List of Georgia Institute of Technology alumni

Rynne had collection of nude photos of boys. He was active priest in Australia for many years before being placed on leave. According to documents released from his personnel file, Reilly was accused in of kissing and groping a or yr old altar boy and a yr-old altar boy one time each. Engineer, businessman, and philanthropist who gave generously to both Georgia Tech and Emory University; namesake of the George W. Computer science professor at University of California, Berkeley. From Civil War Battlefields to the Moon".

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Ramos was sentenced to month suspended sentence and 15 months of probation. He was moved to Chicago and then to San Bernardino, CA diocese and worked there until when he was placed on leave. Again allowed to return to restricted duty with Order in Still priest in Accused anonymously in of "kissing and molesting Haitian boys" in his Boston parish school in Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: Ranft is the main abuser listed in the petition and other priests are mostly identified only by last names.

Ranft, who died in at age of 86, moved to Tucson from Kentucky in because of health problems, including severe asthma. Arizona Daily Star Teacher and wrestling coach. Accused of abuse of at least 2 MI boys in Removed, sent for counseling. Transferred to OK; abused several boys there. Convicted in OK; year sentence. Accused in Utah civil suit by 2 brothers. Suit dismissed on statute of limitations.

Release on previous conviction had been scheduled for summer He said it happened once, after confession at St. Accused of abusing youths in s while prinicpal of a Catholic H. Original investigation in He denied all charges and appealed his case to Rome in when Bishop refused to reinstate him.

Not removed from St. Police told of 1 picture but said not porn. Assigned to say mass for nuns. Pled guilty to Federal pornography charges in Articles and Documents prior to List says one alleged victim with claims beyond the SOL.

Rausch left the priesthood in early s and has denied ever having harmed anyone. Robert Trupia in which he stated that he was 17 when he began a sexual relationship with Rausch and over 18 when he was involved with Trupia.

Trupia attempted to blackmail Tucson Diocese in by saying that he would release info on Bishop Rausch and the young man. Accused in of molesting a boy in Allegations against Raux and Rev. Cardinal Law assured the military he knew of no reason why Raux would be unsuitable to work with children in a letter recommending Raux for a USAF chaplaincy in WY.

No restrictions on privileges. Boston Archdiocesan Assignment Record. In Ray was one of approximately 20 priests removed by Cardinal Bernardin's review panel as result of allegations. In a man told archdiocese that he was sexually abused as a minor by Ray when Ray was assigned to St. Peter Damian parish Accusations of abuse of three others recieived Anastasia in Waukegan In was living with 8 other accused priests at Stritch Retreat House in Mundelein. Later identified as Joseph Reagan.

Hejoined the order at age 18 and left in at age 22 to pursue a career in baseball. He never took final vows. LA Times Database 4. He counseled her and helped her get into college, including providing money. He visited her there and insisted she see him on visits home, during which time he engaged in sex with her. When she fell in love with a boy at school, he harassed her and she grew frightened. She reported Ream to the diocese in PA AG Statement PA Office of the Attorney General Last assignment was as pastor at St.

John of the Cross Parish in Roslyn. Name is included on secret memo from Wm. Archdiocese of Philadelphia Press Release First suits filed by 6 allege abuse by Reardon and 2 other priests at a lake home or at church and that the priests would give the kids drugs and alcohol. Left active ministry in and resigned from priesthood in ; worked as substance abuse counselor. At least 24 accusers. In , "several individuals" came forward with credible accusations that they had been abused by Reason as minors.

Men said that in effect the 4 traded them around. They said that Reason would also give them and other altar boys money and alcohol and take them to Tampa for professional wrestling. Native of Goa off coast of India. Ordained at the Vatican. Served in Italy and Paris before coming to US in Incardinated in Boston Accused of molesting at least half a dozen teenage girls as well as boys and adult women.

Statement by Archdiocese of Boston In the diocese received a report from the parents of an alleged victim that Rebel molested their to year-old son in the s. They said their son told them years later about the abuse. By he was deceased. The abuse allegedly happened in their son's bedroom after a mass in their home.

