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Toby Full House Aug 11, If I take a shit in public I try to change as soon as I can. In a comments part. Originally Posted by wackyJaxon Alot of this depends on how many people you think will turn up and how long you want the tourney to run for. Heard Island and McDonald Islands. You wanted it video taped correct?

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Sep 20 - Oct 8, at Kings Casino. Unibet DSO - Cannes. Oct 1 - 7, at Casino de Divonne-les-Bains. Oct 7 - 17, at Opera Casino. GPI Player of the Year GPID is a unique identification number, assigned to each individual player, that will be used in the future in order to register for most poker tournaments around the world.

It links to the player's profile in order to prevent any data errors. Please read our Terms of Use and the conditions that apply before using any of the information on an occasional basis. First prize - 3 diapers. Add msc to Rail Reply Quote 2. Add wackyJaxon to Rail Reply Quote 3. I'm sending about 60 invitations out so I would guess a rough estimate of about people showing up. I'm gonna ask for an RSVP on the invitation so that I can get a good idea of exactly how many people are showing up.

How long do you want the tournament to last? Add wackyJaxon to Rail Reply Quote 5. Good inexpensive Poker Prizes here for home game tournaments. I suggest wearing a diaper and state the phrase "I'm all in" while taking a dump.

Originally Posted by wackyJaxon Alot of this depends on how many people you think will turn up and how long you want the tourney to run for. Add northkato to Rail Reply Quote 9.

Return to Live Poker. Jul 17th, , Aug 18th, , Just changed my first diaper: By mathclub in Off Topic Last Post: Aug 19th, , Was the reason for the request integrity related?

Or just "cool" factor. Here is what I could "try" to do. I could video tape the flop, turn, and river all in one motion. Then redo it, and take pictures of the flop, turn, and river. Then I could post a picture of the Flop, wait a few hours, post a picture of the Turn, wait a few hours next morning, lol and post a picture of the river.

Once that is done I could "attempt" to post the video via photobucket I think you can do that. You obviously missed my one outer comment, lol. What kind of degens we have around here???? This thread has been up since 6 am and we haven't filled 10 spots yet.. ChaosRock Full House Aug 11, Just saw this thread and realized what it was I am definitely in! I think I'm going to have my daughter deal out the cards After all, this is for her. If we hit 10 we'll do it either tomorrow evening or FRI evening.

If her schedule is busy then we'll do it before the game on SAT. Put me down for a "seat". Oh, after all that trash in my last post, forgot to say that I was back in I want to reiterate that the winner can do with the winnings however he likes.

Luke Diaper