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Rato of regularising an unjustified and dubious money flow in Judging by events sorrounding her choice of law firms, its been a pretty weekus horribilis for Yvette Hamilius. Emili Cuatrecasas has pleaded guilty to 8 tax-evasion charges and settled with the State Prosecutor: Sadly for Plazas, two different lawyers for Cuatrecasas have argued quite the contrary: The case relates to Mr. According to the deceptive publicity of the ignominious Luxembourg-based company, the named firm had been involved in preparing the sham Equity Release product.

The Lex Life Capital Assurance-Spain is an excellent, tax compliant way of mitigating tax exposure and safeguarding inheritance tax. Cuatrecasas strongly denies any involvement with the above and has confirmed to lawyers acting for the victims that they are considering legal action against the company, or their successors.

The man of the picture is unique in that he has sold Equity Release for not one, but two banks! His first post was with Landsbanki Marbella wherefrom his scaremongering tactics bought immense success to his company. Although years have passed since this young-ish looking gallant banker posed for the defunct magazine, you may still be able to guess who he is within this list.

Deutsche Bank will have to repay over 3 million Euros to 49 customers who invested, through this bank, inLehman Brothers, Landsbanki and Kaupthing toxic financial products. In spite of an earlier dismissal of the claim by a Court of First Instance, the Madrid Appeal Court considers that the bank failed in its statutory duties towards their clients: But they are not, and dishonest Mr.

Max believes she should go for it, while Regine warns that she could destroy her friendship. Khadijah decides that she isn't ready to take such a big step, and asks for time to re-evaluate the relationship.

Overton helps Synclaire study for her accounting exam in the hopes of making time with her, despite the fact that he knows nothing about the subject. He is discouraged when Synclaire following Khadijah's plight announces that she would never date a friend. Khadijah receives flowers from an unexpected source. I lost these ages ago. He looked the same. He smelled the same.

Next thing I know, he kissed me, and my clothes fell off! You're obsessed with revenge. Getting to them before they get to you. Synclaire is angry when she is passed over for a promotion. When Khadijah asks her to define the type of job she is seeking, Synclaire's friends help her to realize that she would like to become the office manager. Khadijah insists that Synclaire cannot handle such a responsibility.

She adds that, given Synclaire's frequent blunders, she probably would have been fired if she weren't the boss's cousin. Synclaire quits in a huff, and lands a job at Turkey Hut. Synclaire's replacement at Flavor , Mrs. Ryan, is efficient but extremely cold and impersonal.

When Synclaire comes to the office to retrieve her belongings, she helps Mrs. Ryan find a file by explaining that her filing system is based on emotions. Things that will make Khadijah happy are in the front of the cabinet, while those that will upset her are hidden in the back. Khadijah realizes that Synclaire's sweet, cheerful personality makes up for her incompetence.

She re-hires her as Vice President of Office Affairs she had already quit the Turkey Hut after learning the contents of the turkey nuggets , and allows her the honor of firing Mrs. Khadijah and Synclaire act out the episode with troll dolls. I got a job.

Hey, has anyone asked you why you crossed the road today? During a game of "Truth or Challenge," Kyle mocks the women for their tendency to snipe at each other. Regine points out that he talks about Overton behind his back, and Max reveals that Kyle was annoyed when Overton tagged along on his date. This leads to a blowout fight, and Overton decides to move out. Synclaire asks him to stay at the girls' apartment, much to Regine's chagrin.

When Overton goes into the bathroom to shave, he accidentally sees Khadijah naked. He apologizes constantly, and she suggests that he relax. She urges him to stand up to Kyle. This advice backfires, as Kyle arrives moments later and asks Overton to return to the apartment.

Overton refuses to move back until Kyle apologizes. He begins to drive all the girls crazy with his annoying habits, so they try to bribe Kyle into giving in. Kyle refuses, but pretends the toilet is clogged so that Overton will have to come to the apartment. They realize they have forgotten the reason for their dispute. The girls compare embarrassing stories about Khadijah, but Synclaire's is the topper. Embarrassing stories about Khadijah. You vote to have him here, he sees you naked. Everybody liked the card: The girls force Khadijah to take a road trip to Atlantic City for her birthday, although she would much rather stay home.

Max's driving leaves Khadijah nauseous, so she decides to stay in the room while the others check out the casino. She gives Synclaire twenty dollars to gamble for her.

Max snatches the money away and wins dollars. When Khadijah comes downstairs, Max fears that she will want to take her money back. She and Regine ask Synclaire to distract Khadijah. After a chance meeting with comedian Flip Wilson, Khadijah catches up to Max, who convinces her to let the money ride. Khadijah piles up a mountain of chips, is surrounded by admirers, and wins the million- dollar sweepstakes from Ed McMahon presented by two scantily clad men.

She awakens in the back seat of the car to learn that she actually lost all her money, became drunk and unruly, and was thrown out of the casino. She reminds her friends that she didn't want to celebrate her birthday, and vows revenge.

