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No commission is charged. Much of our time is spent goading them on. Portfolio , "Tanya Tastee" is brewed and ready to eat! We wanted to make it just a little bit more frightening and directed the models accordingly. I hear a lot about middle aged American man moving to Phillipines. The shots turned out spectacular and, in editing, we suddenly saw the basis for an interesting story -- hence the 2 parts and the comic balloons.

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Pictures of the Colchester bantam for sale here and details of Colchester Bantam lathes here. This is a very well-made and comprehensively specified lathe in perfect working order. Anything considered these lathes can be seen here Please phone: I have owned the machines for eight years and they were in fully working order when de-commissioned just over 12 months ago. They have been disconnected for ease of moving as shown in the photos. For the successful bidder, I have a video showing them working.

They were from an engineering college, then run by a small company which we took over. Pictures of the Ward Auto capstan lathes for sale here For Sale: A high-precision Mikron milling machine complete with: The miller is in excellent condition with the vertical head and second machine painted - however Mikron tended to supply machines unpainted because of their superb, as-cast finish.

All slides operate smoothly. Included in the sale is a second Mikron miller and a horizontal-type headstock. The headstock is fitted with epicyclic, slow-speed back gearing - the normal engagement pin is cut with a rack and operated by a small shaft with a pinion cut on its outer end. However, this is missing - but it works just as well with a plain pin pushed in and out. This machine is also in good condition but has one or two 'scuff' marks on the table and lacks the gib keys on two of the axes.

These are identical with those on the other machine so they can be used as patterns for making replacements. This second machine is not fitted with stops so may be an earlier version. On the main machine the gibs will need adjusting, having been dismantled for moving. A countershaft will be needed and I had in mind making one using some Myford ML7 countershafts parts I have - but as I do not have the time these parts will be included if required.

There is also a flat-belt pulley that can be adapted. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with chip tray, a full-length splash back, three drawers on the left and a cupboard on the right.

The lathes has been fully checked and is in perfect working order. A heavily-built but very compact lathe. Both are backgeared, screwcutting, gap-bed machines mounted on their proper cast-iron legs, run from well-made countershafts with V-belts onto the original round-rope pulleys using single-phase motors and have their original crank handles to the feed screws. Both lathes are complete, in running order and very well equipped with a mixture of useful accessories included including: One survives with what may well be the original wood tool tray between the legs.

Also available are numerous other useful workshop items including top-quality Record vices, hand tools, etc. For full details phone: Myford Super 7B 3. A late model in green, the lathe is mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with deep chip tray and levelling blocks. Imperial graduations and spindle speeds from 27 to r. Very well equipped with: Also included is a piece gauge block set and a Baty dial gauge.

I'm just not using the lathe so I thought it the right time to sell it to someone who will use it. In immaculate, very little-used condition and has been kept in a very dry garage attached to the house and received regular lubrication.

Complete with a 6-inch diameter 3-jaw chuck, travelling steady, 4-way toolpost and micrometer dials on the carriage-traverse and tailstock handwheels. The lathe runs smoothly and very quietly - an absolute pleasure to use due to its high quality.

Of course, on a lathe of this age, there paint chips, it's weeping a little oil and there is some wear and tear - however the operation of the machine in unaffected and it works perfectly. I have cleaned out all the sumps and changed and added the correct specification oil.

Includes the original coolant pump that I've not tested. I'm only selling due to space restrictions no room and I will be sorry to see this superb lathe go. Viewing welcome and can be seen powered up and running.

Aciera F4 precision universal milling machine - a lovely, Swiss-built machine complete with the essential complex multi-angle tilting and swing table. In full working order. No photographs I'm afraid I don't have a computer but you are welcome to phone for more details and call to inspect.

Honda-powered generator by Stephill. Bought new 7 years ago and only used 6 times so in perfect order.

This very fine example of a classic toolmaker's lathe is mounted on the maker's stand with both a single-phase motor-driven countershaft and complete with its original treadle driven flywheel drive - allowing you to get fit while being productive. The previous owner, a clock and watch, repairer, developed his own overhead system to allow for some ornamental turning and this is also included.

A heavy lathe, it appears never to have been dismantled and is probably best kept in that state when moved. It's available to view in Cornwall. EXE miniature precision surface grinder. Superbly built, this beautiful little machine has a 12" x 6" table with travels of The dust unit has an exhaust fan and filter bags with a shaking mechanism for cleaning. In excellent working order and with an immaculate appearance the grinder comes complete with an Eclipse Type A4 12" x 6" magnetic chuck, an Eclipse "Minor" magnetic chuck and two very useful matched pairs of magnetic chuck blocks both in their original boxes and a light unit.

British made Excel hydraulic surface grinder. Capacity 24" x 8" with power rise and fall head. Equipped with an Eclipse magnetic chuck, coolant and a diamond wheel dresser. Wheel size 1" x 8" - three new wheels are included.

