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Extendicare Assist Charity Golf Classic 2018

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The residents and staff enjoyed the opportunity to touch and cuddle with some of the animals. They enjoyed petting the soft fur of a bunny, the hard shell of a turtle, the soft skin of a cat and many more loveable animals. Seeing and petting these gentle creatures put a smile on many faces.

Two residents at Extendicare Medex were granted a wish. One resident was an Ottawa fan and the other was a Boston fan. The men enjoyed a cold drink and popcorn while cheering their teams on. Harvest Crossing toured with an ice cream truck at Hickory Hills and Baldwin Place and handed out complimentary frozen delights. It was a wonderful experience to interact with the community on a beautiful summer day. The response was awesome! Everyone thought it was such a lovely treat.

We served premium ice cream with 20 different selections. Residents at Extendicare Fairmont Park enjoy a beautiful summer day on a duet wheelchair bicycle tandem. While this is a program run by Alberta Health Services Therapeutic Recreation at Fairmont Park, the Recreation Department is happy to facilitate the referral process for this annual 8 week Duet tandem bicycle program. The smiles are worth it. This year we decided to change our format from a presentation-style to a more interactive approach.

The main feature was Elaine Charal, Certified Graphologist who wowed everyone with her analysis of their handwriting, all positive of course. It was an absolute hit! We also had great interaction amongst our volunteers during the various activities, including a photo booth, animal folding contest, jewelry-making, origami, etc.

Of course, the celebration was topped off with an enormous spread of delectable delights. A special thanks to Manuela De Silva Housekeeping Staff for showering us with her donation of delectable sweets and Jessica Sayago and Marion Manzo for professional photography at our photo booth! After acknowledging the traditional territory on which our home sits, we welcomed two local First Nations community members, Star and Daniel, who spoke about various aspects of their culture, such as: They also spoke about their experiences with the Residential School system, challenges with families so deeply affected by the cultural destruction that happened over so many centuries, and alienation from — and later discovery of — their rich heritage.

Star and Daniel brought some of their handicrafts which residents, staff, and visitors could purchase. At the end, they donated a giant dream catcher, which they requested to be placed in one of our nursing stations … and they generously gave away dream catchers to some of the residents and visitors! We appreciated so much this opportunity to discover the rich, living heritage of the First Nations of North America. We are grateful to have opened a bridge of dialogue between our home and our Indigenous neighbours … we look forward to deepening this relationship over the years.

At the time, there was not much known about this mysterious condition. The doctor told them that the life expectancy of their baby was only 4 years of age — perhaps even too young to learn to spell his own name. They vowed to do whatever they could to beat those odds.

I joined the Toronto CF Chapter because we knew we needed to raise money for research in order to find out what was killing these children, and how to stop it!

I have been so happy to see so much progress in Canada in survival and care of people with CF. It was like a dream to see Wally finally breathing normally after his double lung transplant last December! But lung transplants are not a cure. They just take on a new set of critical constraints in order to buy a few more years. We are getting close to a cure or control though. I would love to see it in my lifetime for all of the other people with CF! Since that day, and for the next 50 years until health challenges of her own and the loss of her license finally slowed her down, Suzanne worked tirelessly and continuously raising funds for cystic fibrosis research as well as awareness about this condition — the largest genetic killer of children and young adults in Canada.

It is likely that no one anywhere on the planet has a longer continuous tenure as an active CF volunteer! However, with the amazing care, dedication and example of perseverance that she set for Wally, he did learn to spell his name, graduate from university, and worked at the Bank of Canada for 25 years before he finally required a double lung transplant which he successfully underwent in December I owe my life and the fact that I beat the odds to the example of tenacity set by my Mom!

But even more she became known throughout the Port Hope area as a tenacious fundraiser! Over the decades she ran bingos, garage sales, sold CF Christmas cards, tireless raffle and tickets sales, sold nylons, tulip bulbs, Fright Lites and even sold her hair once! She also wrote and mailed out letters asking for donations. To raise public awareness about the condition, she organized fall fairs and other booths, appeared on local TV and radio interviews as well as speeches and talks to schools, Kinsmen and Shinerama students.

