5 Short Stack Poker Mistakes in Poker Tournaments

This is a mistake that I have made in the past and sometimes I still revert to it. At some point, almost every poker tournament becomes shallow. If I have a big stack and I notice a player is too tight from the big blind, I will raise him with a wide range and usually win preflop. Find More Posts by bearer. Cookies help us deliver our services.

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Play Short Stack Poker Like a Pro

It was a broad statement but good feedback. I am just looking over the bust out hands in my MTT's and immediately saw a pattern which doesn't seem good to me. Hopefully I'll get this plugged. Learn your shove ranges. Everything else will proceed from those. You won't necessarily follow them to the letter, but once you know them, you can pick some spots to deviate based on situational factors.

This is because it will be very situation-dependent, and at some tables or with certain stack sizes it just isn't a good idea.

But being able to occasionally take down some blinds with junk hands when you have BBs is very useful. Add boneralert to Rail Reply Quote 6. Pretty much what everyone else is saying Especially from EP and MP. Another thing, don't be afraid to 3b fold a bb stack There is not really an answer to this question as this is the essence of MTT poker.

Best advice i could give is sign up for training site and watch videos. As for donking because if nobody has a Q the flop will check though: A I don't think that's true. People still over cbet. Forget about "protection because there are draws", nobody is folding a decent draw to your lead. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Send a private message to JockoRocko.

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1. Limping in to see flops