A copy of the maker's manual is included. Bridgeport Model E slotting head to fit Series 1 Bridgeport turret milling machines. In perfect working order. Stroke length up to 4 inches mm. Stroke rates 60, 85, , , and per minute. In full working order and ideal for short-run jobs. Only for sale due to retirement from my precision machine-shop business. Takes up to 5 inches mm in diameter and 16 inches mm between centres. Wheel size 1" 25 mm wide by 10 inches mm and equipped with a swivelling workhead, 3-jaw work chuck, a double swivelling wheelhead, swivel table, rotating centre, one new wheel and the maker's instruction book.

In perfect working order and only for sale due to retirement from my precision machine-shop business. Fitted with a full screwcutting and feeds gearbox and an oil-immerse, multi-plate spindle clutch in the headstock The feeds are protected by a safety-over-ride clutch.

Complete with a Pratt Burnerd 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, large faceplate, 4-way toolpost, thread-dial indicator, coolant equipment and the maker's instruction manual. The machine is new and unused and only for sale due to the demise of the owner some five years ago.

This is a really nice Hobby series machine with a powerful watt motor and a cutting capacity of mm x mm. Dust extraction outlet mm in diameter; weight 27 kg. Collection only from N. Boxford Model CSB lathe 4. Mounted on a good, solid, home-made stand and in smart, well-maintained condition. Myford ML7R 7 lathe 3. In immaculate condition having had hardly any use from new - and then only on clock parts.

Kept in a heated garage and well equipped with: Axminster Excalibur EX 21 Trade Series Scroll Saw In as-new, hardly-used condition and unused for the last five years , due to the demise of the previous owner. Heavily built from mainly plate steel, it has a 7 mm thick, heavy-gauge table with an epoxy-painted surface. The blade actuating arms are very short and driven by a lever-and-rod mechanism giving very precise control of the blade - plus exceptionally low vibration. The whole arm assembly tilts 45 degrees right and 35 degrees left, leaving the table horizontal so allowing much better control of the job, greater visibility and being able to work from a more comfortable, natural position.

Variable-speed control from - strokes per minute and features "Pegas" blade-chuck clamps - these being lighter so further reducing vibration. Blade changing is quick, easy and tool free. The saw has a built-in air blower and efficient dust extraction. Pultra P-Type miniature precision lathe. A complex, triple-slide ornamental turning lathe chuck in bronze with a built in rotary table, indexing mechanism and division plate - making it suitable for spiral turning.

Suitable for almost any lathe of this type: Holtzapffel, Goyen, Birch or as used on the better-quality examples of Milnes and Britannia machines. Pictures of the ornamental lathe chuck for sale here For Sale: While the lathe is standard Lorch the superb, rigid and heavy base section is unusual and rarely found.

Included are the maker's compound slide rest assembly, lever-action collet closer, a precision ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck with reversible face jaws and a 4-way toolpost. Amolco vertical milling attachment with a base fitting for the Myford ML7 and Super 7 lathes.

The spindle nose is the same thread as the Myford 1. Single-phase motor and spindle speeds of , , and r. In full working order and ready to fit and use. LeBlond Regal lathe 5-inch centre height and 24 inches between centres. A high-quality machine with an all-geared headstock, a very robust built and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox and power sliding and surfacing feeds by a separate power shaft.

Mounted on the maker's legs and complete with a powerful single phase motor, 3-jaw chuck, 4-way toolpost and a thread-dial indicator.

I can help with loading onto trailer or courier from my driveway. Colchester Chipmaster lathe 5. A lightly-used machine still in its maker's paint finish and well equipped with: In perfect working order and with a comprehensive range of equipment this Chipmaster is and ready for immediate use. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash back and chip tray and well equipped with: Burnerd collet chuck and collets, T-slotted cross slide, 3-jaw chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, Dixon quick-change toolpost with four tool holders, a "diamond-type" knurling tool, 4-way toolpost, faceplate, carriage micrometer stop, spindle nose step-down Morse adapter, Morse centres and a Low-Vo light unit.

Single-phase electrics with a 1. Also included a good selection of turning, boring and threading tools. In excellent working order. Myford VMC vertical milling machine with a tilting head and mounted on the maker's floor stand. Table 24" x 5". Albrecht precision keyless collet chuck, Also included are hundreds of cutters in metric and imperial from around 12 mm down 1 mm. A lightly-used, quiet-running miller in perfect order.

Would also consider a complete early MG12 in any condition - and also any accessories. Warco GH centre lathe. Geared head, 7-inch centre height and 24 inches between centres. A very well built and specified lathe, hardly used and in as-new condition. Detachable gap bed, induction hardened bedways, full inch and metric screwcutting and feeds gearbox, safety overload clutch on the power-feed shaft, enclosed leadscrew and a powerful spindle brake.