All this made "cystic fibrosis" a household name in the Port Hope and Peterborough area. One of her major yet quiet accomplishments was the one-on-one support and advice she has offered new CF families from the s up to the current decade. This has had a lasting and profound influence. These families note how much her support and conversations meant to them as they were trying to understand and to come to terms with their new diagnosis, or when they had a small child and looked at the success of Suzanne's son in dealing with the condition, hearing from her and her story gave them hope as well as valuable practical advice.

Although 3 of the 4 residents were Blue Jay fans, the one lady had never seen a game in her life. One of the other 4 residents was also a gentleman who very rarely gets out, but loved the Blue Jays. He sported his cap and clutched his little Blue Jays flag as he sat with such intrigue on his face, soaking in every moment of the game.

We were lucky enough to catch a foul ball and even snap a photo with the mascot of the Jays - Ace! Our tummies filled with ballpark hotdogs, potato chips and chocolate chip cookies, it was definitely an evening to remember!

On April 18th the barn yard zoo came to visit our home. They travelled all the way from Winchester Springs and boy was the trip worth it. They brought us a variety of animals for our residents and staff to enjoy! There were baby goats, bunnies, rabbits and even some chickens that had fur instead of feathers. We had many residents who did not want them to leave they thought they should move in here with us!

Over 70 years ago, Luxstone Manor resident Doug was serving in the Second World War and ready to jump out of a plane in a Para-trooper mission. Unfortunately, Doug and his comrades never made that jump and the itch to finally carry it out was weighing heavily on the long-time veteran. On his 94th birthday, in front of family and friends, Doug completed a tandem skydive at Alberta Skydivers to fulfill not only an item on his bucket list, but to pay tribute to his brothers from the war.

Since wandering poses a serious health risk making exits less obvious reduces s visual cues for exiting. To help ease the anxiety, an artist was hired to paint the doors on the six units here at Extendicare Timmins with calming images that make residents feel more at home.

The murals that cover the exit doors beautify the space and bring a sense of peace to the residents. Residents were delighted to see the murals.

Family members provided positive feedback as well. Residents and staff enjoyed transplanting some tomato seedlings from a local nursery. We will nurture them indoors until they are strong enough and until it is warm enough to be transplanted into planters around the community. We are thrilled to work with such an amazing group of nurses. It is an honor to be a nurse and to have an impact daily in the lives of those we help. It is also such a privilege to be able to know and care for the extraordinary people that live within our facility.

We took the opportunity to celebrate nurses the entire week in a variety of ways. Monday, staff were greeted in true Canadian fashion with donuts, muffins and coffee. On Tuesday and Thursday, staff were pampered with manicures, pedicures and massage treatments. On Wednesday, there was a staff BBQ and on Friday we ended the week with ice cream and a game of soccer baseball.

We also wanted to share the impact nurses have on our residents and each day. During meal times, we read comments from our residents about what the nurses mean to them. Lastly, we also took photos and put together a slideshow to celebrate the incredible team we work with.

We hope you enjoy some of the photos from our week and our video. We are so thankful for our team and the opportunity we have to make a positive impact every day!

The goal of this day was to educate and allow the staff and senior management of Southbridge Care Homes to get a better understanding of the beliefs, practices and rituals of the Anishiinabe Nation so that the home can better meet the needs of Anishinaabe residents and their families.

The day began by bringing everyone together to a common ground by summoning the Spirits through prayers and drumming.

From that point, the Elders provided insights into their spiritual beliefs and their relationship with the land and those who share the land. Stories were told of the everyday lives of the Anishinaabe people and the challenges they faced as the newcomers entered their land.

Also discussed was the Reconciliation path forward which is being forged today to ensure the Anishiinabe will be able to continue its role on this earth as deemed by the Creator. This training day was regarded by the Kenora Chiefs Advisory as being an important step forward in the reconciliation process. Dementia affects all of us. The burden of a diagnosis of dementia can be daunting and far reaching, and people involved experience a lot of fear when in comes to their changing future.

Discussing dementia can be difficult, and the fact that dementia knowledge is not entirely common builds on that fear. Knowledge is power, and by educating ourselves and those around us, we can speak candidly about dementia, reducing the fear of the unknown. The education began with an explanation and presentation about dementia, followed by a video. Topics covered included types of dementia, behaviors, interaction techniques, and progressions of dementia.

These topics are extremely important to dementia education, because there is always something new to learn. There were questions and comments from those that attended, providing interesting and beneficial matters to discuss. By participating in this education, it is our hope that people feel more equipped moving forward, whether they live with dementia themselves, have a loved one with dementia, or just want the education. The success of the night shows that we have an absolute need in the community for dementia education.

