Louisiana Gambling Laws

A final judgment or decree rendered in favor of the state in any criminal proceeding shall preclude the defendant from denying the essential facts established in that proceeding in any subsequent civil action. Pending final determination, the court may at any time enter such injunctions or restraining orders or take such actions, including the acceptance of satisfactory performance bonds, as the court may deem proper. Representatives Senators Caucuses and Delegations. The state shall dispose of all forfeited property as soon as commercially feasible. No effect on suit to enforce.

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Louisiana Revised Statutes

Powers and duties of corporation in general. Corporation and board to act through president. Powers and obligations of corporation's president. Acceptance and expenditure of monies by corporation; corporation to be self-sustaining and self-funded.

Personnel program for employees; conflict of interest; employment of specified persons by corporation prohibited; background investigations. Corporation exemptions; local regulation and taxation. Specific powers and duties of the corporation relating to casino gaming operations. Corporation responsibilities relating to gaming operations.

Corporation independent hearing officers. Corporation's duty to investigate qualifications of applicants, casino operators, and others; absolute powers of corporation. Suitability qualifications for casino gaming operator or license holder. Casino operating contract, license; disqualification criteria. Records of corporation deemed open; exceptions; restricted use agreements. Application for contract; additional requirements; summary of proposed gaming operations.

Wagering at the official gaming establishment. Legislative intent; land-based casino gaming activities.

Board to let contract to conduct casino gaming operations; bid specifications; compensation of casino gaming operator. Minimum compensation payments; effective March 31, Casino operator; requirements for persons making application or bid. Requirements for casino operating contract. Contract to conduct casino gaming operations; other requirements; breach of contract.

Receivership, bankruptcy; continued suitability. Utilization of Louisiana goods and services; employment criteria. Casino support services contract. Non-gaming economic development by casino gaming operator.

Compulsive gambling; posting information. Duty of corporation to initiate proceedings. Authority of corporation to bring civil actions for collection of fees, interest, or penalties.

Legislative oversight of corporation rules and regulations. Gaming or employment in gaming prohibited for persons under twenty-one. Prohibited contacts with official gaming establishment and casino operator; public officers; penalties. Legal shipments of gambling devices into state. Status of authorized games and gaming devices. Deposit of revenues; expenditures and investments authorized; transfer of revenues to state treasury; corporation operating account; audit of corporation books and records; audits.

Terminated by Acts , No. Terminated by Acts , 1st Ex. Protection of creditor's operations during creditor's enforcement in certain situations. No cause of action against the corporation or the state. Holders of security interests exempt from licensing. Notice of default and cure. Provisional license to former holder of security interest; gaming device. Appointment of receiver for official gaming establishment; license; successor receivers. Effect of appointment of receiver.

Cost of bond; funding of operations during receivership. No effect on suit to enforce. Election on fantasy sports contests. Power of Louisiana State Racing Commission. Requirements for slot machines. Conduct of slot machine gaming; temporary conduct. Gaming Control Board; powers and duties. Division; powers and duties. Prohibition on operation of video draw poker devices; prohibition on any other type of game.

Slot machine gaming area limitations. Limitations on the number of slot machines operated at an eligible facility in Orleans Parish. Crimes and penalties; false statements; unauthorized slot machines; skimming of slot machine proceeds; payroll check cashing; gambling devices.

Allowing minors to play slot machines; penalties; revocation of license. Toll-free telephone assistance for compulsive gamblers; posting of signs on premises.

Parishwide election on slot machine gaming. Authorization of local governing authority tax. Collection and disposition of fees and taxes. Video draw poker device operation not gambling; license is a privilege.

Description and specifications of devices. Ticket vouchers and accounting tickets. Games without minimum wager; Orleans excepted. Limitation on amount of money played and value of prizes. State license qualifications; types of licenses. Licenses to operate video draw poker devices at certain alcoholic beverage facilities; multiple facilities.

Hotel and motel facilities; criteria. Pari-mutuel wagering facility or offtrack wagering facility; no minimum wager; location. Qualified truck stop facilities; number of devices; fuel sales. Qualified truck stop criteria; amenities. Leasing or subleasing restaurant and convenience stores at qualified truck stops; holiday operation. Truck stop construction; advertising; notice of intent to construct.

Temporary placement of twenty-five video draw poker devices. Truck stop locations; prohibited distances; prohibited structures. Termination of lease of truck stop; effect on operation of devices. Sale or transfer of license; continued operation of devices. Affidavit application for three machine locations. Application for additional licenses by person previously found suitable; personal history and financial information not required under certain circumstances.

Regulation of video draw poker devices; Louisiana Gaming Control Board; gaming division. Rules and regulations; reporting to board or division. Powers and duties of the board or division; restrictions; permits. Civil penalties; violations; adoption of schedule of penalties. Revocation or suspension of permit or license; civil penalty; consent agreements or settlements. Licensing by division; fees; franchise payments; enforcement activities. Application for change of name of licensee operating video draw poker devices; exemption from processing fee.

Operator of Mobile Gaming System License Authorizes the holder under any agreement whereby consideration is paid or payable for the right to place a mobile gaming system, to engage in the business of placing and operating a mobile gaming system within a licensed gaming establishment and who is authorized to share in the revenue from the mobile gaming system without having been individually licensed to conduct gaming at the establishment.

Operator of an Information Service License Authorizes a person to sell and provide information to a licensed sports pool that is used primarily to aid the placing of wagers on events of any kind. Disseminator License Authorizes the holder to furnish an operator of a race book, sports pool or gambling game who is licensed in this state with information relating to horse racing or other racing which is used to determine winners of or payoffs on wagers accepted by the operator.

The term does not include a person who provides a televised broadcast without charge to any person who receives the broadcast.

A monthly tax of 4. Operator of a Pari-Mutuel System License Authorizes the holder to engage in the providing of an off-track pari-mutuel system. Operator of Interactive Gaming License Authorizes the holder to, from Nevada, engage in the business of operating interactive gaming. Service Provider License Authorizes the holder to act as a service provider and includes an interactive gaming service provider license.

Manufacturer of Interactive Gaming Systems License Authorizes the holder to manufacture, assemble or produce an interactive gaming system for use and play in the State of Nevada in accordance with Regulation Manufacturer of Equipment Associated with Interactive Gaming License Authorizes the holder to sell, transfer or offer equipment associated with interactive gaming for use or play in this State of Nevada.

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