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An overall great coin slight, painful to learn, but you get so much back in audience reactions. Product - Pc Poker Set. You'll learn all of the coolest applications of the Muscle Pass. Product - pc Poker Set. Noblezada takes you step by step and in detail. Helping it to transcend from a moment of strange to an effect that can stand on its own. No matter how small the order or how far it needs to go, Shipping Pass provides unlimited nationwide shipping.

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Perform the broken and restored pencil magic trick How To: Perform the "rope through the neck" trick How To: Perform the coin in a bottle magic trick How To: Perform the cups and balls magic trick How To: Perform a three-coin challenge trick How To: Make a pen disappear with a magic trick How To: Keep a balloon from popping with magic How To: Make a one-handed rubber band star How To: Perform a Smiling Georgie magic trick with one dollar How To: Make a homemade fire ball How To: Do the Shadow pen spinning trick How To: You'll practice properly and make steady gains.

Noblezada takes you step by step and in detail. He shows you all of the inside work behind this revolutionary piece of magic. You'll learn all of the coolest applications of the Muscle Pass. You'll be able to make a coin appear from a completely empty hand, vanish completely, and even pass a coin through solid objects.

The Muscle Pass will add a new dimension to your coin magic, and Noblezada will help you master it faster than ever before! John Cornelius was the first person to defy gravity with a coin using the Muscle Pass. He took an existing, under-the-radar coin sleight and created an original, visual piece of coin magic--"The Coin That Falls Up". The original technique, The Muscle Pass was used as far back as the 's and was first published in a book entitled "Principles and Deceptions", by Arthur Buckley.

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Pass coins through solid objects. You'll see Noblezada struggle along side you as he follows his own advice. Questions about this product.

Have a question about this product? Customer Reviews showing 1 - 10 of Showing the Most Helpful Newest. I have two DVDs that teach the muscle pass, and I also looked online to see how they do it, but the difference in those people and Jay is all in the presentation.

The other DVDs and People I have seen do it only show two hands on the screen and a mono-tone voice of instructions. You can tell Jay loves his job and whomever is reading this, you must really be considering this dvd. If you can find a coin you can get a box of play poker chips at wal mart or some place like that. Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review? Unfortunately, by having smaller hands than most, I developed a bad condition called "trigger-finger" from it. Had to have surgery to correct it.

Other than that, it was worth the money to find out the "secret" and all of the other "things" that can be done with it. For a bit of backround, I would like to say that before recieving this DVD, I was already doing the muscle pass for years. Something about mine thought was NOT up to the calibre of people like Jay Noblazada or some of my friends.

Because of this fact, I needed some help. Basically, this DVD is rich in good performances of clever applications of this move. What this DVD really excels in however for me anyway is the subtleties that it it teaches. I really couldn't reccomend this DVD enough for someone who wants to learn or better their muscle pass.

But this is a great DVD on the muscle pass. I think everyones hands are a bit different and you may have to work on the gripping of the coin to make the pass. Practice will help you get it but do not be surprised if it takes a while. It is a lot of fun to use once you have it down. So good it hurts

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