That, and the requests for more education, demonstrates the amount of people who are affected by dementia, and it is our hope that we can continue to host education nights for our community in the future. Remember, if you or a loved one is living with dementia, you are not alone. Parisien Manor invested in the purchase of robotic cats and empathy cats. They now provide a program called "Cuddle Buddies" where residents with dementia can interact with the cats and dolls.

This has lead to meaningful reminiscing of child rearing years, as well as discussion of being pet owners. The positive effect the cats and dolls have had on our residents goes without saying. Bob has been volunteer at Extendicare as well as other long-term care homes in Lindsay for several years.

He has brought so much joy to seniors in our community and states he will keep on doing it for as long as he can. Thank you for making the event possible! Clair College this month.

They shared their experiences in long term care with their peers. What a great way to promote the unique volunteer opportunities our homes have to offer! Its goal is to help foster meaningful interaction and reduce unnecessary suffering among patients, caregivers and their families.

It makes you realize the importance of "Let's Talk" to overcome the daily challenges. The patients, caregivers and families experience different challenges and frustrations. Simple tasks may take the patients longer to do or to remember. Caregivers and families who want to help gets frustrated as well.

It is essential for everyone to listen and to talk to each other while experiencing these challenges. Staff participated in an Ethics Educational Program all week. It was a insightful review of the basics and what to do when faced with an ethical dilemma. Completed activities were handed in for a treat of pop and chips of their choice.

We had a great response and it was a lot of fun. First year students from Fleming College and our very own Judy Molica, their instructor, participated in enjoyable exercise and are featured in the photo provided. The afternoon was enhanced when the Kirkland Lake Carnival Queen and her court made an appearance for the residents and posed for pictures.

All in all , a fantastic winter carnival experience was enjoyed by all residents participating. Tuesday January 17th the Activity Team hosted a casino night. It was very well attended and enjoyed by all! We played 4 different games, each round participants earned poker chips. At the end of the night the resident with the most poker chips won the grand prize. Our games were the slot machine on the IPads , craps, roulette red or black and elimination bingo.

We have decided to make this a monthly event and look forward adding a variety of games. In celebration of Activity Professional Week, we offered different social programs where residents, staff of all departments and family members were invited to share in the celebration!

Country Village in Woodslee managed by Extendicare Assist implemented the bed elimination initiative in the fall of Country Village has achieved percent bed rail elimination. They attribute their success to the education and communication with families, residents and staff. Everything from the beautiful building amenities and the thoughtfully designed suites to staff, programs, and services is focused on establishing an inviting, resident-centered atmosphere that men and women of all ages with dementia are happy to call home.

Here, we create an environment where residents still have purpose; they make decisions and do things they love. General Manager Tracy appreciates the trying and emotional nature of dementia, both for the individual diagnosed, and for his or her care partners.

At Riverbend Crossing, we practice an open door policy; family members are considered partners in the care of our loved ones. I think what makes us different is our strong activity program; everything is dementia-centered and, like our philosophy of care, resident-centered, too.

This commitment to resident-centered memory care is an important point of differentiation from other care homes, who typically offer a limited selection of services specially tailored for individuals with dementia.

Each and every Riverbend Crossing resident receives a personalized care plan, which takes into consideration key factors such as likes, dislikes, personal history, and physical limitations. Caregivers also have access to a support group that runs from September to June each year.

Our residents engage with the community, with each other, and with family. To generate awareness about statistics like these and educate about the realities of living with or caring for someone with dementia, the team at Riverbend works closely with its partner organization, the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan http: Riverbend Crossing is located in Regina at Heseltine Road.

One day, Dick was sitting visiting with his family near Reception and a lady approached him and thanked him for painting a picture of her dog. She asked me if I have a pet that he could paint as it keeps him occupied. I brought in a picture of my English Springer Spaniel, Molly, and two weeks later Dick presented me with a beautiful painting of her. We always chat about the English T. I recently visited my mother, Lucy there for a total of ten days and wanted to write a note of appreciation to the staff.

