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Sorry — we can't find the game you're looking for. The pockets have alternating black and red colors. You most certainly can. The online version is based on the actual physical version and has animated interfaces and uses random number generators. Online Roulette Variations There are several kinds of roulette popular both in online and land-based casinos in Canada and outside.

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Live Casino Enjoy the thrill Get the Vegas experience whenever and wherever you fancy, at the touch of a button… Read. Players can choose from a wide range of bets based on color, range or number. You should keep in mind the fact that pockets on a roulette table are usually numbered from 1 to The pockets have alternating black and red colors. You are required to place either inside or outside bets, but inside bets are more risky.

And depending on your comfort, you can make a bet on a single number. When you do some simple math, you will find that the odds of landing the single number would 0. You can however decide to be creative. You can make bets on black pockets, red pocket, even and odd numbers. In addition, you can bet on various numbers such as , or The odds of winning these types of bets will obviously become favorable for the player as the payouts decrease.

Basic math shows that the odd of winning a roulette game gives the house an edge. The additional pockets and payouts being a bit smaller than odds give the house a slight advantage.

In the long run, this slight advantage can build up to large profits. Betting systems such as Martingale and Fibonacci have become very popular among experts who want to beat the system. Engineers have also taken time to study the dynamic surrounding like landing areas of the marble. This basically means that the casino has an advantage of 5. Roulette has three variations: American, French and European.

Although the game is generally played the same way, the difference lies on how the tables and wheels are laid out. A European roulette when has thirty seven pockets that are number from 0 to These numbers are usually laid out on the roulette table, with 0 close to the wheel and then the numbers are arranged in sequence. The numbers are colored in black or red. You can bet on individual numbers, evens or odds, black or red numbers and any other combinations.

Placing a bet on red is even money bet whereas betting on a single number can pay Zero gives the house edge, which is the percentage by which the house is ahead on any particular bet, which is 2. For most European games, the la partage rule applies, whereby is spun players placed outside bets. An American roulette wheel comes with 38 pockets, with the additional number being 00 on top of the table next to 0.

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