Further, they said that Rebel would drive their son home after CCD, and that their son would sob and beg them not to make him go to CCD. Rebel denied the accusations. In man alleged that he was molested by Rebokus who was a former headmaster at Holy Name High School. Abuse would involve wrestling and showers and massages. Abuse also occurred at a parish after Rebokus left the school. Abuse stopped when the victim bested Rebokus in wrestling.

Rebokus died in Telegram and Gazette Rebol had previously been evaluated and treated after allegation made in re abuse in and then returned to work. Rebol spent two years as chaplain at St. Anthony Home in Cleveland rather than at parish assignments as he did before and after this time period.

Akron Beacon Journal 4. First allegation in involved solicitation of oral sex from an altar boy. Boy told officials of the Byzantine Catholic Diocese of Passaic in but nothing done. A few months later Rebovich transferred to Byzantine Catholic diocese of Parma.

A civil suit settled alleges Rebovich raped an altar boy in in Parma diocese. Suit also alleges church officials covered up the incident when notified in In 3 more plaintiffs filed suit. On leave beginning Worked in the diocese early s.

Placed on administrative leave by superior at St. Most recently, he had been serving as a supply priest for the archdiocese. Spokesman for archdiocese said this was first and only accusation against Receconi.

At least three more victims from a parish in the Kansas City KS archdiocese came forward after his suspension. Complaints involved inapropriate touching of elementary school children between Sent to live at St. Benedict's Abbey in Atchison after allegations were made.

A Critique of the 4. Other victims are expected to file. Redmond served as one of Orlando's vicars general as well as a pastor for 4 yrs before the accusations. San Jose Mercury News Abuse occurred at St. Mary Parish in Dubuque in Two men filed civil suit in alleging abuse by nuns at Sacred Heart Orphanage in NJ in early s. Regina and most of other nuns who served at the orphanage are dead.

In both Plaintiffs were in 80s.. In , Court denied a motion by Order to on limitations, ruing that the lawsuit could proceed. Accuser told a priest during confession at the school and was then confronted by the priest, Regis, and the school director.

When he returned from Easter break, Regis was gone. School has been closed for many years. First Amended Petition in [Redacted] v.

Brother Regis, Cause No. CV; ABC 6 The diocese provided no information about the allegations against him. Reid was ordained in Omaha but worked in the Crookston diocese his entire career as a parish priest.

After 2 brothers came forward in , Reidy admitted abusing them in s when they were children. They claimed Reidy had taken adantage of them while their father was dying. After their father died, Reidy would take them on extended trips and sexually abuse them. Civil suit filed Left priesthood in Accused of abusing two brothers from He denied claims but wrote apologetic letter to boys' parents in Suit filed in Case settled in mids. Left priesthood in and was later laicized.

Reilly admits contact but says it was not what it was alleged to be. Status changed to Retired. Accused of abuse of 4 youths about 30 yrs ago. One accuser came forward in but Diocese waited 3 yrs to tell him about other 3 accusers. Reilly died of Alzheimer's. Building named after Reilly at former church was renamed as part of settlement.

There have been approx. Fort Worth Diocese 6. Worth Diocese Released According to documents released from his personnel file, Reilly was accused in of kissing and groping a or yr old altar boy and a yr-old altar boy one time each. Also accused of digitally raping a pre-pubescent girl once between He was assigned to St.

Agnes Parish in Milton during the relevant times. Memo on accusation about 16 yr old boy ; Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: Memo re accusation of abuse of or yr old boy ; Docs produced by Boston Archdiocese: Memo re accusation about girl ; Boston Globe Sued by 1. Accused of abuse from In late archdiocese said allegations were unfounded and allowed him to continue as functioning but retired priest. LA Archdiocesan Report Addendum Accused in of abuse of 1 in LA archdiocesan report says that there are 4 accusers with abuse occurring from There is a school connected with this parish.

Also worked in Oakland Diocese. LA Archdiocesan Report 2. Chancellor from ; vicar general from In a man accused Reinecke of sexual abuse in on an overnight trip to Williamsburg when he was a 13 yr old altar boy. Reinecke allegedly performed oral sex on the boy. Reinecke apologized and committed suicide in Another man then alleged fondling during an overnight trip to Williamsburg in In , the Review Board deemed credible a woman's allegation of abuse in the late s when she was a minor in the Richmond diocese.