Having lived in the Sault for many years prior to moving to the west coast, I had always heard good things about the Van Daele, but really got to see it for myself as I hung out there with Mom and some of the staff. I would give it a five star rating if there was a scale to apply to it. My mother is extremely happy, loves the staff , enjoys the food and kids around with the registered nurses RNs and health care assistants HCAs as they busily perform their duties. Mom was always so serious when I was young so it does my heart good to see her sense of humour flourishing.

I think the home supplies the seniors with a very homey atmosphere, good food, kindness of heart and a very safe environment. About years ago, I cooked at the Davey home and we prided ourselves on the quality of food we served to the residents.

I have to say that my one meal there with mom really impressed me as I knew the utmost care had gone into the preparation of the turkey dinner served that night. It tasted absolutely delicious. The staff were patient and kind with me when my mother would re-introduce us for the 12th time, and the little touches like asking me if I wanted any juice or water or cookies when I was a visitor meant a lot to me in the sense that care in the little things are considered.

I would like to highly comment 2nd floor staff and all that they do as leaving the care of a loved one to an institution can be a very scary venture. Thanks for all that you do, from the registered nurses RNs to the health care assistants HCAs , to the ones who clean the place and provide other services. You are a well-oiled mechanism and my mind is at rest with my precious cargo of Mom on board with you.

Staff, residents, and families all pitch in to make it a great Christmas. For the third year in a row, Extendicare Tecumseh adopted a family or two from the Hiatus House which is a social service agency offering confidential intervention for families experiencing domestic violence. Linda and her husband Tim have taken upon themselves to raise funds to be able to provide each and every one of the residents of Tecumseh a gift of lotion for Christmas. They also partner up with St. Just for fun, residents and staff wore their ugly Christmas sweaters for one day close to Christmas.

Everyone had a good laugh at those who had sweaters to wear! Our residents and home are extremely grateful to all the efforts in spoiling the residents for the holiday, which they so deserve! They kicked off their vaccination campaign with a flufun and flufighter theme. They tried to make getting the flu shot fun and had props to help cheer residents and staff as they were immunized. They knew that their residents are resilient individuals that have been through a lot.

Extendicare Viking collaborates with other community managers to participate in a one day P. The day allowed for community managers to examine the possibilities of working together to be able to provide better support for our senior population in Viking and neighboring communities as well as within their own organization. Our Adopt a Resident for Christmas Program was a great success with contributions from staff, families and the Viking Community.

All of our residents received at least two gifts each on Christmas morning. Thank you for joining the program! I just felt it necessary to contact all of you today after hearing the news about the murders in the long-term care facility in London, I just wanted to again let all of you know how much I and all of my family appreciate the care that all of you give to our mother.

I know that your days are filled with stress and a lot of hard work. Some of it is not always pretty. You always amaze me that everyone is smiling and upbeat and always ready to help in anyway.

The facility is clean and so well kept. I can feel secure that even though I live some distance away, I know that she is in good hands. I can never tell you how much this means to me.

I can actually sleep at night. She is happy and contented in her surroundings and that means everything to me. I feared that I would never be this lucky and that she would be sad and unhappy being away from family, but she seems to thrive on her form of entertaining other residents and the staff as well. All of you take her humor in stride and she feels welcome and comfortable.

The staff from nurses, to personal support workers who also bathe and switch to help in the dining room if needed, to kitchen staff, to laundry facilities, to entertainment and all of the workers like yourself April who work behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smooth certainly deserve a round of applause.

As you know, we work very closely with each service provider in an effort to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care possible. While following up on issues or concerns that patients may have with a service provider is vital, we also believe that it is important to share compliments received from patients with our service providers. Nurse is always on time and we could not do without her.

Please share the positive feedback with the staff member s involved. They have demonstrated attributes to serve as role models. The article highlighted the Adult Day Program offered by Oakview Place which provides those who live in the community an opportunity to meet other individuals with similar interests, provide support to families and most importantly, enhances the lives of those in attendance by alleviating the boredom and loneliness some may feel everyday.

It is not uncommon to hear a lot of laughter coming form the group and cheering each other as they compete against each other. Resident HG said it was his first tub bath in many years as he prefers showers.

He said HCA filled the tub, settled him into the water, then dimmed the lights, turned on the battery operated candles on and the music. HG was teary eyed as he described his first Spa experience ever. For Halloween Extendicare Maple View had a costume fashion show for residents, staff and family. It was a blast and we saw some amazing costumes come out. The Legion provided the Colour Party and Piper as well some of their members merely came to watch which added to the service.

