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This game -related article is a stub. Notice Requirements Requires licensees to report felony convictions and disciplinary actions taken by other states against licensees and requires licensees to return their licenses to the Board within 30 days of a revocation, suspension or voluntary surrender. Return and Payment of Tax Clarifies the Department's policy on the form of return taxpayers are required to submit for Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax and clarifies instructions for taxpayers regarding reporting requirements. News specific to the online poker world including big scores, new promotions and new legislation. Propane and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Implements provisions of the Propane and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act and regulates the storage, transfer, sale and use of liquefied petroleum gas. Biennial Renewal Fees Increases the biennial renewal fees for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and holders of certificates to practice physical therapy without a referral.


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Shop the new Best of Vegas. This website does not accept responsibility or liability for losses which may be incurred by persons using the links to other websites or information contained herein. Jackpot and Credit Meter Payouts Rewrites the Board's jackpot payout regulations and expands the scope of the regulations to cover credit meter payouts as well as jackpot payouts.

Employees; Slot Machines; Accounting and Internal Controls; and Compulsive and Problem Gambling Updates existing regulations to clarify provisions and provide greater flexibility. Vendor Revisions Amends existing regulations to improve clarity, reduce unnecessary filing requirements and improve Board's oversight of vendors.

Nonpublic and County Nursing Facilities Amends the payment methodology for Medical Assistance nursing facility services; streamlines and simplifies rate-setting for non-public facilities; and eliminates obsolete provisions.

Milk Sanitation Updates milk sanitation regulations to reflect developments in food science and technology and align the regulations with federal regulatory standards. Industrialized Housing Clarifies the Department's and third parties' roles in monitoring the production of industrialized housing, eliminates redundant requirements, updates definitions,and addresses documentation to identify approved manufacturers.

Propane and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Implements provisions of the Propane and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Act and regulates the storage, transfer, sale and use of liquefied petroleum gas.

Natural Gas Distribution Companies and the Promotion of Competitive Retail Markets Adds a subchapter to address issues pertaining to retail competition in the natural gas supply market. Blue Eye Run, et al. Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Amends existing regulations governing environmental laboratory accreditation to improve clarity and update fees. General Provisions and Supervision Aligns the Department's regulations with the December 1, version of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act regulations.

Mortgage Licensee Education Implements pre-licensure education, testing and continuing education requirements under the Mortgage Act. Crime Victims Compensation Increases reimbursement to crime victims, expands eligibility for reimbursement and simplifies claims processing procedures. Schedule of Civil Penalties - Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists Amends the schedule of civil penalties to include failure to complete the required amount of mandatory continuing education.

Qualifications Updates the examination, education and experience requirements for licensed psychologists. Continuing Education Establishes continuing education requirements for licensed engineers, land surveyors and geologists. Schedule of Civil Penalties - Funeral Directors and Funeral Establishments Amends the schedule of civil penalties to include failure to complete the required amount of mandatory continuing education.

Continuing Education Enforcement Updates and clarifies continuing education requirements. Biennial Renewal Fees Increases the biennial license renewal fees for certified public accountants, public accountants and public accounting firms and increases the biennial renewal fees for continuing education program sponsors. Workers' Compensation; Individual Self-Insurance Updates and clarifies existing regulations governing the administration of self-insurance for individual employers under the Workers' Compensation Act.

Key Employees and Complimentary Services or Items Amends definitions of "Complimentary service" and "Key employee" and the procedures for review of accounting and internal controls for complimentary services. Junkets; Slot Machines; and Practice and Procedures; Omnibus Amendments Amends existing regulations to improve clarity, reflect current practices and improve the effectiveness of the Gaming Control Board's regulatory programs.

Adhesives, Sealants, Primers and Solvents Adds volatile organic compound emission limits for 37 categories of products that are currently unregulated in Pennsylvania and adds requirements for preparation and clean up solvents. Licensing Requirements for Natural Gas Suppliers Implements the statutory requirement for licensing retail natural gas suppliers.

Administration of the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Program Amends an existing chapter to establish new comprehensive training requirements for three classes of underground storage tanks. Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards Amends existing regulations to comply with changes in federal law for Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and benefits.

Clothing Amends rules pertaining to the taxability of clothing. Amended Report - Corporation Taxes Establishes procedures for filing amended corporate tax reports. Food Stamp Discretionary Provisions Revises existing regulations relating to intentional program isolation disqualifications to conform to federal regulations. Vendor Permission to Conduct Business Prior to Certification or Registration Amends existing provisions which allow a vendor to provide goods or services to a slot machine applicant or licensee while the vendor's application for certification or registration is being initially processed and reviewed.

