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Ray passed after battling the devistating effects of ALS. Warren loved to ride and was also a big car enthusiast and an avid sailor. The Last Adventure of Indiana Jones. See also Escape Rooms in Sydney. His obituary said, "Barry never met a stranger, gave the best hugs, and had a great sense of humor. She will be missed but never forgotten. He loved to ride and enjoyed every minute of it.

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Breakout Nashville Escape Games: C-Block, The Inheritance, Vaccine. Also surviving are many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.

Seattle East-Side Chapter Member since Owen passed away on Thursday the 16th of October, Owen had been fighting health issues for many years. Member of the North Moravian Chapter. Eva with her husband Jiri have been members of the North Moravian Chapter, Czech republic since For thirteen years she has been an active member and has brightened the lives of all who knew her.

Those that had the good fortune of knowing her can say that she was full of life and always had a positive outlook and always had a smile on her face no matter what the situation was. She was always accompanied by her husband, Jiri, in all activities of SCRC and will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

Although she is no longer with us physically she will live on in the memories of those that had the fortune of calling her a friend, she will live on forever remembered and in our hearts. Their family, together with the SCRC membership of Texas, took a double dose of loss when Gecko and Red both passed to cancer so close to each other.

Gecko proudly served 21 years in the US Air Force and loved hopping on his bike with Red; riding alongside the best of friends down beautiful winding roads.

Gecko fought an unimaginably difficult battle for survival. Although his spirit was strong, his body just couldn't endure any more. Red was married to her best friend, Gecko, for 32 and a half years.

Warm and welcoming, she always made you feel like you were part of her family. She was always staying positive no matter what the obstacle might be. Red lived her life with a passion for adventure and creativity. Together, Gecko and Red shared a mass of adventures out on the open road and in all things.

They are deeply missed by family and friends. Ruby was a sweet lady who fought hard and with dignity against her battle with cancer. She was one of the most gracious people and always smiling. She was a very active member of Conroe since joining in as a passenger, and eventually learned to ride her own.

Ruby you will be missed by many. Your SCRC family and friends have been touched by your smiles, company, and grace. Steve was a brick mason by trade, but the man could build anything, fix anything, second only to MacGyver. He loved riding his motorcycle with his friends and rode with the Southern Cruisers Riding Group which helped raise many dollars for the St.

Jude Hospital and he made the trip to Tennessee twice to give rides to the kids. Like that of no other, he was a man of extraordinary patience, integrity and love.

He said very few words, but when he did talk, you better listen! His BBQ ribs were mean, but we would never give him anything but 4th place-we did not want him to stop practicing!

Steve was a father of two, but a father figure to many! Steve was loved dearly and will be missed by too many to count. Joseph passed away due to injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident. He was a devoted husband, loving father and a local business owner of Metro Sound Pros. He lived life with passion and loved spending time with friends and family. Joseph is survived by his beloved wife Abygail and son Cole Joseph; his parents, Frank and Patricia; sister, Brooke as well as countless friends and family.

Joe tragically lost his life on his way home from a chapter ride with his Orange County Chapter of the Southern Cruisers.

The memories we have during our time together will stay with us always, may you rest in peace dear friend. On April 5th the Central Florida Chapter was saddened by the sudden loss of a good member and friend. Patrick McGuire always seemed in good spirits and I'm sure that was because he was riding his bike when he was with us. I hear he also enjoyed riding his bicycle and it was after a very long bicycle ride that he succumb to a heart attack at home. We like to think that Patrick brought up our chapter's "nice ness" level, I hear Canadians can do that for you.

Patrick is survived by his four daughters and girlfriend Debbie. After graduating, he moved to Texas where he lived until when he returned to Cross City to marry Linda. He spent 35 years driving an 18 wheel truck, hauling freight of various kinds. He was a general aviation pilot and enjoyed flying, riding his motorcycle, riding in his boat and spending time with his children and grandchildren. He is survived by his wife, Linda; twin sons, Michael and David and son Jason ; daughters, Teresa and Janelle; brother, Glen; eleven grandchildren and ten great- grandchildren.