The members stood proudly with their medals shining brightly on their uniforms. Two Retirement residents read poems as well as a family member from the LTC side.

Our own Lilah Gilmer President of the Resident Council along with two daughters of one of our staff members who recently joined the Navy Cadets, laid the wreath on behalf of all residents. Staff member Joanne Schonauer laid the wreath on behalf of all staff.

Potter provided the prayer and blessing. Everything came together because of the caring people we have who surround us and who understand the importance of not only remembering but providing the opportunity for our residents to attend a service of their own.

It is said that it takes a village to raise children. It can also be said that it takes a village to help provide a better quality of life for our aging population. Resident Council President Rick Nowek and recreation staff enjoyed the excitement and business of our annual Christmas Bazaar. The Bazaar was a huge hit with our residents and involves a number of local private vendors who sell various crafts, jewelry, clothing, including homemade applesauce made by our staff and residents, and other knickknacks!

Our awards are intended to give our award recipients recognition for their exemplary acts of compassion, professionalism and commitment to our residents. These acts of kindness and compassion show how much they care, and we are proud to be able to give special recognition for their valuable contributions.

This was an opportunity to extend ourcongrats to of our staff receiving their five year service pin and to 6 individuals and teams who received formal awards. Residents had a great time at our annual Halloween Parade put on by the staff and our residents at Extendicare Eaux Claires.

One of the highlights from the event was the appearance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! We also had some of our volunteers participate — and even 3 of our pet therapy dogs who seemed to love their costumes. The local primary school was looking for spoons for their new breakfast program. The next morning we dropped off 50 new spoons from Extendicare.

It was nice to be able to help so easily! Each year, the OLTCA recognizes two Registered Nurses or Registered Practical Nurses who have demonstrated excellence in leadership and advancing nursing practices in long term care through measureable achievements in improving the quality, culture and value of resident care. Debbie is a great mentor and coach to the staff and encourages them on how to achieve their true potential. You can often find her sitting with staff, during their coding or education sessions, to ensure that they receive the support needed.

Her approach is welcoming and non- intimidating. Debbie, on behalf of all of us at Southbridge, we are so proud that you are a part of our team and thank you for your shining example to all of us! It has been almost a year since I moved my father moved into his new home at Extendicare, Lakefield. I remember the day clearly, as it was a roller coaster of emotions, both for me, for my father and for the rest of the family. Was it the right decision? What would Dad think?

Would the care be adequate? We soon found out that it was a remarkable place with an outstanding staff that provided excellent care. Dad was safe, happy and well looked after. What sets Extendicare apart are the extra things they do, and how the staff go out of their way to enrich the lives of people, despite their abilities. I wanted to speak to one such event that was hosted last weekend. On Saturday, November 26, , Extendicare hosted a craft sale, with 22 vendors from the community selling a variety of handmade items.

The event was a fundraiser for the Residents Council Fund. I had read about this event and inquired if I could assist my father at his own table. Leisa was very welcoming, and thought it would be a great opportunity for Dad. My father was a remarkable woodworker who created bowls, containers, cutting boards, furniture and a host of other creations over many years. When dementia slowly took over his life, Dad lost the ability to create; however, he retained his love of wood.

I set up Dad's table on Saturday morning with many items that he had created over the years. I then went to his room to remind him once again , that he was in a craft sale this morning. He was puzzled and uncertain. As we walked down the hallway towards the sale, I let Dad go ahead, and asked him if he knew which booth was his.

He looked ahead and said" hey, that's my stuff". Over the next four hours, a multitude of people, including staff, residents and the public chatted with Dad about his work. Many were in awe with the unique pieces he had created, and complimented him on his work. Dad sold a number of items, was able to respond to some questions, and even helped wrap the items that sold. While dad sat at his table, he carefully crafted his newest creation, a brightly coloured picture of an animal. He now colours pictures to pass the time.

I suppose this is how we adapt to life. I marveled as I watched many residents stroll among the tables, some just looking, others interacting and asking questions. What I took away from the day was the focus on ability, not disability and the importance of challenging oneself, despite dementia.

I am grateful to all of the Extendicare staff for their outstanding level of care, and their dedication to maintaining dignity among all residents. Special thanks to Debara, Leisa and Julie for their efforts, compassion and caring. The residents and programming staff worked hard to create many different items for sale.