Continuing Education updates and clarifies existing continuing education requirements. Needle Acupuncture amends existing regulations to remove the prohibition against advertising or practicing needle acupuncture for licensees who are registered to do so by the State Board of Medicine or State Board of Osteopathic Medicine.

Annual Audited Insurers' Financial Report Required updates an existing chapter which requires insurers to have annual audits of their year-end statutory financial statements performed by certified public accountants. Revised Procedures updates four chapters of existing regulations to correct errors, clarify requirements, and revise or add new requirements to reflect current practices.

Slot Machine Master Lists Updates requirements for filing slot machine master lists. Safe Drinking Water Stage 2 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule Amends existing regulations to reduce disease incidence associated with the disinfection byproducts that form when public water systems add disinfectants.

Long-Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule; Safe Drinking Water amends existing Safe Drinking Water regulations to further protect public health against cryptosporidium and other microbial pathogens in drinking water.

Safe Drinking Water Groundwater Rule amends existing safe drinking water regulations regarding identification of ground water systems that are susceptible to contamination; treatment requirements; and notification to the public.

Suppliers' Principal Place of Business; Temporary Credentials and Recordkeeping addresses requirements for suppliers' principal places of business; temporary credentials issued to applicants for principal or key employee licenses and record storage. Practice and Procedure amends existing regulations to provide more specific guidance on practice and procedure before the Environmental Hearing Board.

Disciplinary Placements corrects a reference to federal regulations. Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners; General Provisions updates existing regulations to reflect statutory revisions affecting the practice of certified registered nurse practitioners. Commonwealth Parking Facilities Rescinds regulations relating to allocation of parking permits and amends regulations relating to compliance, parking violations, fines and penalties.

Student Records and Curriculum amends recordkeeping and reporting requirements for barbershops and barber schools. Household Goods in Use Carrier amends the definition of "household goods in use. Net Metering and Interconnection Establishes the type and size of customer-owned electric generators that can be interconnected with the electric distribution company's distribution grid and the electric compensation paid to the customers for the energy they supply to the grid.

Rules of Practice and Procedures revises existing practice and procedure regulations to improve clarity, conform to current practice and simplify existing requirements.

Mines and Other Excavations repeals existing regulations related to mines and other excavations. Dental Hygiene Scope of Practice; Local Anesthesia expands the scope of practice of dental hygienists to include the administration of local anesthesia by regional injection under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist.

Fees Increases fees for the pharmacy intern certificate, new pharmacy permits, reinspections, pharmacy permit changes and biennial renewal for pharmacists and pharmacies. Bluff Recession and Setback designates Bluff Recession Hazard Areas to protect the health and safety of coastal property owners by preventing the destruction of property and structures.

Alteration of Local Election Districts sets forth procedures for election districts to follow when implementing alteration of local election districts and reporting election results. Malt Beverage Tax codifies legislative changes relating to the malt beverage tax that were set forth in Act 46 of Promotion of Sale of Liquor by Vendors permits vendors of luxury items to process orders from both the Board and from licensees or other persons.

Assisted Living Residences Establishes minimum standards for building, equipment, operation, care, programs and services, training, staffing and for the issuance of licenses for assisted living residences.

Death Benefits Amends existing regulations to set forth the priority of a member's SERS death benefits in the event a member dies without a valid designation of beneficiaries. Air Transportation Provides limitations and requirements for licensing landing facilities, participation in aviation development grants and local real estate tax reimbursement grants and the erection of obstructions to aircrafts.

Military Sales Practices Establishes standards to protect active duty service members of the US Armed Forces from dishonest and predatory insurance sales practices.

Preliminary Provisions; Onsite Shopkeepers Certification, Labor Organizations; and Slot Machine Licenses Amends the permitting requirements for individuals in labor organizations and adds a new chapter establishing requirements for certification of on-site shopkeepers and their regulatory responsibilities.

Producer Receipt for Farm Bulk Tank Milk Updates existing regulations to allow bills of lading to be prepared and filed using electronic media or paper documentation. Trusteeship Adds a new chapter which sets forth the circumstances under which the Board may appoint a trustee and the obligations, powers and duties of the trustee. Physical and Mental Criteria, Including Vision Standards Relating to the Licensing of Drivers Updates the minimum medical requirements and standards for licensed drivers who are being treated for diabetes mellitus.