He was currently working in construction as a truck driver. We lost Kathy in a tragic accident which also threatened the life of her husband Buzzy. Craig, Gavin, and Madison Cooke; three brothers: She was a wife and mother-loved life to the fullest. Her pride and joy was her family. She had a multitude of friends that loved her very much. She loved her extended family of the Southern Cruisers, and her extended camping families.

She will be missed by many. Ken was a Marine and a combat veteran of Vietnam. He passed from complications caused by exposure to agent orange. He was a member for a little over a year and only had the opportunity to attend one event which was our Christmas picnic. He was an instrumental member and supporter of the chapter and rarely missed a Wednesday "Geezer" ride.

He, and his wit, will be missed by all who knew or came in contact with him. Loving Father, grandpa, and very dear friend to all that knew him. Willie loved to ride, and ride he did ,most of the U. Tragically, Willie passed away doing the very thing he love to do, riding his bike. Marvin was security guard for Georgia Pacific and unfortunately due to his hours, could not ride much with the chapter.

He had a great laugh and was always smiling. Steve spent some of his early years in California and moved to Powell, Oklahoma in where he attended and graduated from Kingston High School in They resided in Powell for 32 years before moving to Willis in where he lived the remainder of his life.

Steve worked at Michelin for 30 years where he was the Membrane Shop Manager. He loved fishing, traveling and scuba diving. Cherilyn passed away after her battle with cancer. While the cancer took Cherilyn from us, it never crippled her love for others or silenced her courage.

It will also never take our memories of Cherilyn. Her friends loved her, and everyone she met was instantly her friend. She had the love of her husband, Merle, and the many members of her family including her son, daughter, step-children, brother, sisters, thirteen grandchildren and great grandchild.

Cherilyn will be missed by her family and friends. Richard, a long-time member was the clubs safety officer and was continually reminding members to properly maintain their bikes for optimum riding. He, a US Army Retiree had one trademark: A big smile on his face.

He was the first to volunteer whenever a fellow member or rider needed help. He enjoyed riding and working on motorcycles as well as working on and racing go-karts. He was most passionate about spending time with his family, especially coaching his grandchildren in Football. Jack was preceded in death by two siblings, Mike and Alva. His memory will forever be treasured by his beloved wife of forty-two years, Judy; parents, Jimmie and Doris; children, Juanita and Jennifer; grandchildren, Crystal, CJ, Dewayne and Jack; and great grandchild, Hannah.

Debby died peacefully at home surrounded by family and friends after a courageous battle with cancer. Survivors include her husband, George; daughter, Brandy; son, Tommy; mother, Marion; sister, Kim; brother, Bobby; step-son, Luke; step-daughter; and her beloved pugs, Norma Jean and Willie.

After Debby graduated from Lapeer High School in , she worked for the State of Michigan from to and retired after 33 years. She loved quilting, watercolor painting, cooking, gardening, teaching sewing classes and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoyed spending the winters in Florida with her husband George and mother Marion.

Like her father, she was an avid Tigers fan and watched each and every game of the season. Debby rarely put herself first and was always reaching out and doing things for other people, never expecting anything in return.

Her kind and gentle nature, wisdom, and generosity will forever be missed by those that loved her. Lucie was one of the victims of the terrible and tragic train derailment in Lac Megantic. Lucie has been described as a much loved daycare worker and a very active member in the Lac Megantic chapter. One of the other members stated that Lucie had told them that she had said that she loved her bike and riding so much that she would sell her house before she would sell her bike.

Born Aug 11, , the 3rd child of D. He was preceded in death by both parents and brother D. Boone was a member of Etowah River for many years, and was currently a Proud member of Lost Mountain Ken passed after battling Liver Cancer for more than a year. He leaves behind his loving wife Linda. He was a charter member of our chapter joining in and also a charter member of Rolling Thunder. The Hill City Chapter of Lynchburg, Virginia lost a brother and a great member and a dear friend.

Mourning her loss is her beloved husband, Ted. Cat was the loving mother of Kathie, Sean and Lori. She will be sadly missed by many grandchildren, nieces and nephews, close family and friends. Although her life ended much too soon, she lived life to its fullest.

She believed in "Joie de Vivre" Joy of Life and lived everyday that way. She loved travelling all over the world, yachting, camping, motorcycling, reading and spending precious time with her 9 granddaughters.