There was a great turnout. Thank you for the superior care and attention you gave me during my brief stay with you. My expectations were far exceeded by an outstanding circle of care and the kindness, respect and love shown to me. Words cannot express my thoughts. All of you are amazing! True professionals with a caring, kind, compassionate attitude towards residents and their families. Keep up the fantastic work! On December 7th the Residents at Pine Meadow spent the afternoon out and about on a horse and wagon ride, courtesy of Hill View Farms, located near Peterborough.

All the residents enjoyed seeing the horses, decked out in their Santa hats, and many had stories to tell of their horses they grew up with. We were very lucky to have a quilt donated by Deborah Kelford which our Resident Barbara Ellsworth-Rosenblath sold raffle tickets on. Because of our rural area, these kind of events can be expensive, so we were very fortunate she worked so hard to help us raise the money for it.

The Residents enjoyed the visit so much we will be planning to have another visit come spring! Also, congratulations to Mary Fennel, who was the winner of the quilt! Those of us who missed the OLTCA event felt that we could not leave it at that and were determined to come here and continue celebrating Lillie Johnson in the place she calls home, our own Extendicare Rouge Valley.

We are proud to be part of your family. Born in Lillie is the epitome of the senior of today, one who continues to contribute to her community at any age, who sees age as a gift and not a challenge.

She has worked for more than 70 years caring for, teaching and working for her community. Because of her work, Sickle cell is routinely tested on newborns in Canada. Lillie got her grit and determination from her parents and especially her father who was also an advocate for others.

We continue to see that determination today through her interactions in her community. We would like to personally thank you Lillie for all the lives you have touched It is indeed a great privilege to have you as one of our own and we are grateful to Extendicare Rouge Valley for creating an atmosphere where our seniors can continue to thrive right into their 90s.

Our recreation staff asked the residents for their Christmas Wish List, and submitted that to London Drugs. The community then chose a senior from the tree, purchased the gift and returned it to London Drugs for delivery to the resident.

Because of the generosity of the community, each Extendicare Fort Macleod resident will have a present to open on Christmas day. Staff at Extendicare Scarborough celebrated Halloween Day by dressing up for the residents and competing in the Halloween Costume Contest again. The residents nominate the winners. The residents enjoy this Halloween Activity. After receiving our Resident Quality Inspection results, we pulled together a team from all departments to help work on peer auditing and compliance action plans.

The team is comprised of staff from all departments and our support team Brad Hall, Amie Vahrmeyer, and Heather Dubeck. Extendicare Maple View hosted paint night in October which was so popular we have decided to make it a monthly program for residents, family and staff. It is such a great way to bring the community together. This was a well done and very well organized event. Special thanks to residents John and Margaret for their hard work in putting on this event. Thank you also to Melissa, Karen, Randy, Barb, Stephen, Dietary staff, and all of the volunteers for making this event a success again.

This is the second year the residents have put on this event and the staff truly appreciate this event. Every staff received a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Happy Seniors Association. It included fair-type games such as a Photo Booth, a Kissing Booth guess the amount of Hershey kisses in a jar , a Feed the Clown game, Catch a Fish game, Plinko, Balloon Burst Dart Game , Human Hungry Hippo, and best of all, a Pie Face game where the managers were the key recipients of getting creamed in the face by the luck of a spinning dial.

Remembrance Day marks the date and time when armies stopped fighting World War I. Extendicare Mississauga had a Theme Week: September 19th - 23rd. Another hit was a donation by one of our staff, Mercy who brought an antique sewing machine. Families and staff were so gracious by offering to loan us their items for display, i. We present new case scenarios and work through possible solutions and approaches. We follow-up with previous cases and discuss lessons learned.

It is a wonderful support to our homes to be able to be the best provider of senior care and services. To My Caregivers Thank you for standing by me, and lending me your ear. For reaching out to help me, and simply being there. For holding me up when times were tough, by showing me you care.

Thank you for making me laugh and for giving me some hope. Extendicare Lakefield takes the opportunity each year during National Nurses Week to celebrate all staff working at the home. This year's event was a collaborative event.