School Bus Drivers Updates the medical requirements and standards for school bus drivers diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Employees; Slot Machine Licenses; and Accounting and Internal Controls Amends provisions in 3 chapters relating to reporting of offenses, time periods for submission of application documentation, issuance of temporary credentials for nongaming employees and hiring of security personnel.

Slot Machine Testing and Control; Possession of Slot Machines; Accounting and Internal Controls; and Commencement of Slot Operations Amends 4 chapters of regulations to improve the Board's oversight of licenses, clarify various provisions, and provide licenses with additional operating and organizational flexibility.

Code of Ethical Practice and Standards of Professional Conduct Sets forth professional practice and conduct standards relating to the responsibility of a licensee to clients and patients.

Clinical Nurse Specialists Sets forth requirements for the certification and renewal of certification for clinical nurse specialists. Standards for Seed Certification Establishes seed certification standards. General Provisions for Seed Certification Establishes seed certification standards. Seed Testing, Labeling and Standards Establishes seed testing, labeling and standards criteria for seed producers and distributors. Academic Standards and Assessment Amends existing provisions relating to academic standards and assessments and requires demonstration of proficiency in academic standards as a high school graduation requirement beginning with the class of Slot Machine Licensing Amends provisions governing slot machine licensing hearings.

Mixed Martial Arts Adds a new chapter to regulate the sport of mixed martial arts. Auditing of Approved Private Schools and Chartered Schools for the Education of Deaf and Blind Children Codifies interim audit standards and requires account records to be maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Licensed Facility Expands the definition of "license facility" to clarify what areas are considered to be part of the licensed facility.

Releases Requires applicants for a principal or key employee license to execute releases to allow the Board to receive information pursuant to a request for information under the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Act or the Federal Freedom of Information Act. Acupuncture Licensure Authorizes acupuncturists to treat patients for 60 days without any physician involvement and establishes protocols for the relationship between the acupuncturists and the patient's treating physician.

Priority of Taxation, Attachment and Assignment of Funds Sets priorities among conflicting demands of taxes, attachments and assignments on members' retirement benefits authorized by the State Employees' Retirement Code. Telecommunications Relay Service System and Relay Service Fund Codifies an existing policy statement to ensure adequate telecommunications relay service fund balances, timely remittance of fund revenues, and cooperation with fund audits.

Individual Support Plan for Individuals with Mental Retardation Updates and clarifies existing regulations regarding the comprehensive plan to provide services for individuals with mental retardation. Prohibited Phrases Requires that certain obsolete phrases be eliminated from insurance forms and policies. Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Updates existing provisions pertaining to actuarial opinions and supporting memoranda to make them consistent with the corresponding model regulations from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Program Approval Establishes program approval requirements for certain educational programs offered by post-secondary degree-granting institutions in Pennsylvania.

Control of NOx Emissions from Glass Melting Furnaces Establishes nitrogen oxides emission control requirements, standards and limitations for glass melting furnaces during the ozone season. Radiological Health and Radon Certification Fees Amends permit fees associated with radioactive materials, radiation-producing machines and service providers and radon service providers.

Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans' Benefit Program Implements a new program which will provide a bonus payment to veterans of the first Persian Gulf War and to survivors of veterans who died during active service.

Temporary Permits Clarifies and updates existing regulations relating to temporary permits to practice as a nursing home administrator. Independent Audit Committee Adds provisions requiring non-publicly traded corporations to establish an independent audit committee. Slot Machine Licensing Amends existing provisions dealing with slot machine licenses to state that all license renewals will be valid for 1 year from the date that the license renewal is approved by the Board.

Abbreviated Procedure for Review of Transfer of Control and Affiliate Filings for Telecommunications Carriers Establishes provisions for review and action on mergers and stock transactions in the telecommunications industry. School Immunizations; Communicable and Noncommunicable Diseases Revises immunization requirements for children in child care group settings. Electronic Submission of Documents and Electronic Transactions Permits members to submit documents electronically if the Board chooses to adopt a policy to authorize it.

Termination of Annuities Deletes obsolete and repetitive langauge. Repeal of Sales and Use Tax Exclusion for Tangible Personal Property Used in the Production of Commercial Motion Pictures Deletes existing section detailing tax exclusion for commercial motion picture production which was repealed from the statute by Act 55 of Slot Machine Testing and Control Adds provisions governing how slot machine licensees should treat unredeemed gaming vouchers.