Richmond Times Dispatch 3. Voice of America 3. Reinersman denied all allegations. Special civilian review board handled review of his case. Board said "it couldn't rule out that his accuser simply accused the wrong priest. Accused of abuse in s.

No civil suit filed but claims were including in the Feb. Archdiocesan Report on Assignments and Other Info 9. Woman sought counseling in ; said she had been abused by Renggli when she was in high school. In she filed suit, alleging she did not know of relationshp between the counseling agency and the Seattle archdiocese.

Renggli left the priesthood, married, and went to work with a group called Rent-a-Priest. Martin's Abbey in Lacey Matter referred to Rome and then returned to Diocese in Accused of sexual abuse of a 14 yr old boy in Bishop confronted him but he said could not admit or deny because of alcohol. After a "series of incidents involving disruptive behavior and alcohol abuse" at one parish, he was sent for treatment to Southdown and then assigned as hospital chaplain, beginning in Barred from ministry in Bishop asked Vatican to laicize him.

Dallas Morning News Fort Worth Diocese Member of Society of St. Per the parish's website, Resma and his brother, also a priest, were magicians who "worked very well with young children and youth. President of Loyola Academy Removed from active ministry in after admitting to an "inappropriate relationship" with a senior at the school after the boy turned Second man then came forward in to allege abuse in late s when he was a junior and senior at the same school.

Chicago Breaking News Unclear if the order has substantiated any of the allegations against the eight newly-accused brothers, including Reycraft. In Reyes admitted to sexual relationship with an underage girl age in the s and resigned from ministry. Placed on permanent leave. Woman had recently reported the matter. Diocese investigated possibility of two more victims and says that there were also inappropriate relationships with adult women.

Reyes admitted minor abuse. Vice Chancellor of diocese from to and from he served as Chancellor. A renown photographer and writer, Reynolds was often quoted as a spokesman for the Oregon Province. Worked at Seattle Univ. The Order is continuing to investigate the allegations. Requests have been made to Seattle Archbishop and Tacoma Bishop to remove his privileges.

Alleged to have sexually abused a teen-age girl from about through while she was a parishioner and student at the St. Francis Xavier parish and school in Buffalo, Minn. Reynolds died in Permanently removed from ministry St Paul Pioneer Press No further information known. Great Falls Tribune 2. Became a nun in as Sr. Laicized in for "familiarity," yet she was allowed to teach in Catholic schools for 21 years and continued to abuse.

Abuse included intercourse with at least one boy, starting at age Also gave children pornography and encouraged them to be sexual with each other. In the diocese received a report that Rhoden sexually abused a to year-old boy in Rhoden had been a family friend.

The boy's parents said they told Bishop McDowell about the abuse years before and he said he would "take care of [it]. He would go into the boy's room after the boy had gone to bed, massage his back, fondle his genitals and perform oral sex on him.

Luke Institute for an evaluation. Per article, Rhodes accused of sexually abusing two minor boys in late s when he was a seminary student. One man came forward in late and second victim was located by church investigators. Rhodes left the ministry in May be still living in Florida and working as a clinical hypnotherapist.

Ribaudo was placed on leave and then "retired" in after allegation that he had molested Michael Hands as a high school student. Hands went on to become a priest and in pleaded guilty to abusing a teenage boy. Hands claimed that a church official offered him cash if he promised to keep quiet about charges against Ribaudo, one of Diocese's best fund-raisers.

Ribaudo, Priest O in the Grand Jury Report, admitted in therapy that he had abused "at least 12 boys. Ribeiro went on sick leave in and was confronted in by two priests about his sexual misconduct. One plaintiff said he told his pastor during confession within two weeks of abuse.

Said only thing church did was transfer Ribeiro and promote him. Bay Area News Group 4. Accused along with 2 other priests of abuse of teenage girl. As of , no criminal charges filed, because of statute of limitations, but church apparently found allegations credible. Has been living without restrictions at St. Accused of sexual harassment of children and adults. Retired and living in Fryburg, PA. Placed on leave pending investigation; told to refrain from public ministry and to have no contact with children.

Diocese of Erie full list Richard retired in late May, The criminal investigation was still ongoing at the time. Accused of abuse of the twin daughters that he admittedly fathered.

