How to Throw Your Own Kids Birthday Parties at Home!

Spaghetti is a favorite among many kids and teens so mom and dad get a break while your organization gets the donations necessary to meet their goals. Have all your guests show up dressed up with their dates. Be sure to use social media, radio and the local paper to promote your event! Food and Snack Items: I hope that you found this to be a great resource to you as you plan an awesome birthday party for your child! Everyone likes to help and friends and family can get the word out faster than you can. Either way- live out that chance by hosting your own prom themed party!


1. A popular movie themed party.

When his buddies come over to watch the big game they will be amused and impressed by a picture of his name featured within the stands of this Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL framed stadium print.

If he likes hanging around at his bar at home, this personalized ultimate bar collection will be the most ideal and special gift ever. The personalized vintage pub sign hung over at his bar will give his bar a warm and cosy feel and give him a man cave feel. Complete this with a matching coaster set and cigar humidor.

There are a lot of wallets with flexible and latest options to keep ID card, license and some more important things with currency notes. Choose their favorite color, with their initials displayed on the wallet, to make the male retiree feel special. Presenting the retired guy with this elegant gift is a great bar-ware addition and let him enjoy his favourite drink in this famous label.

The packaging also makes it a very presentable gift, exuding class and sophistication. The male retiree who is an avid golf player will love this luxurious gift — gold tone golf ball. Make his golf games more special after he retires from the corporate world.

He can use this ball to play his game of golf, which will certainly make him the center of attraction. You may wish to include a greeting card with this gift to convey your thanks and well wishes — undoubtedly a thoughtful retirement gift idea for him!

Luggage bag is a functional and suitable gift for men at the time of retirement. It is a necessity during traveling and when shifting from one place to another. This bag includes padded and zippered pockets to keep items including technology stuff, four bottom brass feet to protect the underside from getting dirty.

It is lightweight and easy to lift so that the senior men will not have any difficulties when using it. If he is a wine drinker, consider purchasing two beautiful bottles of red wine which are carefully evaluated and selected on monthly basis.

Nothing makes a great wine sing better than a perfect glass from which to swirl and sip. With this gift you can raise a toast to his successful career carved out and welcome his upcoming new lease of life. Besides giving him the energy to play at the golf range with those tasty treats, you are helping him to perfect his stroke with the golf gear, including golf balls and golf tote to keep ice.

If he is a cigar connoisseur, you can consider giving him a personalized cherry wood humidor. This is a practical gift as he can ensure that his cigars are well protected and cared for. In addition, this beautiful gift has an added personal touch because of the personal engraving.

He will definitely be able to feel your kind thoughts and appreciation when receiving this practical and fantastic gift. This is a perfect gift idea for retirement for a man who has everything as you can customize it with any wordings that you like. In addition, this will be a unique sign for him, whether is your boss or dad, which he will not find it anywhere else.

He can display this handsomely etched wood sign at his favorite places be it his garage, home bar, man cave , beer brewing room. With this piece of art prominently displayed, he can be gently reminded of his exciting retirement days ahead, which marks a new exciting chapter in his life, this wood sign is among the best gift ideas!

This is a thoughtful gift for a wine lover, as you are providing all the tools he need to enjoy his favourite bottles of wine. This gift contains not just a wine opener, it contains a pour spout, foil cutter, stopper and corkscrew. These tools are neatly organised in an attractive wine barrel, which is personalized with his name.

This thoughtful item is also an excellent birthday gift for husband. This is a unique gift for a sports and beer fanatic, as it combines his love for sports and beer. He can open his favourite bottle of brew while he is watching his favourite game of baseball or hockey. Available in baseball or hockey puck, you can personalize the gift with year, line message and also initials. Among the things used to define a man, the watch he wears is one of them, and with that making it an excellent retirement gift for the male retiree.

It is also a fantastic and traditional gift to commemorate his big day. There is a variety of designs and functions to choose from to suit his lifestyle for retirement. A smart casual watch that is suitable for any occasions will be a great choice, as he will be taking on leisurely and outdoor activities after he has stepped out of the corporate world. In addition, when he has to attend formal events, the same all purpose timepiece can easily match his formal attire.

Do not waste the beer caps that he has collected by giving him this gift. The beer cap map makes a great decorative gift in his man cave, which showcases his bottle cap collection. The gift also includes a beer growler and two beer glasses, which provides a great barware addition for the beer fan. The beer glasses can be engraved with his name and initial, making the gifts more personable.