Lobbying Disclosure Implements the lobbying disclosure requirements of Act of Continuing Education Clarifies changes to the sections of the regulation relating to continuing pharmacy education. Retired Law Enforcement Officers Identification and Qualification Cards Provides for the issuance of identification and firearm qualification cards for retired law enforcement officers.

Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards triennial update of water quality standards for the Commonwealth. Diesel Vehicle Idling; and Auxiliary Power Systems Establishes idling restrictions for diesel-powered vehicles and power systems. Licenses; Promotions Several amendments related to the points system, appointment of managers, license transfers upon death, safekeeping of licenses and tasting events in stores.

Nurse Midwife Prescriptive Authority Establishes prescriptive authority for licensed midwives working in collaboration with medical doctors. Confidentiality of Patient Records and Information Expands the amount of information treatment providers may release to other entities and clarifies the rules relating to confidentiality and disclosure of patient-identifying information. Vendor Certification and Registration Revises existing regulations to allow vendors to submit applications independently to the Board.

Electronic Filing Amends procedural regulations to accommodate electronic filing of certain documents without also filing paper copies.

Retail Electricity Choice Activity Reports Requires electric distribution companies and electric generation suppliers to report information by customer group relating to sales activity.

Odor Management Certification Program Establishes training and certification criteria for odor management specialists. General Provisions; and Applications Establishes rules pertaining to advertising by slot machine, manufacturer and junket licensees and creates a process for dealing with abandoned applications. Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement; and Slot Machine Testing and Control Amends existing regulations to be more consistent with the Act and subsequently adopted regulations.

It also removes obsolete language. Prescriptive Privileges for Physician Assistants Permits physician assistants practicing under the direction of an osteopathic physician to prescribe drugs. Death Benefits for Survivors of Emergency and Law Enforcement Personnel Revises existing regulations to implement statutory provisions relating to death benefits for emergency and law enforcement personnel families and survivors.

Objections and Procedure for Hearings on Reports of Examination Deletes Chapter 58 because Act of superseded it with specific statutory procedures to challenge the Department's examination reports. Communicable Disease Testing Amends existing regulations to permit communicable disease testing to take place up to 6 months prior to the annual license application. Code Chapter 27 to remove outdated language to bring the regulation up to date with current practices in the industry.

Preneed Activities of Unlicensed Employee Establishes requirements, procedures and standards for the activities of unlicensed employees in assisting funeral directors with preneed business.

Safe Drinking Water; Public Notification Revisions Establishes new requirements for improving public notification in response to emergencies or contaminations involving public water supplies.

Consumer Products Expands current regulation of Volatile Organic Compounds to include 11 additional categories of consumer products to help meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone. Special Education for Gifted Students Amends existing regulations pertaining to gifted education programs of school districts.

Code to regulate odor management at certain facilities and agricultural operations. Safe Drinking Water - General Update Updates existing drinking water regulations to match federal requirements and improve reporting methods.

Coal Mines Extensive rewrite of surface mining regulations including incorporation of standards by reference of the U.

Faculty Requirements for Nursing Education Programs Amends existing regulations to provide flexibility in staffing education programs to expand educational opportunities and enrollment.

General Revisions amends the existing regulation to implement changes made to the Cosmetology Law, as well as to generally update regulations. Preneed Funeral Arrangements Sets forth procedures and requirements for managing preneed funds and contracts, and allowing customers to transfer contracts and funds. Reactivation of Lapsed License amends current regulations with regard to reactivation of a license that has been inactive for at least 5 years by making the process more simple, while still assuring that the licensee is competent to practice.

Sales of Hypodermic Needles and Syringes Permits a pharmacist to sell hypodermic needles and syringes without a prescription. Code Chapter in its entirety consistent with its abrogation by Act of Home Care Agencies and Home Care Registries Sets minimum standards for the operation and licensure of home care agencies and home care registries as required by Act 69 of Special Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure Provides an exception to the applicability of general rules and extends the period to appeal a Board decision from 10 to 30 days.

Formalization and Clarification of Current Practices Amends the rules in Chapter as they relate to practice and procedure before the Board. Proper Conduct of Lending and Brokering in the Mortgage Loan Business Establishes proper conduct for licensees dealing with lending or brokering to individuals or entities. Hazardous Waste Regulations The EQB proposes to amend various chapters of the existing regulation to address the DEP Secretary's directive to implement goals in the Administration's priorities of increased environmental protection and improved human quality of life.