Affair began when the girls' mother was a student at Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge in late s and he was the student's professor. It continued for several years until the girls were born in He become a professor at Boston University. He said he paid child support regularly and never abused the girls. Order knew of the girls from the time of their birth. Richard claimed the boy had problems and wanted to talk.

Diocese placed him on admin. Richard and the boy both denied any wrong-doing and charges were dropped. Bishop wanted further evaluation. Soon after charges were dropped, Richard was "quietly forced to resign.

Several boys at Catholic high school in Dallas and Plano church accused him of harassment in Their attorney provided Bishop Grahman with sworn statements. Richard was reassigned to Rockwall parish by Bishop Grahmann in but never reported to police. He resigned from parish in after dispute involving parish music minister who was on probation for indecent exposure. Principal of Catholic high school. Confronted by parents of 3 kids in Diocese and Richards say they paid settlement to kids.

He and Edward McKeown abused many of the same boys. He confessed to molesting 25 boys. No legal action due to SOL.

Living in FL at last report. In deposition, he admitted homosexual relationships with two priests. Plaintiff said he was abused on two occasions in s. Richardson denied all accusations. Worked as drug and alcohol counselor since In he was assigned to Center for Pastoral Care. He was a part-time chaplain of St. Statement by Diocese of Wilmington Accused of abuse of several youths. At least 7 known victims in two parishes from s.

Forced from priesthood in and laicized in Later had same position in Detroit. Diocese of Toledo Status Report 4. Originally priest of Charleston SC diocese; transferred early s to Brooklyn.

Joseph" in SC, "Joseph H. Retired , moved to San Diego CA. One man said he was abused by Richmond and Fr. Richmond reportedly watched as the alleged rape by Lewkiewicz occurred. After ordination, Riebe spent 4 yrs at St. Anne's Parish in Santa Monica.

In he moved to Mexico and spent next 21 yrs ministering to Indians. He was expelled by the Mexican govt. LA Archdiocese began notifying dioceses throughout the country in early that it had several credible allegations against him of sexual misconduct with minors dating from early s.

Worked in Diocese of Phoenix in Cleveland Diocesan Memorandum 2. Admitted to molesting 3 girls in s and 1 in s. Woman told Vicar General in early s Rieder had molested her daughter. Retired ; privileges not removed until At least 9 accusers in all. St Cloud Times Bishop sent him to counseling and lectured him.

Two men set up Internet sting in and the priest exchanged over explicit text messages and emails with what he thought was 16 yr old boy. The men supported by 3 others gave transcripts of the exchanges to Bishop in Removed; sent for in-patient treatment. No publicity until Bishop O'Connell letter to Original Complainant The abuse allegedly occurred many times in the rectory of Immaculate Conception parish, Las Vegas.

The girl was said to have been a parishioner and student of the parish school. Francis Minor Seminary in Troutdale outside Portland in the early s. Riffel was dean of discipline for the school and would call the teenager out of class to abuse him.

Also believed to have abused in Santa Barbara, CA in and from Director of Catholic Charities for over 36 years and other prominent chancery positions. Complaint in that Rigney fired a Holy Family Manor nurse's aid because she resisted his sexual advances. She said Rigney also molested her sister. Diocese said allegations not credible. Brother of Philip also accused.

Director of Vocations, accused of insuring a continuous inflow of child molesters into the Camden Diocese. Abuse of two boys reported to Bishop in Part of settlement. Retired and worked part time in Palm Beach, FL. Permission removed in but he kept working. Brother of accused priest Dennis Rigney.

Preliminary investigation began then. Riley worked in 16 Dubuque parishes since ; transferred to Venice FL diocese in Riley "strenuously denies" the allegation.

Riley reportedly passed a polygraph test. Mason City Globe-Gazette A man said in he was abused by Riley over a four-year period in the late s at the Elm Bank Minor Seminary. The alleged victim told the Stigmatine's head at the time of the abuse; Riley was transferred. When the man brought the matter to the order's attention again in , they admitted knowledge of the original complaint and said the information was not shared with anyone and was not entered into Riley's records.

Riley died in Omitted from Boston AD database. Riley, an author, actor, and former spokesman for the church who was well-known for his radio ministry and as a fixture on the old God Squad TV show, was the target of a complaint by a female parishioner who accused him of having consensual contact shortof intercourse with her in the early s, beginning when she was San Francisco Chronicle Allegations include his wrestling naked with boy, and that he abused other children similarly.

