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Not applicable to monthly subscriptions. The list of blinds now includes only the blinds available in the selected tournament. Originally Posted by absoluthamm I personally don't think tracking software matters that much with SnG's except for when you are playing 6 or more at a time. Create new tournaments with ease. The game is becoming more and more competitive.


New generation of poker software for tournament players

Tools like Holdem Manager 2 collect this information from opponents as you play, allowing you to make better and better decisions at the table. Read more about HM2 here! These databases also collect your stats, and you can analyze these after sessions to see which hands you are winning with and which situations or hands require more work — they are good for finding your leaks.

While most of these products are fine to use at the major sites, there are some variations which are considered to be cheating by some sites. These pool together the history of ,'s of players and give you instant access to their stats — a huge advantage! Poker-Edge is the best known example of this category, you can find a review here. Offline Calculators And Training Aids: Some tools work best for study between sessions.

SNG Wiz is a great example of this type of online poker software, and is used to analyze your decision making at the bubble of Sit N Go tournaments. What I like about this one is that you can adjust the stack sizes and cards to see how the math changes. Once you see the patterns in the output, your play can improve next time.

There are also odds calculators which show you the winning chances of hands against different combinations of hands you opponent might have — Poker Stove is a great example and is free to download. I realize that many readers also enjoy cash games, and have reviewed some excellent tools for this type of poker. These will help you beat No Limit Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha, and include options for advanced players as well as those learning the games.

Check out the options in the table on the right, they could easily be the best investment you ever made in your game. I am happy to announce our brand new widget - the Loyalty Program Comparison Tool. This compares the loyaly rewards you can get from 6 of the biggest online poker sites.

You input your range of games and number of days played each month - and then see the comparison dollar for dollar. At the moment only the non-US sites are covered, and V2 is already in plan for the US sites to be added later. There are always the two existing widgets to take a look at too Our Fish-o-Meter lead the way in giving a custom list of the easiest poker sites based on your bankroll, location and choice of games. This gets regularly refreshed as the sites shift in the rankings and some become tougher than others.

Last, but certainly not least, the bankroll management widget takes a look at the levels you should be playing for different starting bankroll amounts.

This depends on whether you are pro, recreational or somewhere inbetween - though my recommendation is always 'take a shot'. Just a couple more newer articles to tell you about. The Coach shows your current proficiency across a range of skill zones so you can decide what areas to focus on next. Unlike the quizzes you may have seen before, SNG Coach adapts to your skill level. SNG Coach is the fastest, most effective way to improve your preflop strategy in a realistic game setting.

With every training you make the same kinds of decisions you do at a poker table, preparing yourself for real-world tournaments:. Log in Ru En. That was the case until now. Evaluate your specific skill ratings to: You can develop them later, after you focus on the areas that need the most improvement, and start improving your spots right away to dramatically boost your tournament poker performance To improve as fast as you can, you need the best training.

New generation of poker software for tournament players The game is becoming more and more competitive. How many players are left at the table The relative stack size: SNG Coach always tailors question difficulty to your progress and current skill level. What is question difficulty? The closer a hand gets to the borderline where the Push EV and Fold EV are both approaching zero, the more difficult it is to decide between them.

In the answer analysis mode, SNG Coach reveals the optimal plays for each of the 4 hands. In each training area, two performance indicators show your progress: The Top 20 players get to see their overall place in the global leaderboard.

Before starting the training, SNG Coach quickly tests your skills to adapt initial question difficulty to your level.

Always firm but fair, SNG Coach could give some real coaches a head start You are able to concentrate on nothing but learning , as the Coach adapts the workload to your current skill level, ensuring the best learning pace for you. It provides an unbiased assessment of your learning progress, also comparing it to that of other leading players worldwide. The list of blinds now includes only the blinds available in the selected tournament. You can now choose the tournament type from a list of the most popular formats.

It can also use the FGS model to factor in blind dynamics. Create new tournaments with ease. MTT players will especially appreciate this.

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