Special Education Services and Programs Aligns Chapter 14 with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, related federal regulations, and applicable provisions of Pennsylvania statute, court decisions and settlement agreements.

Review of Administrative Decisions Updates the Dept's existing regulations for conducting hearings on petitions for review. Amusement Rides and Attractions Erected Permanently or Temporarily at Carnivals, Fairs and Amusement Parks Updates the regulations on amusement rides and attractions and conforms the regulations to national industry standards. Manufacturer Designees; Principal Licenses; Employees; Vendor Certification and Registration; Slot Machine Licenses Establishes licensure requirements for manufacturer designees, principal licenses, employees, vendors and slot machine licenses.

License Application and Management Contracts Amends various sections of the Board's existing regulations and adds two subchapters pertaining to management contracts and tax clearance. Practice and Procedure Converts its temporary regulations to permanent regulations which relate to general rules for filing pleadings with the Board.

Stream Redesignations, Big Brook, et al. Updates and revises designations for 11 stream segments across the state including one upgrade to "Exceptional Value". General Revisions; Applications; Licensed Entity Representatives; Manufacturer Licenses; Supplier Licenses; Horsemen's Organizations; Labor Organizations; Junket Enterprises; Management Companies Establishes licensure requirements for licensed entity representatives, manufacturers, suppliers, horsemen's organizations, labor organizations, junket enterprises and management companies.

Schedule of Civil Penalties - Nurses Converts an existing statement of policy dealing with the schedule of civil penalties for nurses into a regulation. It also adds another violation to this table, based on a recent act. Continuing Education for Professional Nurses Implements standards and requirements for 30 hours of continuing education as established by Act 58 of Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments Updates existing regulations to be consistent with federal law and regulations, and adopts by reference the federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of Forms Review Clarifies existing language to state that the Board will disapprove any form statement of funeral goods and services or preneed contracts if the form would lead to a violation of the Funeral Director Law or Board regulations.

Persons Required to be Excluded; Underage Gaming Establishes provisions related to the exclusion of certain persons from licensed facilities and underage gaming. Consumer Notice amends disclosure requirements and streamlines the prescribed content for the "Consumer Notice. Permit Streamlining Revises plan approval requirements for air cleaning devices and air contamination sources.

Preparation and Filing of Forms for Approval Fire and Casualty Rescinds obsolete and unnecessary regulations pertaining to the preparation and filing of forms. Continuing Education Fee for Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners Adds a fee necessary to cover the costs associated with the approval of a CRNP continuing education course that is not on the preapproved list. Professional Conduct Revises and updates standards of conduct and adds prohibitions for unprofessional conduct including verbal abuse and harassment.

Supplies and Equipment Deletes unnecessary and outdated provisions from existing regulations. Deletion of Outdated Regulations Deletes four unneeded chapters relating to Johne's disease, the certified apple program, fiscal aide for stem rust control and quarantine provisions.

Provision of Bundled Service Package Plans at a Single Monthly Rate by Local Exchange Carriers Eliminates the need for administrative review and approval of a waiver from separate billing requirements.

State Intermediate Punishment Implements a program to reduce recidivism by providing intense drug and alcohol treatment to certain defendants convicted of drug-related offenses. Compulsive and Problem Gambling; Self Exclusion Establishes requirements for the Board's compulsive and problem gambling program and the self-exclusion program.

General Rules of Practice Establishes general rules of practice and procedure that would be applicable in hearings before the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Notification of Proximity to Airports Amends the definition of airport to include military airports and requires notification if a waste transfer facility will be opened or expanded within 6 miles of an airport.

Water Resources Planning Specifies who is required to register, keep records and report information regarding withdrawals of water and the information that is reported to DEP. Roadside Rest Areas Updates and clarifies conditions and activities not permitted at roadside rest areas and facilities. Certification of Professional Personnel Amends teaching certificates for professional personnel in public schools.

Radiological Health Corrects references to federal rules and clarifies or modifies provisions related to civil penalties, definitions, healing arts screening requirements and attestation requirements for radon services.

Accounting and Internal Controls; Slot Computer Systems; Commencement of Slot Operations Establishes accounting and internal control requirements for slot machine licensees and deletes interim regulations. Organ and Bone Marrow Donor Tax Credit Implements portions of Act 65 of to establish a business tax credit for multi-state business firms that permit an employee to miss work to donate an organ or bone marrow.