Cat and Ted enjoyed many great winters together, and shared many special moments with friends and family at their second home in Florida. She was a devoted teacher for many years and retired as a principal at Nesbitt Public School. She was acknowledged for her commitment to volunteering by being bestowed with Greater Sudbury's Civic Award for Volunteerism in Crystal succumbed after a long battle with cancer.

Crystal was a strong and determined person and when she decided to do something she did it. She was a very social person and always had friends around her. She loved to ride and be involved with the biking community. I know she will be missed. Crystal is survived by her two sons, Chad and Casey and a Daughter Chelsea.

Robert joined North Georgia chapter in January of Although only being a member only a short time he fit in quickly. He was active with the chapter making almost all rides and social events. When a member had problems, Robert was first to jump in and help.

He is a Brother that will surely be missed. Kenny Branson left us at age 53 after a fight with Cancer. He had been a member since Kenny left his wife Melody and son Malakai and loved riding almost as much as he loved his family.

He always had some quick wit and a hilarious come back to make any thing a laughable event. Greezel fought a long and tiresome battle with cancer but she never quit having hope that one day she would be able to ride again with the chapter. She and her husband Alfredo shared a passion for riding Harley Davison motorcycles, enjoyed going to the beach and spending time with family and friends. She always had a positive outlook on life and always had a smile on her face no matter what the situation was.

Even though she had only been a member for a few years, Greezel gave everyone she met a determination to strive for a better outlook on life. Greezel is survived by her husband - Alfredo, daughter - Daniela, several family members and grandchildren.

She loved life and will be missed by all who knew her. Martinez, best known as Joe Honolulu, passed away at home on March 1, with Linda and Dominique at his side. He grew up in Kalihi Valley the eldest of seven children. Upon graduation from Farrington High School he joined the Navy. He proudly served in Vietnam from June to September His last duty assignment was on the USS Hissem. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about any product he was selling but never pushy.

He moved to Washington 17 years ago, immediately feeling at home. His true passion was motorcycles, specifically the American made Victory brand. He rode with anyone riding any make of motorcycle, the important thing was to be out there taking the twisties - See more at: Arnold was an avid Steelers fan growing up in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. In he lost his first wife Deb. Arnold especially enjoyed riding up to Helen, Georgia.

Arnold was also a true Patriot and wanted to join the Armed Forces but was unable to do so. Arnold joined the Patriot Guard and assist in missions whenever he could. We will always think of Arnold when riding thorough the North Georgia Mountains and remember his easy manner and infectious smile.

May the road rise up to meet you my friend and the wind always be at your back! Rest in Peace Arnold! Don was a member and first officer in Tennessee, before his relocation to Florida for his retirement with his wife Cindy.

Don was ask and served as the Assistant State Officer of Florida. Sometime later Don ,took over as the State Officer of Florida. No man was more dedicated to the SCRC and worked tirelessly to make improvements. A man devoted to serving mankind as a Marine and later as a paramedic. He loved life and his family, but most of all he enjoyed riding his V-Star with the Southern Cruisers. When he found out he had cancer and would not live long he put his bike in storage to be given to his grandson "Hammer" when he becomes old enough to ride.

Bucky joined the SCRC right after his wife passed away in and we became his family. Anytime something was needed to be done he was right there to help. He was Second Officer of our chapter for a couple of years and helped out tremendously during the fill the trailer toy drive for St. Bucky was more than a friend to all who knew him and he could make the worst ride seem like one of the best.

Even after he became disabled with cancer he always wanted to know how the ride went every week. He made this world a better place for all who were fortunately enough to know him. During his life he worked in law enforcement, as an EMT, and as a dispatcher..

Jim, 63, passed away February 22, with his family at his side. Jim was born June 15, in Fresno, CA. He joined the U. Jim attended Centralia College and became a forester in Hoodsport, where he retired in He was very active in his short life and joined multiple motorcycle and car clubs. He took his two boys hunting, fishing and camping. Jim also drove school bus for the Rochester Schools for five years. Jim is survived by his wife and 2 sons; brother, Will, and 2 sisters, Carole Jensen and Donna Hudson.