The girls ask Kyle and Overton to water their plants while they are away, but Kyle decides to raid the refrigerator. Chaos ensues when Kyle spills Kool-Aid on the couch and a panicked Overton breaks a lamp. Ed McMahon and Flip Wilson present their catch phrases.

It got to the point where I was scared to say anything. Look who's getting picky about where she sleeps. The dream seemed so real. Stacey, the Flavor photographer, is unable to supply any cheerful photos for the holiday issue because she is depressed and angry over a break-up with her boyfriend. Khadijah tries to cheer her up by inviting her to hang out with the girls. When she meets Kyle, they immediately take a liking to each other. Kyle falls head over heels, but Stacey is not interested in another serious relationship.

Khadijah and Synclaire ask her to break up with him before he gets hurt. Stacey is unable to go through with it, and shows up at Thanksgiving dinner on Kyle's arm. Max can no longer stand to watch Kyle make a fool of himself. She takes him to the kitchen and warns that Stacey is using him. Kyle tests Stacey by asking her to come to his parents' house for Christmas, and she promptly breaks up with him.

Everyone struggles to boost Kyle's spirits, and he later thanks Max for looking out for him. Max loads up on leftovers and talks with Kyle. I don't know the words. People got together every day on The Love Boat.

Except for Isaac, who only fell in love when they could find a black woman. She's not worth it. Good Lord, he's ugly when he cries. After Regine has her purse snatched on the subway, the girls ask Overton to install better locks in their apartment. A nervous Synclaire and Regine insist on sleeping in Khadijah's room. They are stirred by a noise from downstairs, and discover a prowler in the kitchen. Khadijah startles him and drives him from the apartment; but after the girls run up to the guys' apartment, the burglar returns and cleans them out.

Frustrated by the police's inability to get any leads on the case, they have Overton install an alarm system and bars on the windows, and ask the guys to stay over for several nights. However, they remain on edge.

When Regine goes into the kitchen for a midnight snack, Synclaire freaks out and runs out of the apartment, triggering the alarm. The girls realize that, despite the unpleasant reality of crime, they cannot turn the apartment into a fortress. They volunteer for Neighborhood Watch. Lily the attack pig. I've got a whole box of dusty condoms sitting upstairs. Criminals have guns, okay?

The only thing that men have that we don't isn't gonna stop a bullet. Michael Synclaire is distraught because none of her friends seem to be in the holiday spirit. She manages to convince everyone to come together for a tree-trimming party, but the gathering breaks up quickly when Max gets a hot date, and the others are bogged down by work commitments.

As her friends discover the thoughtful gifts Synclaire has left for them, they return to the apartment to thank her, only to discover that she is gone.

However, she has left a detailed map leading them to her location. They find her at a bar, where her sunny demeanor has cheered the lonely bar patrons, who are now singing Christmas carols. Everyone apologizes to Synclaire for taking her for granted and failing to appreciate the holiday season. Meanwhile, Overton schemes to catch Synclaire under the mistletoe. Starfish come from the water, and people are mostly water.

And starfish have five limbs, and people have five limbs if you count the head. Oh, it was beautiful. And when my father finished mopping up, we got some fake snow. It actually worked out even better. Don't you believe it! Khadijah hires a handsome and charming man named Xavier St.

John as her new writer, without bothering to read his articles or check his references. Xavier constantly compliments Khadijah and seeks her attention, so her friends suggest that he is attracted to her. When Khadijah and Xavier share a cab, he seems to be coming on to her. Khadijah leans in to kiss him, but he pulls away and says that he is not interested. When Xavier turns in his first article, Khadijah is stunned to discover that he does not possess any writing ability.

He claims that she is punishing him for rejecting her advances, and threatens to sue her for sexual harassment. Khadijah decides that the quality of her magazine should not suffer because of her error in judgment. She fires Xavier and dares him to sue her, noting that any judge who read his work would sentence him to remedial English class. Xavier announces that a suit wouldn't be worth the trouble.

Overton discovers a box of 19th century love letters under the floor in Regine's room. Regine learns that she could receive dollars for the letters, but Overton and Synclaire obey the man's wishes by burning the evidence of his forbidden love. Regine tries to replace the love letters. Shoot, she's paying for it! You didn't check his references. Khadijah, the next time I staple your papers at the wrong angle, cut me some slack, okay?

While the girls are at the cafe, an attractive young man named Brendan approaches Max. He is an NYU freshman who met her at the job fair, and asks for the opportunity to discuss points of the law. Khadijah insists that Brendan is hitting on Max. Max later admits that Brendan asked her out. After her friends make many, many jokes, Max claims that she turned Brendan down.

A few days later, the girls catch Max at the cafe with him. Khadijah is angry with Max for lying, but Max points out that her friends were not exactly supportive. When Regine opines that Max is ashamed of Brendan, she agrees to bring him to a party for Flavor advertisers which Regine has planned, despite her complaints about Khadijah's dollar budget.