Sexual Assault Victim Emergency Services Establishes requirements for hospitals that provide sexual assault emergency services. County Probation and Parole Officers' Firearm Education and Training Commission Establishes procedures for county probation and parole officers to be certified to carry a firearm.

Distribution of Federally Donated Foods to Needy Households Deletes three obsolete chapters that address the procedures and guidelines for the distribution of federally donated foods to needy households. Sexual Misconduct makes sexual misconduct between certificateholders and current patients be considered unprofessional conduct and subjects the practitioner to disciplinary action.

Slot Machine Testing and Control; Possession of Slot Machines Creates testing and approval requirements for slot machines and related equipment as well as provisions governing the possession of those slot machines.

Inspection and Maintenance Standards for the Electric Distribution Companies Establishes specific minimum inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement requirements for infrastructure poles, wires, conduits and other fixtures. Service Interruption Adds a definition of "service interruption" for water utilities. Implementation of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act of Establishes standards for electric distribution companies and electric generation suppliers to comply with the mandate to increase reliance on alternative energy systems.

Patient Records Amendment to establish the information required to document clinical necessity. Orders Delineates the standards and requirements for both written and oral orders. Biennial Renewal Fees Increases the biennial renewal fees for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and holders of certificates to practice physical therapy without a referral. Recordkeeping Amends existing regulations to further specify the requirements for veterinary medical records made by the Board's licensees.

Refrigeration Equipment; Records and Reports Provides a method to allow milk dealers to sell or lease refrigeration equipment to wholesale customers through a charge added to the minimum milk prices. Mine Opening Blasting Clarifies that blasting at mine openings is a surface mining activity and other requirements including licensing, scheduling of blasting and protective measures.

Dog Law Enforcement Revises and upgrades standards and requirements for dog kennels. Appeal Period Specifies a day period to appeal administrative decisions to the Board.

Coal Mine Reclamation Fees and Reclamation of Bond Forfeiture Sites Amends provisions relating to reclamation fees and to requirements for the reclamation of coal mined lands where the bonds had been forfeited.

Administration of the Training Program Amends existing provisions to be consistent with current medical practice by allowing physician's assistants and certified nurse practitioners to perform required physicals. Prequalification of Bidders Deletes the prequalification requirement for Rest Area Structures and Buildings to attract a greater number of bidders. Rescission of Forms and Other Technical Amendments Deletes obsolete provisions and out-dated forms, and updates existing provisions.

Keystone Educational Accountability Best Management Practices Standards Establishes best management practice standards to be used to measure school district practices under the Keystone Educational Accountability program.

Foreign Corporation Standards Establishes the requirements for the operation of post-secondary degree-granting institutions in the Commonwealth that are chartered in another state or country. Standards for Contaminants; Mercury Establishes mercury emission control limits for coal-fired electric generating units. Property and Casualty Actuarial Opinion Adds a new chapter with requirements and standards for filing of statements of actuarial opinion by property and casualty insurers.

County Correctional Institutions Updates outdated regulations, makes minimum standards consistent with recognized professional standards, proceduralizes the declassification of county prisons with noncompliance issues and amends the inspection process. Prekindergarten Amends existing regulations to establish standards and criteria for prekindergarten programs operated by school districts or community agencies under contract with school districts. Medical Cost Containment Updates requirements and procedures for reimbursement and review of medical treatment for work-related injuries under the Workmen's Compensation Act.

Seller Property Disclosure Statement Adds seller property disclosure statement to regulation. Code since the enabling statute was repealed. Child Care Facilities Updates and revises requirements and standards for child day care providers including protections for children with special needs. Emissions Inspection Program Modifies emissions station signage requirements to include the posting of certain fees. Federally Mandated Education Criteria General revisions including updates to comply with Federal requirements, updates to education requirements and changes to improve clarity of the regulation.

Pennsylvania Breeding Fund Program Establishes Pennsylvania Breeding Fund Program rewards in regulation as required by statute and revises definitions. Nonattainment New Source Review Comprehensive revision retaining provisions more stringent than federal regulations. Administration of the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act Makes comprehensive and minor editorial changes to existing regulations on the administration of the storage tank and spill prevention program.

Terminal-Based Lottery Games Establishes procedures and standards for publishing notices in Pa Bulletin to start new terminal-based lottery games like Match 6, Cash 5 or Powerball.

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