With eight deep-kneading massage nodes and choice of heat, this is a great body stress reliever, a perfect present for anyone, especially for a retiree who is looking for relaxation and having a ball of time. If he is a wine enthusiast, an elegant and expensive decanter is a great way to show him your appreciation for all that he has done. This beautiful decanter exudes class and good taste which can be engraved with his initials. The set comes in an exquisite gift box.

He will remember your thoughtfulness everytime he drinks his favourite whiskey or other spirits using this high quality glasses. At the same time, he is able to share the aged wine with his guests, who can enjoy the subtle flavours imparted to the wine. As you have the option to personalize this gift, he will be even more pleased to receive this retirement gift with a personal touch!

Give him an aesthetic box to stow those watches which has a transparent cover — especially now that he has more time to care and admire the timepieces. A beautifully carved wood box will provide an excellent home for the watches of a man who can do what he wants with his time. What better way to spend intimate moments with your loved ones and friends over a nice cocktail made by you. Cocktail shaker is a nice gift for someone who is looking forward to catching up with his friends and at the same time unlock his creativity after leaving his full time job.

The additional time he has on his hands mean he can travel more frequently to attend sports events or overnight events, including rv-ing for sigh-seeing. Be it an open air concert or a picnic at a park or spectator sports, this cooler and portable stool comes into handy. Being lightweight and portable, he can easily carry it around. With ample space for him to keep his drinks and snacks, this is the ideal gift for the retired man on the move.

There is nothing more relaxing than spending a day out on the green and now that he is retired he can devote as much time to his favorite hobby as he likes. Support his passion with a personalized putter gift set. Each swing will be a reminder of his impressive career. Wine glasses is another great gift idea for the retiring man.

What better way to celebrate retirement with his family and friends using these beautifully crafted wine glasses, which specially used to enrich the aroma and flavour of his favourite wine. Moreover, you will be presenting this gift to him with his single initial etched on the glasses, adding a special touch to his retirement gift!

With a contemporary design and material suitable for wine, this is the ideal exquisite gift for retirement. A spa party is the best way to pamper yourself and your friends. Face masks are always a popular hit, as are at home gel manicure sets. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Why not throw a party that involves watching one of the best movies of our generation! Cook up or order some delicious Greek food, pop the movie in, and settle in for an awesome, hilarious evening.

Greek toga clothing is optional, but highly encouraged! This is a classic party theme, and for good reason. Make sure you set a budget and let everyone know what it is! You might think you have to save this party for around the holidays, but you would be wrong!

Ever heard of Christmas in July? Why not take it overboard, Christmas music, decorations, and everything- no matter the time of year. Food brings people together, but why take on the stress of making it all yourself? Instead, pick a food theme and let everyone make their own! Think of simple dishes that will be easy to make for a large amount of people tacos are simple, as are certain side dishes like salads and baked potatoes.

Finish off with a fun dessert station- ice cream sundae anyone? Looking for a party that is quick and easy to plan, but fully delivers on fun? Host a game night! Dig them all out, dust them off, and get ready for a night of friendly competition! Take it one step further by selecting a theme of games- trivia, board games, video games, the choices are endless! The only question left is- who will you recruit to be on your team? For a unique theme that will produce some totally Instagrammable pictures, why not host a cake decorating party?

Get some boxes of plain cake mix and make them in advance. Have your friends over and supply them with decorating essentials- frosting, whipped cream, food coloring, edible glitter, the works. Have fun decorating and see what you end up with. Worst case scenario, you have a gross looking cake that will still taste totally delicious. Karaoke is one of those fun party games that just never get old. Music is a total stress reliever, so you should totally consider this party theme right after a major exam, or right before heading back to school.

YouTube has tons of karaoke videos! Breakfast is the best meal of the day, period. Why not throw a totally relaxed breakfast theme party? Guests can show up in their pajamas and even bring their own favorite breakfast item. Create your own fun stations and let everyone build their own waffles, or spice up their doughnuts.

Celebrate the Easter season by hosting your own fun Easter egg hunt. Make sure you have plenty of space in order to spread out your eggs. What can be more sophisticated than an all red party?

Red balloons, dimmed lighting, and of course plenty of red roses make for a striking decor that everyone will be taking pictures of all night long. This also gives you the opportunity to go out and purchase that perfect shade of red lipstick.

This could be so fun — everyone comes dressed in something really seasonal people could come as Santa or in Halloween costumes and you celebrate your favorite holiday or event! The result is a super fun party filled with all types of costumes and seasons- totally chaotic in a fun way!

Most of the time they know exactly what they want, where they want it and how they want everything to be. Talking to them and discussing ideas is a great way for them to be involved and for you to have less work to do.