He was preceded in death by his father and mother. Stephen died peacefully at his home surrounded by his family, following a long and courageous battle with cancer. A licensed New Hampshire land surveyor and professional engineer, Mr. He was instrumental in the design of the expansion of the runway system at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. He previously worked as an independent land surveyor for many years.

He enjoyed riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, golfing, spending time with his family and had an interest in following politics.. Robert was taken from us as the result of a motorcycle accident while traveling to Florida to visit his family. Robert never met a stranger and was a joy to be around. He leaves behind his wife of 31 years, Jill, and 2 children. Robert was a gentle giant and will never be forgotten by those who knew him. It is with great sadness we announce the sudden passing of Carol Ann at her home, in Stouffville in her 59th year.

She is survived by her mother Margaret, sister Janette, brother James and sister Margaret. Carol Ann will be sorrowly missed by her by all of her family and friends she has left behind. A special thank you to those friends who remained close to her throughout her life. Chester, was one of the founding members of Sudbury Chapter In his retirement, Chester put a lot of miles on his Harley over the years.

He was always there to offer advice to younger, less seasoned riders and was very supportive of his Chapter.

Also survived by his two sisters, Marilyn and Judy. He will sadly missed but fondly remembered. Donnie loved life, especially when riding. He was a simple man that always had a smile and a hug waiting for everyone and a passion for banana pudding.

Donnie was always ready to ride, whenever, wherever with who ever would go. He is missed by his immediate family and greatly missed by his club members and close riding buddies. Rest easy our friend, until we meet again. Highland Rim Chapter has lost a great member. Gary Birdman Layne went to be with the Lord on Dec 2 Gary has been a member from Aug 24 and was a road Caption and lead many rides. He also had his own band and was their lead singer.

He loved riding his bike and playing his music. Gary will be missed. Joe was a friendly and personable guy who always had a big smile and a hearty laugh. He loved to ride his Goldwing and spoke often about his travels, exploring the country with friends and his son, Jeff.

He was a skilled tradesman who spent a great deal of his time in retirement sharing his skills with young apprentice welders. He enjoyed teaching and found it very rewarding. Jim is survived by his wife Renee of 16 years and his son Tanner. Jim was a great friend and was always willing to help anyone who needed a hand.

Annette passed away in Lehigh Valley Hospital. She was the wife of Daniel Lighting. They celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on July 7. She was a member of St. Pauls United Church of Christ, Trexlertown. Annette will be missed by us all.

Our Sister fought a long and tiresome battle againest Cancer but succombed to the disease at Sarrah Canon Cancer Center. She was the strongest lady I have seen come along in many years. She has been described on many occasions as tough as nails. I have seen her drop her bike on herself on a dozen different occasions and every time she got back up with the determination to get it right That strong sense of determination was evident in all phases of her life..

She had a huge respect for the biker community and love riding more than anything. She loved her Husband Jeff and son Sam and wasn't afraid to tell you so. Chris will be missed and leaves an empty space in my heart that cannot be replaced" We lost our brother Carl unexpectly from a massive heart attack.

Carl loved to ride his bike and to be with his friends. He will truly be missed by all the people that rode and loved to spend time with him. Carl is survived by his daughter Rosemary Courington and husband Jon and granddaughter Ashley. A son Michael and a very special friend Patti Durden. Carl is riding with each of us now. Raymond and his wife Brenda often had to travel an hour just to attend a meeting.

Always quick to host out of state SCRC members when they were passing up and down US 19, Raymond found time to help in anyway he could. Raymond always said that "When one door opens another door closes. Thank you Ray for laying the ground work for me to follow. You are truly missed and will always be in our hearts. Your spirit lives on. David was a loyal supporter of St. He was one of the first members of Chapter Shawnee, Oklahoma after it was formed.

David was also a great friend of 3 years. We had not known each other long but became quick friends. David loved to camp and he and I and several members started the Camping Troop in our chapter. We rode many miles together and had many great times. His passing was sudden and unexpected as his health had been improving after an illness. David is survived by his son Josh and wife Tracy. He will be missed by all who knew him and some who did not. We love you brother. David on the left with Gary Thomas 1st Officer.

