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No one at the table smoked and we didn't really notice heavy smoke in the place but I guess that could be because everyone was on the slots. Cash machine don't work, go to cashier. AND who the heck wants to eat at a buffet where everyone under the sun has sneezed and picked over your food. I live in Virginia. Do children receive discounted pricing?

Racetrack and Charles Town Races

After all, what do they care? More money for them, right? I've been to casinos all over the USA, and while this isn't the best, it's been better to me than the other Hollywood properties like paying for drinks in PA , and better than Dover and even the Poconos.

The food is good, the staff always seems to be friendly, and while I did get a trainee blackjack dealer, she was with a regular dealer and we were offered the chance to move to another table if we wanted to. I also play slots frequently and these are not any worse than anywhere else. I enjoy playing and have found three machines that I can hold my own on for reasonably long periods of time.

That's all I hope for! Been going to Ctown for a long time and they are doing nothing but disappointing. The slots are the tightest on the east coast is right. Plus management has given up - no new slots like Walking Dead or Monopoly - pathetic. After 10 years of patronage - this place is dead to me. Cash machine don't work, go to cashier. Most machines people hold with. Mostly a hardcore group of people who cannot afford to be playing, got an addiction this is the place for you.

Last edited by topgame85; at Live in Centreville, so right down the road from your old stomping grounds. Work in Loudoun so the commute would have been pretty comparable for me but you can't beat the housing prices out there. We need reports when this goes live in person video. Would like to know what other shops are playing ball in WeVA. BTP Week 3 67 pts. May have to check it out. Last I was there, they were putting in a 4 lane highway.

Fine for a small player not interested in winning. It was a great degenerate day yesterday. Not betting wise but had a blast anyway. Drank for twelve hours straight, Theismann did the grand opening, bet some races had action from the noon game all the way through Hawaii. Got interviewed by the Washington Times and ran into comedian Sinbad who was doing shows there. Lines were pretty on par with what was available online. MLs were worse for both faves and dogs by about 20 cents, but the spreads were standard.

There was no local bias either. All told a good place to make some bets and have a damn good time. Need bonuses and reduced juice for that. They were fun but I dont think the payouts were very good.

The bathroom was a wreck. Toilet paper in floor so bad that it stuck to your shoes when you left. Sinks were stopped up, no paper towels and low on soap. The buffet caters to red and black cardholders and you can stand in line for a very long time waiting until ALL cardholders are taken care of before you get attention.

I spoke to the manager, tell her we were out of town guests and did not have a card because we were only visiting for one day. She said oh well you will have to wait. There was only one cashier working and you would think a good manager would help her get her line down. She was busy trying to look busy.

Walking up to tables and asking if she could take their dirty platesf. I think this was a servers job. There seemed to be an adequate amount of them.

The meats on the buffet were not very good. They were cutting the brisket with the grain so it was so tough you could not chew it. They ran out of ham, and it was 8: The grill was off and there was no one cooking whatever was to be cooked at what appeared to be an omlette station. The vegetables were delicious so I filled up on them. I will not eat there again. I think Charles Town needs to recogonize that gambling is available in many other states now so they are not the only game in town any more.

They need to reevaluate and regroup to become competive or they could find themselves on a rapid decline. We drove from Fredericksburg, Va. We were only interested in a day trip to play slots, try the buffet and watch the races. The casino has a very small non smoking slot section with limited machines. The arras were clean and the staff pleasant.

We saw the beverage waitress but didn't want to wait so long for drinks. We used the free soda station which is self serve. They are remodeling and had sections roped off, but there is plenty of slots. The horse races were great and we had never placed bets before. They have booklets with info on how to bet. The buffet was Prime rib and crab legs. Crab legs were served cold but still good, not dry or watery.

Overall a great fun day. I've been to Atlantic City and Vegas. CTown is not comparable but fun to spend a few hours or the day. Overall, could have better ventilation for the smoking areas, more machines in non smoking, faster drink service and a cleaner viewing area for horse races.

But had great time Went there with 6 friends on June 11th to celebrate birthdays. Hadn't been there since it was strictly slots and horses. Im not a big slot fan so I simply walked by glancing here and there at people playing. There are slots everywhere in this place so if you love slots you will definately be entertained. But like I said I didnt play slots so I have no idea as to what was paying out. I immediatly headed for the tables.

At first we were a little sticker shocked but what can you expect. They have no competition and it was a weekend with nothing to do so of course its gonna be a little high. We all went to a craps table and after watching for about 10 minutes I said "[--]it I came here to play" and I stepped up. Luckily the wait was only 2 minutes and there were plenty of open slots shortly after I stepped up.

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