Lawsuit claims archdiocese was informed of the allegations in but allowed Ringenberger to work at another parish after sending him away for a year. Arizona Daily Star 3.

Child molestation suit settled in named Riordan and 3 other priests. Plaintiff alleged abuse at House of Affirmation in Worcester diocese. Riordan denies any sexual involvement with plaintiff. Riordan appointed pastor of St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Great Neck in Rios knew the girl from catechism class, offered her GED tutoring, and then used a confidence about her violent father to begin the abuse and coerce her silence. Another priest promised to help her but didn't. Mary's Catholic Church in Lemmon after Riss admitted that he had sexually abused a 17 yr old boy in early s prior to entering the seminary and subsequent priesthood.

One pending claim against Sr. Review board says allegations credible. In a man spoke publicly about being molested at age 16 by Ritchey in He said he asked Ritchey how many other kids he did that with, and Ritchey told him "I have several 'special friends' from my parish.

Nienstedt reportedly was told of the abuse, and did nothing. One accuser said he was ages when abused, and that he witnessed the abuse of the other boy, who had since died. He said the abuse occurred after Riter would invite him to play games in the rectory after mass. He told his aunt in ; she took notes.

The other boy's mother said her son told her at age 12 in that Riter tried to "play with" him underneath his robe on the altar during mass.

Also said she told a cousin who worked for the diocese, who said "we'll look into it. A former seminarian said that in he walked in on Riter sexually abusing a 6-year-old boy, then told Bishops Head and Grosz in a letter. He said their response, months later, was to keep it quiet.

Riter dating back to when she served on faculty of Sacred heart School. Riter died in Allegations were reported to police.

Complainant was a boy at the time of the abuse but no other specific information as to age. Formed Covenant House in Greenwich Village in early 70s as shelter and foundation for homeless and troubled youth.

Complaints of sexual abuse of teen boys date back as far as s. Complaints documented in book, "Broken Covenant" by C. Resigned after allegations. The New York Times Three women filed suits May and June naming Rives as abuser between and Rives died in His name was originally shown as "Joseph Reeves. Accused of abuse of 2 youth in Cedar Rapids in and one in Key West in Roach was former vicar general of the diocese and also former chancellor.

Died in in alcohol-related auto accident. Claims settled by Diocese in Feb. Gregory in Marysville, St. Joseph in Nortonville, Holy Name in Topeka. Archdiocese of Kansas City KS Roberts was alleged to have abused one youth in s in Dallas. Worth for a time. Also worked in Belleville Diocese. At one time he was national head of Catholic Youth Organizations. Faculties suspended in Several civil suits filed naming St. At least 7 known victims.

Some cases settled; 1 was in Peoria. First incident occurred in Later accused of abuse of at least 9 youths in civil suit. Criminal charges also filed re 5 youths.

Sentenced to 3 years probation. Plaintiff went to police and then taped conversation with Robichaud in which Robichaud admitted he had beenin recovery for 10 yrs.

Also admitted abuse of another youth. Moved to ME in ; incardinated in Portland Diocese in In allegations arose that he had sexually abused a minor girl around when he was working at St. Jean-Baptiste parish in Lowell, MA. He committed suicide same night. Portland refused to pursue investigation after his death. Came to San Diego ; incardinated In Jemez Springs NM for treatment Several suits filed Accused of abuse, including rape, of as many as 24 girls in late s-early s,. San Bernardino County Sun Documents Released by San Diego Diocese List says two alleged victim with claims beyond the SOL.

One website celebrating anniversary of former parish refers to Robillard as "retired. Worked in East Melbourne and in Santiago Chile. In Boston around Fled to Australia in after admitting to therapist that he had sexual relations with a yr-old boy in Boston's Jamaica Plain and also admitting to sexual misconduct in Chile. He was active priest in Australia for many years before being placed on leave. Later found living in "special house for priests with problems" next to a school.

Died October 10, Paul's Mission in Hays, Montana. Also accused of abuse of at least one girl in at St. Ignatius Mission in the Helena Diocese. Last known to be living at Regis Community in Spokane. By Robinson had been accused in lawsuits of the sexual abuse, including rape, of 9 children - boys and girls - on Indian reservations in the s and s. Placed on leave or Accused in of sexually abusing a year-old girl in at Mercy Hospital; accuser claimed ritual abuse by several priests.

