing you money. The fact the old man hit a gutshot in the first example is irrelevant. Both styles of play have their useful points, but bluffing isn't something you should do unless it's functional. You absolutely must believe that nobody is going to call you.

That's not as easy as it sounds, and it doesn't sound easy unless you're playing out of character all of a sudden. Personally I think bluffing is a bad idea, as you don't really know who's beating you already. You have to assume that TAG players aren't hanging around on you. The Brad Booth bluff against Phil Ivey is here: He could have held 45 for the straight, or flopped a set. Perhaps the greatest completely naked bluff that's been televised was by Tom Dwan going all in with K with the mighty 72 off suit, and forcing Sammy to fold aces up.

I play best when I play ABC poker - it makes my quick bluffs, etc much more believable.. Basically ABC poker is what I want my opponents to be playing. Itis easy to read and simple to play against. I personnally despise ABC poker becayse 1 it is boring to play and 2 because it makes you predictable. Id rather my opponents "think" I play ABC poker When they think I play a certain way I can easily quick steal with continuation bets, and Semi Bluff Raises!

I have the problem of bluffing when I know I may be beat on 4th st. I always want to see the very last card. It's difficult to lay a hand down sometimes. The pot is 89 million chips at this point with one more round of betting. A five fell on the river; Vayo has literally a percent chance to win the hand at this point, and has succeeded in drawing a good chunk of cash from Nguyen.

An incredible bluff that spikes the pot to After minutes of deliberation, Vayo folds. Poker , World Series of Poker , Cards. Lakers rookie Svi Mykhailiuk put on an astonishing 2-minute shooting display. Jon Gruden is NFL's biggest play thief.

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