Quick change toolpost with 10 tool holders, micrometer carriage stop, keyless precision tailstock chuck, thread-dial indicator, interlocked chuck guard and all the other parts supplied with a new lathe. Can assist with loading. In immaculate condition, base has been modified to add wheels, a handle and strengthened with two struts and a shelf inserted for tools.

There is easy access for van or truck. Viewing is welcomed - machine is located in Blackburn, Lancashire. An all-metric machine, the lathe has power sliding and surfacing feeds, a screwcutting gearbox and single-lever engagement of backgears. In very good condition, with very little wear, I have used it for three years to make a number of useful parts - and am only selling to move on to a larger lathe.

Bought from new and only used for hobby light engineering by an experienced user. Hence, in excellent well-loved condition. Buyer to arrange collection. There is easy access for van or truck with flat concrete floor.

Viewing is welcomed - machine is located in Pembrokeshire, South-West Wales, just outside of Narberth. Drummond M-Type "Knee-planer" lathe from the s. This seldom-found version is complete with the maker's stand, the correct chip tray with motor mount, the under-slung drive motor with gear and the gear-equipped flywheel. Complete with two 3-jaw chucks, large faceplate, a set of screwcutting changewheels and a hand T-rest. Assemble and use - or restore to have a rare example of an interesting and useful lathe.

This Chipmaster is fitted with a rarely-found accessory--a taper-turning attachment. Also included is a 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body 8-inch Burnerd independent 4-jaw chuck, faceplate, multi-position carriage stop, thread-dial indicator, micrometer dial to the tailstock spindle and, not shown, a full-length splash back.

The only item missing is a toolpost - though a modern quick-change type can be obtained inexpensively. Viceroy TDS-3 "Educator" combined metal and wood-turning lathe 5" x 24" and fitted with backgear for extra low speeds.

Mounted on the maker's compact, underdrive stand with a single-phase motor and built-in switchgear. Used for many years by a maker of replica antique musical instruments and fitted with a very large capacity bowl-turning attachment and faceplate, 3-jaw chuck, a number of wood turning tools, a light unit and Morse centres..

There may be other items as well as the workshop is being cleared. All able to be set up on a bench and driven from one motor - or split into separate components and used individually. The 6" x 16" Atlas lathe has the correct maker's countershaft, a Timken taper-roller bearing, all-V-belt-drive headstock, an Atlas vertical milling slide, fixed steady, precision 3-inch ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, 4-jaw independent chuck, faceplate, high-speed milling and grinding spindle, thread-dial indicator, set of screwcutting changewheels, tailstock chuck and a set of Morse taper centres.

The Adept shaper is driven by a link-rod from the lathes' faceplate and has a Myford machine vice. The Champion drill is complete and driven, together with the grinding polishing unit, from a round-belt sub-countershaft. There are also a number of other, unrecognised parts in a box. This is an interesting arrangement of machine tools, unused for some time but appearing to be complete and ready to put back into use. Single-phase motor and a baseboard mounting assembly - as illustrated. Raglan Little John lathe 5" x 24" backgeared, screwcutting and with power cross feed.

Mounted on a robust Harrison cabinet stand with chip tray, storage cupboard and a tall, full-length splash back. Restored 20 yrs ago with reground bed ways and cross slide, new feed nuts to cross slide and top slide and new Timken taper roller bearings. This is a very high-quality German lathe from one of the best makers.

Mounted on the original maker's stand, with a full-length tool tray, the lathe is complete - less the drive system -and in need of restoration, having stood unused for a long time. Being an older lathe it strips down easily into smaller sections for ease of transport.

Fitted with a screw-feed compound slide rest and lever-action tailstock. Complete on an underdrive stand with a multi-speed countershaft and 1-phase motor. In perfect working order and complete with a range of useful accessories including: Pultra dividing and indexing unit with two division plates, Pultra milling slide, 36 standard collets, 8 cone collets, 8 smaller cone collets, 4-jaw chuck, faceplate, 4-way toolpost and a rear toolpost.

Myford ML7 lathe 3. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with chip tray and raiser blocks. I have owned this lathe for 40 years - having bought it from the first owner at one year old - and I have kept it in pristine, carefully-used condition ever since.

It comes complete with a range of valuable and useful accessories including: Kerry AG lathe in good working condition. All-geared headstock with spindle clutch and a full screwcutting gearbox with power sliding and surfacing feeds. Comes with a very good, nearly new 3-jaw chuck, keyless tailstock chuck, tailstock revolving center, built-in thread-dial indicator, a 4-way toolpost and a number of cutting tools.

The lathe is mounted on a stand that I made from 2" box section steel with a built-in coolant tray. However, the lathe can be bench mounted if needed. The lathe can put it on a pallet and help offered to load onto a trailer from my driveway. I'm only selling as a house move means I won't have anywhere to keep it. It has always been a very capable machine and is ready to use. Pictures of the Kerry lathe for sale here and details of Kerry lathes here For Sale:

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