Accused of ritual abuse of a girl in Seeking early release but state authorities are opposing it. Will be buried as a priest. Court TV Toledo Ohio Multiple alleged victims in UK, beginning when Robinson was in seminary.

The first complaint was reportedly made in Reportedly worked in 5 LA parishes News of the World UK While working at Marquette University H. He was sent for treatment and transferred out of state to NE. New allegation of abuse in s resulted in action by Omaha archbishop. Gerald in Ralston in Feb. Church bulletin originally said that Jesuits gave him a sabattical for health reasons. St Gerald Parish Bulletin Church ignored complaints in about abuse of nephew.

Accused in civil suit of abusing his younger brothers and the nephew over a period of many years. Diocese also named in suit. Civil suit against diocese was dismissed in ; judge ruled that abuse occurred only through family relationships and not through Robitaille's duties as a priest.

Family reached a confidential settlement with Robitaille. A non-family complaint in Portland Press Herald 4. Left priesthood at some point. Criminal trial underway at the time of his plea. Ordered to register as sex offender.

Stephen's Priory in Dover MA. Providence Journal Bulletin Rochacewicz served in Baltimore from to Per archdiocesan files, in an individual alleged sexual abuse by Rochacewicz in early s. Additional allegations received regarding abuse in mids to mids. Name appears on Baltimore Archdiocese's Sept. Archdiocese of Baltimore Roche's niece told Archdiocese officials in that he had abused her for 7 yrs in s. Before his death, Roche admitted to abuse of his niece and reached a financial settlement with her.

Two reports to diocese in of 'sexual contact' with three boys, one age 9, in the early s. Lawsuit filed by year-old man in claiming Diocese failed to prevent him from abuse at ages by Rock in Mount Carbon.

Rock denied the allegation. Named in suits filed by five alleged victims in claiming the diocese knew about abuse by Rock and other priests but systematically covered it up. Another allegation in of abuse of 6th to 8th-grade boy Woman made claim in and he admitted inappropriately touching her when she was a minor.

Rodakowski retired in but continued to guest-preach in two parishes as late as and Was honored for 61 years as a priest and 90th birthday in Accused of abuse of 1 in Named in Archdiocesan Report Addendum. Named in 1 civil suit. Rodino denied the allegations. No civil or criminal prosecution because of SOL per authorities. Worked at several schools before and after ordination.

Sentenced to probation in for abuse of 1 youth. Sentenced in to 10 yrs prison for abuse of youth in Civil suits filed by at least Admits to abuse of "four or five" boys every year of his 22 yr career. Judge ruled that Diocese may be assessed punitive damages if found liable. In civil suit filed in Miami, one man accused Rodriguez of abusing him at Holy Cross in Atlanta. Plaintiff alleged that Rodriguez kept him locked in the basement of the rectory, drugged him and abused him over a 30 day period.

The plaintiff also alleged abuse by multiple other priests in Miami. He fled to Atlanta to escape the abuse. Supposedly Rodriguez admitted abuse to Fr. Trustees of Columbia University. Bureau International des Poids et Mesures. University of Texas at Austin. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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This page was last edited on 26 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his development of the Polymerase chain reaction PCR , a central technique in biochemistry and molecular biology which allows the amplification of specified DNA sequences. Professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. Founding partner and the chief executive officer of the New Orleans -based real estate firm Property One, Inc.

Founder of The Varsity chain, which includes the world's largest drive-in. Founder of Argyll Foods , one of the United Kingdom 's largest retail businesses. Founder of Hayes Communications , an early developer of PC modems. Founder and current CEO of Maxxpoint.

President of Mayfield Dairy Farms. Introduced magnetic stereophonic sound to motion pictures; was president of over 60 companies, including Cinerama. CEO of ChoicePoint — Led a manufacturing enterprise in Dalton, Georgia. Engineer, businessman, and philanthropist who gave generously to both Georgia Tech and Emory University; namesake of the George W.

Name Class year Notability References G. Georgia Tech president — ; secretary of the Smithsonian Institution — Wayne Clough , former president of Georgia Tech. United States federal judge since his nomination by George W.