Brian was a lifelong resident of Chattanooga and was the son of the late, Pledger B. Surviviors include his wife, Linda and children Skip, David and Deneen.

James came to us originally from Decator, Ill and passed from this world after a battle with pulmonary fibrosis at the age of James has been a member of the Coastal Bend Chapter of the Southern Cruisers for several years, worked as a chemical plant operator for over thirty years and was pastor at the New Hope in Jesus Church in Brazoria, Texas.

James was a Viet Nam era Army Veteran. Ride in Peace, James. We lost Bucky to a hard fought battle with congestive heart failure. Bucky was an honorably discharged Army Veteran, having been a member of st Airborne. He will always be remembered for his kind heart and infectious laugh. He leaves behind his loving and devoted wife Betty, aka Betty Boop and his best buddy Donnie aka Grumpy, his daughter Susan aka Roadrunner and a very special granddog, Jessie.

He will always be missed but never forgotten by those whose lives he touched. He earned many awards for his efforts and heroic acts. He was gentle in his ways, loved his family with a special place in his heart for his wife, "Jay". He loved to ride and was a proud member of the Southern Cruisers.

Larry was very active with the West Jacksonville Florida Chapter Beside his beloved wife Jay, he leaves behind a large and loving family and many heartbroken friends.

He loved to ride and was a proud member of the Southern Cruisers and was especially active in the West Jacksonville Florida Chapter Ray passed after battling the devistating effects of ALS. Being the founding member and 1st Officer, Emeritus of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club Northshore Chapter he was the driving force behind years of successful fundraisers for St Jude.

Neauxmad is the beloved husband of Terrie, they were seen at many events in the South and Southeast promoting the fight againest Cancer and of course, most recently, ALS. We will Always Love and Miss you Ray. Robert passed away at the Lebanon VA Hospital following a brief fight with cancer.

He was born on March 21, in Lancaster county and was the husband of Barbara. They were married 42 years in August of You will be missed 'Ole Bob!. Cindy fought a long and courageous battle with cancer. She loved the children that were her students and was devoted to preparing them to be successful. She is survived by her husband, Larry L.

Kevin passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was known for his kind heart and love of children. He was a substitute father for many children over the last 35 years, and helped guide them to make honest choices in life. He is predeceased by his father John B. We lost our brother Carl unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident. Carl loved riding, biking, and running and being with his family whenever he could.

He served in the Air Force, retiring in He was a great friend to everyone who knew him. We lost Roy after a very long and hard fought battle with cancer. Even throughout his illness, he rarely let it keep him from enjoying many miles with his friends and family. He was a devoted husband, father, and brother. He will be deeply missed by all that he touched. We lost a brother and a very good friend on February 5, John will be greatly missed by his family and all of the Denton County Chapter.

We will always remember John for his warm smile, gentle nature, and his passion for St. John was a regular on our weekly dinner rides and never missed an opportunity to Welcome Home our Heroes coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan at DFW airport.

We thank him for letting us share a part of his life. We lost a very close friend and a brother due to complications resulting from a Double Lung Transplant. We will remember him always with a smiling face and his sense of humor. Troy was always ready to ride. He was happiest on his Goldenwing. We will remember Troy for always being there to help when someone was in need, and dedicated to being honest, fair and friendly.

James from injuries suffered in a two-vehicle accident near Section, Alabama. Two of his passions were riding and serving with the Sylvania Volunteer Fire Department. Little did Ron know that he was about to adopt a new family when Ron decided to start riding. Ron was our chapter Cabana Boy who was always eager to get the attention of all the women in any group setting. If Ron had an Ace in the hole he was going to bet on it. Ron was fun loving and will be missed by all.

Keith Wood passed after a courageous battle with cancer. Keith always put everyone ahead of himself and thought nothing of it. He loved riding his bike, being around family, friends and the Southern Cruisers. There is not one of us who are not better for having known him. He gave us joy and happiness every time we were in his presence. He taught us about friendship, family, unconditional love, courage, strength and compassion.

We're all privileged to have known him, sad because he is gone but honored to have loved him. Ace leaves a legacy that, if we choose to follow it, may allow us to walk in his gigantic shadow one day. Tena was a loving Wife, Mother, and Sister.