The staff directed PTA, residents and manager's took the opportunity to plan special "treats" and special draw prizes each day to say "Thanks for all you do" The residents were thrilled to be involved this year making individual chocolates for staff. As you can see by the picture 3 of the resident's had a fabulous time delivering the chocolates along with the flowers from the PTA to the staff. Without prompting the residents quite eloquently stated. For the past four years the Extendicare Southwood Lakes Dietary Department have been saving all the milk bags used in the home for Rose a member of the Housekeeping Department.

She in turn makes mats with a community group for third world countries to put under their beds for water proofing. Here at Extendicare Southwood Lakes we help the environment and those less fortunate at the same time!

June wanted to make baby hats for premature babies in hospitals but was unable to use knitting needles due to limited mobility in her right hand. FJ Davey received recognition by Public Health for excellent communication and prompt reporting of suspected outbreaks. The cruise was on a beautiful afternoon on September 9th and no one had to wear a coat, in fact people had to put on sunscreen! The owner of North Channel Cruise Lines generously donated the 2 hour journey including drinks and snacks.

Living in a small community has its perks. The residents had a blast and want to do it again! The week started out with a meet-and-greet and photo op with members of the Moose Jaw Warriors hockey team.

Monday afternoon the St. Diva made herself quite at home with the residents. Wednesday, we celebrated our grand opening ceremony with local dignitaries and 91 year old Daphne Trueman, the 1st official resident here at West Park, cutting the ribbon. This photo also made the local newspaper! Thursday we held a fashion show with staff and family members as our models and Friday rounded out the week with a Harvest Dance in the Arbor.

It was an absolutely fabulous week full of fun, family and friends! There are so many of you to thank, too many names to mention I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone at Extendicare for the fantastic level of care given to my mother, Millie, over the last 7 years.

Everything that she needed was provided and more, everyone truly cared for and wanted the best for her. I am so happy that she was kept comfortable during this time. There is no doubt that all of you do great things each and every day, making a difference in the lives of all.

We loaded up residents, family members and staff and off we went clip clopping down the street. A fun event that has become a tradition. The event will take place from 7: What better way to bring in a new year than with old and new friends, comraderie, great music and a wonderful evening all while supporting a charitable event? Ticket price includes all food, drink, music, and party favors and there will be a lot of great music.

April 14 - 1 to 3 PM, Song-writing with an emphasis on arrangement and performance. I'm proud to say that these days I am in Nanci Griffith's band. I played on her latest CD, a collection of period type songs, called "Ruby's Torch".

On these 'Nanci Griffith' dates, I'm primarily just the guitar player but I will be doing a few of my own things with her band from time to time. For details go to: He's doing well, however it has been a long challenging recovery. Medical expenses not covered by insurance have continued to mount. Now, Minnesota musicians are answering the call that began at friendsofmichaeljohnson. All proceeds from ticket sales to benefit the "Friends of Michael Johnson" fund.

Michael's many Minnesota friends are lining up to perform. Acts currently scheduled to appear include: Michael will perform a couple of songs as well. Due to the nature of event, artist lineup is subject to change. The autograph session starts at 6PM. Now 40 years later, we celebrate the annual return of the renowned singer, songwriter and guitarist to Bjorling Recital Hall.

I'm so sorry to have to cancel my October tour. Like the kid who calls home from college, the first thing I have to say is "I'm OK mom, I'm not dying". I'm not old enough to have shingles yet, am I? Well, I guess so. The evil twin of chickenpox has grabbed me and I'm definitely not suitable for public viewing. Anyone wanna come fluff up my pillow?

I wish you all well, I wish I could be there and I wish these pain pills would kick in soon. I'm so sorry to report that I won't be playing any dates in November either. The shingles thing has nailed me hard. The rash is gone from my face but I still have the "little rivers of fire" as I call them. It makes meditation a bit of a chore. But I'll get through it all and I can't tell you how much I look forward to singing and playing and traveling again.

Guess I needed a break. Anyway, I won't be playing the following: Eddie's Attic in Atlanta Nov Hawthorne FL Nov Wonderful sort of neo-traditional stuff. Haunting vocals and songs that are really about something, if you know what I mean. I'm sorry not to be there, but there's no need for you to miss out. Try not to miss him there. It's a fundraiser for the chamber orchestra and it will be a cool event. This is a cool venue!

The concert is a benefit for The Friends of the Animal Shelter, a great cause. As always it's a star studded cast of thousands. I'll be doing 2 songs, one of them with my son Leo: