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Thank you Eddie and Susan for letting us stay in this amazing abode. Our large sq ft apartment on the third floor, is inspired by the British-India Colonial era of yesteryear and exotic safari escapes. Simei MRT station is 15 mins walk away, or 5 bus stops away. Thank you, Patricia, for a great week in Singapore! This apartment is great for a family of 4, sharing two queen size beds. Hovenier Rotterdam - Hoveniersbedrijf Rotterdam. Use of technology in education.

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You give up and book a full-service airline out of sheer frustration because it sucks to be nickel-and-dimed, and to have things like travel insurance foisted on you without your knowledge. Also, you realize that often, the full-service airline is only a few bucks more by the time you add the options of a LCC Airline. And why do you have to pay to pay for your ticket??? Posted on Friday, August 03, at Posted on Tuesday, July 31, at In the wake of the SingHealth data security breaching affecting 1.

Posted on Thursday, July 26, at You know, I actually enjoyed Escape Plan 1. At least it had the novelty of Stallone and Arnie in it. But Chinese-funded Escape Plan 2: Hades, sinks to a new low. The CG was a joke. The story was a mess. You will wish you had an Escape Plan if you watch this sequel. I think it should go straight into the VCD discount bin. Posted on Sunday, July 08, at Movies and TV Permalink Comments 0.

Kim Huat sings a song for all those people who could not get their deposits back from oBike when they suddenly closed shop in Singapore. Posted on Wednesday, June 27, at Inspired by this article about a popular local photographer and instagram influencer, Daryl Aiden Yow, whose photos were found to look a lot like other people's, Kim Huat also decided to share his passion for his travel photography.

He is happy to share his winning game in travel photography and can help you get your Instagram game on point. He spends many hours waiting to make these photos happen! Kim Huat really really went to this Greece island call Mykonos.

Kim Huat spent hours waiting for this moment in Santorini! Then this charbor come and block his view! Kim Huat is a son of the beach and loves to wear his sexy beach wear and lie on the beach like those travel babes. Cherry blossom time inside Thailand. Kim Huat cannot remember which. When Kim Huat was in New Zealand, he saw the stars.

Kim Huat used a Apple Pencil to point at them. It was as if the sky was my blackboard. Kim Huat went to South Pole and saw these cute penguins! It was so sunny there that he could just wear his favourite t-shirt! Kim Huat loves the Mehlweg mountain near the town of Marktschellenberg in Bavaria!

Such vastness reminds Kim Huat of just how little we are in this world! Do you feel the same?! Kim Huat turns up the heat in the Sahara desert. His OOTD is on fleek here, because sleeveless is the way to go, when you are in the scorching heat of the desert. Hey, why the camels did not wait for Kim Huat?? Kim Huat can't get enough of Japan, and Shirakawa-Go in winter is his favourite place. Hey kids, why you don't tell Kim Huat where the toilet is?

No place is too far for our intrepid travel influencer. Kim Huat is out of this world! Kim Huat has not just gone as north as Woodlands, he has also seen the Northern Lights! Kim Huat was absolutely awestruck! As you can see, Kim Huat is a well-traveled influencer who makes awesome photographs. Just like many Instagram Influencers. Posted on Wednesday, June 20, at I was on a plane for many hours.

I was on planes A LOT. Thor is a Special Forces soldier sent to whack Al-Qaeda with a team of 12, after Reasonably entertaining but very America Rah Rah. Based on the true story of three Americans who stopped a terrorist from shooting up a Paris train.

Clumsy movie that used the real fellas acting as themselves. And the movie felt too long to tell the story of something that was over in a few seconds. Gerard Butler as Major Crimes badass vs a bunch of professional bank robbers. Better than Geostorm, lousier than Olympus Has Fallen. The all-female cast was fun to watch.

Awkwafina was a hoot. The Mountain Between Us. Kate Winslet and Idris Elba try to survive crashing into a snow-covered mountain. But Kate held the show together. A little too long and draggy. Based on a true story. Also stars Idris Elba, as her lawyer. Posted on Saturday, June 16, at I spent a few days with my younger brother and mom in Hong Kong, a city she loves but has not visited in decades. It was in the twenties before we came but it became a balmy thirty-four degrees Celsius when we landed.

I was last here in when we were testing a new camera , and in , where I hiked three mountains in seven days , with Ryan. Not for mother the glitzy and touristy attractions. No, mom sought out the wet markets of Nathan Road, and made us take her to the grungiest, grimiest bits of Hong Kong we could find. Mom grew up in Chinatown, Singapore, so she was in her element here.

We helped to carry her marketing, like dried seafood. If she could cart fresh meat and fish past customs, she would have bought the entire wet market too.

Friday, September 21, 2018