Tena was a very caring person who took care of her family with her husband, Jim. Tena's loving and caring personality even showed through in her work as a bus monitor on a special needs bus for Lowndes County Schools Systems. When Tena wasn't taking care of the people around her, she loved to ride with Jim on their Harley or their Vulcan. Rarely would you ever see one without the other. Tena and Jim shared many miles together doing what they loved until Tena was taken from us as a result of injuries after being struck by a motor vehicle following their motorcycle accident with a deer.

Tena with her husband Jim in Jan Jerry was one of the originals. Outside the club, he was a surveryor. He suffered a tragic accident which resulted in the loss of a leg. This did not stop him though and he eventually converted a bike adding a sidecare to give him stability.

Hip was all about music and could be found somewhere jamming with a band or friends. He was probably the leading force in bringing karaoke to many of our events. He married Crystal in a grand club event at Bullfeathers in Knoxville as was his style. He was devoted to his cat Smokey. Jerry - we want you to know of our gratitude for what you have done to bring this fantastic organization together.

Hip R with Rickster in the Early Days. John Stamper passed away quietly at home with his wife Marian at his side. They did however manage to attend chapter events and give a hand whenever possible. John was retired from the autoparts industry and was an accomplished artist. We lost a friend and a brother suddenly as a result of a heart attack. John passed away while on a much anticipated motorcycle trip in California. John was a very bright man, and quick witted. His stories would put us in tears with laughter.

He always had a positive attitude and a pleasure to be around. John is survived by his wife Jane, his son and daughter-in- law, Jeremy and Kalette and his son Joshua.

We lost Norman too early. He and Theresa lived on the lake in Hendersonville. He loved life to the fullest, playing drums, fishing, and enjoying road trips with his motorcycle friends. He was involved and passionate about local politics. He was also passionate about his pets, Bruno and Morgan. Norman was loved by many. His wife, Theresa, was the love of his life. Norman and and the love of his Life, Theresa!

We will forever cherish all the good times that we all had together. And you will forever more be remembered at the twist of every throttle and rumble of the exhaust on every ride we make my friend! Besides being a wonderful husband of 34 yrs. He lost his 8 month battle with leukemia on June 16th They were the parents of two children, a son, Jeff and daughter, Julie.

During the Korean War Marvin served honorably in the U. He was active in his community including being a member of the Lions Club and the Patriot Guard Riders. Michael passed in August of We called him Frenchy becasue he was a transplant from Quebec. He had been with the club for 6 years. Lynn was taken from us suddenly when riding to visit a friend.

Anyone who knew Lynn would agree, she was a "do anything for anybody" kind of person. A devoted and caring friend of Lynn's once said, she would save the world one person at a time. Lynn loved the outdoors, she loved animals and of course, she loved to ride. She was a proud member of the Southern Cruisers, and we were also very proud to have her.

She will be remembered by her friends and fellow members with love and fond memories! Ride with the angels Lynn! Until we meet again Buddy may have been Jr but he is an original. He is a Brother to many and will truly be missed. He was taken from us by Cancer - the villain we fight so hard to fund research to destroy. Reb l and Buddy r. Melvin passed away suddenly but peacefully on June 30, at the age of 56 while enjoying a ride to Canada's East coast on his beloved motorcycle.

He was loved by many and will not be forgotten. James passed away peacefully, after a courageous battle with cancer, in the arms of his loving wife Bonnie and two daughters; Kara and Melissa. James was born and raised in Port Alberni and was a long time active member of his community. He was the youngest person to take the role of president of the Kinsmen Club.

For years headed the Kinsmen March of Dimes. He was always an eager participant in all club activities and a true leader within the group. His love of motorcycling was enthusiastic, only surpassed by his love and caring for his family. Always quick with a joke and a helping hand, he was the kind of friend one finds but once in a lifetime. James will be forever remembered for his dedication and devotion to his family and friends, his quick wit and sense of humor will be greatly missed.

We mourn the loss of Stephen. We will add more as it is made available. We mourn the loss of Harold. Kevin lost his battle with cancer and died at home with his family at his side.