Bush in and confirmation in Member of the Georgia State Senate — ; chairman of commission —, —, , , , ; Fulton County commissioner —, — Businessman and politician ; son of Jimmy Carter. United States federal judge since his appointment by Ronald Reagan in Member of the Georgia State Senate representing the 25th district of Georgia.

Shreveport businessman, engineer, civic leader; pioneer of the modern Republican Party in Louisiana. Director of the United States Bureau of Reclamation — Georgia state senator and Atlanta businessman; first Republican to run for US senator from Georgia since Reconstruction.

Economist and political pundit; served as Undersecretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan. Politician in the Virginia House of Delegates since November Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives ; longest-serving Florida legislator.

Johnson in the assassination of John F. Sam Nunn , former U. Served in many top U. Defense Department and defense industry jobs, including as the 16th Air Force secretary. USAF fighter pilot, engineer and military strategist.

Richardson Foundation in Fort Worth, Texas. United States Marine Corps Reserves major general; geoscientist. United States Navy rear admiral. Surgeon, medical professor, and military veteran; spent 24 years in the United States Navy serving as a battlefield casualty physician in Afghanistan and Iraq. United States Navy four-star admiral who currently serves as the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; former fourth commander, U.

Ellis Major General Leonard Wood. Known as "Georgia's First Aviator"; aviation pioneer; in , he built a monoplane of his own design, now known as the Epps Monoplane , followed by other original monoplane and biplane designs.

Aerobatics pilot; first American to win the world aerobatics title. Coca-Cola Chaired Professor in the H. Aerospace engineer and chaired professor at Mississippi State University known for contributions to the field of computational fluid dynamics. McArthur , astronaut Richard H. Physicist known for his research into superconductor applications; professor and assistant chairman for undergraduate studies of the physics department at the University of Virginia. Nuclear physicist and young Earth creationist , known for his claims that radiohalos provide evidence for a young age of the Earth ; entered the physics doctoral program at Georgia Tech, but left when he was refused permission to work on the age of the Earth for his dissertation.

Physicist and amateur photographer who won the Pulitzer Prize for Photography. Professor of theoretical physics at the Free University of Berlin. Physicist; physics professor at Boston University.

Regents Professor of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Georgia Tech Research Institute ; known for his contributions to the field of ion-mobility spectrometry. Geophysicist who has made seminal contributions to the theory of plate tectonics and geodynamics ; National Medal of Science recipient; geosciences professor at Princeton University.

Chemist known for his work in the field of stable carbene research. Chemical engineer and the director of the Georgia Tech Research Institute — Specialist in nuclear and radiochemistry and radionuclidic metrology.

Chemical engineer who worked in a variety of industrial positions, primarily for Monsanto Company ; then joined academia and held a named chair at the University of Texas at Austin School of Chemical Engineering. Artist who worked closely with biologists; his hand-drawn work depicts many structures of biological macromolecules, such as DNA and proteins.

Biomedical engineer and professor of biological engineering and mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Chemist, professor of chemistry and director of the Georgia Tech Research Institute — Kary Mullis , who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Electrical engineer; inventor; businessman; discovered the Coulter principle , which provides a methodology for counting, measuring and evaluating microscopic particles suspended in fluid; namesake of Georgia Tech and Emory's Wallace H.

Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering. Turkish materials scientist specializing in surface engineering and tribology. Dean of Georgia Tech's College of Engineering — Inventor of the Gang-Nail connector plate. Electrical engineer known for his work in circuit analysis. Current dean of the Georgia Tech College of Engineering ; notable in the field of computer-aided manufacturing of integrated circuits. Developer of the Saffir—Simpson Hurricane Scale. Control theorist , professor and Julian T.

Professor of ceramic engineering at Georgia Tech and the founder and first director of what is now the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Professor, engineer, and college football coach; professor of mechanical engineering and the head football coach at Arkansas Industrial University now known as the University of Arkansas.

May , dean of the Georgia Tech College of Engineering. Former high-level executive at Microsoft. Computer Science professor at Rutgers University , where he chaired the Department of Computer Science from to Google research scientist ; creator of Google News. Computer science professor at Northwestern University. Long-time head librarian of the Georgia Tech Library , awarded honorary degree in