Just make sure you have a limit for ideas. By working together, you can compromise so that they get the party they want and you can breathe easy! Decide early on where the party is going to be. There is also the option of having the party at a restaurant or some type of entertainment center. A restaurant could be nice if the teen wants something more grown up and classy. If this is the case, the restaurant should be informed that it is a birthday party so they can accommodate for the amount of people.

Have your teen write out a list of all the people they want to invite to their party. This is great for determining how much food and space you will need to create in your house or to reserve at another place.

Set what day you want to have the party and at what time. The time is also important depending on how long you want the party to run. Otherwise having it later in the evening is the best option.

Teens tend to prefer later hours as well. Now this post is all about themes and we provided you with plenty of teen party themes to choose from. Themed parties are always the best and they make decorating so much easier. And there are lots of themes you can choose from that will make the party seem more mature and fun!

There are two ways you can do invitations: Now-a-days, most teens do everything through social media, so you can have them set up an events page and invite all the people on their guest list.

This is the easiest and quickest way for them to let you know if they can come or not. Plus, when the party gets near an alert will be sent out to remind them about it. You can also have your teen make handwritten invitations to go along. These are more fun and classier than a simple online evite and they can really make a party stand out! Close doors and mark off areas that are off limits.

Then, set up an area for food and drinks, for hanging out, for dancing and for anything else that you have planned. If you are having the party at another location then call ahead to make sure that everything is ready, that the food is prepared and that any activities are set up before you arrive. Decide before hand with your teen what kind of music they want playing.

If you are at home start the music low and then turn it up when the party gets going. But, if you are at another establishment it may be hard to have control over the music. Places tend to play a certain type of music depending on the type of ambiance they want. Teens love to eat! And they can eat a lot. Teens love to snack and having the food buffet style is the best way to keep them happy.

This way they can walk around and take whatever they want, whenever they want. Things like chips and soda are always a good choice but you can also make foods like burgers or hot dogs, which will actually fill them up. Consider having a BBQ for the party and grilling up simple foods that all teens love. Make sure that there is food for everyone.

Some teens have dietary restrictions or choose to eat a certain way so have your teen ask about them so that no one goes starving. If the party is at a restaurant you can have them each choose their own item or you can go ahead of time and select foods that they want prepared.

This is much more economical and takes the stress away from everyone having to decide what to eat. Gifts are of course the most important part of the party!

When guests arrived take the presents or have them set them down in a designated spot. Of course, teens will want to rip to all of them at once but you should set aside a time for when they can open them. Present opening should be towards the end of the party when things are winding down.

Plus, it saves them a lot of embarrassment! As much as you may trust your teen, you should always be there to supervise a party.

If your teen is on the younger side you can be more present at the party, possibly hanging out in the kitchen or an area where you can see everything. But as they grow older, you will need to make yourself scarcer. If you are comfortable with letting your teen run things, then you can go hangout in a different room with the door cracked so you can hear if anything happens.

If you do this, you should make occasional appearances in the party to check that nothing bad is happening. But, make sure to do it under the guise of getting something to drink or eat. That is when things happen and get out of control.

Most scratch card fundraisers offer coupons in return as a special Thank You to their supporters. These sweet and salty treats are sprinkled with colorful delights and come in convenient carry cases for each seller.

I like that you can order as few as one case and always get free shipping. Students love color runs and many schools are turning it into an annual event. The school puts on the run, often by having an outside firm organize all the logistics.

The school raises money by charging the children a fee to participate. These seasonally-themed gift catalogs typically feature unique gift items and are very popular with both elementary and middle schools. Orders are usually shipped pre-packed per student. Can you imagine an easier product to sell? A quality popcorn fundraiser will offer a mix of flavors from the popular Chicago style to fudge covered popcorn.

Car washes are a blast and they raise funds. You may even bring the grill along, so the team can have burgers for lunch. Raise even more with your next car wash by selling tickets in advance and promoting it through social media.

Cookie dough fundraising is so popular, it warrants another mention. Teams and even entire leagues are finding that people are buying 2 or more tubs of dough, simply because of the lower price.

Groups in lower income areas are also finding it a huge plus. A tried and true fundraiser, if there ever was. Why not beautify your community while raising funds? A flower bulb order-taker fundraiser usually includes a selection of gardening delights such as hanging gardens, seed mats, bee-friendly plants and wonderful collections of flower bulbs. A nice way to grow awareness for your cause and your budget!