Kevin is survived by his loving wife, Mary ; two daughters, Andrea and Amanda; along with four grandchildren Ryleigh, Aaren, Ben and Thomas. We lost a very close friend and a brother as a result of a fatal motorcycle accident.

We will remember Gary always with a smiling face and his sense of humor. He was always there to meet the troops coming back from overseas at DFW airport. We plan to make the Spirit of Tuddy live on and we thank him for letting us share a part of his life. Mash lost his life in a senseless accident in Bethany, Oklahoma. He was finishing out his required hours as an Air Traffice Control Instructor working toward full retirement.

He was known to have a heart that beat SCRC. He leaves behind a Loving wife Shirley, and two Daughters Shanna and Jamie along with many caring friends. Renee was alone, and on her way home when we lost her in a fatal single car accident. She leaves behind 2 teenage sons, and a very great and wonderful companion, her husband, Le Roy. She loved to ride with her husband on their Harley Davidson touring bike. Renee was always prepared to share a smile with all that were in her presence.

She was full of laughter and a very beautiful person to be around. She will be greatly missed!! Keith passed away at his home after a battle with lung cancer. He is survived by his wife of 37 years, Karen; 2 sons, Jonathan and Joel and 4 grandchildren.

He will be dearly missed by his family and friends in chapter He is survived by his wife Kaye, sons, Joshua and Matthew, and daughter-in-law Liz. Among other things, Taz will be remembered for his great smile and laughter and his willingness to help others in need. Jim passed away at his home after a brave fight with cancer since August He is survived by his loving wife Heike; one daughter, Elizabeth; two step-sons, Marcus and James; three sisters, Lancie, Elizabeth and Sandra.

Jim was kind, giving, always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, and a faithful Christian. She was a member of Northridge Baptist Church. Gena was a retired office manager for the Department of Defense being employed by Advance Testing Tech. She will be remembered by her family and friends as an avid and talented craftsman. Survivors include her husband David; children, Sherri, Kevin and Dawn; sister Jean; brother, Darrell and five grandchildren. He was taken from us too early when a driver pulled into his path at an intersection.

Scott was a member of Ingleside Baptist Church. Etheridge was a devoted employee of Capitol Cycle and had a very strong work ethic. More than anything else, he loved riding his motorcycle. Scott R with his son Alex. He was 34 years of age and departed this life at his home in Green Co. Chad was a friend to all he met, and always willing to lend a hand. He always had a positive attitide, and was a pleasure to speak with.

He lead our club on many adventures. Words can not describe our loss. He will be missed by all. Sadly the Chattanooga TN Chapter lost one of it's long standing brothers.

Jimmy passed away quietly at a local hospital after battling a terminal illness Jimmy was a retired truck driver and enjoyed spending his days in retirement riding his motorcycle. He was preceded in death by his loving wife Wanda Lee who was also a member of Chattanooga chapter Jimmy loved life and was a friend to all he met. Jimmy and his wife Wanda were among the first 20 chapter members in Chattanooga and were like mother and father figures to Us all.

Their memory leaves behind a great legacy with our chapter. We will miss both of them. Cindy passed away at her home surrounded by her family, after a short battle with lung cancer. She is also survived by two daughters; Michele and Julie, one son; Henry E. Just days before her passing , she was able to attend a 50th birthday party in her honor in which family, close friends, along with her extended family of SCRC members were present to show our love and friendship.

She will be forever remembered and in our hearts. He was a retired employee of Petter Supply Company. Sweetpea was a member of the Bellview Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife Nancy L. Smith Stewart of Ledbetter. Vince passed at age 68 after a short battle with Cancer. Vince will always be remembered for his tireless dedication to the SCRC and to his beloved Ottawa Chapter in particular.

Among his many attributes, he was a tireless supporter of SCRC activities and rides. In his 1st Officer's words, "Vince's enthusiastic participation in organizing and joining in on club rides was the reason for our Chapter's success.

It will not be the same without Vince being with us, but I know he continues to ride with the club in heart and soul. Rest In Peace brother, and keep looking out for us as you always have! Tony passed at St. Mary's Hospital, Kitchener on Monday, February 14, , in his 63rd year.

