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Not Signed Up yet? We even gave away a chair since people asking me to giveaway my chair has become somewhat of a thing on my channel. Staples hadn't asked for it. Nevertheless, that's not always easy to do. Was friends for a few years with him and after a group of 6 or 7 of us got super into Last of Us, a PS4 multiplayer game we just became better friends and he eventually convinced me streaming was a good idea. Everything PokerStars from its big online series to its highest-value promotions to the PokerStars live tour.


Tournament Spotlight

He'd only dreamed loudly enough for PokerStars to pick up on it. Staples has won hundreds of thousands of dollars online, but his live record is pretty short.

He has a few cashes in small events, but nothing to speak of. In another time, the World Series of Poker would be awash with people who had never played before. Nine or ten years ago, PokerStars was putting hundreds upon hundreds of first-timers into the field.

These days, the FPP-qualifiers and massive satellites are gone, and among the people flying the PokerStars flag into Day 2 of the WSOP, Staples is one of only two first-timers Felix Scheniders is the other , and he's not afraid to admit that the stars can be pretty bright.

Staples isn't afraid to admit, there was a time he felt like all those first-timers who didn't know a thing about being on this playing field. He realized quickly, that was no way to win. Nevertheless, that's not always easy to do. While the majority of the work was around nutrition, there was a regular workout routine added to the grind.

Matt ended up gaining more weight than initially thought, with a 3, calorie plan. You might think Matt added weight with a healthy nutrition plan. He ate whatever he could to add pounds while making gains by adding muscle to his frame through strength-training.

Both of the plans were designed to maximize the possibility of matching weights while providing a path to healthy and more realistic goals for each brother at the conclusion of the bet. There was a catch, though. Besides weighing in at pounds on Jan. Schwartz said in a tweet: I have a new life and you can too! Chances are Perkins made these bets with Schwartz and Staples brothers, not to make money, but to encourage positive lifestyle changes. We even gave away a chair since people asking me to giveaway my chair has become somewhat of a thing on my channel.

My favourite streamers are all video game streamers. Sjow and Dog are 2 absurdly good Hearthstone streamers that I watch frequently to try learn from, and Arteezy used to be my favorite for Dota 2 but he stopped streaming now. But the plan definitely is to at some point. I love games and play a lot of them albeit not extremely well.

I imagine in the next 6 months I'll probably mix in some games at some point. Could you see yourself making more income from streaming than poker at some point? I honestly don't really know. At the moment I'm just loving the community we're building and playing poker again. Even through this current downswing I'm on.

As I speak though we are getting our discord channel set up and these next coming months I plan to stream an absurd amount. I'm really looking forward to it. What kind of advice would you give to someone just getting started with streaming on Twitch? Same as most other streamers. Get a schedule and stick to it.

This is for sure the most important thing for a new streamer. I struggle with it a bunch, but I'd say for someone who doesn't have a friend in streaming like I did with Jaime Staples who could host me at the start and help me out then this is even more important.

People need to know when they can see you, where than can find you. Man psyched that ya'll like the office. I was 18 when I made that screen name and The Office was by far my favourite show at the time. Dwight Schrute is just simply the best. I think I've watched the series up until Michael Scott is no more like 3 or 4 times. Safe to say I was obsessed. Shoutouts to all my pals that have been encouraging through the whole process so far, especially Mackenzie, "Mackb2" who has pretty much become my manager through all this and has been insanely helpful.

Shoutout to tolboof, NoseDoto, and Alch my best and most consistent mods. And just a general shoutout to everyone who have all been fucking awesome and supportive so far.

I've been having a blast and like I said plan to ramp up my schedule and stream a lot more over the next few months so looking forward to winning all sorts then.

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