This fundraiser is a lovely way to express and expand your creativity through painting, while having a glass of wine or two with friends, all for a good cause. At the end of the event, you get to go home with your canvas knowing that the fee you paid for an evening of fun and laughs, is contributing to a meaningful fundraiser.

Looking for a new, fun and creative way to ask for donations for your non-profit? The Victory Scratch Card features 52 scratch offs, each covering up a donation amount and a positive quote. The Journey of Faith candle fundraiser is the only program that labels their wonderfully scented candles with bible scripture. Why not share a positive message, while generating funds for your church? Your church earns profit by selling cards containing discounts at local merchants.

Your supporters receive great value because of the money they save year-round, and the merchants get more foot traffic in their stores. Church groups often use the engraved brick fundraiser when they are renovating their church. They can be engraved to honor a lost loved one, to mark a special occasion or even used as a family nameplate. Your church charges for every engraved brick, and it may even pay for the entire renovation. The Dip Jar offers a new take on the tip jars and collection plates of the past.

You can also use peer-to-peer tools to spread the word and maximize your online donations. Color Runs put a new twist on the marathon. It encourages people of all ages to join in the fun and run through clouds of chalking dust thus creating the name, Color Run.

The supplies are easy to find and fairly inexpensive. The runners raise funds by taking donations or pledges for their participation. Teens and young adults often increase their groups by including friends and family members.

This is a wonderful way to do fundraising as a family. It highlights the importance of committing to a cause and reaching goals. Since many families also invite others, there are often more people than expected. The increase in participants leads to larger donations and contributions for the event. A Casino Night fundraising event offers a variety of adult gaming opportunities to bring neighbors, friends and the community together to raise money for your great cause. They can also supply staff to serve drinks and snacks.

Make sure to get as many volunteers on board, in order to keep your overhead costs down. The key to a successful charity casino fundraiser is to maximize your foot traffic, and minimize your operating costs. With this in mind, ensure that you promote your event through all possible channels and get volunteers to run much of your casino night.

Golf tournaments draw big crowds so arranging one as a fundraising event will create a lot of attention. Arrange a time for your event with a local golf course and discuss donations for prizes with your local merchants. This is likely to increase interest and you will get more teams signing up for the event.

There is no easier way to get all your friends together than pairing up for a golf tournament. Not only are you raising funds to support an organization in need, you get to enjoy the fresh air and competition of a good golf game. Share the experience and encourage your family and friends to tell their neighbors and coworkers to increase the number of people in attendance. An annual school picnic is a great way to raise funds for materials and books.

Choose the day that you most likely to have good weather and provide an alternate time in case of rain. This increases the chances of having a successful turnout. Consider creating teams for events like pie-eating contests, water balloon tosses, or baseball games to increase interest and improve attendance. School picnics may be considered student-only events but increasing attendance can mean more donations for books, sports uniforms, or art materials. These are always a major concern in school systems and the first areas cut.

The more people who donate their time and money, the easier it is to provide a good educational experience for our children. The Haunted House Fundraiser is a favorite of kids and adults alike.

Contact a property owner with an empty store to see if they can donate the space. Ask local businesses if they can donate supplies or cover the utilities in exchange for recognition in your pamphlets or advertisements. Call friends and families to find as many volunteers as possible. This reduces your workload and increases donation potential. When the big day comes, make your opening day a grand event with special activities. Everyone likes to help and friends and family can get the word out faster than you can.

Not only will people have a great time, but they will be helping a great cause. Your supporters will purchase a rubber duck and be given a receipt with a unique number on it. All of the rubber ducks will be dropped into a canal or contained waterway, and if your duck crosses the line first, you win.

Often there are prizes or more, so that so many people get to win. Get prizes like money, trips, movie tickets and gift certificates donated by your local businesses, in return for visibility at your duck race event. You may also choose to hire a firm to run your rubber duck fundraiser.

Be sure to use social media, radio and the local paper to promote your event! Read-a-thons are often used to create interest in reading or raising money for libraries and schools.

Set aside a period and that the reading event is taking place and provide all the participants with the general rules. This encourages more kids to join and enjoy books. Getting children to read is the most important part of these events but fundraising also provides income to help support future readers, students, and teachers. While this usually works well for schools and libraries, other organizations have used this technique to create awareness and battle illiteracy.

Game night is a fun way to get all your friends, family and neighbors together for a great time. This can be anything from board game marathons think all night monopoly to console gaming sessions. This results in donations or pledges made for those who stay up the latest, earn the most points, make the most money, or win the most games.

Using popular games or the newest releases may increase interest and widen your target audience. Gaming is a great fundraising opportunity for families with kids of all ages.

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