Max is less than forthcoming about Brendan's age, so he storms out. She follows him into the elevator to apologize, and concedes that her behavior is immature. She decides not to let others' opinions dictate her actions. Kyle is distraught when he learns that he needs glasses. He refuses to wear them, but changes his mind when he identifies a party guest across the room as his future wife, only to find that it is Max.

Overton levitates to avoid stepping on Kyle's contacts. My, when you were twenty-one, he was fourteen. When you were fourteen, he was seven. The one with the blue triangle dress? Kyle convinces Overton to double date with his old girlfriend and her cousin, Summer. Overton and Summer hit it off at dinner, but he feels as though he is cheating on Synclaire.

Kyle reminds him that Synclaire has never shown any romantic interest in him, and encourages him to ask Summer out.

When the girls run into Overton and Summer, Synclaire becomes very sad. After she makes many catty remarks about Summer and her hat, her friends suggest that she is jealous, and encourage her to make a move. Synclaire refuses to interfere, and instead hurts Overton's feelings by sending a tape deck he was to repair to Dr. The girls urge her to share her feelings with Overton. After he sends Summer away, Synclaire asks him to come downstairs.

She initially tries to say something profound, but finally gives up and plants a kiss on him. Meanwhile, the upstairs neighbors annoy Khadijah and Regine by having sex constantly. The girls are impressed to learn that an elderly couple is responsible. When the couple moves away, a very handsome man rents the apartment, and soon has Khadijah, Regine and Max drawing battle lines. Like those curls are natural! And did you see that hat?

Who is she, Mary Poppins? Somebody had a little Meow Mix this morning. There's lots of ways to handle being manless. I can do nothing but pamper myself and shop constantly. Or I could develop a cold, hard shell and lash out at my friends with my icy wit. Or I could just get so involved with my work I just eliminate my social life altogether. They'll know what to do. Overton and Synclaire's relationship gets off to a rocky start, thanks to bad advice from their friends.

Regine tells Synclaire that her aggressive behavior kissing Overton will drive him away, while Kyle convinces Overton to show up late for their date to the flea market to avoid seeming needy.

Both believe they have been stood up, and sulk for days. Khadijah, Max and Regine continue to throw themselves at Hamilton, especially after learning that he is a medical student. Regine cooks him a gourmet meal, while Khadijah purposely allows Hamilton to tie the ball up and put his hands all over her during their one-on-one game in the hallway. Kyle decides to throw a party to get Overton and Synclaire back together, and entices the others to come by inviting Hamilton.

Overton and Synclaire apologize for the misunderstanding, and Hamilton asks Khadijah out for drinks. Unfortunately, he proves to be too good to be true--he is a cheapskate and a bore. How come you get to go after a man and I can't? That's why bras come in different sizes. Michael Synclaire wins a trip for two to the Bahamas from a radio trivia contest, but cannot decide who should accompany her. Khadijah and Overton irritate her so much with their petty bickering and attempts to manipulate her that it nearly drives her crazy.

Regine advises her to stand up for herself and not let the duo's behavior affect her. Synclaire becomes so fed up that she tells Overton and Khadijah that she is taking Regine on the trip.

At her beach-themed party selected because the heat was out of control , Regine bows out and urges Khadijah and Overton to stop pressuring Synclaire. Regine claims her act is one of genuine kindness, but a man had actually asked her to go to Aspen the same week as Synclaire's trip. Synclaire selects Overton, and Khadijah is proud that her cousin is growing up because she dumped her for a man. Kyle and Max continually play practical jokes on one another to screw up each other's love lives.

Max believes Kyle has gone too far when he invites Goldie to the party. Kyle suggests that their hostility might be a sign that there is something else between them; but when Max seems to consider this, he shouts "Gotcha! Kyle gets the law involved in his dispute with Max.

She is so easy. Tell us something we don't know. And fam means you take care of them when they're sick, you help them when they're down, and you take them to the Bahamas! Khadijah's college friend Jackie comes to town for an audition. She stays at the girls' apartment, and convinces Khadijah to give her a job at Flavor. Max is extremely jealous, and warns that Jackie is an opportunist who will hit Khadijah up for a loan.

In college, Jackie convinced Max and Khadijah to start a sandwich business, only to drop it after two weeks. Khadijah is furious at Max for interfering in her affairs. A few days later, Jackie asks Khadijah to loan her money for a tattoo business. Khadijah turns her down, and orders her to return the dollars she had borrowed from Synclaire. She tells Jackie that she needs to get her priorities straight and stop changing directions every few weeks.

Jackie decides to go mooch off her parents. Just as Max boasts that Jackie never comes through, talk show host Arsenio Hall shows up at the apartment for the interview Jackie had promised to arrange. Overton buys several fish for the apartment. Kyle grows attached to them, and decides to get his own fish, Kyle Barker.

When the new fish eats all the others, a guilt-ridden Kyle buys Overton a puppy, even though Kyle is allergic to dogs. Outtakes and photos with Arsenio.

I feel the same way about LeVar Burton. I have this friend at work, April.