Banished from the Blackjack Ball

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The star, who was with a male passenger at the time, was allegedly repeatedly asked to get out of his vehicle, but he refused, according to prosecutors. Vaughn spokesman Alan Nierob declined to comment, saying in an email to The Post: View author archive Get author RSS feed. Vaughn was ultimately detained and arrested — and then later released after posting bail. If convicted, Vaughn faces up to days in county jail. The case was investigated by the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

Most Popular This Week 1. Bill Cosby laughs before going into custody. ABC accused of playing dirty in bid to win network news war. Bill Cosby sentenced to prison for sexual assault. All the verbal bans I ever receive at the blackjack tables end with a cordial invitation to play the slot machines.

In blackjack, you are dealt two cards. The goal is drawing as near to 21 as possible without going over. The dealer plays his hand according to a set of house rules. The highest hand wins and the money moves accordingly. The guesswork and risk and passion of the game revolve around that next card coming out of the shoe.

What will it be? Will it make your hand and double your money? Will it bust you? Your instincts will start to bend your mind in one direction or another in that moment, searching for a justification to hit or stay. If a raft of low cards have just come out, it seems reasonable to assume a big card is due, and vice versa. A guy named Ed Thorp had those same fragile instincts. Using early computers, Thorp examined whether keeping track of the cards could lend itself to gaining an advantage over the game.

Thorp was a numbers man, and he arrived at a startling discovery. With some basic mental gymnastics, you can gain a clear advantage over the game. His conclusions were published in the book Beat the Dealer in , marking the birth of card counting. There are different tracking methods, but odds are that Affleck was using the most prevalent counting method, called Hi-Lo. So you do a lot of adding and subtracting ones, and when and if that number starts climbing into higher positive territory, you start to gain an advantage over the casino.

Over time you win—not more hands, just more money. Why aces and faces? Aces favor the player because when you get a blackjack, you win three dollars from the casino for every two that you bet, but when the dealer gets blackjack, she only gets to take your original two dollars. More faces mean that the dealer is more likely to bust. Remember that while you can stop drawing cards at any time, the dealer is compelled to keep taking cards until she has reached at least Ed Thorp published his guide to beating blackjack.

The book went gangbusters. Only then did the game become wildly popular. The casinos must have been torn. Curtain opens on a windowless room full of heavyset men in suits thick with Jersey accents and hair grease standing over a boardroom table, wringing their hands over this changing of the tide. But the downside is that if the bastards actually know what they are doing, they will beat it? What to do, what to do? The casino has engaged in a push-and-pull tug of war with patrons of the game ever since.

They want to keep the game technically beatable without actually taking a beating. They are forever playing cat and mouse with themselves by adjusting rules to attract patrons away from other casinos or alternately to limit the advantage of skilled players at the table. This is how the game has evolved to having all kinds of rules and variations. After a half century of this tomfoolery, the game is still offered, and it is still beatable.

The casinos make money hand over fist by keeping it beatable. And by god, Ben Affleck wants to beat it. As of now, he is still being allowed to play per casino management. This is the one instance where notoriety might play to the favor of a card counter. Good on you, Ben. Basic strategy is not only statistically proven, and not only is it welcome at casinos, it is provided as a courtesy on a little plastic card at most casinos and openly discussed among players and staff at the tables.

Dealers will tell you the correct play if you ask. That is a fairly aggressive 1 to spread. I imagine they might have tolerated a very respectable 1 to 20 spread from him for a much longer time, but then again, maybe Ben has a day job that keeps him from the time commitment.

Card counting is about mitigating risk to make for a successful career. What could Ben have done differently?

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