Loving Opa of Rachael, Ryan and Ravyn. Always smiling and quick witted, Toon was a welcome member of the Cambridge chapter from the first ride he attended.

He will be greatly missed by us all. Ronald Lee "Weed" Wright passed after a very long and courageous fight with oral cancer beginning in He got his road name because no matter what happened, he was like a weed; he kept coming back. He is remembered by all to be an inspiration, and always upbeat about his circumstances.

He never seemed down no matter what was going on in his personal life or with his health. Even during his final struggle this past summer, he rode with the Chapter at every opportunity, and even attended a couple of overnight events, riding to the events on his Honda VTX. He was one of the Chapter's most active members in Weed had been a member of the Star City Chapter since He was a valuable, positive member of the Chapter.

The last Chapter event he attended was our Christmas Party, which was just two weeks before his death. We had no idea it would be the last time we would enjoy his company on this earth. He enjoyed life here, so I'm sure he's enjoying his dream bike, a H-D Softail, on the highways of Heaven! We miss you, Weed! Larry's long term health problems finally got the upper hand. Larry was a lover of motorcycles. He rode almost every weekend and had many friends that toured with him.

Regardless of how bad he felt, he always had a smile on his face when he rode up on his black Nomad with its handicapped license tag. Bobby was taken from us suddenly and tragically due to a Motorcycle Accident while doing what he loved to do - riding with friends and talking to people about Jesus. Our Prayers are with his wife, Rita, his two Daughters and three Sons and all of his estended family.

Bobby will be missed by all that knew him. Brandie lost her long battle with cancer but we gained an angel. Brandie always had a smile and she regularly expressed concern for others. Those who had the opportunity to know her were encouraged by her positive attitude and her unending faith. She was a wife to Brandon, a mother to Jacob, and a friend to all. Brandie was taken from her family and friends way too soon but the memories she left for us are unforgettable.

The driver stated "I just didn't see him Officer". He was an active member of the Social Circle United Methodist Church, and loved helping his family and friends. His favorite hobby, without a doubt, was motorcycles. He could spend hours polishing, tweaking, or just plain talking about them.

He loved everything about them, including the history, sights, sounds, and smells. He spent his leisure time traveling to motorcycle events across the U.

He was also an active participant in motorcycle related causes. Gayle was the life of the party, always there to lend a helping hand and tell you how much fun the day was going to be — and it always was with her along. She will be missed tremendously. We know Gayle is riding along in heaven, watching over us all. We love you Gayle! We lost a close and dear friend suddenly Friday, January 14, Sonny was one of a kind; he never met a stranger.

Sonny had a way of making you feel as if you had been friends forever even if you had only know him a short time. For those of us that only had the pleasure of knowing Sonny for a short time, feel as if we have been cheated. He had no problems with telling you what was on his mind or showing you.

I think that was the reason everyone loved him so much; Sonny was Sonny all the time. We suffered a great loss when we said goodbye to Doug "Dawg" Abbot. Doug, a native of Franklin, NH, was a Navy Veteran, a yacht captain, an avid motorcycle rider and a truly great friend. Doug was always the first one to offer to help out at any SCRC event and planned many great rides for us as one of our Road Captains.

Although we will miss Doug, we take forward with us a lot of happy memories and our lives are richer for having known him for the years that we did. If everyone lived their lives the way that Doug lived his there would be many, many more happy people in this world. Chris was taken from us suddenly and tragically Sunday, July 4, while doing what he loved to do — riding with friends from the Barrie Chapter of the Southern Cruisers.

Our prayers are with his wife Christine and daughters Erin and Paige and extended family. Chris will be missed by all who knew him. Debbie's passing has been heartwrenching for her beloved son Matt, her brother Robert, and sister-in-law, Valinda. Debbie will also be dearly missed by Pete Zavala Jr. Debbie rode her own motorcycle, an '04 Honda Aero. She decided to buy the bike to ride along side PeteZ for a road trip to eat lobster in Maine.

After the trip to Key West, Debbie's diabetes began to slow her down. A kidney stone operation in September '09 marked the start of many doctor visits and occasional emergency room stops.

Al, age 64, passed away due to injuries sustained in a horrific motorcycle accident that also claimed the life of his wife Tonya on October 10, Al was an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War.